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British Grand Prix as it happened


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By Mark Orlovac

1459: Time to go. Hope you enjoyed the race. That was a great result for Mark Webber, McLaren will be happy with their finishes, Nico Rosberg is celebrating his third podium of the season while Ferrari will want to forget this weekend very, very quickly. Thank you very much for your company and all of your messages. Keep tuned for more coverage on BBC One as well as the F1 Forum. I'll see you again for the German GP from 23-25 July, take care.

ojl on Twitter: "As the decision to give Vettel new front wing was based on championship positions, it'll be interesting to see what RBR do next race."

1452: Lewis Hamilton extends his lead at the top of the championship standings. He is 12 points clear of Jenson Button, while Mark Webber is now third - five points further back. Vettel is fourth with Alonso fifth.

Race winner Mark Webber: "I did the best job I could and it worked out OK. I enjoyed the grand prix, it was a good fight with Lewis Hamilton. The car was faultless. I made a good start and I was very keen to hold my corner and it worked out for me."

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Rachael, Durham via text: "Now that's what I'm talking about! What an amazing grand prix! The McLaren boys sure have made us proud."

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NotaViking on 606: "Great race. Webber was clearly miles faster than Hamilton, but he was comfortable in second too. Great job from Button. Really everyone in the top six must be pretty happy with their position."

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Zeke Pliskin on 606: "I think Mark Webber has earned the right to puff out his chest and show off a bit. He's had years of bad luck, nearly killed himself in Valencia and was passed over in favour of his teammate, who ended up having a terrible start today. This is superb stuff from the Australian and I'm hoping he'll keep it up for the final half of the season."

1438: Liuzzi finished 11th and he was followed by Buemi, Petrov, Alonso, Massa, Trulli, Kovalainen, Glock, Chandhok and Yamamoto. There's a wonderful cheer for Sir Stirling Moss as he hands the runners-up trophy to Hamilton. Biggest cheer of the day.

1436: Webber leaps onto the podium. Delighted? You betcha. Did you notice that on the grid walk he said "I'll do my best today for the guys on my car..."? His post-race interview will be very interesting. Anthem time.

1435: The top 10 looked like this: Hamilton, Rosberg, Button, Barrichello, Kobayashi, Vettel, Sutil, Schumacher and Hulkenberg.

1433: Webber climbs out of his car and slowly lifts his arms into the air. It was very deliberate. That is some response after he went airborne in that horrible incident in Valencia.

BBC F1 commentator David Croft: "That is Mark Webber sending out a message to the whole wide world that he feels he has been treated wrongly by his team."

BBC F1 analyst Martin Brundle: "That result is a great save by McLaren. For Button to finish fourth after starting 14th is brilliant."

1429: What a drive from Webber. I think he will really, really enjoy this after what has happened this weekend. There's a pointed exchange between the Aussie and team boss Christian Horner. Webber: "Fantastic guys, not bad for a number two driver."


Lap 52: Webber is heading for a very satisfying victory. Vettel moves up seventh after finally getting Sutil at The Loop. Final lap.

Lap 50: Vettel is pushing, he really wants seventh but he goes wide coming around Brooklands and Luffield.

Lap 49: Alonso's bad day has just got worse. He comes in to the pits after a rear left puncture caused by touching Liuzzi.

Lap 48: Button is closing in on Rosberg, the gap is just 0.3 seconds. Webber is coasting and he's 7.3 seconds ahead of Hamilton. Vettel is eighth, Schumacher ninth and Alonso 12th. The yellow flags are still out.

Lap 47: Vettel has been all over the back of Adrian Sutil for a couple of laps now. He can't get past on this lap though as the yellow flags are out. Alguersuari is beached in the sand at Luffield.

BBC F1 analyst Martin Brundle: "What Ferrari should have done is given the place back straight away."

Lap 44: Rosberg seems to be holding off the challenge of Button for third at the moment. The gap between the drivers is now a second.

Lap 42: Webber leads Hamilton by 5.2 seconds. Massa sets a 1:32.773. BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravtiz says that the Ferrari team are not happy at all with Alonso's penalty: "they say that it is impossible to give a position back to somebody who has retired."

