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British GP practice as it happened


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By Mark Orlovac

1545: Right then, time for me to sign off. It's been a productive session for Red Bull and Ferrari but I reckon there will be a bit of head scratching in the McLaren garage. I'll be back tomorrow in time for FP3, which starts at 1000 BST. Until then, enjoy the sunshine.

Big D via text: "Rosberg. Dark horse for podium."

1539: The rest of the line-up looks like this: Kubica (1:33.019), The Hulk (1:33.164), Button (1:33.200), Kobayashi (1:33.402), Liuzzi )1:33.728), Buemi (1:33.836), Pedro de la Rosa (1:34.051), Alguersuari (1:34.643), Kovalainen (1:35.465), Lucas di Grassi (1:36.237), Chandhok (1:37.019), Yamamoto (1:38.303) and Jarno Trulli (1:42.901).

alexscott_ on Twitter: "I thought big upgrades were supposed to make you faster, not slower! Come on McLaren!"

BBC F1 analyst Anthony Davidson: "When you are striving for performance sometimes you have to sacrifice reliability and maybe Red Bull are erring on that side. But it is not the first time Webber has suffered from some sort of failure and I think you can read too much into it as they are at the sharp end of the grid. An F1 car will never ever be 100% reliable."

1532: So Mark Webber sets the pace with a 1:31.234 before that red warning light came on. Alonso is second (1:31.626) then it is Vettel (1:31.875), Massa (1:32.099), Rosberg (1:32.166), Schumacher (1:32.660), Petrov (1:32.745), Hamilton (1:32.757), Sutil (1:32.787) and Barrichello (1:32.967).

1530: The flag falls, that's your lot for FP2.

stanwellback on Twitter: "McLaren not exactly setting the time sheets on fire, they sandbagging or not on the pace."

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mariory on 606: "Ferrari looking good for a podium."

1525: Here's some more from Hispania on the Senna situation. "In respect to the rumours about Bruno Senna's current state with Hispania Racing, the team wants to confirm that Bruno Senna has all the support of the Spanish team, that he remains one of the Hispania Racing official drivers and that he will be continuing to drive in the remaining races of the 2010 world championship." Read the full story here.

1523: Twitchy o'clock from Hamilton as he runs wide again on this stint. The second incident was at Becketts. He comes back to the pits. Heikki Kovalainen's Lotus grinds to a halt on the way down to Stowe. He still has time to give a jaunty wave to the crowd though. Nice touch. He told his team that "there is something wrong with the power steering".

The_Thnikkaman on Twitter: "So what's the real story with Senna and Hispania? Giving Yamamoto an opportunity? I don't think so."

Virgin Racing on Twitter: "Pretty much a qualifying simulation now. We want to get two runs in for Timo [Glock] to compare primes and options."

Renault F1 on Twitter: "Robert [Kubica], who's done 22 laps so far in this session, is heading back out. Vitaly should follow soon."

1517: BBC pit-lane reporter Holly Samos reports that Mark Webber's Red Bull is up on the jacks as the mechanics work on what could be an electrics problem. The Australian is unlikely to be out again today.

1515: Rosberg goes fifth with a 1:32.166, just about half a second quicker than his team-mate Schumacher. Hamilton goes over the grass and dirt, I just missed where he went wide though. Sorry. There's just 15 minutes left now.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Silverstone: "There is a simmering feeling that Renault could go well again this weekend. Robert Kubica has re-signed for the Oxfordshire-based team until 2012 though he wasn't giving much away other than saying he's looking forward to having a winning car soon. Much more interesting was his claim that it would be 'very good' if Kimi Raikkonen was his future team-mate. The team were tight-lipped on their rumoured interest in the 2007 world champion, who is in the World Rally Championship this season, but did have lots to say about the car. They reckon it's exceeding expectations this season and have high hopes for the 2011 version, which they've been working on since last Christmas."

