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Monaco GP practice as it happened


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By Mark Orlovac

1445: Time to wrap this up. Thank you for your company today, hope you enjoyed it. Remember as it's a public holiday in Monaco tomorrow, we will be back again on Saturday from 0930 BST for FP3 and qualifying. This is brewing up very, very nicely so don't miss it. See you then.

1442: Just to let you know that the second practice session will be replayed on Freeview this afternoon, unfortunately we do not know at exactly what time yet because of the tennis schedule.

awdrew on Twitter: "Shaping up nicely in Monaco, should be very interesting & exciting qualifying on sat, cant wait !!!"

djaison on Twitter: "Monaco quali prediction is 1 Alonso, 2 Lewis, 3 Rosberg."

BBC F1 summariser Karun Chandhok: "Fernando Alonso looks strong and McLaren are in the hunt. They could upset the apple cart. Any one of those top five or six drivers can do it. The emphasis has gone back towards qualifying, it's not so much about tyre wear."

1430: The chequered flag is out and that's your lot. Alonso, like he was in FP2 last year, leads the way with a 1:15.123, then it's Hamilton (1:15.228), Rosberg (1:15.321), Button (1:15.448), Vettel (1:15.667), Massa (1:15.781), Schumacher (1:16.356) and Webber (1:16.642). It's close out there.

1425: Alonso now back out on the options. And we have a couple of problems. Vitaly Petrov has lost the front wing of his Renault coming over the bumps out of the tunnel into the chicane. He hits the barrier on the right, while Liuzzi hit the left barrier this morning. Heikki Kovalainen runs out of road at Sainte Devote and for the second time today, he's in the run-off area.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Chris, who should be working, via text: "This weekend has to be a big marker for Schumacher. If he can't get on the pace of Rosberg then it just proves he's not at the same level as the top of the field. Personally I hope he has a stunner and proves all the doubters wrong but I just don't know."

1420: Only 10 minutes to go now. Will anyone beat Alonso's time?

Ferrari on Twitter: "The long runs do not look too bad on both type of tyres."

1412: Hamilton is now up to second with a 1:15.228. Vettel's quickest is a 1:15.667 which is good enough for fifth. Massa is sixth (1:15.781) and Schumacher (1:16.356) seventh. Natalie Pinkham is at the Hispania garage and she reports that Vitantonio Liuzzi, who pranged his car this morning, will not appear again this session because "as they were repairing the front right suspension, they found a problem with the hydraulics".

Ferrari on Twitter: "Fernando is doing the same programme but on prime tyres, the softs."

1404: On board with Hamilton now and he's throwing that car around. He's on the options and sets a 1:15.456 which moves him up to fourth. Button is third with a 1:15.448. A bit of news for you. You may have keeping up to date with the possible protest by Hispania at the decision by FIA technical delegate Charlie Whiting to postpone the ban on off-throttle blowing of the diffuser. Well Autosport have reported that Hispania boss Colin Kolles has ruled out a protest this weekend.

Ferrari on Twitter: "Felipe is out for the long run on high fuel. Still on option tyres, the supersofts."

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Chris, having a break from studying, via text: "Watching these guys race around here is superb, Alonso looks cut above the rest."

DanielKelly84 on Twitter: "Drivers like Alonso & hamilton can find that limit & stay just the right side of it, brushing the barriers, lap after lap."

1358: Rosberg, on the options, is up to second with a 1:15.321. Can Mercedes make a serious challenge this weekend? Schumacher, by the way, is currently seventh with a best of 1:16.819.

1354: Webber and Button also now on the option tyres - the super softs. Webber sets 1:16.807, which is 1.684 off Alonso. "I wonder if Red Bull are playing a game and carrying more fuel on board?" says Chandhok. By the way, I've been very silly in my last entry. Qualifying isn't tomorrow, it's on Saturday. Consider me told off.

1350: Massa is hunting Vettel's time... but he can't make it. He is second with a 1:15.781. And now here's Alonso, he's flying... and that's a 1:15.123. Smashed it. "He's a street fighter on the ultimate street circuit," says Chandhok. Tell you what, I'm already looking forward to Saturday's qualifying.

1347: Massa is bouncing around the track and twice comes very, very close to smacking that Ferrari of his into the barriers. The first is at the second swimming pool chicane, and the second is at Anthony Noghes. Meanwhile, Vettel goes quickest with a 1:15.667.