Lap 40: Germany v Germany coming up the Wellington straight. Vettel and Schumacher side by side, and the Red Bull driver has enough to take eighth on the inside of Brooklands. Good move. Ferrari did not have the message that Massa was coming in which is why they were not ready. Massa had actually wrecked his tyres after a spin.

Lap 39: Vettel is now up to ninth after overtaking The Hulk. Schumacher is in his sights. Massa comes into the pits, it was not a quick stop.

Lap 37: Alonso overtakes Liuzzi but cannot make it stick, the Force India driver is still in 14th. Webber sets a 1:32.990, almost a second quicker than Hamilton's last lap. Rosberg is third with Button 0.7 seconds behind. Vettel is 10th, Massa is in 13th.

BBC F1 commentator David Croft: "We could have a British two-three which would be absolutely amazing. Button lapping three tenths seconds faster than Rosberg and the gap between them is down to less than a second."

Lap 35: Alonso overtakes Buemi coming into Village for 15th. There is then a great exchange with his team. Alonso: "No more radio for the rest of the race please, no more radio." Ferrari: "No problem, mate". One word. Seething.

Lap 34: Webber is playing with the field now. He is 3.3 seconds ahead of Hamilton after a 1:33.643. Alonso is in 16th by the way, that was a costly penalty.

Lap 32: More woe for Schumacher. He is overtaken by the Force India of Adrian Sutil coming down into Brooklands. The Mercedes driver loses a piece of the front wing in the process. That was for seventh. Webber sets a 1:33.948. Easy street.

Lap 31: Webber immediately gets back to speed as he sets a fastest lap of 1:34.55. He is already 1.3 ahead of Hamilton. Rosberg is third, Button fourth. Vettel is now up to 14th.

BBC F1 analyst Anthony Davidson: "You heard Vettel's engineer on the radio as soon as Vettel came out of the pits telling him he had great pace and that he can still salvage something from the weekend. I think that was a sure sign that they were worried that his head would drop and that can happen."

Renault's Robert Kubica: "Something broke on the 'diff', so rear axle. Fernando [Alonso] and I had a fight, I was much slower, but he overtook me by cutting the corner, and on my last lap I was informed he had to give back the position, but then I had to retire."

BBC F1 pundit David Coulthard: "I think that drive-through penalty for Alonso is very harsh. If he hadn't cut the corner [as he passed Kubica] there was going to be contact. Normally he would simply have to concede the place back. The fact Kubica's car has stopped isn't Ferarri's fault."

BBC F1 analyst Anthony Davidson: "Fernando Alonso has gone from having to serve his penalty with the field strung out and will now lose a bunch of places with the field all compressed back together by the appearance of the safety car."

Lap 30: A reminder of the positions, Webber, Hamilton and Rosberg. Alonso comes in for his drive-through.

Lap 30: The safety car is coming in at the end of the lap.

Safety car
Lap 28: Safety car. There's debris on the track that needs to be cleared up. It came from the back of Pedro de la Rosa's car. This will bunch them all up then. This seems like a good time to direct you to our story on the new safety car regulations.

Lap 26: Webber is 5.8 seconds clear of Hamilton. Alonso is given a drive-through penalty for the Kubica incident. Oh would I like to hear that Alonso team radio now. He will be absolutely fuming.

BBC F1 analyst Anthony Davidson on Alonso: "It was a racing incident, but if there were speed bumps in the chicane there or higher curbs like at Monza, it wouldn't have happened. Sometimes people don't think about those sort of things when they design race tracks and the drivers can find cheaty little ways around things."

BBC F1 analyst Martin Brundle: "Now they're both on to the harder tyre, Lewis Hamilton can't stay with Mark Webber."

Lap 23: Webber is absolutely cruising. He is 5.1 seconds ahead of Hamilton after a 1:35.088. This is his race to lose. Nico Hulkenberg is third, Rosberg fourth with Alonso in fifth.

Lap 22: That's good work from Button, he rejoins in sixth place. This is turning into a good race for him considering where he started.

Lap 21: Button comes in for his pit stop.

Lap 20: Kubica is wheeled back into his garage. That's his first retirement of the season. Webber is going quicker again, a 1:35.194, and is 3.9 seconds clear of Hamilton.

Lap 19: Webber posts a 1:35.301 and leads Hamilton by 3.8 seconds. Button is in third but has not stopped yet.

