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Wednesday testing as it happened


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By Mark Orlovac

1610: Time to say goodbye. Thanks a million for your company and all your messages today. You've excelled yourselves. Alonso fastest today, Vettel yesterday - encouraging signs from Ferrari and Red Bull. Who is going to shine tomorrow? The lovely David Ornstein is your host, while I try not to have a nervous breakdown looking after my three children. Take care, see you soon.

1603: So that's your lot from day of the first test in Valencia. Here's how it finished: Alonso (1:13.307), Vettel (1:13.614), Di Resta (1:13.844), Hamilton (1:14.353), Kubica (1:14.412), Karthikeyan (1:14.472), Rosberg (1:14.645), Glock (1:15.408), Barrichello (1:16.023), Perez (1:16.198), Maldonado (1:16.266), Buemi (1:16.359), Alguersuari (1:16.474), Webber (1:17.365), Kovalainen (1:20.649).

STiG911 on Twitter: "Bit concerned about button count on drivers steering wheels as mentioned by Rubens. Increasing danger of eyes-off-road = incident."

1557: Webber sets a 1:17.365 but is still 14th. One last chance to grab the glory then.

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Chris via text: "Enjoyed all the comments so far but I feel that all the main teams are stonewalling at the moment and we have yet to see any serious times being posted. They all want to keep their relative speeds hidden until they have fully evaluated the opposition."

1553: And we are under way again, not long left for a final thrash.

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TheMightyGusset on 606: "McLaren haven't shown anything of their new car. I'd like to start a new rumour to the effect that the new McLaren is actually 100% race ready but it's design so revolutionary that McLaren are deliberately sandbagging so that no-one else can steal their ideas. Most of the cars that arrive on the first grid of the season will be substantially different to the cars being tested today."

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Andrew in Birmingham via text: "Can't wait for the new McLaren on Friday, hoping it can take Jenson to a good few wins and the title in 2011."

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James in Stoke via text: "I think I can safely say I've just put more effort into trying to understand that Lotus graphic then I've put into my entire day at work."
I hate the abbreviation LOL, but LOL.

1542: Sebastien Buemi moves up to 10th with a 1:16.359 but then his Toro Rosso stops out on the track and we have another red flag. Webber's best so far is a 1:19.360, which is good enough for 14th. We'll see how much more running he'll get today.

1539: I mentioned yesterday the fears of some of the drivers about the number of controls that they now have with the introduction of adjustable rear wings and Kers for 2011, well Barrichello also mentioned it after he stepped out of the car today. " It was all positive; the only drawback from the day is that the number of buttons on the steering wheel can distract you from the driving," he said. "I don't think it's a danger, but I think it's a concern. In terms of execution, the additional controls are obviously necessary, but people have different steering wheels, so drivers may therefore be able to reach some buttons easier than others. The problem is you are taking your eye off the road. There is not a single straight where I don't press a button and change gear. In my role in the Grand Prix Drivers' Association we will keep talking about this, but I think the FIA will let us practice a little more. I think the strong comments will come now but will lessen as people get used to things."

1536: Here's some Barrichello chat after his spell in the Williams FW33 yesterday and today. "We learnt a lot. It is a very different car to the FW32 and needs a different set-up and understanding. The balance of the car was difficult, but it's always hard to get a car to feel good on that amount of fuel. I will just have to work on it and see what we get back. Unfortunately, we lost a bit of time yesterday due to a problem with the Kers, but we kept going out to build up mileage."

thejudge13 on Twitter: "Webber out on track. Bit of a surprise. Word was he not playing till tomorrow."

happii_smileii on Twitter: "Looking forward to Schumacher getting some more laps in, hopefully he'll get a win this year. Feels like ages until Bahrain."
You won't have to wait long, Schumacher is due back in the Mercedes tomorrow.

1526: And Mark Webber now gets his first track time in the new Red Bull RB7. Welcome aboard.

1523: Renault's innovative exhaust design, which exits at the front of the sidepods either side of the driver, has certainly being a talking point over the first two days of testing. Mercedes boss Ross Brawn was asked earlier whether it was this year's must-have development and he replied: "I don't think so. Before we get to Bahrain [for the first grand prix] you'll probably see a number of teams with different solutions to get the benefit from the exhaust energy."

