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Indian Grand Prix as it happened


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By David Ornstein

1200: Time to say goodbye and thank you immensely for your many and varied contributions over the weekend. The F1 Forum continues on the Red Button, and stay across for reaction, quotes, video, blogs and plenty more besides. That was the first-ever Indian Grand Prix. The first of many, let's hope. World champion Sebastian Vettel stretches his standings lead to 134 points with two grands prix remaining, but Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso will be happy too. Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton less so. Next stop, Abu Dhabi on 11-13 November. See you then.

Michael Schumacher, fifth place: "It worked out perfectly. My plan was not to use any Kers [power-boost system] around the first few corners and save it for the straight, that worked perfectly and I was able to take some positions. Normally the guys who pit first have the advantage as they can take the fresh tyres first but my tyres were in such good shape I was able to pull a gap. I have big compliments to make to India, I am pretty sure things have been difficult but the circuit is a good challenge to drive and a good spectacle."

Paul Di Resta, 13th place: "We maybe underestimated tyre wear. We started on hard tyres and hoped for a safety car, it was a risk but one worth taking. Unfortunately it didn't happen. When we were on track we were quite quick but we spent too much time in the pits changing tyres. The grand prix has been successful, Adrian came ninth which was good for the team."

HRT driver Narain Karthikeyan, 17th place: "I finished the race, I was competitive and beat my team-mate. I made my debut in 2005 and the support [in India] is building up. There was a big crowd and it was a big success for India. Having a high profile event like this gives the country a boost, we are passionate people, we are happy with what we have and it is fantastic to have F1 here. Indians are in a buying spree of Formula 1 teams so we will wait and see what happens."

SEBASTIAN VETTEL, WINNER: "It obviously was a very good race for us and I enjoyed my time in the lead. I had a little fight with Jenson in the distance but it was crucial to manage the tyres and all in all a very smooth race. The car was well balanced and overall it was a fantastic performance. To be honest, I have mixed emotions because this is the first Indian Grand Prix but looking back at last weekend we lost two of our mates. I didn't know Dan Wheldon but I got to know Marco Simoncelli this year and our thoughts are with them. Yes, we take great risks when we jump in the car and we hope nothing happens but you are reminded of these things, so our thoughts are with them. What the people did here in the short amount of time to put up this arena is incredible. All in all it was fantastic and I'm very proud to be the first winner here. We are still hungry, we are not lacking motivation. I love what I do and we don't want this [season] to end."

JENSON BUTTON, SECOND PLACE:"We've had two fatalities and it's very difficult. I knew Dan from a young age - so I think we should dedicate this first Indian race to Dan and to Marco, who was the most amazing man to watch on a bike. The start off the line didn't feel that good but I was able to get Fernando into Turn One. I think he went a bit deep and I was in Mark's tow. he covered the inside but I had enough room to go around the outside. I had Mark behind me for eight laps pushing me really, really hard - we both almost ran wide - but I was able to pull away as I think he had damaged his tyres a little bit. The pace isn't quite there but hopefully in the last races we can take that little step."

FERNANDO ALONSO, THIRD PLACE: "We raced with Mark until the second stop, we did two extra laps and were able to overtake him. I'm extremely happy to be on the podium in this first race in India. As Seb and Jenson said, it's mixed feelings with these being sad weeks for motorsport and we all raced for them [Dan and Marco] today. We're always remembering these two fantastic people. The start was not perfect; I tried to recover in Turn One, braking a little late, but there was not the grip so I lost a little bit more. It did not compromise the race as I wasn't able to fight with Vettel [anyway]. We keep having podiums thanks to the people here. We had a little problem with the front wing on the grid and the mechanics did a fantastic job to fix it. Next year is our main target."

Jenson Button's girlfriend Jessica Michibata on Twitter: "Wooo hooo another superb drive by my boy @JensonButton! Well done honey!!! Xoxoxo"

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Dan, Nottingham, via text on 81111: "Totally agree with the comment regarding the BBC and Hamilton, been slightly negative all year I'm afraid, would like to see support from them, getting behind Lewis and getting him back to his best. World class driver."