Lap 18: Kubica and Alonso were wheel-to-wheel and the Ferrari man chopped off the corner at Vale went onto the grass and then ahead of the Pole. This one will run and run. Hamilton sets a 1:35.560. Webber rejoins the race and is in the lead.

Lap 17: Alonso says he was pushed off the track by Kubica at Vale and says he doesn't have to concede seventh place. Kubica apparently wants the place back. Webber comes in.

Lap 16: Hamilton now comes in to change to the harder compound tyres. He rejoins ahead of Button.

BBC pit-lane reporter Holly Samos:"I've just spoke to the McLaren team and they say that the new front wing with the old package is running very well. They are over the moon with how it is performing."

BBC F1 commentator David Croft: "Jenson is setting personal best laps. He is really revelling in the free air he has got."

Lap 15: Rosberg comes in.

Lap 14: Rosberg is now in third and sets a 1:35.574. Webber is three seconds clear of Hamilton now. Button is in fourth and is told that his pace is very good.

Lap 13: Kubica comes in and crucially he rejoins the race ahead of Alonso, who goes wide at Copse. Pedro de la Rosa also comes in. Hamilton sets the fastest lap of 1:35.598.

Lap 12: It's busy in the pits. Alonso comes in, before Kubica and Rosberg who are ahead of him in the race, as does Barrichello and Kobayashi. Webber responds with a quick lap.

Lap 11: Hamilton sets the fastest lap of the race - 1:35.930 - he is doing well to hang on to Webber. The gap is 2.7 seconds. Schumacher comes in to the pits.

Lap 10: Webber sets a 1:36.117, he is closing in on Vettel and could lap him. What a moment that would be. Have a look how close he is getting on the driver tracker. Di Grassi's race is over, hydraulic problems apparently.

Lap 9: Lucas di Grassi slowly comes into the pits, that might be his race over and done with. Kubica - in third - is 15.1 seconds off Webber now, the Australian is flying.

Lap 8: Michael Schumacher is in seventh by the way, with Button trying to hunt him down. BMW Sauber's Kamui Kobayashi is just behind Button so the Briton has to be careful.

Lap 7: Webber is extending the lead, the gap is now 2.1 seconds. The Aussie sets a lap of 1:36.410. Mercedes change their mind about bringing in Rosberg. Kubica is still third, 9.6 seconds off Hamilton.

Lap 5: Webber now leads by 1.5 seconds and posts a lap of 1:37.056. At the start, there a was little touch between Vettel and Hamilton as the McLaren driver stuck his nose behind Mark Webber's car at Copse. Vettel was on the outside and had nowhere to go apart from off the track as the trio went around the corner.

BBC F1 commentator Jonathan Legard: "Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel are now bookending this race, first and last - I wonder what the Red Bull hierarchy, who handed Vettel the new wing, are making of this."

BBC pit-lane reporter Holly Samos:"I just spoke to Mark Webber's dad Alan. He just can't believe the start his son has had. He is speechless!"

Lap 3: Vettel did come in for his pit stop to change that tyre by the way, he's last at the moment. It seems the puncture was caused by the rumble strips as he was pushed wide by Webber.

Lap 2: Webber leads Hamilton by 0.6 seconds and sets the fastest lap so far - a 1:37.659. Rosberg is fourth and is told that "there is no reason to look after the tyres". Alonso fifth, Barrichello sixth. Massa and Alonso touched at the start and that's why Massa had the puncture.

BBC F1 analyst Martin Brundle: "That has brought the race alive."

Lap 1: Vettel's puncture is on the right rear. Incredible drama. The crowd are going potty. Hamilton is second. Kubica up to third. Massa has to come in with a puncture to his right rear. Button is in eighth.

Lap 1: The lights go out. WHAT A START FOR WEBBER. He takes Vettel at Copse and the German is all over the place. He goes off the track and reports that he has a puncture.

1302: The cars are weaving their way around the track and are slowly coming around Woodcote. The Red Bulls are backing the field up but we are almost set.

1300: The formation lap begins... not long now. Hold on to your hats.

Cricketer Freddie Flintoff: "This is only my second grand prix and my first was at Abu Dhabi last year where Red Bull had a one-two, so I'm trying to say I'm the good luck charm and keep getting invited."