BBC F1 analyst Anthony Davidson: Sakon Yamamoto is leaning his head across on only the second session on a Friday. It really is a sure sign that he has no strength left in his neck. There is no way to train your neck with the lack of testing and it affects the muscles and nerves that run down to the rest of your body. It is savage on the neck."

1502: Massa spins at Village but he is soon able to carry on. Vettel improves to a 1:31.875 but it is not enough to beat Webber's time. Then Alonso goes second with a 1:31.626. Massa is now fourth after a 1:32.099. The McLarens of Hamilton and Button are eighth and 12th. Schumacher is caught out by the tight Brooklands corner and goes off the track.

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Andrew in Birmingham via text: "My son, Jack, was born during the 1989 British Grand Prix. I teased my wife that we should name him after the winner. We didn't, sorry Alain. Jack is making his first F1 visit to Silverstone today, camped for the weekend. He's 21 next Friday."

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Anon via text: "Looks ominous for the McLarens! The blown wing doesn't seem to be delivering the times required! Early yet perhaps.. let's hope they sort it soon."

BBC F1 analyst Anthony Davidson: "Jenson has a very smooth driving style and doesn't put the same energy through the front tyres (as Lewis Hamilton). He knows that it is a bit of a weakness. He was good with the old grooved tyre, which would feather up before they turn on for you, but he struggles with the hard tyres in qualifying. It is all about the balance of taking the tyres over the limit of their adherence which doesn't save them for the long run but does turn them on for the short term."

1455: Webber goes quicker still, recording a 1:31.234 while team-mate Vettel moves up to second with a 1:32.023. The gap between them is 0.789. Rosberg is now third (1:32.166) with Alonso fourth (1:32.446).

1451: Schumacher posts a 1:32.660 to go fourth, while his Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg is in seventh. Massa (1:32.968) is eighth with Jenson Button (1:33.200) in 11th. Here's more from the Hispania statement: "Hispania have decided to give an opportunity to one of its four drivers, Sakon Yamamoto, for this race, the British Grand Prix. Bruno Senna will be continuing to drive in the remaining races of the championship."

Ferrari on Twitter: "The blown rear wing configuration looks quicker so both drivers will go for it."

kazb711 on Twitter: "Too hot outside with netbook so retreated inside to watch P2 - drink in hand relaxing."
You're just making me jealous!

1445: Webber improves to a 1:31.957. Alonso is second with Vettel third, Petrov fourth and Hamilton (1:32.757) fifth. Hulkenberg tells his Williams team that his feet are getting hot, which to me, is not great.

Steve in Wilmslow via text: "Come on you Brits, we don't want Vettel winning again."

BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone: "It will be fascinating to hear what the drivers say about the new Silverstone layout after practice today but from a spectator's point of view, there is already one massive bonus. The new Abbey right-hand kink has joined Copse and Becketts as one of Silverstone's great fast corners. The Red Bulls are pulling 5G laterally through all three of those bends - and the bump that unsettles the cars on the apex of Abbey makes for spectacular viewing - and very challenging driving."

1439: Ferrari's Alonso moves up to second with a 1:32.446. BREAKING NEWS: Hispania say that Bruno Senna will be back in the car for the rest of season. Will give you more as we get it.

BBC pit-lane reporter Lee McKenzie: "The latest from Hispania after first practice is that the situation over who will drive for the team at Silverstone and beyond is still fluid and no decision has yet been made. Hispania say they will put out an official statement later on Friday but in the meantime there are ongoing meetings. Bruno Senna is at the track today, keeping a low profile in the team's motorhome, and Sakon Yamamoto - who is celebrating his 28th birthday - will drive the car this afternoon, though not necessarily for the rest of the weekend."

A celeb has been spotted
1432: He might not be J-Lo or even Bradley Walsh, but chef James Martin will do for me. He speaks to BBC pit-lane Holly Samos: "I arrived at 10 o'clock this morning and was making pasta in 50 degree heat at the back of the van for the boys for lunch. I love F1, it is the ultimate, I actually bought an F1 car a while back and the British Grand Prix just gets bigger and bigger each year. I have olive oil running through one vein and motor fuel through the other. I have a 1997 Jordan and am working on a Benetton at the moment. You can't help but go for Jenson and Lewis as an Englishman. Red Bull are still there to push them but I think it is great to have those two slugging it out."