1345: A few more drivers are now going on the super softs. Vettel and Massa to name but two. Apparently, the difference between the two compounds is between 1.2 and 1.4 seconds here. Let's see what happens...

BBC F1 summariser Karun Chandhok: "Jenson Button has settled in fantastically well at McLaren, he is driving really well and he is pushing Lewis more than people expected him to, so hats off to him."

1339: Longer runs for the drivers at the minute. Di Resta had a gear selection issue, apparently, which was why he came to halt at the harbour-front chicane. Let me take time out to remind you that highlights of the first practice session are now ready for you to watch. Lovely.

Pengumile on Twitter: "Don't forget Alonso was going brilliantly last year until he crashed in FP3. He has a great chance this weekend."

BBC F1 summariser Karun Chandhok: "I think the DRS ban [in the tunnel] is sensible, it is very marginal but you could see some big shunts and red flags and safety cars and that makes a mess of the whole Grand Prix. It's the same for everyone so I don't see what the problem is."

NeilBradley on Twitter: "Based on the Monaco practice session, it looks like Alonso has got his mojo back."

1331: Force India's Paul di Resta is needing a push from three men in orange coming out of Turn 10. Didn't see what happened to him there.

1328: Massa gets very close to barriers after running wide at the Fairmont hairpin, formally known as Loews. Messy. We are on board with Alonso at the minute and it never fails to amaze me how brave these drivers have to be around here. I'm wincing as he comes around Anthony Noghes and breezes past the barrier. Incredible.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Monte Carlo: "Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button were pretty happy after their first run round the streets of Monaco in first practice, with the team saying they had used first practice just to get back into the rhythm of driving at high-speed round the narrow, snaking circuit. McLaren haven't made any major changes to the car that took Hamilton and Button to the podium in Barcelona last weekend apart from the circuit-specific changes that Monaco demands. Button had a bit of a problem with his Kers power-boost device this morning and he reckons Kers could be a key weapon at a circuit where overtaking is nigh-on impossible. McLaren also reckoned that this season's new overtaking tool, the DRS moveable rear wing, was delivering some interesting results in Monaco, where options to use it effectively are limited."

1324: Maldonado is on the red-marked super soft tyres, which are making their debut in 2011. He sets a 1:17.633. His best this morning was a 1:18.527.

1322: Hamilton moves up to fourth with a 1:17.036 while Natalie Pinkham reports that Button has told his team that the car is feeling quite different from this morning. She's going down to McLaren to find out why.

Ferrari on Twitter: "As usual here, traffic is the key factor: Fernando did only one clean lap, Felipe two."

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Becca, Derbyshire, via text: "Ah, Monaco. Was there two years ago for my 30th birthday and loved everything about it. If we could just have the same result this time and a Button victory, I'd miss it slightly less (maybe)."

1317: Times time: Alonso is top of the pops with a 1:16.408, Rosberg is second (1:16.917), then it is Button (1:16.922), Massa (1:17.102) and Petrov (1:17.339). McLaren tell Hamilton: "The time to find is in all sectors but mainly in the middle sector." Basically, be quicker.

1313: Whoa there, Alonso almost ploughs into the back of Ferrari team-mate Massa coming out of Rascasse as the traffic backs up around the final corner. That was very, very close. Penny for Fernando's thoughts. BBC pit-lane reporter Natalie Pinkham is down at Mercedes and she says they are still working on Michael Schumacher's car after his FP1 shunt, but "he will definitely be out in FP2".

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner on the problems affecting Mark Webber in first practice: "We had an electrical issue that affected gear changing, but they have changed everything and it should be all right for this new session. It is annoying because it is good to get your eye in here but the track was so dirty this morning that Mark should be all right if he gets a long session in this afternoon."

1308: Massa now leads with a 1:17.483, while Webber is out and about after his frustrating morning. He's currently sixth. Toro Rosso's Jaime Alguersuari also has trouble at Sainte Devote and he gently bumps the barrier. There doesn't seem to be any damage and he's back up and running.

1304: No mucking around. We've got times times galore. Renault's Vitaly Petrov leads the way with a 1:18.471. And Williams driver Pastor Maldonado locks up coming down into Sainte Devote. He avoids the barriers though and drives into the run-off area instead.

1300: Green light, and we are off for 90 minutes of FP2.