Red Bull boss Christian Horner: "It is amazing how much fuss that one front wing can make. It was a big decision but the most important thing that the team get a good result and we are in a good position to get that. Adrian wanted to run the wing and both cars wanted it but I can't cut it in half. If we had lost the pole because we didn't use it we would look pretty stupid. We went through it with him and explained it and Mark respects that it is a team thing."

1255: Five minutes to go now people. To tell you the truth, I'm feeling a little nervous. This should be a cracker. Track temperature is 37C. There are 52 laps and at the midway point of the race - we are halfway through the 2010 season. No wonder the pressure is mounting.

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Dan on 606: "Mark, if my uncle had invented Bullseye, I'd be mentioning it every five minutes, so I think we can allow you one smug little comment."
Bless you Dan, you've made me feel better!

Sir Nick Faldo: "I'm very privileged to be here. The last time out was at Monaco four or five years ago. I'm here for the boys, for the Brits, Jenson and Lewis. I am able to watch as much as I can in America but I still follow it along with my son and we text each other on the results - this is real driving."

BBC F1 analyst Anthony Davidson: "Hamilton is on the dirty side of the track but he made a great getaway in Valencia and if he can put the Red Bulls under a bit of pressure, we'll have a race. But I fear for the pace of those Red Bulls."

Sir Patrick Stewart: "What Lewis and Jenson have done to galvanise the interest in British motorsport has been amazing - this would be a really nice time for a bit of British sporting success.
McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh: "With Jenson we have to be a little bit bold and do something out of kilter with other people."

Red Bull's Mark Webber on the grid: "[The wing change] is parked in the back of my mind for the moment, but obviously I wasn't too happy about it. Hopefully it will be a pretty straightforward race, with the starting positions reversed. I'll do my best today for the guys on my car …."

1244: Actor Sir Patrick Stewart is collared on the grid. Hope James Corden is not there too, it could all get a bit lively. Just to say that the driver tracker tool is at the feed at the top of this page, as a button just underneath the main video.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Silverstone: "Virgin have taken the essence of the brand's successful music festival and laid on a mini F1 festival experience at Silverstone. Fans were treated to posh camping, campfire sing-a-longs, barbequeues, live bands and a visit from drivers Timo Glock and Lucas di Grassi - and you don't get that at Glastonbury. The whole shindig is being held in the grounds of Stowe School, Sir Richard Branson's former seat of learning. It has been deemed a big success and the team are also pretty pleased with their progress on-track so far this weekend. Virgin say new wings at the front and rear and a new floor have added a whole second per lap in performance. Virgin's best car in qualifying here was 0.370 seconds behind the Lotus ahead compared to 1.428 seconds adrift of the next car in Valencia."

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Dave via text: "Stuck in Kazakhstan, TV just stopped working - if the people across the road switch off the wi-fi in their office I'll never know what is happening."

1238: It's time for Brundle's gridwalk. He arrives just as the Red Bull cars get to the front of the grid. David Coulthard is also there, and he gets hold of Jenson Button. Button says that the last time he qualified in 14th he finished in fifth, while the time before that he won.

BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone: "Following Sarah's meeting with Howard Donald, I had my own celebrity moment this morning. Golfer Nick Faldo, an old friend of Eddie Jordan, was standing near the BBC crew as they rehearsed for the race show, and EJ wanted to give him his mobile number. He asked me to rip a page out of my notebook for him to write it on. The only vaguely blank page I could find had a drawing by my seven-year-old daughter on it. Do you think she'll forgive me handing it over to a sporting legend? Faldo that is, obviously."
Of course she will, you can rest easy.

Sir Stirling Moss on the situation at Red Bull: "I think what Mark Webber should do is say 'OK, give him [Vettel] the best parts, and I'll go out and beat him anyway'."

strictlyMUFC on Twitter: "That pub quiz was brill! Didn't realise Lewis can play the guitar. Top man!"

1231: The weather looks great at Silverstone, there are a few white clouds in the sky but nothing threatening. It seems pretty windy though and Robert Kubica, who has extended his deal with Renault, picking up Fernando Alonso's cap which flies off onto the floor during the drivers' parade. The stands are absolutely rammed. A capacity of 120,000 people are expected today. Superb.

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Graham on 606: "If Lewis or Jenson can't win today, oh how I would like to see Webber beat Vettel. Go Mark!"