1429: Right then, another time update. Mark Webber is quickest with a 1:31.973. That's the fastest time of the day so far. Vettel is in second (1:32.509) with Rosberg in third (1:32.838).

BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone: "It's really hotting up here for second practice - although there's a lovely breeze to take the edge off the heat. Up here on the Northamptonshire plateau it's often pretty breezy - which on a typical British summer's day can mean coat weather. Not today, though. Rarely have Silverstone's big skies looked as beautiful as they do right now."

Anon via text: "Actually, I am in West Yorkshire and it is gorgeously hot (is that a word? Check your dictionary!)"

1424: Vettel spins and ventures off the track as he comes around Stowe. He goes on the grass but is able to carry on. Tonio Liuzzi also runs wide at Abbey.

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Vic in Frimley Park hospital via text: "Thanks for the text commentary. Stuck in hospital, no red button, radio or web video feed. Please can I have a McLaren one-two?"

Renault F1 on Twitter: "Both cars are in the garage as engineers and mechanics are working on the car set up."

1417: Anything you can do... Massa is now top of the pops with a 1:32.968 only for Alonso to trump it with a 1:32.870. I'm liking this little battle.

1414: Bang. Alonso is the first man in the 1:32s this afternoon. He sets a 1:32.997. Schumacher is up to fourth with a 1:33.256.

James Martin meets the Force India boys
Who's for a fry-up then?
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Silverstone: "Lucky old Tonio Liuzzi, Adrian Sutil and Paul di Resta, I say. The Force India drivers had their Friday lunch made by none other than Saturday Kitchen celebrity chef James Martin. The Yorkshireman made them cod, lobster ravioli and fresh vegetables dug up this morning from his very own garden. But should Liuzzi and Sutil be tucking into such a feast before second practice? 'We will eat everything,' assured Liuzzi. 'You need lots of power for 90 minutes driving.' That's told me then."

1410: Crikey. Rubens Barrichello posts a 1:33.927 to top the timesheets. On the next lap the Brazilian gestures to Jarno Trulli, who is guiding his sick-looking car around the track. BBC pit-lane reporter Holly Samos reports that Felipe Massa will be running with Ferrari's version of the F-duct but team-mate Fernando Alonso won't be. They will decide later on what they going to do for the weekend.

1408: It's certainly busier on track now. Kubica is quickest with a 1:33.962, then it's Petrov (1:34.188), Button and Alguersuari (1:35.797).

1406: Vitaly Petrov is top of the timesheets at the moment, with a 1:35.806. Team-mate Kubica is second with a 1:37.714. Hold on, Button flies around in 1:35.706.

Tina via text: "My mum Sonia is mad about F1, please can you wish her a happy birthday for Sunday."
All done.

1402: It's a bit of a slow start at Silverstone. Lucas di Grassi is out and about in his Virgin though, he posts a 1:40.542.

1400: Green light, FP2 is go.

russell_hayes on Twitter: "So looking forward to this weekend! Found out on Wednesday my friend had two spare weekend tickets up until two weeks ago! Oh the pain!"

BBC F1 analyst Anthony Davidson: "It will be interesting to see if Robert Kubica can continue the pace he had. I was surprised to see the Renault up there."

1354: It really is packed at Silverstone. We are getting telly shots of a brave soul bungee jumping. She seems to be enjoying herself but you wouldn't catch me doing that. Not with my back.

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Adam from Stratford via text: "Having watched the opening practice session I am very pleased with the track. It looks very exciting and hasn't seemed to have changed the character of the circuit at all. With the long-term contract as well, Silverstone's future looks very bright. A British one-two would make a perfect weekend! "

1348: So then, coverage begins on the Red Button, at the top of this page and on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra at 1355 BST. We've got 90 minutes of FP2 coming up which will take place underneath a gorgeous blue sky - I know viewers in the north of England and Scotland will not be wanting to read that though!