1517: I've just had a message about the Lotus F1 naming rights ding-dong. I said it a bit earlier but there's no harm in repeating it, F1 writer Joe Saward has produced a brilliant graphic which explains the situation very succinctly. Here it is.

kpagg on Twitter: "F1 testing is getting me fired up for the upcoming season. Hoping Alonso can achieve a third title!"

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Nick, Bedford via text: "Am I alone in thinking the yellow streak of Pirelli's logos on the tyres looks so much better than last year?"

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Carior on 606: "Love this time of year, adore seeing the new cars, they're massive eye candy for any red blooded male!"

Renault F1 on Twitter: "It's a gorgeous day in Valencia. The sun is out so ideal testing conditions. Robert has done 81 laps so far and is P5 on the timing sheets."

Team Lotus driver Heikki Kovalainen on Twitter: "First feeling with the new car was very positive, just didnt get proper running due to a power steering failure, got some checks done anyway."

SteveLovell_F1 on Twitter: "Mercedes is beautiful, as are all the cars. I just hope Force India, Hispania and Virgin bring something to the party."

1503: We are now in the final hour of testing and we have not seen Mark Webber's Red Bull appear yet. Meanwhile, Mercedes say Rosberg is heading out again to get some more laps in.

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Jack from Wycombe via text: "Lotus Renault is the best looking car out there at the moment, closely followed by Mercedes... wouldn't it be something if the Renault performs as good as it looks."

IanFraserF2008 on Twitter: "As a Massa fan and definitely one of Alonso, I predict Felipe to come out on top this year and Alonso to throw his dummy again."

Twitter!/sameng123 "Think McLaren might have made a wise move here, extra time for development, in the meantime get some figures in on the new tyres."

1449: Problems for Team Lotus, on this, their first day of testing. Team Lotus technical chief Mike Gascoyne Tweets: "Testing finished for today due to power steering problem. Need to get it back to the UK and fixed and rebuilt overnight ready for morning."

1446: I haven't done this in a while so here's a run down of the times: Alonso (1:13.307), Vettel (1:13.614), Di Resta (1:13.844), Kubica (1:14.412), Hamilton (1:14.701), Rosberg (1:15.383), Glock (1:15.408), Barrichello (1:16.023), Perez (1:16.198), Alguersuari (1:16.474), Buemi (1:17.471), Karthikeyan (1:17.769), Kovalainen (1:20.649), Maldonado (1:21.160).

dj1white on Twitter: "Lotus Renault a far better looking car than Team Lotus but I really hope Team Lotus come out on top this season."
There's only one way to find out...

seperatesunsets on Twitter: "I'm impressed that the F1 teams and management are so open with their tweets on testing days unlike many other sports."
I think other sports could learn a lot of lessons from F1 in that regard.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Valencia: "A colleague reports he nearly got run over by Pastor Maldonado. I think he's exaggerating but good to see Maldonado out for Williams."

1432: Williams have just announced that their new Venezuelan driver Pastor Maldonado is on his installation lap. Meanwhile, Mercedes have said Rosberg's earlier stop as a "fuel systems problem", which effectively means he ran out of fuel, and that he will be back out soon.

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SJM1337 on 606: "Schumacher will only have a chance if that Mercedes is reliable, right now it looks like there might be some problems..."

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mintroyalle on 606: "I fear for McLaren this season. I really don't think they will be as innovative as people think. There are already rumours that they don't have the Renault exhaust system or the Toro Rosso style split floor that was rumoured to be key on the MP4-26. I can only see Red Bull or Ferrari for the title but I'll live in hope."

A celeb has been spotted
1418: Karthikeyan improves to a 1:17.769, he's now 11th. Meanwhile the late crew have arrived at work, with one colleague telling me he had a top celebrity spot yesterday - Take That's Mark Owen. Happy days. Best celeb chat I've had in a while. Anyway, enough of this, our testing photo gallery has been updated with pics from today's session. Take a look at a sunny Valencia here.

jhr_14 on Twitter: "Despite all this Lotus name wars going on, I personally prefer the Team Lotus colours over the Lotus Renualt. Hope they improve."