LEWIS HAMILTON, SEVENTH PLACE: "There is not much to say. It's a disappointing day and my team deserve better. We had the one minute silence before the race, I was standing next to Felipe. He's not spoken to me for a long time but I made the effort, I put my arm round him and said good luck for the race. Then I tried to overtake him, I tried to come out of it because he didn't look like he was going to give me any space, but we collided. I had some vibrations on the right-hand turns, it felt like the floor was scraping on the ground. I was pushing as hard as I could but I didn't have the performance. I'll fly back and try to get my head back in the game. The Indians did a fantastic job this weekend, we've been treated like kings."

BBC 5 live F1 analyst Anthony Davidson on Twitter: "Great seeing @JensonButton on the podium wearing his black armband. Dan would've been proud of you today mate. Nice one."

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner: "It has been tremendous. The reaction we have had from India has been fantastic. It is a wonderful venue and a great first Indian Grand Prix. That race was intense on the pit wall, it looked comfortable but we didn't know how slow we would be on the hard tyre at the end. But Sebastian was inch-perfect today. Mark Webber had a good race, he lost out at the second pit stop but he will bounce back strongly."

BBC F1 chief analyst Eddie Jordan: "Whether you like it or not Sebastian Vettel has dominated the championship. It has been one of the best demonstrations of absolute dominance I can remember."

BBC F1 commentator Martin Brundle: "I'll be sad to leave India. For me it has been very enjoyable and a great success for Indian motorsport and Formula 1. It's been a bit last minute in certain ways, but I'm sure they will improve what they need to for next year."

1120: Just for the record, were were watching the coverage. We thought it may come in handy to turn our TVs on during the race.

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Seun, London, via text on 81111: "To Anon, the real complaint is that the BBC have refused to publish any opinion rebuking their obvious bias against Lewis Hamilton, as both Brundle and Coulthard were talking up a Lewis penalty, and never once considered Massa could be at fault. Obviously you weren't watching the coverage."

1115: For Vettel, that's 79 starts and 21 wins. WOW. Another fine drive from Button, too. Girlfriend Jess Michibata looking proud as punch down below. Now for the champers... Will they? Won't they? They do, but it's slightly subdued following the recent motorsport deaths of Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli.

1110: Vettel leaps out of his car, celebrates with his team and makes his way inside. He's congratulated by Button and Alonso before they all discuss whether it's inappropriate to spray champagne. On to the podium they go. German national anthem for Vettel followed by the Austrian one for Red Bull. Lovely moment.

BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard: "Sebastian Vettel is the blueprint for aspiring young drivers. He puts in the hours, he's first into work every morning and he works very hard."

LAP 60: That man Sachin Tendulkar brings the curtain down on the race, waving the chequered flag left and right on the start-finish line. "Yes boys, we did it!" says Vettel on the Red Bull team radio. "First Indian Grand Prix! Great job!" Team principal Christian Horner tells the German off for trying to set the fastest lap of the day right at the end. But he managed it, so they can all afford a cheeky grin.

Chequered flag

Daily Telegraph F1 correspondent Tom Cary on Twitter: "Battle of the Brits update: JB will have a 38pt lead over LH with two races to go if things stay as they are."

BBC F1 pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz on Lewis Hamilton: "He is well and truly slower than team-mate Jenson Button in second place. Lewis felt he turned a corner after the last race but now he's been beaten by Jenson again."

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Anon via text on 81111: "Hamilton should have got the penalty, why have the BBC not published anything on their website which concurs with this opinion? Seems a bit biased towards the British driver."

LAP 57: Stunning sunset over the Buddh International Circuit but it looks as though we'll be denied a stunning finish. Vettel cruising to his 11th victory in 17 races this season. Button and Alonso set fair for podium finishes, with Webber, Schumacher, Rosberg, Hamilton, Alguersuari, Senna and Sutil also currently in the top 10.