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Julz in Dartford via text: "Re: Hany. The track is a construction site where the new pit area is being built. Re: the bump, that's probably because the tarmac was laid in the middle of winter."

LoupGarou73 on Twitter: "Seb to win the British GP! When will the second practice start?"
Hi LoupGarou73, FP2 starts at 1400 BST.

BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone: "I was speaking to a leading aerodynamicist from one of the teams this morning and he said he believed the changes to the Silverstone track for this year could actually help McLaren and Ferrari in comparison to Red Bull. The reasoning was that although you'd expect Red Bull to dominate here, the track changes mean teams need to run less overall downforce because there are less slow corners - an area that Red Bull have concentrated heavily on this season to address the weaknesses they had in 2009. My source said he thought if McLaren win here - on Red Bull territory, so to speak - then they will go on to win the championship because Red Bull have failed to capitalise earlier in the season when they had an advantage. He puts Ferrari as his 'outside bet' for the race on the basis that his contacts there seem quietly confident the Italian team will be competitive."

Get involved on 606
Luke Martin on 606: "Good luck to the McLaren lads with their experimental diffuser. And also I think Ferrari may need to thank McLaren later on if the F-duct works out, a stroke of genius in my opinion. Well done to Kubica too, I know it's only FP1 but he really showed his quality in that session."

1328: Just a reminder that this is your commentary and there's a veritable cornucopia of ways to get involved. (As you probably can tell, I got a dictionary for Father's Day. No idea what the words mean mind.) You can use Twitter, 606 or text us on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide). If you are going to whack us over a text, would you mind awfully putting F1 before your message so as not to get confused with the Tour de France. I thank you.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt on Twitter: "The Red Devils parachute display team have dropped into Silverstone. Would I like one to land at BBC HQ? Yes, I would actually."

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Hany on 606: "The track looks like a construction site to me. And what's up with this 'bump' on one of the turns?!"

1319: If you didn't catch the opening session, you missed Seb Vettel topping the timesheets ahead of McLaren's Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton was one of the drivers having problems with the bump in Turn 11, where the old track meets the new one. Renault's Robert Kubica was third fastest while the Ferrari duo came well down the field. UK dwellers, you can catch first practice highlights here.

1315: Welcome back. I knew you wouldn't want to miss out. I do hope your lunch/breakfast/dinner was to your liking. I had to rescue my sandwich from our very dirty office fridge which, frankly, is a disgrace. I reckon a scientist could analyse the detritus at the bottom of it to find a cure for the common cold. Anyway, if I don't make it through second practice you know the reason why.

1154: The report from FP1 is now up, gave it a look here. While you are munching your lunch, why don't you have a gander at some of the video previews for this weekend's race? We've got Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Seb Vettel, Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso. While you are tucking into that lot, I'll take a quick break. We'll get this going again at around 1315 BST for FP2 at 1400 BST. See you in a bit.

Renault F1 on Twitter: "Good session, lot of work done already today. Robert was third fastest and Vitaly [Petrov] 12th. Feedback on cars is encouraging."

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
BBC F1 commentator Jonathan Legard on Twitter: "McLaren nervous about new blown diffuser. New front wing part of 'biggest upgrade' of season. Playing it carefully today."

1146: Mercedes chief executive Nick Fry was on the Red Button coverage earlier on, talking about their season so far as well as the performances of Michael Schumacher. Here's what he had to say: "This season certainly doesn't meet the expectations we had. It has been a wee bit disappointing. We have tried to copy the Red Bull exhaust system in Valencia and that probably back-fired, if you'll excuse the pun. With the benefit of hindsight we maybe should have stuck with the set-up we had previously. I think the impression that some commentators get is very different from the one we have. Michael Schumacher is immensely popular inside the team his feedback is wonderful, he spent hours with the team in the factory yesterday. He is chirpy and it is great to have him. Sorry to the other drivers but he is going to be around for next season."

