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Monaco Grand Prix as it happened


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By Mark Orlovac

1621: Right then, a quick update for you on the driver of the day vote that you've been voting on... drum roll please... the winner is... Jenson Button with 38.6% of the vote. Then it is race winner Vettel with 15.1% and Alonso with 10.5%. That's a big win for the McLaren driver. See you.

1535: ... and breathe. It's never dull is it? It's just such a shame that we didn't see that battle between Vettel, Alonso and Button reach a conclusion. Vettel will not mind, he leads the championship by 58 points. The F1 Forum is up and running on the Red Button and in the console at the top of this page. Time to sign off. Thanks for your company and messages, sorry I couldn't use them all. Oliver Brett returns to take you through the Canadian GP on 10-12 June. Hope our paths will cross again. All the best, take care.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner: "This was a really special race. We had problems at Sebastian's first stop, we had radio issues, and didn't get the tyres on that we wanted. So we had to change our strategy. The main thing was that we didn't panic. We tried something a bit different, which was very aggressive. But Seb was making it work. That was what won him the race today. He was pretty confident, kept talking to his engineers, focusing on areas he could be quick."

BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard: "It was a fascinating race until the safety car. We were deprived of a grandstand finish. But this place never lacks drama."

Renault F1 on Twitter: "Update on Vitaly - Conscious. Talks. Complains about leg pain but no fracture. Goes to hospital."

Team Lotus technical chief Mike Gascoyne on Twitter: "Held up by Dambrosio for 3 laps with a blue flag so no chance to have a go at the cars in front at the end, he should get a penalty."

Alex, Norfolk, via text: "I feel robbed of what would have been a fantastic final few laps. That safety car gifted Vettel the Monaco Grand Prix."

Anon via text: "What was the point of restarting the race if they allow tyre changes while it's stopped. Robbed us of any spectacle at the end."

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Anon via text: "Bit of a shame that letting them change their tyres has ruined the end of the race. Fernando fan I am not, but he was robbed today. Also was Hamilton on a mission today to wreck every slow car he saw in front of him."

viperastro on Twitter: "I was looking forward to the last few laps to see if those tyres did "fall of a cliff". Ruined dynamic of race for me."

BBC F1 chief analyst Eddie Jordan: "This had drama from the very start. Today was a remarkable day. Sebastian Vettel is the luckiest man on the planet. Everything is falling into place for him."

1522: Now's the time when the drivers waste some very good champagne. Vettel runs down the track to his team but only before soaking a policeman. Not sure he'll be too happy with that.

1521: Anthem time. It is worth mentioning that Sutil, Kobayashi, Jerome d'Ambrosio and Hamilton are all under investigation. That stewards' room is going to be busy.

1518: The trophy presentation is all very quick in Monaco. Vettel leaps off his car with a triumphant "Yes!" before walking up the steps to collect the latest addition to his mantelpiece. Fernando Alonso was second, Jenson Button third with Webber, who set the fastest lap on the final lap of the race, came fourth. Kobayashi, Hamilton, Sutil, Heidfeld, Barrichello and Buemi complete your top 10.

BBC F1 commentator Martin Brundle: "Red Bull have played a blinder and Vettel is charging towards a second consecutive world championship."

1514: "You beauty," team boss Christian Horner tells Vettel, who has won the Monaco Grand Prix for the first time. "That was a champion's drive." Vettel replies: "Thank you." Then the radio cracks up as he goes into the tunnel. It comes back to life in time for us to hear: "Together we did it."


Lap 76: That was a very brief yellow flag. Alonso sets a fastest time of 1:16.931. Makes no odds now. Vettel has won it. Webber battling for fourth with Kobayashi. He comes up the inside into the chicane after the tunnel. The Sauber driver goes across the chicane and the Aussie is able to take him down to Tabac.

BBC F1 commentator Martin Brundle: "I think they don't have an answer to Vettel's pace on those new tyres. This has played into his hands."

Lap 74: And there's a yellow flag. Incredible. Hamilton comes up the inside of Pastor Maldonado at Ste Devote and whacks into the Williams. Maldonado's race is over. Hamilton under investigation. Vettel leads by 1.4 seconds from Alonso. He should hold on here.