1407: Ferrari have issued an update to what Fernando Alonso was up to today. "[He] began by tackling a series of aerodynamic tests, aimed at gathering vital data to analyse the behaviour of the new car. Then, in the second part of the morning, which saw the session interrupted several times by cars stranded out on track, Fernando concentrated on carrying out a comparison test between various types of Pirelli tyre. In total, the F150 has so far completed 59 laps." There we are then.

aka_robyn on Twitter: "I'm sure I'm not the only American who was up at 3am following testing. Right? Anyway, my wish and prediction: Red Bull all the way."

1359: Just a quick mention that Kovalainen's best time today was a 1:20.649, which leaves him bottom of the times. Sebastien Buemi has taken over the Toro Rosso with a best of 1:19.459.

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Anon via text: "I hope Alonso wins this year, he was on top form last year and deserves to make it three in a team well suited to him."

Lotus chief technical officer Mike Gascoyne on Twitter: "Still problems with the power steering, will probably be only able to fix overnight. Continuing with system checks etc."

1340: Lunch is over for most now, and Lewis Hamilton returns to the track for a series of laps. But he is nearly four seconds off the ultimate pace.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt on Twitter: "Seb Vettel had lunch today with his Dad Norbert. Vettel Sr was brilliant on BBC Abu Dhabi show last year holding winner's trophy."

Mercedes on Twitter: "Lunch break for us in Valencia... a good morning with Nico completing 45 laps and a quickest time of 1:15.383 in P6."

1258: Alonso goes straight out after the re-start and immediately improves to a new fastest time of the day - a 1:13.307. The Spaniard is now 0.307secs faster than Vettel. You can - obviously - not read too much into these testing times, but that has brought a few sighs of relief in this office at least. It was beginning to look as if that Red Bull might be untouchable, even at this early stage.

Lotus driver Heikki Kovalainen
Kovalainen has yet to post a time on day two of the test
1254: We are go again in Valencia. But now, the wait is over. I finally I have some photos I can use of the new T128 Lotus that Heikki Kovalainen is trying out today. Here's one for you to look at, isn't she lovely?

Warner, London via text: "I hope this year doesn't turn into a Red Bull domination, only having to rely on driver mistakes. Their performance gap last year was tedious. Also would like rules not being stretched, such as flexi front wings. Come on McLaren."

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MattyF1 on 606: "I'm seeing a straight out fight between Vettel, Alonso and Schumi for 2011 title glory. And I reckon the winner will be German... and over 40. Come on Schumi! You still got more than enough class."

1236: There's another red flag. Seems to be Rosberg, luckily I had got that Mercedes picture and Brawn quotes out of the way. Rosberg caused a red flag yesterday when his car suffered a hydraulics problem. Times: Alonso (1:13.469), Vettel (1:13.614), Di Resta (1:13.844), Kubica (1:14.412), Hamilton (1:14.701), Rosberg (1:15.383), Alguersuari (1:16.474), Perez (1:17.019), Glock (1:17.228), Barrichello (1:17.344) and Karthikeyan (1:17.823).

babyboos on Twitter: "So the rookie in last year's Force India is on the pace? Someone pinch me I'm dreaming. Di Resta - the new Flying Scotsman."

smifaye on Twitter: "My wish is that the delay of the MP4-26 works the same way it did for Red Bull last year."

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warbath on 606: "For me it's McLaren and Ferrari in evenly-matched cars with Lewis and Nando going at it until the last race.. with Alonso once again defeated."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Valencia: "It is a lovely sunny day in Valencia and here's the latest for you. Our cameraman Martin is trackside and reports that Lewis Hamilton had a bit of a lock-up and a slide out on track. The McLaren man is fifth fastest in the 2010 car. There are also Mercedes and Ferrari bods watching from the sidelines keen to get a closer peek at their rivals' cars. Meanwhile, I joined the long list of media who have bumped into Karun Chandhok in Valencia. The friendly former Hispania driver has been linked with a reserve role with Team Lotus but is keeping schtum for now. He actually preferred to chat to me about yoga. There's a big crowd here again for testing - and that probably explains the ring of security guards, menacingly complete with truncheons, who are prowling around Ferrari HQ, where Fernando Alonso is expected for lunch."

Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg
Rosberg takes his car for a workout in Valencia
1224: Some quotes have dropped from the Press Association from Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn on the development his team have made with their new car. "With this car we've moved a good step forward with the construction, the weight, centre of gravity," he said. "We've recovered a lot of the aerodynamic performance that was lost from the regulations. There are other things like the unity of the design groups, we've a second season with both drivers, and that helps. It's about lots of things all coming together and moving in the right direction. But you never know if it's enough. You never know if someone is going to make a strong breakthrough. But I'm comfortable we've made real progress over the last six months, and that this car is the culmination of that." This entry also gives me a chance to include a photo of the new Mercedes, which I have settled on as my favourite 2011 car. So far.

1219: ... and Vettel's time is beaten, Fernando Alonso sets a 1:13.469 to go fastest by 0.145 seconds. That's the quickest time of the test so far.

TeamNeaves on Twitter: "Wonder why Renault weren't more secretive about their exhaust exit? It's easy for teams to copy - and if it works they will."

Reuters Formula 1 correspondent Alan Baldwin on Twitter: "auto motor und sport reporting that Mercedes is to take full ownership of F1 team by buying the remaining 24.9 pct stake from Ross Brawn. Mercedes motorsport spokesman says 'our company does not comment on speculation, only when there are facts'."

AJ in London via text: "My wish is simply for another season like last year - five drivers in contention until the very end, with the underdog snatching it at the last race. As for the winner? Lewis or Mark."

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Chris in Leeds via text: "Re: Ty. Just cause Alonso is the most complete driver and driving for Ferrari doesn't mean he deserves a title. He only deserves it if he has the most points at the end of the season."

Sean Russell on Twitter: "My wish is for an all British podium at Silverstone. Hamilton, Button and Di Resta - that would be amazing!"

1205: Di Resta and Hamilton are out on the track now and the Scottish driver sets a 1:13.844 to move into second, 0.230 seconds off the mark set by Vettel. Kubica, in fourth, improves to a 1:14.412.

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Ty in York via text: "My wish this season? For Alonso to take the championship at the last race. The most complete driver on the grid surely deserves at least one WDC whilst driving for the Italian marque."

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Luke in Bury St Edmunds via text: "My wish is that for one season only the FIA allow the designers free rein to produce the fastest, yet safest car in the world, then we could see what could be done without restrictions."

McLaren on Twitter: "We're running a 2010 car this week - Kers and the drag reduction system will make their debuts on MP4-26... "

johncnoble on Twitter: "I can't tell you my wish because I want something unpredictable to happen and if I could wish for it, it wouldn't be unpredictable."

McLaren driver Jenson Button on Twitter: "Good active recovery and stretching session in preparation for my first test day of 2011!! Now on my way to Valencia."

1143: Karthikeyan improves to a 1:17.823 but he is still bottom of the timesheets. Team Lotus, who have Heikki Kovalainen in the car today, have not yet set a time.

NateTheMan on Twitter: "Whilst following the live text, the BBC F1 theme tune came on my iPod, spooky."
Just to avoid any claims of favouritism, other modern-day music players thingies are available.

Hispania driver Narain Karthikeyan on Twitter: "Just getting ready for my second run of the day."

Tristan at work in Oxfordshire via text: "My wish for the season is that Lewis and Nico get what they deserve! A second world title for Lewis and a first (of many) race wins for Nico."

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso
Any resemblance to Porthos is purely coincidental
1129: We had a mention yesterday of the Fernando Alonso beard that has sprouted over the winter and while looking for some Lotus pics, I came across this snap of the Spaniard turning up for work today. I am particularly impressed with how it is changing into something one of the three Musketeers would be proud of. I would like to repeat that I'm only jealous as I would love to be able to grow one!

1120: It's a bit quiet on the track at the moment, only the Hispania of Karthikeyan and the Toro Rosso of Alguersuari out there at the moment. Rosberg improves to a 1:15.383 but it still sixth fastest behind Kubica. Still trying to search for a photo of the new Lotus out on the track that we can use but nothing has dropped as yet. As soon as it does, I'll put it up.

tednol on Twitter: "Mark you think an audit lecture is boring, you should try working in audit!"

frankieherrero on Twitter: "My wish: Kubica or Rubens winning a fiercely contested F1 season. Yes, I also root for the underdogs."

Lotus technical chief Mike Gascoyne on Twitter: "Just making some adjustments on the power steering, and changing a brake line, out again soon."