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
Tom in Leeds via text: "Hats off to the guys at Silverstone for getting the track sorted and a deal in place, but looks to me like the new section will reduce overtaking chances rather then increase!"

1141: Just as an aside, the Ferraris of Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa finished down in 13th and 17th. We'll see what happens to them this afternoon.

1133: Here's a quick run down of the times. Vettel sets the pace with a time of 1:32.280, then it is Hamilton - despite all the bumps - with a 1:32.614. Encouragingly for Renault, Robert Kubica is third (1:32.725) and he is followed by Webber (1:32.747), Sutil (1:32.968), Rosberg (1:33.318), Hulkenberg (1:33.377), Button (1:33.519), Schumacher (1:33.955) and Barrichello (1:34.016).

1130: That's the session over. It ends under the yellow flag after a sick-looking Lotus grinds to halt. We are getting replays of Schumacher making hand gestures to team-mate Nico Rosberg right at the end. Tetchy.

1125: Five minutes left of FP1 now. There are tons of people in the stands watching the cars and enjoying the sunshine, that's pretty impressive for the opening day.
BBC pit-lane Holly Samos: "I have just spoken to Jenson Button. They have switched the front wing for a second front wing - obviously just looking at the challenges with the different front wing options.
BBC pit-lane Ted Kravitz: "On the other side of the McLaren garage they are adding a gurney flap to Hamilton's car to add some bite to the rear end. I just wonder whether we are going to see a performance run before the end of this session, just bung some soft tyres on and let him out there for the final three laps."

CodaQueen on Twitter: "Plus side to new job - watching F1 online. Down side to new job - no audio so I miss out on all the info and team radio."

1117: Schumacher reports to his team that "we have an issue at Turn 11, we hit the floor with the rear end". I love his use of the word 'issue' there. Then Timo Glock's Virgin Racing car has sparks coming off the bottom of it as it bounces over the bumps at the same place. Time update, Hamilton is now up to second with a 1:32.614.

slybacons on Twitter: "The new Silverstone track looks fantastic, let's hope Hamilton and Button get the one-two to give us Brits something to cheer about!"

BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz on Ferrari: "Felipe Massa is not running the 'F-duct', Alonso has been running with it but they have the back of his car off and the mechanics are saying they want to run back-to-back comparisons with and without it. Fernando said to us in Valencia that sometimes the figures they get in the wind tunnel match but often the advantage is less when on the track."

1108: Hamilton again goes wide at Abbey - that corner is causing a few difficulties. Webber is now second with a 1:32.747 with Kubica third and Hamilton (1:32.959) now fourth. Force India's Adrian Sutil is fifth.

BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz on McLaren's upgrades: "This session is all about gathering data and McLaren say don't look at the performance times. They will look at which bits overheat and doing all their homework on the new cooling and exhaust package. These times are not significant for McLaren."

1100: Virgin Racing's Lucas di Grassi limps down the pit lane and has to be pushed back to the garage. Button is held up a little bit but can soon get past for a practice pit stop.

1055: Up pops Seb Vettel with the quickest time of the day so far - a 1:32.280. He's followed by Kubica (1:32.762), Rosberg (1:33.622) and Webber (1:33.905).

DavidWanna on Twitter: "Just for the world coverage... it's a rainy afternoon here in Chiangmai, Thailand.. and we get F1 live coverage Sunday evening."

1048: And Rosberg goes quickest with a 1:33.622, then it is Robert Kubica - who signed a new deal with Renault this week - is second with a 1:33.481. Then it's Rosberg, Webber, Barrichello and the Hulk. BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz says McLaren are changing something around the diffuser of Jenson Button's car while Felipe Massa is not running with Ferrari's version of the 'F-duct' in this session.

PGdoll on Twitter: "It's very hot in Cyprus also. Miss being at Silverstone but we have a great F1 pub!"
That sounds very nice!!