Lap 73: It looks as if they have done it. The cars leave the start/finish straight behind the safety car. And the safety car comes in. Button makes a poor resumption to the race. "He was caught napping there," says Martin Brundle.

1503: McLaren are racing to fix Hamilton's rear wing. They are trying to get their second rear end plate on. "It will be close," says McLaren managing director Jonathan Neale.

Renault team principal Eric Boullier: "Vitaly is OK. He's just complaining about leg injuries, but the doctors say nothing is broken. They are taking him to hospital for observation, but it seems to be just bruising to the legs."

1500: Remember that you can vote for your driver of the day, the console for that is down the right of this page. Not long to go now before the restart. This has been some race hasn't it? I need a drink.

Sebastian Vettel's team radio: "After the restart, there is a good chance the safety car will come in that lap. The next time you cross the start/finish line, you are on your own."

1452: Kravitz confirms that the teams can change tyres, that plays into the hands of Vettel. "The biggest losers are Ferrari," he adds. "They thought they were staring a potential victory in the face." McLaren, meanwhile, are fixing Hamilton's rear wing. The race will resume at 1504 BST.

BBC F1 pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: "Eyewitnesses say Vitaly Petrov was knocked unconscious, but came to quickly and is now talking."

1445: All the cars are stopping at the red flag line and all the mechanics are running out of the garages and out onto the track. "They want to be there in case the race is restarted," says Ted Kravitz. And we have just heard, the race will be resumed when they clear Petrov's car off the track. Hope he's OK.

Lap 72: And there's a red flag. The session is suspended and as we are over three quarters through the race, that looks to be that.

Lap 71: I'm trying to make sense of what happened there. Sutil hits the barriers coming out of Tabac, suffers a rear puncture and is struggling to keep his vehicle in a straight line. There's a big queue, Alguersuari smacks into the back of Hamilton and Petrov, trying to avoid the incident, hits the barriers all on his own. It's messy. Very messy.

Safety car
Lap 69: Vettel looks like he has been saved. As the leaders reach the traffic, there's a big crash coming out of the first swimming pool section. Safety car.

BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: "I've been down to McLaren and they think that in about two or three laps time, Vettel will hit the cliff and he will be two or three seconds slower per lap."

Lap 68: Alonso misses the chicane at the end of the tunnel. "He looks as if he is losing those tyres," said Coulthard. "This is where Jenson should capitalise on those fresher tyres." And traffic is ahead.

Lap 65: Alonso is not able to get close enough out of Anthony Noghes to take Vettel at Ste Devote. 13 laps to go. By the way, it is worth mentioning Sauber's Kamui Kobayashi and Force India's Adrian Sutil, who are currently fourth and fifth. Hamilton is down in ninth.

Lap 64: This is a wonderful battle. Will Vettel be able to hold on? Here's BBC co-commentator David Coulthard: "Vettel is running out of rubber on those tyres and as he loses that traction, that's when Fernando Alonso has to pounce."

Lap 62: The duo has now become a trio. Vettel, Alonso and Button are all together. Where's your money now? Here's Vettel's race engineer over the radio: "Button has now caught up. That should keep Alonso busy for a bit. Good job mate."

Lap 61: This is a battle royal now to the finish. Superb. Alonso is all over the back of Vettel and Button is hunting them down.

BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard: "The big area for Vettel to look out for is if Fernando Alonso gets a good run into the first corner or in the tunnel and down to the chicane."

Lap 57: "It Vettel pitting?" asks Button. "We are not sure," is the reply from his team. "We can still get him." Vettel's lead is now 0.7 seconds from Alonso. Button is 6.2 seconds behind Alonso. This is brilliant. Vettel, to remind you, last pitted on lap 16. Alonso lap 41.

Lap 56: Webber pits in from seventh place and puts on the primes.

Lap 55: Vettel still leads by 2.1 seconds from Alonso. Button, in third, has got the gap down between him and Alonso to 7.2 seconds.

BBC F1 co-commentator Daivd Coulthard: "The only way Vettel can win this is by staying out. That would be 60 laps on these tyres, which is way beyond the predictions for these tyres. If he comes in, he could end up third behind Alonso and Button."