LAP 55: Are the hard tyres hampering Vettel's pace? Er, he's just gone and set the fastest lap of the race. Enough said.

LAP 53: Vettel edging further in front but it's only a 3.9-second lead. One last big push from JB? Alonso looking fairly comfortable in third and Alonso is miles ahead of Schumacher in fourth. Rosberg close behind the seven-time world champion but Hamilton nowhere near the Mercedes pair.

LAP 51: In comes Schumi... impressive stop but he locks his left rear at the entry to Turn One. No drama. Nine laps to go - will Jenson catch Vettel? Tweet me @bbcsport_david using the Twitter hashtag #BBCF1 or pop over a text message on 81111 (UK).

Anon via text on 81111: "Great race so far, don't think Massa deserved the drive-through. Another top performance from Button."

BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC F1 chief analyst Eddie Jordan: "Felipe Massa has had a weekend to forget. He needs to remember there are a lot of talented young drivers out there and while he has a contract for next year his future at Ferrari is not absolutely guaranteed. You never know in F1. He caused a lot of damage to the right-hand side of the car in qualifying and then did exactly the same on the left in the race."

LAP 48: Vettel scorches down the fourth longest straight in Formula 1, 2.9 seconds ahead of Jenson. Alonso 16 seconds further back and Webber in close attendance. Schumi looking good in fifth and he's told to stay out as his lap times are red hot. Rosberg, Hamilton, Alguersuari, Senna and Sutil complete our top 10, folks.

LAP 46: Now Button comes in too... and that's another super stop, although he almost collides with the HRT of Karthikeyan as he returns to the track. Nervy moments.

LAP 45: Hamilton and Rosberg pit for a fresh set of hard tyres and Schumacher rises to fifth.

BBC F1 commentator Martin Brundle: "I was in the gym the other day and Michael Schumacher is in such immense condition. He has such a lot of muscle. Sebastian Vettel looks like stick insect in contrast but somehow it's never been a problem for him."

BBC Radio 5 Live
LAP 44: A record for Sebastian Vettel as he leads a race for the 693rd lap this season, beating the record set by Nigel Mansell in 1992. BBC 5 live analyst Anthony Davidson says "Vettel is the benchmark. He is in the best car but he is very good and he is a dominant force. He is the world champion and you'd bank on him being world champion again next year at the moment."

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Dave, Bracknell, via text on 81111: "I think Martin and David should be calling the orange curbs, Wotsits as in the crisp, and not baguettes!"

LAP 41: Button sets a new fastest lap - he couldn't mount a challenge to Vettel, could he? One man who certainly won't be is Felipe Massa. We've just seen him trudging back to the main building the his helmet still on and visor firmly down. Not a happy bunny.

LAP 38: Red Bull bring Webber in for a fresh set of hard 'option' tyres and switch him to a two-stop strategy, hoping that will see him through to the end of the race. Massive performance difference between the two compounds but the hard tyres will last longer.

BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC 5 live analyst Anthony Davidson: "Very strange goings on with Felipe Massa's Ferrari. They are built to take punishment so you don't expect to see that. But you have around a tonne of downforce on the car at that point, it's a fourth gear corner and it's not an ideal place to be driving over the kerbs."

LAP 37: Vettel pulls six seconds clear of Button as Webber slips further adrift. Alonso now pressing hard to pass the Aussie. Team-mates Rosberg and Schumacher sitting pretty in fifth and sixth. Schumi warned about the dastardly orange kerb that did for Massa. Sausage, croissant, baguette... call it what you like, it's a little devil.

LAP 34: Massa has to come in for a fresh set of hard tyres at the end of lap 33 and Hamilton scorches past. Chaos averted. And Massa's day goes from bad to worse when he hits the kerb at Turn Eight - just like he did at Turn Seven on Saturday - thus destroying his front left suspension. Game over for the Brazilian.

BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC F1 chief analyst Eddie Jordan: "The general consensus is that it was Felipe Massa's fault on this occasion. It was close, it was racing. We would have loved this to be an exciting race but Sebastian Vettel has gone into the distance which is what we feared."

LAP 31: Massa serves his drive-through immediately, Hamilton overtakes Alguersuari and guess what that all means... Hamilton is a place behind Massa! Here we go again...

LAP 30: ***Massa is handed a drive-through penalty for the incident with Hamilton***. Lewis had to come in for a new front wing and that dropped him down to eighth.

BBC F1 commentator Martin Brundle: "I think it was close to being a racing incident but I have a feeling he will get a penalty."

LAP 28: Massa reports "a problem with my gearbox on the downshift". He's still fifth though, the Brazilian. Up front, Vettel leads Button by 3.2 seconds, with Webber and Alonso in third and fourth. Alonso sets the fastest lap of the day. We've lost Buemi to suspected engine failure.

BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard: "I think because of the history between the two drivers this season, there could well be a penalty applied. I think racing is racing and sometimes you have incidents and I would put that down as an incident. I don't think there was any malicious intent."

BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC 5 live analyst Anthony Davidson: "The two just don't mix do they? Lewis was on the inside and Massa just turned in. Massa knew Lewis was there and it was 100% the Brazilian's fault. After the race Massa will be complaining but it was a brilliant move by Lewis."

LAP 24: And there it is! Hamilton and Massa collide! Can't say we didn't see that coming. Lewis tries to get up the inside of his old foe, both will argue they had the racing line, Felipe turns in a touch and Lewis smashes into his left-hand sidepod. DRAMA! That incident, at Turn Five, will be investigated by the stewards. TV pictures of Rowan Atkinson squirming in the McLaren garage. Massive talking point.

LAP 23: Hamilton has closed right in on Massa. Oh ho ho, here we go again. Sparks to fly?

Katie, Woking, via text on 81111: "They have baguettes on the chicanes and what appear to be giant croissants in turns 10 and 11. Breakfast anyone?"

BBC Radio 5 Live
Williams driver Pastor Maldonado tells BBC 5 live pit-lane reporter Natalie Pinkham: "We had a problem with the gearbox. I'm really disappointed because we had good pace."

LAP 19: ... solid pit stop. The new compounds seem to be doing the tick for Hamilton - he's matching Vettel for pace. Shame five places separate the pair. In comes Vettel and with a 21-second gap, he'll return to the track in first place barring a catastrophic tyre change.

LAP 18: Massa pits at the end of Lap 17 and almost collides with Ferrari team-mate Alonso on the exit. That would have been nasty. In comes Button...

LAP 16: New fastest lap for Vettel as Webber, Alonso and Hamilton all pit for a fresh set of soft 'prime' tyres. We've also lost Maldonado.

Sauber driver Kamui Kobayashi: "Someone hit me from the back and I spin but I also got a puncture. I saw some smoke from the gearbox or whatever and I had to stop the car."

BBC F1 pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: "Lewis Hamilton was crowded out a bit by Felipe Massa at start but McLaren feel they are quicker than the Ferraris. The team are going to tell Lewis to turn it up now and see what they can do at the pit-stops."

LAP 11: Button posts the fastest lap so far to close in on Vettel by a couple of tenths. Still comfortable by the German, mind. Six seconds covers the top three, 10 the top five. Hamilton still in sixth. Senna's Kers power-boost system has packed up while Glock is out.

BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC 5 live analyst Anthony Davidson: "Sebastian Vettel does the business in qualifying, gets a good start and then clears off. It's the story of the season and he is unbeatable in that car at the moment."

LAP NINE: Alguersuari duly passes Senna. Good job by the Spaniard. Team-mate Buemi does Senna too.

Toro Rosso driver Jaime Alguersuari's pit radio: "Keep pushing Jaime. We have to pass him. We have to pass him. We are losing time. You've got get passed him. You can do it."