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GraymeadYNWA on 606: "I am currently an economics student, so I know what you mean about the boredom, Mark. The moment you fall slightly behind in a lecture, you might as well fall asleep and read up on it later. Anyway, any chance of you getting me a job at BBC Sport? You can never have enough economists."
I don't weald anywhere near that kind of influence here, even with an Economics degree! 'History Of Economic Thought' was the worst lecture. And scheduled at 9am on a Thursday morning! Bad planning.

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Sharpe635 on 606: "I think the first half of the season will determine if Schumacher will continue his comeback or retire mid season. I personally hope he is as competitive as ever, with a bit of scandal thrown in for good measure."

NinjaNathUK on Twitter: "Hoping Button brings the title back home this year, last year was the most exciting season for some while. Can't wait till it kicks off."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Valencia: "Paul di Resta is hanging on the coat tails of Sebastian Vettel's 2011 Red Bull and Fernando Alonso's Ferrari in Wednesday's early timing sheets. The Scot is spending his first full day in the 2010 Force India after sharing a few laps with reserve Nico Hulkenberg on day one. Di Resta was in a great mood when I asked him whether all this testing malarkey felt different now he was an F1 driver. 'I'm definitely more focussed and it's more important to get myself in good shape before we leave this test,' he said. 'I'm excited about the season ahead. We've got a good day planned on Wednesday. We have a lot to do with Kers, the moveable rear wing and the Pirelli tyres, three crucial parts that will make a huge difference if we manage to hook them up. We need to see where we left off last year in Abu Dhabi before we launch the new car [next week] in Jerez.'"

1105: Alonso is now up to second as he sets a time of 1:14.111. Here's a timing update: Vettel (1:13.614), Alonso (1:14.111), Di Resta (1:14.199), Hamilton (1:14.701), Kubica (1:14.832), Rosberg (1:15.973), Alguersuari (1:16.474), Perez (1:17.019), Glock (1:17.228), Barrichello (1:17.344) and Karthikeyan (1:18.974).

PaulWalkerA on Twitter: "Whatever happens this year, McLaren for the constructors. Its been too long since 98."

theaardvark on Twitter: "My wish for this F1 season? For people not to arrange anything they require my attendance at on an F1 weekend."

Mercedes GP on Twitter: "We're running the Mercedes Kers system this morning with Nico and team having the opportunity to try it out for the first time."

1049: Our F1 gossip column is now up and running if you fancy a look. There's a mention of the management reshuffle at Virgin Racing, while Auto Motor und Sport is reporting that McLaren are tipped to have the same innovative exhaust idea as Renault. The new McLaren, by the way, in being unveiled on Friday.

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Robert in Liverpool via text: "My wish for the season? Simple. To see Lewis Hamilton crowned world champion again. The excitement was out of this world last time he won, jumping a round like a lunatic and not even caring. My greatest ever sporting moment. That's how good F1 is. Come on, Lewis bring it home!!!"

1037: Rosberg is now up to fifth with a 1:15.973. Vettel is still fastest but now Paul di Resta, in a 2010 Force India, second with a 1:14.199. Now I know there's no television feed of the action but at least there's some video from Valencia which was filmed after the opening day. There's Vettel in a natty woolly hat, team-mate Mark Webber on getting over the disappointment of missing out on the drivers' title, as well as team boss Christian Horner. Sorry to folks who live abroad, the clips are for UK users only.

1030: By the way, our very F1 reporter Sarah Holt has been hard at work out in Valencia this week and here's her blog on Red Bull unveiling their new RB7 yesterday. There's a nice quote from Vettel which highlights the team's thinking as they go into a season as world champions for the first time: "We have to develop on how good we were last year or the others will pass us. We have to stay focused, keep learning and keep trying to get better. If we just have the same approach as last year then we won't move forward."

Lee in Banbury via text: "My wish this season is for Webber to change the number two on his RB7 to a number one!"

JohnPenhall on Twitter: "My wish for this season, an English world champion at the end of a great season."

Force India on Twitter: "A couple of set up changes on the car happening now."

McLaren on Twitter: "Lewis opens the throttle for the first time in three months and clicks on the radio: "Woooo-hoo!" Feels good, eh?"

1014: Nico Rosberg only completed nine laps in that fine looking Mercedes of his yesterday morning because of a hydraulics problem but he is out and about now and is currently sixth fastest with a best of 1:17.627. Vettel is still fastest with that 1:13.614 with McLaren's Lewis Hamilton, making his first appearance at this year's Valencia test, currently second with a 1:14.701.