Lap 51: Button is flying. He sets the fastest lap - 1:17.478. And Alonso is closing in on Vettel now. This is a grandstand finish.

BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: "Alonso is the threat to Vettel now. He has used all the tyres he needs to and if can make this set of tyres last then he can win the race."

Lap 48: Button comes in for his primes and he comes out behind Buemi. So now it's Vettel, Alonso and Button.

BBC F1 chief analyst Eddie Jordan: "For me, Massa had an accident all of his own. All the rubbish and all the marbles left over, Felipe got on to those - and they sucked him on to the barrier."

BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard: "We have Jenson Button highly motivated to get win number two in Monaco, and we have Sebastian Vettel highly motivated to get win number one. This could be a classic!"

Lap 45: Vettel is 0.9 seconds ahead of Button and McLaren tell the Englishman: "Vettel is staying out and we will have to overtake him on track." Brundle adds: "That's not what he wanted to hear." There's a brief yellow flag as Di Resta connects with a Virgin Racing car at the hairpin. Hamilton, by the way, has a drive-through penalty as he's in ninth place.

BBC F1 commentator Martin Brundle: "They have to watch Alonso but Red Bull have to keep Vettel out to wreck Button's tyres, if he comes in Button can take off like a scalded cat."

Lap 42: Button is all over the back of Vettel, but remember the McLaren driver has to still come in to put on primes. Vettel's race engineer Guillaume Rocquelin tells his man: "Try to maintain position, the next 10 laps will be difficult, after that Button will struggle."

Lap 40: Lewis Hamilton is under investigation for that incident with Massa. Both Brundle and Coulthard believe that he will be punished as Force India's Paul di Resta had a drive-through penalty earlier on for something similar.

Lap 38:Lewis Hamilton's team radio: "Do you think the front wing is damaged?"
Hamilton: "I think it's OK. I went up the inside and he [Massa] turned in on me, on purpose!" That might be for the benefit of the stewards. Safety car in this lap.

BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: "That pit stop may have cost Button the race. Vettel has track position and has used both the prime and the option tyre."

Lap 37: The safety car is still out. Vettel is the first car behind it, then it's Button, who has stopped twice, Alonso and Force India's Adrian Sutil.

Safety car
Lap 34: And we have our first safety car of the 2011 season. There's stricken cars everywhere. Hamilton bangs into the side of Massa at the Hairpin, there's damage to the Ferrari. And then, in the tunnel, the two cars are side by side and Massa gets on the dirty side of the track and slams into the barriers. He's out. Then Schumacher comes to a halt just after La Rascasse by the entry to the pit lane.

Lap 32: Hamilton still battling to get past Massa. "Hamilton, on those options tyres, has not really been able to make hay with that traffic in front of him," says Martin Brundle. Button pits and comes back onto a clear track. "It keeps falling into place for him," adds Brundle.

Lap 30: Wow, Schumacher dives up the inside of team-mate Nico Rosberg at the Loews Hairpin. That was very aggressive from the Monaco five-time winner. Although Rosberg was kind to him there as he avoided contact. Button leads Vettel by 13.6 seconds.

Lap 29: Massa is under pressure from Hamilton for 10th. Webber is ahead of the pair in ninth. All three have pitted.

Lap 25: Button is extending his lead, he's now 13.1 seconds clear of Vettel, with Alonso a further 2.9 seconds behind.

BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: "The McLaren mechanics came out and then got a message and started to walk back in. I then saw Lewis Hamilton in the distance coming into the pit lane and they came out again. There was a mis-communication there. For Red Bull, there was a sticking tyre blanket that delayed the process for Vettel and Webber."

Lap 22: Button is flying on the options and is increasing his lead at the front. Hamilton now comes in for his stop... and his mechanics do not seem ready. Crikey it's messy down there. Red Bull and now McLaren.

Lap 20: Button leads by 7.5 seconds from Vettel. Alonso is 3.7 seconds further back. Hamilton has not pitted and he's seventh.

BBC F1 commentator Martin Brundle: "That was a dreadful minute for Red Bull. Their pit stops were dreadful - and they are normally the kings of the pit stop."

