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European GP practice as it happened


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By Mark Orlovac

1439: That's me done for today. Thanks very much for all of your messages. Take a look at the report while you switch over to the footie. I'll back tomorrow for third practice and qualifying, let's say at about 0930 BST. Enjoy the rest of your day, take care.

1435: Vettel (1:39.339) ends up second fastest then it is Webber (1:39.427), Rosberg (1:39.650), Hamilton (1:39.749), Kubica (1:39.880), Massa (1:39.947), Sutil (1:40.020), Button (1:40.029) and Barrichello (1:40.174). Although you can't read too much into the times during practice, it is fair to assume that Schumacher will not be too happy with his best of 1:40.287. He is more than a second off the time set by Alonso.

1432: So then, Fernando Alonso tops the times with a 1:39.283. Interesting, very interesting. Team-mate Massa is seventh and Ferrari tweet: "A good start of the weekend." I think they are happy.

1430: That's your lot for second practice.

1429: There's a lovely exchange right at the end between Hamilton and Schumacher. The Mercedes driver slows down coming to the final corner while Hamilton is on a flyer. The McLaren man has to slow down as well, he dives down the inside and then lifts his hand as if to say: "what happened there?".

1425: Alonso sets a 1:43.442 on the option tyres. Webber's tyres look very messy on the slow-mo replay. There's lots of graining on the front right tyre that we see. He runs wide at that pesky Turn 12.

Mercedes GP on Twitter: "Nico heading into for a pit stop to change tyres and then he's out again. Michael's also heading in for a quick check over the car before his last run of the day..."

1420: Vettel goes wide at Turn 12, Hamilton loses grip and runs off the track at the last corner. They're all at it. Just 10 minutes remaining.

BBC Five Live F1 analyst Anthony Davidson: "This track is what I call a 'scratcher's circuit'. It's full of late braking, hustling the car around. Obviously it will suit different drivers' styles - it's one Jenson Button doesn't click with straight away, but Lewis Hamilton's much more attacking style is suited to a track like this."

1417: Button's lap is ruined after he gets caught up in a little traffic. He'll try again. Schumacher is down in 11th now as Rubens Barrichello, who won here last year, sets a 1:40.174 to go 10th.

1415: Button on a flyer now... ooh he gets close to the barrier at Turn Two. Hamilton is up to fifth with a 1:39.749.

BBC Radio 5 live analyst Anthony Davidson: "There are six tenths separating the top seven drivers and I've got a feeling that something is going to happen with Ferrari looking strong and Rosberg knocking on the door. It's going to be tighter than we have seen in a while."

1410: Robert Kubica spins coming out of Turn 14. There's a brief yellow flag but the Pole shoves the car in reverse and is on his way again.

1406: It really is very close at the moment. Alonso is 0.056 seconds clear of Vettel with Webber in third and Rosberg fourth. Just a quick mention that telly coverage of Sunday's race will be on BBC Two from 1210 BST. Apparently there's a football match going on.

BBC Radio 5 live analyst Anthony Davidson: "Massa's car is moving around too much and he is pushing too hard. It is night and day compared to his team-mate, Alonso is driving with more authority around this track."

1402: Massa is on his first flying lap since getting back in the car - his 12th of the session. His time? A 1:39.947.

BBC F1 analyst Martin Brundle: "The cars are merging together, we're not seeing one or two teams moving into the distance. It's very exciting as they home in on Red Bull - this lot are playing catch-up and they're doing it very fast. Red Bull will look at reliability and driver error and know that they should have a hatful of points and a nice buffer - remember Brawn were struggling towards the end of last year but used the buffer they had built up. (For Red Bull) it's all about what tricks (design boss) Adrian Newey has up his sleeve - and he'll need them soon, from what I can see."

Ferrari on Twitter: "Many drivers are running on soft tyres now. Fernando's first lap was 1:39.283. Massa is ready to go out on soft tyres as well."

1357: There's a bit of symmetry in Valencia as Alonso goes quickest with a 1:39.283 just as Massa's car arrives in the garage. He could be out soon.

BBC Sport's Andrew Benson: "Pirelli have been confirmed this week as F1's new tyre supplier for three years from 2011. Some of the teams made it clear that, on technical grounds, they would have preferred to have Michelin, which were in F1 as recently as 2006, over Pirelli, which last took part in 1991. Back then, Pirelli had a bit of a mixed reputation, with teams feeling there was too much variation between the performance of individual sets of tyres. But I have spoken to Pirelli's chairman, Marco Tronchetti Provera, and he has no doubts Pirelli's return to F1 will be 'positive'. He said: 'Many things have changed in 20 years. Since then, we have invested a lot in research and development and the consistency of our products is at the very highest level. We have all the technological systems to control each single tyre to be 100% equal to the others.'"

1353: Timo Glock's Virgin Racing car stutters to a halt. That looks like that could be it for him then. There is a brief yellow flag before the session continues. Schumacher is on the track and sets a 1:40.464. His best for this afternoon is a 1:40.287.