1042: Twitchy times continue for Schumacher and Hamilton. Schumacher goes wide again at Village while Hamilton hits the bump coming down to Abbey and has a little excursion. Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg goes second with a 1:34.205 with the Hulk third (1:34.415). BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz says Timo Glock has a fuel pressure problem which is why he has not posted a time as yet.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Silverstone: "Rubens Barrichello is happy to be back in Britain after some fond memories here as a teenager living in Oxford, Weybridge and Cambridge. The Williams driver, 38, first came here when he was 17 and says: 'I used to live here for Formula Three and enjoyed the fact that I had the freedom to do anything because I didn't have the family around. I know much more about Silverstone than I do about Interlagos [circuit in Sao Paulo]. One thing I hated though was how it gets dark here at three o'clock in the afternoon - in January I thought it was the end of the world.'"

BBC F1 commentator David Croft: "Where the new surface joins the old surface at the right-hander at Abbey there is an almighty bump. Bumps, of course, might lead to mistakes and we'll see what happens over the weekend."

1036: The new section is causing a couple of problems early doors. Michael Schumacher spins his Mercedes coming around Village at Turn 13 and almost immediately afterwards, Lewis Hamilton goes a little wide at the same corner. Webber improves to a 1:33.905.

1033: There's a few times on the board now. Mark Webber is quickest with a 1:34.681, then it's Button (1:35.580), Jaime Alguersuari (1:37.011), Buemi (1:40.720) and Yamamoto (1:42.631).

BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone: "Hispania's decision to drop Bruno Senna has everyone scratching their heads here. Sakon Yamamoto, his replacement, is not exactly an emergent superstar and the immediate assumption was that it must be something to do with money. But the team deny that. More info should emerge today - we'll keep you posted as the situation develops."

1027: I have had a few messages in regarding the new fancy driver tracker tool that we are introducing this weekend. The feature is only available for the race, have a peak at full details of it on Andrew Benson's blog.

BenIssatt on Twitter: "Morning Orlo, I might be the only Brit in a hotter place than Silverstone here in Egypt but the Brit GP remains a great home race!"

1023: Finally we have some action on the track and we have our first timed lap for an F1 car at the new Silverstone. It's Jenson Button in the McLaren and the time is a 1:37.994.

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Dan in Somerset via text: "Been waiting for the British GP for ages. Watched the MotoGP at Silverstone and loved it. The new section is brilliant and will be great for the F1 cars with all the bumps. Come on Jenson!"

1014: One of the stories in F1 this week has come from Williams, with Frank Williams stepping down as chairman of the team. Adam Parr is the man who takes over, and here's what he told the BBC: "Frank and Patrick [Head, director of engineering] have had a succession plan in place for a few years now and I hope that I have the trust and confidence to take the team on for the next couple of decades. I think we can get to that next level and we are absolutely determined to. We can see where we are weak and were we have to improve so I don't think it is out of reach. Like Frank said there are three elements you need: a strong chassis, a great engine behind it and a good driver in the car. We have two very capable drivers and an engine we are very happy with. The chassis has been the biggest weak point and the single biggest area for us to focus on."

1010: So then, installation laps are complete for 22 of the 24 drivers. Lotus test driver Fairuz Fauzy and Virgin Racing's Timo Glock are the only men yet to go out.

Ferrari on Twitter: "First session of free practice has just begun with the installation laps of both Felipe and Fernando. Everything is OK with the cars."

BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone: "It is indeed lovely here today, Orlo. The forecast says it's going to be 30C, which by my reckoning (although I don't exactly keep detailed records) probably makes this the hottest day at the British GP since 1983. Which, coincidentally, was my first time here. I came with my Dad and somewhere still have the photo of me standing next to Bruno Giacomelli's Alfa Romeo, which was on a display stand behind the pit straight grandstands."
I really want to see that photo Andrew!