Lap 17: Now Alonso pits. And he comes out behind Vettel. So Button leads and Ted Kravitz says the McLaren driver "has a great chance to win this race".

Lap 16: Vettel and Webber respond to Button's stop. But Red Bull make a horlicks of it. They don't seem to be ready. Vettel on the primes, Webber on the options. They take longer than they should. Not good. Button now leads.

Lap 15: Button comes in to pit. Mercedes are struggling with their tyres and Rosberg is overtaken by Massa coming down to Tabac.

Lap 14: Button is slowly pulling Vettel in. The gap at the front is 3.7 seconds.

Lap 12: Schumacher is overtaken by former Ferrari team-mate Rubens Barrichello at Mirabeau. Then Schumacher pits. He's the first driver to do so.

Analyst Anthony Davidson on BBC Radio 5 live: "Superb. Hamilton just braked a lot later than he had been in the last couple of laps, out of pure desperation and frustration. Fair play to both of them. There was contact. I don't know how they both escaped that one. But I'm so impressed with Lewis there. Pure respect between two phenomenal drivers."

BBC F1 pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: "Sebastian Vettel has been told by his engineer not to take too much life out of his tyres too soon. Maybe the track is taking more out of the track than we saw in practice. I also understand the team had to change his Kers unit in parc ferme."

Lap 10: Brave. Very brave from Hamilton. He dives up the inside of Schumacher at Ste Devote. Brilliant. He's ninth. It is very close to turning into disaster, though, as Schumacher does not see the Englishman and almost turns into him. On that lap, Schumacher had complained about his tyres and Coulthard says: "Was that a mistake by Michael, giving that information away?"

Lap 8: Fastest lap for Alonso, a 1:19.327. He's 1.6 seconds behind Button.

BBC F1 commentator Martin Brundle: "It started going wrong yesterday afternoon, and it just keeps going wrong for Hamilton. It's a cumulative thing."

Lap 7: Button closes up to Vettel a little and the gap is reduced from 4.6 seconds to 4.4 seconds. Hamilton is all over Schumacher for ninth. No joy as yet.

Lap 5: Hamilton is stuck behind Schumacher and as we know, it is going to be a big ask to get around him here. "Knowing Lewis, I would bring him in for a two-stop strategy and let him race the wheels off that car," says BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard.

Lap 3: Vettel is 3.7 seconds ahead of the rest. Button is second, with Fernando Alonso, after another great start, third, with Webber fourth. Alonso needs to get past Button if he is to challenge the Red Bull leader.

BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: Everything is fine with Lewis Hamilton's tyres, the telemetry says there is no puncture but he is already 11/12 seconds behind the leader."

Lap 1: Vettel is streaking ahead, he's 2.4 seconds clear already. Incredible. The incident between Schumacher and Hamilton apparently happened in the braking area into Ste Devote, the first corner.

Lap 1: Great start from Rosberg. Vettel keeps the lead going into the first corner. Schumacher drops down to 10th, but he takes Hamilton at the hairpin. "I've been hit by Schumacher, I might have a flat tyre," says Hamilton. Oh dear.

1302: Ready?

BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard: "The form from qualifying suggests Sebastian Vettel had a clear margin, but it wasn't a completely normal session due to Sergio Perez's accident, so I don't think we've seen the teams' true form. That said, the man who has won five of this season's races is starting on pole position, and will be very hard to beat."

1259: Lewis Hamilton is starting on the yellow striped prime tyres, which points to a traditional Monaco strategy of a long first stint, going as long as he can before coming in. Interesting. Everyone else in front of him, who have to start on the tyre they set their fastest time on, are on the red marked options. On the formation lap, Jenson Button complains that his steering is really heavy. "OK Jenson, we'll look into that," is the reply from his team.

BBC F1 commentator Martin Brundle: "If the front runners want to do two stops, they have to get far enough ahead of the midfield pack, who might do a one stop."

Danny_15 on Twitter: "Very disappointed after last night's Champions League final. Only a Jenson or Webber win would cheer me up."

brianbge on Twitter: "Brundell's grid interviews is worth a BAFTA on it's own. What brilliant work, Martin."