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hipipol on Twitter: "I expect Alonso to do better, Vettel worse and for there to be a real battle between the McLarens - not sure of the order but most likely another one-two."

1348: Vettel is now top with a 1:39.379, 0.153 ahead of his team-mate Webber. Rosberg is third, followed by Alonso, Kubica, Sutil, Button, Massa, Hamilton and Schumacher.

1346: Vettel goes second with a 1:39.635 on a set of prime tyres. BBC Radio 5 live F1 analyst Anthony Davidson: "To do these kind of times with the tyres in that state is pretty impressive."

1344: Hang on, it's gone a bit busy at the top of the timesheets. Rosberg, him of the Marigold driving gloves, goes quickest with a 1:39.650 before Webber trumps it with a 1:39.532.

1342: A quick time update for you. It's Vettel (1:39.728), Alonso (1:39.767), Rosberg (1:39.858), Kubica (1:39.880) and Webber (1:39.905).

BBC F1 analyst Anthony Davidson: "It is a really bad situation for Ferrari and Felipe Massa on that side of the garage. It was such a simple mistake while the car was going sideways. Normally the anti-stall kicks in just so you don't have situations like that. He was not quick enough on the clutch, normally the anti-stall would do that for you but that was not the case. He is not going out on the new tyres and he is missing out on that information."

Force India's reserve driver Paul di Resta: "Conditions were quite poor this morning. Tyres weren't lasting more than a lap and a half. It's the highest degradation I've driven in this year. But it's improving a lot now. You've got almost two seconds of improvement now (this afternoon), it lets guys understand the tyres more. I'd expect both Force India cars to be able to get into the top 10, it depends on the speeds of other cars and what they've brought with the blown diffuser."

Ferrari on Twitter: "Felipe's car is in the inside of the circuit area. Now we see if we can bring it back to the garage."

1334: Apologies, it's turn five where Massa had the problem. The car has been lifted and moved out of the way. We are back on.

1330: Red flag - session suspended. Massa goes wide at turn eight, goes over the kerb, spins and ends up facing the wrong way. The Brazilian strolls back to the garage as the cranes come out to remove that Ferrari.

Smallshinyant on Twitter: "Come on team Lotus. I do love an underdog but would like to see them get good enough times for Q2."

1325: Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel is on the move. He posts a 1:39.728 on the harder tyres to set the quickest time of the session. Button is fourth with a 1:40.110, Kubica is fifth, Rosberg sixth.

1319: Nervy times for Mercedes. Schumacher has a moment coming around Turn 20 but he keeps his car on the straight and narrow while Rosberg gets very twitchy coming into Turn 12. Replays show that he ran over something on the track just before. Alonso is quickest with a 1:39.767 with Sutil second after a 1:40.020. Hulkenberg reports to his Williams team that the track has improved but that he is struggling with understeer and that the "front end is not very pointy". He also wants more traction coming out of low-speed corners.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Valencia: "I bumped into a Mercedes bod during lunchtime in Valencia and the team are reasonably hopeful after Nico Rosberg topped the standings in first practice. They say his leading time of 1:41.175 was genuine and feel the updates they've bought to the European Grand Prix, notably the modified exhaust system, will bring a step forward in performance. The question is, it enough to catch up with Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari? That's why the team are now pouring over data from first practice. Mercedes also say that it's hard to make any comparisons on this street circuit because this track changes arguably more than any other on the calendar over the course of the weekend."

1315: Alonso improves to a 1:39.928, Button is second with a 1:40.110. Kubica is third after a 1:40.121, Massa in fourth (1:40.245). Schumacher begins his first flying lap and Massa gives the Mercedes man a wide berth - not surprising really considering what happened in Canada.

1311: Button locks up a little late on in the lap but he still sets a 1:40.586 to beat team-mate Hamilton who sets a 1:40.625. However, Alonso goes quickest with a 1:39.928 and then gestures as he gets a bit of a block at Turn 12. BMW Sauber's Pedro de la Rosa goes wide at Turn Two - it's all happening.

1309: Massa sets a 1:40.807 to leapfrog his team-mate. Kubica is up to fourth with The Hulk fifth. Jenson Button is now out on the track.

1306: Alonso is told that "everything is OK with the rear wing" as he begins a series of five timed laps. The Spaniard sets a 1:40.850 to top the early times, Massa is second with Petrov of Renault third.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Valencia: "There were a few complaints during the first practice session around Valencia's street circuit that the tyres were 'going off' quickly and in particular were 'graining', which causes a lack of grip. The tyre choices here are super-soft and medium. That's the same combination as in Canada - where degrading tyres contributed to the best race of the season so far. So will we see the same excitement here as in Montreal? Not really, comes the answer from tyre supplier Bridgestone. It's warmer in Valencia for a start, which will help the track 'rubber-in', and the track's 25 corners means the tyres are worked harder and so will get up to temperature more quickly. So by Sunday, track conditions will be much better. But deciding when to come in for a fresh set of tyres could still be a defining factor."

