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A profile of Williams F1 driver Rubens Barrichello

Rubens Barrichello
Barrichello is competing in his 19th season in Formula 1

Rubens Barrichello 2011 Season Stats

Last updated: Thursday, 15 November 2012 12:31 UK
Race Date Start Finish Race Pts Total Pts
Australian GP 27 Mar 2011 17 16 0 0
Malaysian GP 10 Apr 2011 15 22 0 0
Chinese GP 17 Apr 2011 15 13 0 0
Turkish GP 8 May 2011 11 15 0 0
Spanish GP 22 May 2011 19 17 0 0
Monaco GP 29 May 2011 12 9 2 2
Canadian Grand Prix 12 Jun 2011 16 9 2 4
European GP 26 Jun 2011 13 12 0 4
British GP 10 Jul 2011 15 13 0 4
German GP 24 Jul 2011 14 23 0 4
Hungarian GP 31 Jul 2011 15 13 0 4
Belgian GP 28 Aug 2011 14 16 0 4
Italian GP 11 Sep 2011 13 12 0 4
Singapore GP 25 Sep 2011 12 13 0 4
Japanese GP 9 Oct 2011 13 17 0 4
Korean Grand Prix 16 Oct 2011 18 12 0 4
Indian Grand Prix 30 Oct 2011 15 15 0 4
Abu Dhabi GP 13 Nov 2011 23 12 0 4
Brazilian GP 27 Nov 2011 12 14 0 4

"Rubens Barrichello is desperate to start his 20th season of F1 in 2012.

"Many felt that he should retire in style at the season-ending Brazilian GP after a brilliant career which includes a record 322 starts and 68 podiums.

"This has been one of his most difficult seasons, never into the top 10 in qualifying and a best finish of ninth.

"If he doesn't secure a full-time 2012 seat he would be the perfect super-sub, although most teams have third divers now. Time flies, and Rubens has had a good run."


What three words would you use to describe what it's like to be a Formula 1 driver?
Exciting, determination and passion.

What is the biggest perk of the job?
Driving a Formula 1 car. Fast!

How would you like to be remembered as an F1 driver?
A persistent man who won in the end.

What is your most embarrassing sporting moment?
When I was driving in Formula Three, my car had a front bar that could be changed.

I asked for it to be changed, did five laps and told the team the car was much better. They came on the radio and said the bar was actually disconnected. I was only 18 but very embarrassed.

Who is the worst dressed Formula 1 driver?
Michael Schumacher. Easily. Ha ha!

Ayrton Senna or Alain Prost
Senna, because he had a tremendous passion for what he did and because he was a fellow countryman.

Spa or Monaco?
I like Spa better because it is a challenging track, not only on the physical side but also technically in terms of getting the set-up right.

Monaco is fun but only in qualifying. The race can be a little boring from a driver's point of view.

Previous teams: Jordan, Stewart, Ferrari, Honda, Brawn
Nationality: Brazilian
Born: 23/05/1972, Sao Paulo
Grand Prix debut: South Africa 1993

If you weren't an F1 driver what would you be?

I have no idea. I have been doing this since I was six years old! What else is there?

Who is the greatest sportsman of all time?
I am a big fan of Senna. He brought a huge amount of fans to F1 but also better safety, unfortunately as a result of his death. Safety really improved after his accident.

What would be your perfect day off?
Being at home with my kids playing whatever they want to play. To be honest, I hate playing Power Rangers, but sometimes I do it.

Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?
Nowadays I really like taking the kids to the Disney parks because they have so much fun.

But if I don't have time then being at home in Sao Paulo is just as good as any holiday.

Apart from a house what is the most expensive thing that you own?
My plane - an Embraer Legacy. I have to travel a lot and it means I can get from race to test to event as quickly as possible and then get back to my family.

What is your favourite item of clothing?
A white T-shirt and jeans.

What is your favourite music to drive to?
Brazilian country music, like Victor and Leo.

Which famous person - dead or alive - would you like to have dinner with and why?
Barack Obama. He seems very down to earth and also a clever guy.

Tell us something about yourself that most F1 fans might not know
I am actually much more extrovert than I seem on TV. Plus, I can be very naughty!

Steve McQueen or Paul Newman?
Paul Newman, because he was a great motor racing enthusiast.

Boxers or briefs?
Briefs. They keep everything together. When I'm racing? Nothing but my fireproof underwear.

Angelina Jolie or Keira Knightley?
Can I have Hilary Swank instead?

James Bond or Austin Powers?
James Bond. I love those movies.

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