McLarenFan_Jamm via text: "If you did an economics degree, how did you end up at BBC Sport??"
That is a very, very good question!

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Bethany, University of Lincoln via text: "Here's to hoping you'll keep me awake at university. Seriously missing F1 but liking Hamilton's chances this year! Come on the Brits!"

chococat on Twitter: "Pleased to hear Chandhok may have a job in F1 again this year. Hope he makes it on BBC commentary again too, he's brilliant at it! I hope Rosberg can finally get the race results he deserves this season. And hope Williams improve!"

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Valencia: "Rubens Barrichello unzipped his jacket to physically show me how much weight he'd had to lose ahead of the 2011 season. 'Four kilos,' the normally chipper Brazilian seriously announced. 'It was a request from the team and I had to double the exercises and I had to shut my mouth more.' He is doing this because the Kers power-boost system is back in F1 after being dropped last season. The implications of lugging a heavy battery pack and generator unit around a track with a tank full of fuel is not great news for some drivers, especially taller and therefore heavier ones like Red Bull's Mark Webber and Renault's Robert Kubica. Barrichello added: 'I'm happy as I lost four kilos. I hope Kers makes us enjoy the show of overtaking and so on…'"

0959: That last text brings me nicely to the row over the use over the Lotus name in F1 between car company Group Lotus and F1 outfit Team Lotus. The matter will now go to a full trial starting on 21 March. F1 writer Joe Saward has produced a wonderful diagram which explains the situation perfectly. Take a look here.

Alan in Nantwich via text: "I've waited 17 years for Team Lotus to make a return. They may not be the original team but they do count as the spiritual successor in my eyes."

Mark at UEA, Norwich via text: "Finally glad to have F1 back, something to liven up a boring audit lecture!"
And from someone who did Economics as a degree, I know what boring means!

Oliverd05 on Twitter: "My wish, for Schumacher to come back fighting and take an eighth drivers title."

0947: Hold up, we have new fastest time and it's that man again Sebastian Vettel again. He posts a 1:13.614 which is quicker than the 1:13.769 he set when leading the way on Tuesday. By the way, the fastest time in the Valencia test last year was a 1:11.470 posted by Fernando Alonso.

Ben in Newbury via text: "Hi Mark, my one wish for 2011 is that Team Lotus start getting better results than Lotus Renault! What is it with the British loving the underdog!!"

Jason via text: "Desperate to see what the new Mercedes is capable of. Would love a good lap time from Nico today."

Rob, East Sussex via text: "My wish? To see Williams back up the sharp end again."

0935: And we are off again, green flag. Meanwhile, there are lots of rumours swirling around regarding Karun Chandhok, who drove with Hispania for some of last year and who was a pundit on the BBC Radio 5 live F1 coverage. Team Lotus boss Tony Fernandes has posted a picture on his Twitter page of Karun in a Team Lotus fleece while Speed channel F1 pit reporter Will Buxton tweets: "Karun Chandhok spied in Valencia paddock, at a green team, wearing team kit. A third driver announcement in the offing? Let's hope... "

adamtilt on Twitter: "Second day of F1 testing at Valencia. That should help get me through the day."

Peteuplink on Twitter: "Are Lotus teams like buses? You wait 17 years for one and two show up at the same time!"

0922: We had two red flags the whole of yesterday, and we've got two already today. This time, Paul di Resta's Force India comes off at Turn Two. He had just set the fastest time as well, a 1:15.314. None of the times I mentioned at 0903 GMT have been improved upon. Thanks very much for the messages so far, keep them coming. While we are waiting for the action to resume, as well as your predictions, how about you give me your one wish for F1 and the 2011 season.

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Erad on 606: "I know we're only at the first test and I might be seen as crazy, but I'm going to stick my neck out and say the 2011 constructors will finish like this: McLaren, Renault, Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari, Force India, Lotus, Sauber, Torro Rosso, Williams, Virgin, HRT."

Williams F1 on Twitter: "It was an electrical problem for Rubens, team working on car now, should be back out in about an hour."

Roscosot on Twitter: "Can't wait to see what times the mighty RB7 lays down today."

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Michael in Leeds via text: "2011 could be the dream season. Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes going for the championships and the two Lotus teams fighting it out, let the fun commence. COME ON TEAM LOTUS !!!"