BBC F1 summariser Karun Chandhok: "The asphalt here is completely different to Turkey or Barcelona as it's a normal street. The surface does not have the same amount of abrasion. On the soft tyre, the drivers were doing 20/30 laps in the first session with no real drop off. The drivers I spoke to said they did not have any tyre degradation. It's like the Bridgestone era. The option tyre will be key here, can they go the rest of the distance if the primes do 40 laps."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Monte Carlo: "Ferrari's Fernando Alonso was a happy chap after narrowly losing out to Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull in morning practice. One of the BBC cameramen tells me Alonso had a big grin when he climbed out of his Ferrari and that he then strode towards the camera before enthusiastically saying the word 'spaghetti' into the lens. We can only assume that is what Alonso had on his mind for lunch. Team Red Bull say they were happy after the session and that a gear selection problem for Mark Webber shouldn't prevent the Australian from taking part in second practice."

1254: Just a reminder that the drag reduction system can be used anywhere on the track during practice and qualifying sessions but in Monaco, DRS has been banned in the tunnel because of safety concerns. In the race, the DRS detection zone is just after Turn 19 with the activation zone just after the final corner, Anthony Noghes.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Gareth, Nottingham, via text: "I dreamt last night that I drove my little green car around the streets of Monaco... I'm not dreaming now: firmly at work & glued to my screen!"

1250: Right, serious stuff now. I've got a public information announcement. We are sorry that we are unable to show the second practice live on the Freeview red button service. This is due to a clash with Andy Murray playing in the French Open, and unfortunately we only have one red button stream on the Freeview platform. We will be replaying the practice session in full later on Thursday afternoon. Live coverage of the second practice session remains available on the satellite and cable platforms, and on the BBC Sport website. In addition, a full replay will be available on BBC iPlayer for one week from Thursday, 26 May.

The sun is out
1246: A few people have been asking the water leak, I've got no more news as yet. I'm just getting shots of some very tanned and very glamorous people sunning themselves on enormous boats in the Monaco harbour. I'm doing my best not to hate them.

1243: Preparations for this weekend's race were hampered by a lorry fire on the track very near Saint Devote on Tuesday night. Organisers worked frantically to repair the surface in time for first practice while McLaren's Jenson Button was almost hit by a fork-lift truck. "I was walking along talking to the guys. I was looking but he wasn't as he was reversing," Button told the Guardian. "I was never going to be injured seriously. He wasn't going to kill me. He would have bumped into me. They are doing all they can but when it is back to back it is very difficult. The guys are working non-stop to get it built. It makes it a bit difficult and dangerous - maybe we should be wearing hard hats in the paddock." Tough guys these F1 drivers, aren't they?

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Monte Carlo: "The sun may be shining and the Mediterranean twinkling but the centre of attention in the Monaco paddock this lunchtime was former Renault team boss Flavio Briatore. The Italian, who was suspended from the sport for his part in the 2008 Singapore race-fixing scandal, was back in one of his favourite haunts, although sadly I'm not able to confirm if he has a mega yacht docked in the harbour this year. What I can tell you is that Briatore was mainly talking about Queen's Park Rangers, the football club in which he owns a share. But on the subject of F1, he described this year's racing as 'fantastic' and added that he had no plans to return to motorsport any time soon."

1237: Remember that this your commentary, so do get involved. You can use Twitter (via hashtag #BBCF1 ), tweet me direct on @markorlovac or text me via 81111. Please do put F1 before your message as there is a lot of other live sport going on today, and I wouldn't want to miss you out.

1234: In case you weren't with us for FP1, I don't know what else you would be doing, here's a little summary. Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel topped the times, with Fernando Alonso only 0.113 seconds behind in second, Nico Rosberg was third, Felipe Massa fourth and Lewis Hamilton fifth. Michael Schumacher smacked his Mercedes into the barriers at Sainte Devote. Red Bull's Mark Webber failed to appear apart from three untimed laps because of a gearbox problem, while the session was briefly stopped because of water leaking onto the track on the start/finish straight. Apart from that, not a lot happened.

A celeb has been spotted
1230: Hello again. Welcome back. Hope you're refreshed and ready for FP2. No lunch excitement at BBC Towers I'm afraid. However, I did see Miranda Hart walking around Television Centre. Yesterday. Does that count?