FIA President Jean Todt: "Monaco is beautiful, it's part of the history of motorsport, both rallying and F1. There is a lot of discussion going on [about F1's future] but it's a strong sport, a strong business and I'm very much looking forward to a lot of harmony in the future."

Force India on Twitter: "Both our drivers are very calm pre-race but you can almost feel the concentration."

BBC F1 commentator Martin Brundle: "That's the tensest I've seen Sebastian [Vettel] before a race."

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner: "We're looking in good shape, but it's a long race and it's the safety car that's usually the biggest variable around here."

1246: The new Pirelli tyres have produced lots more pit stops this season and they have made the races as tricky to read as a clue on game show 3-2-1. But it seems as if the tyres are not degrading as much here as they have done in the other races this season. The chat is that there will not be three stops for a driver in this race. That's a relief for this particular live text commentator I can tell you.

1242: Brundle is out and about. It's busy out there. He tries to talk to Fernando Alonso but a waved finger from Ferrari media director Luca Colajanni warns Brundle away. There's also a little wait for Michael Schumacher but he doesn't want to talk either. Shame. Brundle grabs someone famous, he doesn't know who he is. It ends up being record producer Stuart Price. Now it's GERI HALLIWELL. Get in. She wants Webber or Vettel to win and then reveals she loves the smell of petrol. Each to their own.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Monte Carlo: "There is a muttering in the paddock that if Sebastian Vettel gets cleanly away off the line, Red Bull's championship leader will be long gone and nailed on for his first win in Monaco - and fifth of the season. McLaren's Jenson Button is alongside Vettel on the front row but overtaking is nigh-on impossible around Monaco's narrow streets and his best chance might be to run an opposite strategy to Red Bull, which could mean stopping just once. Our Jake has boldly predicted a podium for Michael Schumacher in Monaco. There's a suspicion Schumacher may have slightly out-qualified his genuine pace but you can bet the five-time winner here is sitting in his Mercedes with one eye on Ayrton Senna's record of six wins here."

1236: Drag reduction system reminder. The DRS is in use in Monaco and can be activated from a point just after the last corner, Anthony Noghes, all the way down the start/finish straight to Sainte Devote. The detection zone is just after the end of the swimming pool section. We'll see how effective it is today. Goody, it's Martin Brundle's gridwalk.

McLaren driver Jenson Button from second on the grid: "I need to get a good start. That side of the grid is often tricky as it's off camber, but our starts have been good all season, apart from in Spain. We can still race and really fight for a victory even though we're not on pole. Monaco is very difficult for overtaking but there's only one person who is better positioned than I am. And if I win I'm running down the pit lane. I'll get told off but it's a special place to win so you want to enjoy it with everyone."

RobzillaThe2nd on Twitter: "Hoping Jenson can get a jump on Seb into the first corner, he's surely got a great chance if he can."

Red Bull's Mark Webber and BBC F1 presenter Jake Humphrey
Mark Webber and Jake Humphrey take a dip
1228: Great stuff on the telly now. Mark Webber is chatting to Jake Humphrey about the new Pirelli tyres and winning in Monaco last year. The Aussie then tries to push Jake into the pool at the top of the Red Bull's floating motorhome, an incident which ends up with both men taking a dip. Total Wipeout anyone?

BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard on Lewis Hamilton criticising his team's qualifying strategy: "It is inevitable that when a driver is frustrated, he will speak his mind. We should applaud McLaren for allowing their drivers to say what they think."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Monte Carlo: "Ferrari's rivals said they were surprised to see Fernando Alonso, who had twice set leading practice times this weekend, qualify down in fourth for today's race. Alonso partly blamed the delay caused by Sergio Perez's accident for his below-par performance but also said the car simply didn't feel as good. Alonso, is a two-time winner in Monaco, so what can he do? 'Overtaking will be pretty impossible despite Kers and DRS. Our race pace is good so I hope I can make up some places. I expect some drivers will try for two stops and maybe others will risk doing only one.'"

HibaMS on Twitter: "Hoping for another Spanish win after last night's Barcelona triumph. C'mon Alonso!!!"

1219: Time to point you in the direction of a couple of things. First is the 'Driver of the Day' vote, which will be available on the right of this page when the race starts. There's also the F1 gossip page and the Monaco photo gallery, which opens up with a snap of former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone. Which is nice.

McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton from ninth on the grid: "That was probably one of the worst [qualifying sessions] I've had for a long time. You can't win from there but I'll still do my best and keep pushing. You can't overtake here so Sebastian [Vettel] will walk away with it, I'm sure, but I'll just get as many points as I can. It's damage limitation once again."

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Nicky in Belfast, via text: "Would love to see Lewis take this today - he was faster in qualifying and better at overtaking than Seb... should be a good race either way!"

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Nigel via text: "Really want to see Hamilton do something special today, maybe he still can with some help from his team mate at the front. Will be an interesting start."

BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard: "The history of Monaco is fantastic, it is the 69th running of this GP and it is the ultimate challenge for the drivers and the teams. I love the atmosphere. It is a real privilege to watch this new generation of drivers go around this track."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Monte Carlo: "There is one driver in Monaco who would simply love to be racing - and I bet his Renault team quite fancy him behind the wheel, too. Robert Kubica is watching from his Monte Carlo apartment instead of lining up for the race where he has twice stood on the podium, most recently a third place last season in a Renault car that had no business being up there. Kubica is at least back after home after spending 10 weeks in an Italian hospital recovering from serious arm, hand and leg injuries suffered in a rallying crash in February. I spoke to his manager Daniele Morelli, who said Kubica was 'missing' not being able to race in Monaco. Morelli also said that it was still too early to rule out Kubica returning to his Renault race season before the end of the season."

1208: The telly coverage is now go. And it opens with a very atmospheric clip of Jake Humphrey, Eddie Jordan and DC looking very smart on a tour around Monaco, which ends up at the Hotel de Paris. "Where did it all go wrong?" says DC. Absolutely. Anyway, here's Holty with a bit more on Robert Kubica....

McLaren's Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton blames strategy for missing pole

1205: Lewis Hamilton, winner in Monaco in 2008, was not a happy chappy after qualifying. He could only qualify in seventh as the plan for having one flying lap backfired when Perez's crash disrupted the session. His day got worse when he had his time deleted for cutting the chicane and will start in ninth. Afterwards Hamilton criticised his team's strategy, saying: "In Monaco you can't take risks and leave it right to the end, you have to get a banker in, as everyone else did."

1202: I've just had a sneak preview of the outfits our telly boys are wearing. I'll leave Eddie Jordan's ensemble for your own eyes to witness but I can reveal that the BBCF1 standard issue white jeans are back. David Coulthard gets use of them this weekend.

1157: So how can you catch the action? Well BBC One coverage gets going at 1205 BST with BBC Radio 5 live starting at 1300 BST. All of that, plus our driver tracker, will be available in the console in the top of this page. For those unlucky enough not to have access to those options, you've also got me with this live text commentary. Sorry about that.

1156: And there's more news coming from the world of F1 this morning, with the manager of injured Robert Kubica, who suffered horrific injuries in a rally crash in February, saying that the Pole could yet make a return to racing in 2011.

1152: And we have just had an update on Sergio Perez. He is to be kept in hospital for another night for observation and will have a second brain scan on Monday.

Rhys via text: "I had £80 on Lewis Hamilton to win, wish me luck guys!"

seanbhoy87 on Twitter: "I'm likening Vettel's grip on this year's F1 to Barcelona. People try, and come close, to beating them but never succeed!"

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Anon via text: "Being at a track with very little overtaking, I hate to say it, but I can see Vettel storming this one."

Nico Rosberg crashes in Monte Carlo

Rosberg crash halts Monaco practice

1105: Perez's incident, which happened in exactly the same place as Nico Rosberg's accident in final practice earlier in the day, overshadowed Saturday's action. As it panned out, there was again a Red Bull on pole, in the form of Sebastian Vettel. Alongside him on the grid is McLaren's Jenson Button with Red Bull's Mark Webber, who won here last year, and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso on the second row.

ajay_2606 on Twitter: "After the disappointing Champions League final yesterday, let's hope the Monaco Grand Prix will be amazing."

SisuBlog on Twitter: "A win for JB would be great, but let's just hope for no more accidents this weekend. Get well soon Sergio."