LAP EIGHT: Vettel's gap still 4.7 seconds as Button continues to fend Webber off. Jenson seems intent on wading through the dust to clear a line of his own. Very bold. Hamilton dropped a place at the start and would like to be lapping a lot quicker, but we're hearing McLaren are content with his progress.

BBC F1 commentator Martin Brundle: "Vettel is the thick end of a second a lap faster than anyone else. Soon he'll be saying: 'Come on guys, give me a race. Somebody come and challenge me.'"

BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC 5 live analyst Anthony Davidson: "I can see clearly that the Red Bull is in a league of its own through the middle sector. Mark Webber is all over the back of Jenson Button and now DRS [moveable rear wing overtaking aid] is activated I expect him to come past."

LAP FIVE: Battle royale between Button and Webber, fighting tooth and nail for second place. Button holds first but it's playing into the hands of Vettel, who already leads by 4.2 seconds! Alonso, Massa and Hamilton complete the top six, Rosberg, Schumacher, Sutil and Senna also in the top 10.

BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC 5 live analyst Anthony Davidson: "Great moves by Michael Schumacher and Jenson Button from the start, using their straight-line speed to good effect. Button waltzed past Mark Webber down the long back straight."

LAP THREE: Glock, Trulli and Barrichello all pit. Kobayashi, involved in the first-corner incident, is out.

LAP ONE: There's a spin at the first corner as Barrichello is hit. Moments later the Lotus of Trulli shoots on to the grass. Super start for Schumacher, though, up from 11th to eighth. Yellow flags.

LAP ONE: Brilliant start by Vettel (as always) but it's a shocker for Alonso in third, who goes wide and allows Button to get through. Button then works his way past Webber for second!

0933: GO! GO! GO!

0929: Engines rev up, pit crews scurry away, formation laps under way. The inaugural Indian Grand Prix is...

BBC F1 commentator Martin Brundle: "We've seen the Bollywood stars, we've seen the cricketing stars and now it's time to see what the Formula 1 stars can do."

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Anon via text on 81111: "TOP MARKS Eddie Jordan for your choice of dress today. Definitely one over Jake & David, payable over a long time. I'm not Indian but very good demo of support! Well done."

0926: A warm embrace between Lewis Hamilton and his father Anthony before the 2008 world champion jumps into his cockpit. Lovely touch and one we haven't seen for some time.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Greater Noida: "Everyone in the paddock wants F1 to put on a good show at the inaugural Indian Grand Prix but there is also a bit of a worry that Red Bull could be untouchable. Double world champion Sebastian Vettel starts on pole as he targets an 11th win of the season and his team-mate Mark Webber, who is still looking for his first victory, is right behind him. Ferrari's Fernando Alonso starts in third ahead of the McLarens of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. The drivers reckon that it won't make too much difference which side of the gird they start on because there is still so much dust and sand around the edge of the circuit. Pirelli said it had taken a conservative approach to tyre choices this weekend by bringing the soft and hard compounds. The soft tyres are lasting much longer than expected, as many as 35 laps, which means that a two-stop race is likely to be the strategy of choice. The dustiness off line means we should also keep our eye out for the safety car, especially because the inexperience of the marshals here means that the FIA are more likely to send out Bernd Maylander and his machine to slow down the field."

BBC F1 pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: "There is a problem with the front wing of the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso. We've just spoken to team boss Stefano Domenicali and he wasn't aware there was a problem until we mentioned it. The mechanics are now working on the wing. It's like microsurgery trying to get this fixed this close to the start of the race."

Force India driver Paul Di Resta: "There's a lot of excitement. It's an important day for the team and hopefully we can secure some points. We've optimised the long run performance over qualifying so it was always going to be tricky on Saturday but we've got to think ahead and stay positive. Hopefully going aggressive might pay off in the race."

0920: BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz reports a problem with Fernando Alonso's front wing. Last-minute tinkering ensues...

BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard: "It's absolutely fitting that F1 pays its respects to MotoGP and IndyCar and the drivers all wanted to be part of that. They wanted to pay their respects."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Greater Noida: "The new Buddh International Circuit has been built on flat farmland about 25 miles outside the Indian capital, Delhi. Each morning en route to the track we've seen workers collecting and beating crops with the help of their traditional bovine helpers. An interesting report by the BBC's Andrew North points out some of the pitfalls of building the new track on previously untouched land with some labourers saying they are out of work now the land has been sold. There have also been reports that some farmers are disgruntled about the price they received for their land. But Indian motorsports chief Vicky Chandhok, who advised grand prix organisers the Jaypee Group and is a friend of F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, described their claims as 'speculation and rubbish'. He added: 'The land was acquired from the farmers 10 years ago. There are places 30 miles up the road where the farmers have issues because they want recognition too. It's not a problem at all.'"

0916: Very emotional. Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli. RIP.

0915: We pause for a minutes silence.

Red Bull's Mark Webber who is starting second: "I'm feeling pretty good. It looks reasonably even grid-wise. My last few starts have been pretty good and it would be nice to continue that and have a bit of a crack at Turn One."

0912: Martin Brundle's first-ever Indian Grand Prix grid walk is under way. Special times. Quotes as and when we get them. "A bit chaotic," says Bernie. Plain black shirt for MB today, in sharp contrast to EJ's traditional red number and DC's spotless white slacks.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Greater Noida: "Force India boss Vijay Mallya - who is also a billionaire businessman and an independent member of parliament in India - has been reflecting on realising his dream of bringing a grand prix to his homeland. Mallya reckons the new circuit 'has to rate as one of the best tracks in the world'. But he also says the event has great importance beyond the boundaries of F1. 'It puts India on the map as a vibrant, modern country,' he said. 'This event will not only have a great impact on motorsport but the economic benefits from such a mega event means India is going to be the winner.' There has been some bad news though for Mallya, who is known as the King of Good Times. He reckons he hasn't had any time to party because he's been too busy working. Alas."

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Gindy, London, via text on 81111: "Eddie Jordan is a legend for his Kortha (Indian Top) and the way he embraces cultures around the world! A credit to the Irish, a credit to F1 and a credit to the BBC."

BBC F1 pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: "Felipe Massa's crash in qualifying has put Ferrari in a tricky position. Massa's front wing has been generating raised eyebrows here this weekend after it was seen oscillating, flexing and scraping the ground during practice. Rival teams believe Ferrari were pushing to the limit the rules restricting flexible bodywork. Ferrari took that wing off Massa's car before qualifying, replacing it with one that has not been seen to flex in the same way. Unfortunately that replacement wing was destroyed in Massa's accident, so Massa must race the original wing that showed the flexing symptoms. If it repeats what it did in practice it may be deemed to be unsafe, so Ferrari may have to change it to an older-spec front wing in a pit stop. When asked why the original wing oscillated and the next one didn't, Ferrari technical director Pat Fry said "It's a different wing. So that was a different one from what we had on the car later on in the [final practice] session and in the afternoon [qualifying]."

Ferrari on Twitter: "At 14.45 [0915 GMT] there will be a minute of silence to commemorate Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Greater Noida: "India's first F1 driver Narain Karthikeyan says it is a 'fantastic sensation' to drive in front of his home fans at the country's first-ever grand prix. But he told me he's had a bit of trouble managing expectations because he is starting on the back row for HRT, who are only in their second season in F1. 'I've done a lot of TV ads and so on and everyone knows my face,' said Karthikeyan. 'People say: "Oh you're going to win for us," but you have to say: 'Hold on guys, we are a small team and obviously Ferrari and the other big teams have much more resources…' It's difficult for them to understand why I'll be at the back.'"

0904: By the way, there has been a change to the starting line-up at the back of the grid with Virgin's Timo Glock now starting 22nd, rather than last 24th as was announced by the FIA on Saturday, with HRT's Daniel Ricciardo and local boy Narain Karthikeyan dropping back one place to 23rd and 24th respectively.

India cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar: "It's nice that it hasn't coincided with the cricket and I'm sure that there are many Indians who are F1 fanatics. This is going to be a mega event which will be accepted by Indians. I've been well prepared and well informed for waving the chequered flag. In 2002 I watched my first F1 race at Silverstone and I wondered if it would ever go to India and it has. It's very exciting."

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Ramster, Luton, via text on 81111: "This is the day, here it is, first ever F1 grand prix in India, my dream became reality, proud to be Indian, but will always follow Lewis - go Hami go."

A celeb has been spotted
Force India on Twitter: "Sharukh Khan has just arrived in the Force India F1 Team motorhome. More power and best wishes to the team."

0850: Just to let you know, 15 minutes before the race starts there will be a minutes silence in memory of Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli. IndyCar driver Wheldon died following a massive 15-car accident at the Las Vegas Indy 300, 12 days ago. Then on Sunday, Italian MotoGP rider Simoncelli died after having his helmet knocked off in a horrific accident at the Malaysian Grand Prix. Motorsport has been rocked by the deaths, but Force India's Paul di Resta insists Formula 1 is safe.

Mercedes driver Michael Schumacher: "It's pretty impressive to see the track and a great challenge for us to drive here. There's a good combination of overtaking spots, long straights and slow corners as well as the challenge of high-speed stuff. We had a safety group meeting a while ago before the track was finalised and results of part of the discussion can be seen over here. There has been a widening of the corner entries and opening up of braking zones for tight corners which allows for multiple lines and a good fighting situation."

The sun is out
BBC weatherman Ian Ferguson on Twitter: "INDIA F1: Dry race; hazy sunshine; 30-31C; light winds. Brightest spells around Eddie Jordan's latest wardrobe selection..."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt on Twitter: "The drivers are being paraded round the circuit in the back of classic cars. Nice royal wave from Fernando Alonso. I'm reliably informed by old car expert David Tremayne that Alonso is in a Lagonda. The car's slowing down though, hope that's not an omen #bbcf1."

0840: Now for the real reason F1 is in India... the racing. First up for Jake, a chat with seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher. I'll get the quotes over to you fine people very shortly indeed.

0834: We're watching Jake, EJ and DC partaking in full-on Indian dancing inside a beautiful Delhi building. Fair to say the professional dancers alongside our boys are making them look a little better than they are. The words 'two', 'left' and' feet' spring to mind. Eddie looking good in a traditional red sherwani, though, don't you think?

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Greater Noida: "Here's just a glimpse of some of the charming chaos that I promised. Each of our journeys to the circuit has been a Wacky Races style melee of honking horns and avoiding the odd horse/family/autorickshaw in the road. There have been bats flapping at BBC and Media HQs - and not forgetting the stray dog that scampered on to the track and held up Friday practice. There have been a few cases of sickness in the paddock and McLaren even had to fly in reinforcements. There is only one response to the colour and the chaos - you have to embrace it."

0830: Exactly an hour 'til the lights go out on the Indian Grand Prix and an opportune moment to point you in the direction of BBC One or the video console at the top of this page. The Chain is cranking up as we speak. Look out for EJ's outfit. I hear it's rather special!

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Greater Noida: "Our first visit to India has seen colour and chaos in equal measure. There have been adventures for BBC F1 commentator Martin Brundle, who has a pair of elephants stationed outside his hotel, Jake Humphrey and David Coulthard, who joined in with a Bollywood dance troupe, and Eddie Jordan as he made an impromptu drumming performance alongside local musicians played shehnais, which are a bit like conical oboes. You can see India in glorious technicolour on the BBC One race show. And I'll have more on the chaos later."

0825: We'll be inundated with comment from the track over the next hour or so, but there's one other party who have a huge role to play in this production. Yes, it's YOU. We want the be hearing your thoughts, suggestions, predictions and India-related experiences. All you need to do it tweet me @bbcsport_david using the Twitter hashtag #BBCF1 or text in on 81111 (UK).