1000: And we are off. Force India's Paul di Resta, Toro Rosso's Sebastien Buemi and the Williams of Nico Hulkenberg are some of the first cars out on the track.

BBC Sport's Andrew Benson on Twitter: "Lots of attention on McLaren upgrades here but I'm told Red Bull, ominously, also have "a few bits and pieces". Don't know details yet."

0954: Right then, coverage of practice is about to begin on the Red Button and at the top of this page. We've got 90 minutes of first practice starting at 1000 BST. Looks lovely at Silverstone - the track temperature is 27C.

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Dazzmond in Telford via text: "Football rubbish! Tennis rubbish! Now in F1 we have the best teams and drivers. Finally something we're good at."

0945: Just in case you missed the news last night, Hispania Racing have decided to drop Bruno Senna for this weekend's British Grand Prix. The Brazilian has only been placed in only three of his races so far but his manager says claims that he has been sacked were "absolutely ridiculous". Japanese test driver Sakon Yamamoto takes Senna's place.

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Tom, in Frome via text: "With the new track changes I can see a more interesting race weekend."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Silverstone: "There's no place like home - driving along fields and hedgerows on the way circuit, the smell of bacon wafting across Silverstone's campsites where the fans were up bright and breezy under cloud-streaked blue skies. It's good to be staying in heatwave-hit Britain for the 10th race of 2010. The hot topic ahead of the weekend is just how the team-mates at McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari are getting on at the halfway point. It's becoming a bit of tedious for the drivers and McLaren's Lewis Hamilton joked about his relationship with Jenson Button; 'He's going to be James Bond and I'm going to be the villain in the movie, so we're working on those roles.'"

0936: What is it about this season? Even the supposedly less interesting venues have produced stunning races and last time out in Valencia was no exception. Sebastian Vettel claimed victory for Red Bull from Lewis Hamilton, who finished second despite a drive-through penalty. Mark Webber was involved in a massive crash, which saw his Red Bull flip over and land upside down while Fernando Alonso and his Ferrari team were fuming with the manner of Hamilton's punishment for overtaking the safety car. Just a run-of-the-mill grand prix weekend then eh?

Get involved on 606
Dave on 606: "Personally I don't see any team getting a one-two this weekend as it is looking really close up the top. You've got the two Red Bulls, the two McLarens and Alonso all with a decent shot at winning on Sunday."

0927: So here's your chance to become part of history. Well, part of this live text commentary anyway. All you have to do is use Twitter, 606 or text on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with F1 before your message. I hereby promise to do my utmost this weekend to use as many messages as I can.

0924: Hello you. All set for one of the highlights of the British sporting summer? Thought so. What's not to like? We've got a thrilling and topsy-turvy F1 season, two British drivers at the top of the standings with a host of others giving chase preparing to race at a revamped Silverstone circuit. I know I might have said it before this season but trust me, this one could be an absolute cracker.

0920: The sun's out (ish), summer's here and evocative phrases such as Stowe, Woodcote and Becketts are back on the sports pages. It can only mean one thing, welcome one and all to the British Grand Prix.

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After 60 of 61 laps
Position Driver Team

Race stopped at 60 laps

1 Great Britain L Hamilton Mercedes
2 Germany S Vettel Red Bull
3 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull
4 Spain F Alonso Ferrari
5 Brazil F Massa Williams
6 France J Vergne Toro Rosso
7 Mexico S Perez Force India
8 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari
9 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India
10 Denmark K Magnussen McLaren
11 Finland V Bottas Williams
12 Venezuela P Maldonado Lotus
13 France R Grosjean Lotus
14 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso
15 Sweden M Ericsson Caterham
16 France J Bianchi Marussia
17 Great Britain M Chilton Marussia
18 Great Britain J Button (ret.) McLaren
19 Germany A Sutil (ret.) Sauber
20 Mexico E Gutierrez (ret.) Sauber
21 Germany N Rosberg (ret.) Mercedes
22 Japan K Kobayashi (ret.) Caterham

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