Sergio Perez collides with a safety barrier in Monaco

Perez crashes out of Monaco qualifying

1143: It is only right that I mention Sauber driver Sergio Perez early on in this commentary. The 21-year-old Mexican had a horrible crash in qualifying, losing control of his car coming out of the tunnel, flying across the chicane and into the barrier opposite. He suffered concussion and a sprained thigh but there are no broken bones and a scan today will determine whether he is released from hospital today or on Monday. A big relief.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
1137: And if that superb intro from Holty doesn't get you in the mood, I'm afraid I can't help you. So this is where you come in. I need all your predictions, bets and celeb stories today. I know you must have loads. We've got plenty of time before kick-off so there's no excuse. Here's how to get involved. You can use Twitter (via hashtag #BBCF1 ) or text me via 81111 with F1 before your message. Go on, there's no time like the present.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Monte Carlo: "The road to Monte Carlo begins in France and the city of Nice, along the Promenade des Anglais with the Mediterranean for company and through the pretty villages dotted along the Cote d'Azur. The BBC minibus cuts through the tunnels chiselled out of the hills and weaves down the sand-coloured cliffs. Cream-coloured apartments, a row of canopied shops, an incongruous concrete works and France is left behind for Monaco, the world's second smallest country. This tiny land known for extravagance, wealth and glamour first staged a grand prix more than nine decades ago. The fastest cars in the world have returned this weekend to go racing through the streets. And the most thrilling journey, over 78 breathtaking, car-squeezing laps, is almost about to begin. Don't go anywhere, it's the Monaco Grand Prix."

1135: Morning all. Welcome to our coverage of the jewel in the F1 calendar. It's one of the most challenging races of the year for the drivers and it's a victory they are all desperate to have on their CV - 78 laps around the tight, twisty streets of the principality, the venue steeped in history and tradition. Oh, and celebs. Simply put, it doesn't get any better.

1130: Life's full of niggling questions, isn't it? How do you beat Barcelona at football? How are Jedward still in showbiz? Will I ever get on one of those boats in the Monaco harbour? Why do my children wake up at the weekend two hours earlier than on a school day? But the most pressing is this, can anyone stop Sebastian Vettel's seemingly relentless charge towards the 2011 title? Let's see shall we.

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After 60 of 61 laps
Position Driver Team

Race stopped at 60 laps

1 Great Britain L Hamilton Mercedes
2 Germany S Vettel Red Bull
3 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull
4 Spain F Alonso Ferrari
5 Brazil F Massa Williams
6 France J Vergne Toro Rosso
7 Mexico S Perez Force India
8 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari
9 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India
10 Denmark K Magnussen McLaren
11 Finland V Bottas Williams
12 Venezuela P Maldonado Lotus
13 France R Grosjean Lotus
14 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso
15 Sweden M Ericsson Caterham
16 France J Bianchi Marussia
17 Great Britain M Chilton Marussia
18 Great Britain J Button (ret.) McLaren
19 Germany A Sutil (ret.) Sauber
20 Mexico E Gutierrez (ret.) Sauber
21 Germany N Rosberg (ret.) Mercedes
22 Japan K Kobayashi (ret.) Caterham

FIA Formula 1 World Championsh 2016

Position Driver Team Pts
1 Germany N Rosberg Mercedes 385
2 Great Britain L Hamilton Mercedes 380
3 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull 256
4 Germany S Vettel Ferrari 212
5 M Verstappen Red Bull 204
6 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari 186
7 Mexico S Perez Force India 101
8 Finland V Bottas Williams 85
9 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India 72
10 Spain F Alonso McLaren 54
11 Brazil F Massa Williams 53
12 C Sainz Toro Rosso 46
13 France R Grosjean Haas F1 29
14 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso 25
15 Great Britain J Button McLaren 21
16 Denmark K Magnussen Lotus 7
17 Brazil F Nasr Sauber 2
18 J Palmer Lotus 1
19 P Wehrlein Manor Marussia F1 1
21 Mexico E Gutierrez Haas F1 0
22 Sweden M Ericsson Sauber 0
23 E Ocon Manor Marussia F1 0

Points projected from latest race positions

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301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


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