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Valencia: "Hello again. The sound of Formula 1 cars is reverberating through the air as the second day of testing has resumed. Rubens Barrichello caused a red flag to be unfurled and a flat-bed truck to make its way onto the track to retrieve his car within the first hour. Williams say the Brazilian felt a loss of power so essentially pulled over. The team add that they are looking into the problem with the engine or gearbox possible suspects. There's been a lot of praise for the new Williams FW33, from those with a keen eye for design. And I'll have a bit more on Rubens soon. Don't go away."

Guardian chief sports writer Richard Williams on Twitter: "Alonso once again doing that weird thing of cruising down main straight at half-revs. Will try to find out what it's all about. And I wish Ferrari would take that anamometer thingy off the top of the airbox. It looks like Fernando's wearing a dunce's cap. Schumi in front of Ferrari pit, having a look as Alonso comes in. The odd regret, perhaps?"

0903: They are up and running again in Valencia, and Renault's Robert Kubica is top of the timing sheets so far with a 1:16.945, Toro Rosso's Jaime Alguersuari is second quickest with a 1:17.123 then it is Barrichello (1:18.565), Hispania's Narain Karthikeyan (1:18.974), Virgin Racing's Timo Glock (1:19.533), Alonso (1:24.706), Vettel (1:25.445) and new Sauber man Sergio Perez (1:37.861).

Scott in Norwich via text: "Today sees the two Lotus branded teams go head to head on track for the first time - let battle commence!"

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Jordan in Belfast via text: "Considering how things went last year I think Hamilton is could be a safe bet to take the 2012 crown. Though the question is whether he can keep himself in the running. We are living in an era that has many drivers of outstanding class, this season should be as good if not better than the last!"

0855: Oh, and the session is still under a red flag.

0850: Just in case you weren't with us yesterday, here's a little summary. Red Bull's world champion Seb Vettel set the fastest time of the day, a 1:13.769, in his brand spanking new RB7 while Force India test driver Nico Hulkenberg was second quickest (1:13.938) in a 2010 car. Gary Paffett was third fastest (1:14.292) in a 2010 McLaren with new Force India race driver Paul di Resta fourth (1:14.461). Fernando Alonso was fifth. Remember that it is difficult to gauge how competitive each car is because of the effect of fuel and tyres.

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Neil in Gaydon via text: "You have to give me a shout out because my cousin got one yesterday and you don't want to start an inter-family war. Can't wait for more photos of that Renault exhaust and the McLaren launch later in the week!"
Hope this prevents any conflict.

Rarey3600 on Twitter: "Let's see how the McLaren is with Lewis behind the wheel today - good luck to all THREE British drivers this season."

Mercedes GP on Twitter: "The final preparations are being done on the MGPW02 and Nico's [Rosberg] ready to get going... "

The Williams of Rubens Barrichello in Valencia
The Williams of Rubens Barrichello in Valencia
0835: We have our first red flag of the day, and we think it's the Williams of Rubens Barrichello that needs a hoist onto the back of a flat-bed truck. Just a reminder that the FW33 is carrying an interim navy blue livery at the moment. To highlight the fact, here's a shot of Rubens driving yesterday.

Lotus technical chief Mike Gascoyne on Twitter: "First car out and installation lap completed. No problems and now just checking things over. Driver happy."

MattyLeppard on Twitter:/CPS:LINK> "Can't wait for the whole F1 circus to get going again. I've never anticipated a season so much, after the excitement of last year!"

0826: Remember that I'm going to need your company today, massively. You raised the bar yesterday with the number of messages so there's a lot to live up to. Here's how you get in touch, you can tweet me via the hashtag #BBCF1 or direct on @markorlovac, join the discussion on 606 or text in via 81111 (UK).

0819: And a very warm welcome to the second day of the first pre-season test from Valencia. I'm not in Valencia, by the way, just in case you were wondering. It's the delights of Shepherd's Bush. Oh yes. Anyway, what have we got today? Well, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso are all in action, while Team Lotus have unleashed their new car on the Valencia track for the first time. I'll get the photos up as soon as I get them.

0815: Morning all. On a damp, cold, wet Wednesday morning, let's get a bit of sunshine into our lives by taking in some pre-season F1 testing from Valencia. Aah, I feel better already.

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