1043: Time to sign off. Take a look at Holty's report, which is now up. I'll be back at around 1230 BST to take you through FP2. See you in a bit.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Ben, Winchester, via text: "I definitely approve the use of the word BOSH in text commentary. Splendid."
Not sure my English teacher would!

alistair1994 on Twitter: "Monaco is definitely my favourite race on the calendar, the track is so thin in some places it's unreal!"

Renault test driver Bruno Senna on the Red Button: "Normally Red Bull have been further away from everybody else at this stage so far this season. There is only a tenth of a second between Vettel and Alonso so actually that is quite good. I believe they can get close and McLaren have something to show as well."

BBC F1 commentator Martin Brundle on Twitter: "Vettel fastest in first practice. Alonso second and awesome for Ferrari. Schumacher P10 but ended in St Devote wall, not too much damage."

Chequered flag
1031: Well that's not going to be beaten this morning - FP1 comes to an end. The German, who has not won in Monaco, leads the way, Alonso is second and then it is Rosberg (1:17.139), Massa (1:17.316), Hamilton (1:17.350), Button (1:17.534), Maldonado (1:18.527), Sutil (1:18.578), Petrov (1:18.733) and Schumacher (1:18.805).

1030: Hamilton is flying but he has to back off because there's a little bit of traffic. Alonso, meanwhile, has a clear track - until the final sector - and posts a 1:16.732... but here's Vettel... bosh, it's a 1:16.619.

1028: Great stat from BBC F1 commentator David Croft. Only five drivers have not lost position on the opening lap this season. Karthikeyan, Liuzzi, Di Resta, Massa and Heidfeld. Love it.

1026: Alarm in the cockpit of Jenson Button. No, he hasn't seen a spider, it's a red light. "That's a problem with Kers," his McLaren team tell him. Vettel is now quickest with a 1:16.781 while Alonso is now second with a 1:17.109.

1023: Vettel posts a 1:17.309 and then comes in for a new front wing but his time is beaten by Rosberg (1:17.139) and Alonso (1:17.262). Another crash, this time it is Mercedes driver Michael Schumacher. The seven-time world champion gets it all wrong coming into Sainte Devote and slams sideways into the barriers.

BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: "Lewis Hamilton is working on some set-up changes. It is not getting to the point where they are changing major set up items. They are messing about with his steering. As the track evolves you can get lost on set up. You can make changes that will send you down the wrong avenue."

Brianicky on Twitter: "The most brutal barriers of the entire season are here again. Let's see who stays away from them and who doesn't."

1015: Massa now goes quickest - 1:17.316. Vettel, meanwhile, posts a 1:17.850 to go fourth.

BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter Natalie Pinkham after watching the cars in the Monaco tunnel this morning: "It feels like my head has been put in a vice but it was a pain worth experiencing, it was an incredible and amazing experience. Your whole body shakes and your organs rattle and your eyes sting, but it was amazing."

1009: Hamilton moves back to the top of the timesheets again. A 1:17.350 beats Alonso's improved time of 1:17.492. Meanwhile, BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz reports that Red Bull painted flow-vis paint on the front wing of Sebastian Vettel's car at the resumption of the session, while they struggled to find a place for the floor that they removed from Mark Webber's car in the very cramped Monaco pit lane.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
David via text: "Bernie's sprinkler idea wasn't well received so he's implemented a hidden version of it!"

1003: Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg then posts a 1:17.619 only for Alonso, sporting a lovely new gold helmet, to beat it with a 1:17.619. Oopsie, yellow flag. Vitantonio Liuzzi loses his Hispania under braking coming out of the tunnel and smacks into the barrier as he turns into Turn 10. Front wing gone.

1001: Times are falling as the track rubbers in. Hamilton now goes fastest with a 1:18.136, then it's Massa (1:18.582), Alonso (1:18.728), Jenson Button (1:19.106), Michael Schumacher (1:19.106) and Sutil (1:20.394).

0957: Force India's Adrian Sutil moves up to second with a 1:20.394... oh no he doesn't... there's Lewis Hamilton with a 1:20.168. Buemi gets on his Toro Rosso radio to say: "I need more laps to get the confidence. I tend to have a bit of oversteer at the high speed chicane but that is down to me I would say."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Monte Carlo: "Paul di Resta may be a Monaco resident but the Scottish racer is a little apprehensive about driving round his neighbourhood in an F1 car. He says it is six years since he competed on Monte Carlo's street circuit - and by the way, in his last races here in Formula Three he finished first and second. 'This track is all about confidence,' Di Resta says. 'It's about commitment. You only have to look at it to see why it's so special.' Di Resta and his Force India team-mate Adrian Sutil's first task during first practice is to reassess the updates the team fitted to the car - but then later abandoned - in Barcelona."