Virgin Racing on Twitter: "Good morning from Delhi. Fantastic race day atmosphere building here at the Buddh International Circuit already."

Indian businessman Anand Mahindra on Twitter: "The F1 is a turning point. I see Indians becoming the most car-crazy&car-knowledgeable people on earth..Now,let's build those roads.."

Team Lotus on Twitter: "Namaste from BIC on race day at the first Indian GP. It's going to be hot, it's going to be dusty and it's definitely going to be MEGA!"

Sachin Tendulkar and Bernie Ecclestone
F1 supremo Ecclestone shows cricket legend Tendulkar around
A celeb has been spotted
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Greater Noida: "India is staging its first Formula 1 race and I can't remember the last time I've seen such excitement ahead of a grand prix. Three hours before the race started the paddock was already buzzing with activity, the paparazzi were poised in packs for every car dropping off guests at the circuit and groups of fans were standing on their tip-toes on the roofs of their cars to catch a glimpse of well, anything really. The only thing is that I'm not sure F1 is the main attraction. Indian cricket superhero - and motorsport fan - Sachin Tendulkar has been here very early and attracting plenty of attention as he strolled through the paddock. He is also going to stand behind race director Charlie Whiting and start the race today. But even Tendulkar has to contend with competition from all the Bollywood stars that are here, including A-list actor Shahrukh Khan. No pressure, Formula 1, but the first race here had better be a cracker."

0805: Namaste (hello), and welcome to BBC Sport's coverage of a very special sporting occasion. The Buddh International Circuit is ready and so are we. An hour and 25 minutes from now, the moment we've all been oh so eagerly awaiting will be upon us. Until then, lots and lots and lots of extremely interesting build-up. Stay tuned.

0800: For the majority of Formula 1's 60-year history, this was not even a serious consideration. Once it became exactly that, there were genuine doubts it would actually come to fruition. But with the help of Hermann Tilke, 10bn rupees, 8,000 labourers and the will of the world's second most populous nation, here we are. The very first INDIAN GRAND PRIX. A dream is about turn into reality.

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After 60 of 61 laps
Position Driver Team

Race stopped at 60 laps

1 Great Britain L Hamilton Mercedes
2 Germany S Vettel Red Bull
3 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull
4 Spain F Alonso Ferrari
5 Brazil F Massa Williams
6 France J Vergne Toro Rosso
7 Mexico S Perez Force India
8 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari
9 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India
10 Denmark K Magnussen McLaren
11 Finland V Bottas Williams
12 Venezuela P Maldonado Lotus
13 France R Grosjean Lotus
14 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso
15 Sweden M Ericsson Caterham
16 France J Bianchi Marussia
17 Great Britain M Chilton Marussia
18 Great Britain J Button (ret.) McLaren
19 Germany A Sutil (ret.) Sauber
20 Mexico E Gutierrez (ret.) Sauber
21 Germany N Rosberg (ret.) Mercedes
22 Japan K Kobayashi (ret.) Caterham

FIA Formula 1 World Championsh 2016

Position Driver Team Pts
1 Germany N Rosberg Mercedes 385
2 Great Britain L Hamilton Mercedes 380
3 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull 256
4 Germany S Vettel Ferrari 212
5 M Verstappen Red Bull 204
6 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari 186
7 Mexico S Perez Force India 101
8 Finland V Bottas Williams 85
9 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India 72
10 Spain F Alonso McLaren 54
11 Brazil F Massa Williams 53
12 C Sainz Toro Rosso 46
13 France R Grosjean Haas F1 29
14 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso 25
15 Great Britain J Button McLaren 21
16 Denmark K Magnussen Lotus 7
17 Brazil F Nasr Sauber 2
18 J Palmer Lotus 1
19 P Wehrlein Manor Marussia F1 1
21 Mexico E Gutierrez Haas F1 0
22 Sweden M Ericsson Sauber 0
23 E Ocon Manor Marussia F1 0

Points projected from latest race positions

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