Ferrari on Twitter: "Half an hour to the start of the British GP, everything is ready in the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro garage. Both drivers are in the cockpit."

BBC F1 commentator Jonathan Legard: "The teams say this will be a normal one-stop race, with drivers coming in from as early as lap 10 of 52. This race is all about getting track position. As usual on a conventional track under this season's rules, the driver who stops first has the advantage - and the driver racing him almost certainly has to stop on the next lap to avoid losing position."

BBC F1 pundit David Coulthard on Red Bull: "The decision was taken on the basis that on Friday, Mark [Webber] didn't seem as much in favour of [the new front wing] as Sebastian."

1222: There's a great bit of video now on BBC One's coverage with Hamilton and Button joining Chris Moyles, Al Murray, Eddie Jordan and Jake Humphrey in a pub quiz. Legendary Bullseye darts announcer Tony Green is also there. What a man. Is this the right time to smugly mention that my uncle was the man who devised Bullseye? I've even drunk beer from a Bully tankard. Emotional scenes.

1218: This time last year we were talking about the end of the British GP at Silverstone but after Donington Park lost the rights, the Northamptonshire circuit signed a 17-year deal to host the event in December. There is a new Arena section to the circuit, which has extended the track by 750 metres to 3.66 miles, and there are now 18 turns. There are also 22,000 square metres of new spectator areas added to the venue.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Silverstone: "The headlines in the British papers are full of 'Raging Bulls', feuds and Red Bull 'giving Sebastian Vettel wings but not Mark Webber'. For the second time this season, the team have been accused of favouritism after taking a new front wing off Webber's car to give to Vettel, who then took pole. Will fizzing tensions at Red Bull affect their title push? Martin Whitmarsh, boss of McLaren, says: 'Incidents, whether real or imaginary, where one driver is favoured is generally to the overall detriment of the team performance and the driver who's been stitched up. When people go out and give it their all, they've got to believe the team is supporting and backing them.' Would it happen at McLaren? 'We try to be as fair and open with the drivers as we can. In these circumstances with our two drivers who are very close fighting for the championship we would not have run the new floor if we had only had one of them.'"

BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone: "Everyone is expecting Red Bull to dominate the race this afternoon and the only man who looks anywhere near them on pace is Ferrari's Fernando Alonso. Mark Webber, in second place behind team-mate Sebastian Vettel, is worried about losing a place to Alonso on the run down to the first corner because the Australian is starting on the dirtier, less grippy side of the track. But Alonso doesn't sound too confident of taking his first victory since the opening race of the season in Bahrain: 'We want to win races - maybe at the moment we are not in a position to do that, especially at this type of circuit.' He went on to say there was more chance of Spain beating the Netherlands in the World Cup final this evening than him finishing ahead of the Red Bulls."

BBC F1 analyst Anthony Davidson on Red Bull: "If that happened to me I would be utterly peeved! That's the only word I can use on air. Vettel is the guy who has been under their wing since his career began and they have nurtured him to be their number one driver. I actually think Mark Webber has been a bit of an annoyance to be winning races. That was never part of the script."

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Rich, John and Ian via text: "Watching the Red Arrows from a breezy Hanger Straight grandstand. Hoping that Hamilton can get between the Red Bulls at the start. Enjoy the race all."

ellisturrell on Twitter: "So what if there is favouritism in Red Bull? Vettel has a long career ahead of him in F1, Webber is close to retiring!"

1210: Coverage is now up and running on the telly. Bad times for EJ watchers, his outfit today is not as spectacular as yesterday. The polka dot shirt is quite natty though.

1205: It is quite ironic that before the race, it was the Red Bull team talking about driver harmony at McLaren. The mind games certainly were ramped up, with McLaren's efforts to present an appearance of friendship and unity between Hamilton and Button not impressing those at Red Bull. Mark Webber said: "It's not easy having a fuzzy, warm relationship when [a team-mate] is a competitor. When you're at the front and trying to win there'll be a healthy rivalry." And Red Bull boss Christian Horner also weighed in, adding: "It will only take one small incident for things to flare up between the McLaren drivers, I'm sure."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Silverstone: "Lewis Hamilton has won round Silverstone before in 2008 and despite starting fourth on the grid, the championship leader fancies his chances again. 'From where I'm starting I have to try and move forwards and score as many points as possible,' the McLaren driver said. 'This year is really about consistency; if you can score points you can continue being in the title fight until the end. Red Bull have had the pace in every race but they haven't capitalised.' Team boss Martin Whitmarsh is also optimistic, even after making the decision to take a significant update off the cars. He says: 'You don't want to give any races away but it's a long championship and we haven't given the race up. Lewis starts on the second row and in his mind he is going to win the race.'"

daniellesahb on Twitter: "This wing debate that has aroused talk of favouritism at Red Bull has gotta stop. As a RBR fan, I trust Horner and his decisions!"