0952: Some burly men appear on the track holding some metal tubes to investigate the puddle. And then there's someone looking very official speaking into a radio. It can't be that serious, though, the session will resume at 0954.

Renault test driver Bruno Senna on Webber: "The circuit is going to clean up so missing P1 is not going to be the worst thing to happen to Mark. I'm sure he can recover from that."

0947: It's all going off. Red Bull's Mark Webber, who won here last year, is out of FP1 because of a gearbox problem. He's only done three laps today, none of them timed. And now we have a red flag... it must be that water problem.

BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: "It must be an underground water pipe that is leaking or has burst. There is a patch of water that is coming up from underneath the Tarmac. Cars are going over it and it gets sprayed into the air and then 10/15 seconds later it comes up again. What will they do? Will they dig up that part of the track?"

0944: Force India's Paul di Resta is now up to fourth with a 1:22.329 while Ferrari's Felipe Massa goes quickest with a 1:20.825. And here's a bit more on that water issue...

Renault test driver Bruno Senna on the water on the track: "At the start of the race that's going to make people's life very difficult, but at the moment they can avoid it. They want to find out where that is coming from, it's very unusual to have water on the track there but it's hard to tell where it's coming from."

CXtophe on Twitter: "What a shame to be in Monaco to work while I can hear these engines whirring!"

0935: Hmmm, there's a little stream of water across the track on the start/finish straight. I'm sure that's not meant to be there. Williams driver Pastor Maldonado goes fastest with a 1:21.902, then Kobayashi (1:22.630) moves up to second.

0931: Sauber's Sergio Perez has a massive lock up coming out of the tunnel into Turn 10. He's not the first one today, Nick Heidfeld has done the same. Perez leads the times with a 1:23.206, then it's Karthikeyan (1:25.594) and Virgin Racing's Jerome d'Ambrosio (1:26.827).

djaison on Twitter: "Oh what it would be like to be in Monaco watching P1 rather than sitting in a very rainy England!"

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Monte Carlo: "Fernando Alonso has given his reaction to the Ferrari reshuffle which has seen Aldo Costa stand down as technical director and former Benetton engineer and McLaren designer Pat Fry take charge of the chassis department. For Alonso, there is only one way of viewing Costa's departure - as a positive. 'I am confident we will not suffer too much from the loss of Aldo,' Alonso said. 'We have full confidence in Stefano [Domenicali]'s decisions and what is best for Ferrari. I can only say I feel a positive atmosphere, that it's a step forward. We saw a difficult start to the season and a difficult performance from the car. We needed a reaction. Maybe this was the best thing.' I, for one, am sad to see Costa go. He's the only person in my career as a sports journalist who's downed an steaming expresso in one swig while conducting a media conference.'"

0925: Karthikeyan improves to a 1:29.490. That's still the only time. I've had a few messages through regarding the DRS zone as where it will be on race day. The detection point starts after Turn 16 and the activation points begins just after the last corner, Anthony Noghes, and all the way down the start/finish straight to the first corner, Sainte Devote. In the previous weekends, DRS could be employed anywhere on the track during free practice and qualifying but that will not happen in Monaco. It has been banned in the tunnel because of fears over safety.

KittyCoop07 on Twitter: "Monaco!!! Favourite race of the season. If one of the McLaren boys win I would be so happy, come on you can do it!"

0921: We have a time people. Hispania's Narain Karthikeyan sets a 1:35.367. That's the only time at the minute. Meanwhile, Lotus technical chief Mike Gascoyne has Tweeted: "Installation laps done, drivers saying grip level is very low."

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Warren at work in Sevenoaks via text: "Hi, know what you mean about the place. I visited the Monaco while on holiday in 2008 and the place was really stunning."

A celeb has been spotted
Dan, Portishead via text: "Any bets on how many times the champagne pic will be out this weekend?"
I'm hoping that I'll be using it quite often.

0911: And silence again in Monaco. No-one is out on the track at the minute. Every single driver has completed an installation lap. There really is not a cloud in the sky. Beautiful.

Ferrari on Twitter: "Contrary to what happened in the recent races, today there are no extra sets of tyres available so only two sets of primes and one options."

BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: "Ferrari are one of the teams that have a new rear wing lower beam here. Renault also have a little upgrade on their rear wing."

0900: And we are off. The peace and quiet shattered by the roars of F1 car engines. Lots of drivers are out there early doors. Paul di Resta, Sebastien Buemi, Nick Heidfeld, Kamui Kobayashi, Vitaly Petrov, Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber are just some of those who go out for installation laps.

Renault test driver Bruno Senna on the Red Button: "Sebastian Vettel is on a roll and he is not going to make it easy for his opponents to win here. He will be on the limit. He has been really consistent this year, he is patient and he is not trying to pull silly moves. He has grown up a lot."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Monte Carlo: "The Monaco Grand Prix, first run in 1929, is held up as the jewel in Formula 1's crown and has been won by some of the sport's greatest drivers including champions Juan Manuel Fangio, Graham Hill, Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher and the list goes on… Needless to say, the majority of drivers here are all aware of the demands of this unique street circuit and what it takes to master it. But for all that they do know about this race there is one thing they will all literally have to get to grips with in practice - and that is Pirelli's 'super-soft' tyres, which make their season debut here. The tyres are designed to suit the low-speed, low-grip nature of the circuit but there are still question marks about just how they will perform and how long they will last."

0849: So we've got free practice one starting at 0900 BST, FP2 starts at 1300 BST. Both sessions are live on the Red Button and in the console on the top of this page, while the first session is also on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra from 0855 BST. And there's also this little live text commentary thing as well don't forget. Happy days.

weesoldier007 on Twitter: "DRS + Monaco going be interesting."

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Adam, London via text: "Love the Monaco GP, such a unique race! Looking for a different race winner this weekend."

The sun is out
0843: See what I mean? Getting pictures now from Monaco, never fails to impress me. Stunning. I think I can just about see my boat in the harbour, I have to look quite closely, though. Now then, there's plenty to talk about, the drag reduction system (working or not?), the new Pirelli tyres, the management reshuffle at Ferrari as well as whether anyone can catch Red Bull, this weekend or in 2011. If you have any chat, I want to hear it. You can use Twitter (via hashtag #BBCF1 ) or text me via 81111 with F1 before your message.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Monte Carlo: "Just four days after a fascinating Spanish Grand Prix, the Formula 1 field has reassembled in the evocative principality of Monaco. The sun has followed the teams as it is a simply glorious morning. There's not a cloud in the sky and the biscuit-coloured buildings crammed on the Monte Carlo hillside are bathed in light. Waters from the Mediterranean are gently lapping the yachts - and Red Bull's enormous floating motorhome - in the harbour. It almost seems a shame to break this scene of tranquility with the roar of F1's engines as the world's fastest drivers attempt to navigate through Monaco's tight and twisting streets. I did say almost... "

0837: Hello you. Ah Monaco, a week of yachts, celebs, glamour and cash. Very much a normal weekend in the Orlovac household I can tell you. Well almost. Here we are then, the sixth race of the 2011 season. Already? Doesn't time fly. In Monaco there's the wonderful Sarah Holt, and I'm really trying not to feel jealous about her first hello of the week...

0830: Summer is in the air and it's that time of year when my invite to join the planet's wealthiest people in one of the world's most glamorous locations gets lost in the post. Never mind, I refuse to let another snub get me down. Welcome one and all to our coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix.

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After 60 of 61 laps
Position Driver Team

Race stopped at 60 laps

1 Great Britain L Hamilton Mercedes
2 Germany S Vettel Red Bull
3 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull
4 Spain F Alonso Ferrari
5 Brazil F Massa Williams
6 France J Vergne Toro Rosso
7 Mexico S Perez Force India
8 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari
9 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India
10 Denmark K Magnussen McLaren
11 Finland V Bottas Williams
12 Venezuela P Maldonado Lotus
13 France R Grosjean Lotus
14 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso
15 Sweden M Ericsson Caterham
16 France J Bianchi Marussia
17 Great Britain M Chilton Marussia
18 Great Britain J Button (ret.) McLaren
19 Germany A Sutil (ret.) Sauber
20 Mexico E Gutierrez (ret.) Sauber
21 Germany N Rosberg (ret.) Mercedes
22 Japan K Kobayashi (ret.) Caterham

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