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Chris Ford via text: "Something tells me it's going to be Red Bull's day as long as we don't get a repeat of what happened at Istanbul. If Lewis can get a brilliant start, then he will have to hold off the challenges of the Ferraris but I don't think he has the pace to challenge the Red Bulls. But this is Formula 1, anything can happen, so good luck to all the drivers and bring on the race!"

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Tony via text: "What odds that the infamous front-wing falls off again and Vettel finishes behind Webber as a result? Karma can be cruel."

Take That's Howard Donald
Howard has 'Found Heaven' at the Lotus garage
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Silverstone: "This is what the British Grand Prix is all about. The motorsport fans arriving at the circuit pretty much at the crack of dawn, a paddock buzzing with famous faces, either hiding in team motorhomes or parading up and down taking it all in, and plenty of reasons for everyone to expect to see some really competitive racing at Silverstone. Among those celebrity guests, Orlo, was Howard Donald of Take That and guest here of Lotus. I had to have my arm twisted to have a quick word with him as you can imagine. He says: 'I've been to Silverstone twice, Hockenheim and Spa, but I can't go to as many races as I'd like. I know it's the first season for Lotus but I've always liked Jarno Trulli though I'm a Jenson Button man, me.'"
Atkinson, Faldo and now Donald. Sarah, you have excelled yourself today. To be honest I'm feeling a little emotional.

1147: One of the talking points from yesterday was the performance of McLaren's Jenson Button. McLaren ditched their 'blown diffuser' upgrade on Friday and Button had all sorts of bother in qualifying. He will start from 14th - his worst qualifying of the season apart from Malaysia. The defending world champion said afterwards: "The car was undriveable. I think there's something wrong with the car."

King Arry on 606: "Lewis either needs a super start or a Red Bull implosion to have a chance of winning this Grand Prix - the McLaren, as shown by Button's qualifying performance, doesn't have the out right pace to beat the Red Bulls."

Mike and Ross via text: "Sitting at Becketts, the atmosphere is great! Strong wind though."

Dan, Birmingham via text: "Been at the circuit since 3am (been awake since 7am yesterday) with Chris, James and Maff to get the best vantage point for the race! Come on Lewis!"

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Mr King via text: "At the track and expecting Red Bull walkover. Be interesting to see Webber's reaction if Seb wins with favoured wing."

BBC commentator Martin Brundle: "Who can stop the Red Bulls? Nobody can stop them - they simply have a faster car. Fernando Alonso has got the next best car for Ferrari. We have seen the Red Bulls run each into each other, they've had reliability issues and after switching the front wing from Mark Webber's car to Sebastian Vettel's for qualifying there will be a bit of tension on the front row. But on form they should get an easy one-two."

1133: Here's the plan for today. Coverage of the race is on BBC One with Jake Humphrey and the boys from 1210 BST. I'm really looking forward to Eddie Jordan's outfit today I can tell you. You can also catch it all on BBC Radio 5 live. All of that lot will be streamed at the top of this page. There is also little old me tapping away on this here live text commentary. And here's a reminder of the flash 'driver tracker' tool that we are introducing for today's race. Take a look at Andrew Benson's blog for all the details.

A celeb has been spotted
A celeb has been spotted
A celeb has been spotted
1129: As you may or may not not know, I've been crying out for a bit of A list celeb chat this season. Silverstone and the wonderful Sarah Holt have delivered. My celebrity cup overfloweth. Here is Sarah's latest Tweet: "It's all go in the Silverstone paddock, practically tripping over celebrity guests. Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien wasn't fit for the World Cup but he's here for the British Grand Prix. Rowan Atkinson sporting a beige suit, super suave Michael Johnson, Nick Faldo in a hurry and Sir Stirling Moss, not back up on his feet yet."

kriyoudotcom on Twitter: "I'm now convinced that Vettel is seen privately at Red Bull as 'numero uno'. Makes what Webber has achieved this season more special."

1125: So here's your chance to get involved today, there's plenty to chat about so don't be shy. You can use Twitter, 606 or text us on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide). Could I ask that you put F1 before your text? That's to prevent it getting swamped by those for the footie and such like. Ta muchly.

BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone: "The F1 paddock is abuzz this morning with chat about Red Bull's controversial decision to take their only remaining new front wing off Mark Webber's car and give it to Sebastian Vettel for qualifying on Saturday. Outside Red Bull, it is fair to say the overwhelming response has been one of incredulity. Red Bull say it was the logical thing to do, based on championship position and driver preference, and deny favouring one driver over the other. Almost everyone else in F1 sees it as blatant favouritism - one veteran insider said: 'Well, war has been declared.' It's certainly ratcheted up the stakes heading into the race."

Get involved on 606
Crazybiker on 606: "My money is on Lewis to make a great start and for the Red Bulls and Alonso to trip over each other in Copse."

1118: The spat overshadowed what was yet another impressive qualifying performance from Red Bull as they locked out the front row for the fifth time this season. Those old friends Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso start on the second row, with Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg and Renault's Robert Kubica on the third row.

1114: The controversy all stemmed from an incident at the end of third and final practice when Vettel's new front wing fell off its mountings. The team only brought two of the parts to Silverstone so team boss Christian Horner decided to take the remaining one off Webber's car and put it on Vettel's. "We'll continue to support both drivers in the best and fairest way we can," said Horner. "But sometimes you have a difficult decision and this was one." This incident would go some way to explaining why afterwards Webber looked as if he had won two tickets to see Sex And The City 2 at a school raffle.

1110: Morning all, and a very warm welcome to our coverage of the British Grand Prix. It certainly was another fascinating day in qualifying yesterday, which will only add to the tension at a packed and sun-drenched Silverstone ahead of today's race. Red Bull dominated qualifying, with drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber locking out the front row, but the team were afterwards placed on the back foot as they denied accusations of favouritism. Life's never straightforward is it?

1105: "Favouritism (noun), the unfair favouring of one person or group at the expense of another." In the wild and wacky world of Formula 1? I don't believe it.

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After 60 of 61 laps
Position Driver Team

Race stopped at 60 laps

1 Great Britain L Hamilton Mercedes
2 Germany S Vettel Red Bull
3 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull
4 Spain F Alonso Ferrari
5 Brazil F Massa Williams
6 France J Vergne Toro Rosso
7 Mexico S Perez Force India
8 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari
9 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India
10 Denmark K Magnussen McLaren
11 Finland V Bottas Williams
12 Venezuela P Maldonado Lotus
13 France R Grosjean Lotus
14 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso
15 Sweden M Ericsson Caterham
16 France J Bianchi Marussia
17 Great Britain M Chilton Marussia
18 Great Britain J Button (ret.) McLaren
19 Germany A Sutil (ret.) Sauber
20 Mexico E Gutierrez (ret.) Sauber
21 Germany N Rosberg (ret.) Mercedes
22 Japan K Kobayashi (ret.) Caterham

FIA Formula 1 World Championsh 2016

Position Driver Team Pts
1 Germany N Rosberg Mercedes 385
2 Great Britain L Hamilton Mercedes 380
3 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull 256
4 Germany S Vettel Ferrari 212
5 M Verstappen Red Bull 204
6 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari 186
7 Mexico S Perez Force India 101
8 Finland V Bottas Williams 85
9 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India 72
10 Spain F Alonso McLaren 54
11 Brazil F Massa Williams 53
12 C Sainz Toro Rosso 46
13 France R Grosjean Haas F1 29
14 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso 25
15 Great Britain J Button McLaren 21
16 Denmark K Magnussen Lotus 7
17 Brazil F Nasr Sauber 2
18 J Palmer Lotus 1
19 P Wehrlein Manor Marussia F1 1
21 Mexico E Gutierrez Haas F1 0
22 Sweden M Ericsson Sauber 0
23 E Ocon Manor Marussia F1 0

Points projected from latest race positions

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