1302: Get in there. Alonso breaks ranks and takes to the track and he is followed by host of other cars. Barrichello pauses for a while at the end of the pit lane and as he takes off he almost collides with the Toro Rosso of Buemi to his right. Adrian Sutil takes over from test driver Paul di Resta for Force India while Christian Klien makes way for Karun Chandhok for Hispania.

1301: It is not too rushed down there. Maybe they thought this session started at 1330 BST.

1300: We have a green light and... no-one goes out. The track temperature is 45C by the way.

1255: And coverage has started on the Red Button and at the top of this page. We are getting shots of some very cool F1 drivers preparing for the start of the second session. Most have got the aviators out. Top Gun o'clock.

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Dan in Portsmouth via text: "Gone for an early breakfast option with a long middle stint 'til lunch. Hope low degradation of this morning's porridge will get me through."
Massive call Dan. Good luck, I'm thinking of you.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Valencia: "Welcome back to the sunshine of Spain's east coast. It has been a sedate lunchtime here - and I remain convinced that the smaller presence in the paddock is because of the World Cup. It does mean that Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel - race suit pushed down to the waist - could slink past the motorhomes without being bothered, which is pretty rare these days. I'd also be lying if I said Spain's ardent motorsport contingent are out in force in Valencia as the fans are scattered sparsely in the grandstands. There are some large, billowing yellow and red Spanish flags, however, which means I am, once again, convinced that Spain's crucial group match against Chile this evening is foremost in the locals' minds. I have been pretty impressed with one group of fans, however, who've been watching the action from the rooftop of an office building which has a good - and free - view of the track. Force India boss Vijay Mallya has a pretty decent view, too, as his gigantic yacht, the Indian Empress, is anchored in the harbour in front of the, um, Bridgestone motorhome."

From Paul in Tenby via text: "I think Alonso is putting together a solid season, a couple of errors but still in the hunt. Great champion."

fusenUK on Twitter: "Where is this supposed Ferrari domination? I have both cars in my F1 dream team and was planning on swapping them out."

1248: You may have noticed that there's other sport going on today on this very website. In SW19 there's a bit of tennis with the wonderful Caroline Cheese as your host while apparently there's a 'soccer' tournament taking place in South Africa. Did that start today? I jest, of course, Sam Lyon is taking you through all the events in day 15. I'll let you have a quick look but don't you be too long. I'll get lonely.

1244: As this morning's first practice session highlighted, it has been a tricky introduction to the wild and wacky world of F1 for the Hispania Racing Team. It's a bit like Tears for Fears making their 'difficult' third album The Seeds of Love but without the presence of Phil Collins. Anyway, our intrepid report Sarah Holt has filed a blog on the trials and tribulations of the team, it's well worth a gander.

1240: Here's a quick recap on what happened this morning. Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg set the fastest time in FP1, 0.164 seconds quicker than Lewis Hamilton, while Jenson Button ended up third and Renault's Robert Kubica in fourth. The Ferrari duo of Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa finished ninth and fifth with the team simply saying "objectives achieved" afterwards. Oh, and a wing mirror feel off Bruno Senna's Hispania.

1236: Here's a quick reminder that you're cordially invited to get your chat into this here commentary. Normal rules apply, there's no dress code, carriages at 1430 BST. Use Twitter, 606 or text us on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with F1 before your message.

1232: Hope you refuelled sufficiently during the break. I'm going for a late breakfast/late lunch strategy. Not sure Ross Brawn would have done the same. I'll let you know how it goes. Second practice goes at 1300 BST with tv coverage on the Red Button and at the top of this page.

1230: Welcome back. Thought you wouldn't want to miss out.

1039: Right then, it's time to break for a little brekkie. While I resist fried-breakfast temptation and instead indulge* in some wheat-based cereal, check out the report. I'll be back at 1230 BST to take you through FP2. Lovely job.
* indulge might actually be the wrong word there to be honest

Andy from Chester via text: "I will be backing Hamilton again this week as he is on fire and I don't think anyone can stop him."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt on Twitter: "The top 10 drivers are covered by 1.288 seconds, which means maybe, just maybe, it could be closer this weekend."

1032: Right then, a quick summary of the times as Button lays down some rubber in his pit box. Rosberg (1:41.175), Hamilton (1:41.339), Button (1:41.383), Kubica (1:41.715), Massa (1:42.182), Vettel (1:42.216), Webber (1:42.275), Schumacher (1:42.312), Alonso (1:42.421) and Barrichello (1:42.463).

1030: Session over. Button is on a quick lap right at the end and posts a 1:47.063. He completes that lap rather than just coming in. Kobayashi was right on his tail most of the way through that. Feisty stuff.

Ferrari on Twitter: "Both drivers are doing a similar programme, running with more fuel than in the previous run."

Hispania Racing's Bruno Senna: "My car had a driveshaft problem, the other car was a gearbox problem. It's important to sort it before FP2. Every race is important, this is almost our home race so we hope to do a good job. Looking at the times now we're OK. if we can put everything together we can do a lot better. It's not ideal but every new team has its own problems, we try to solve then and everyone is working together as a team. Hopefully we can get some small updates which will make the car more reliable and quicker."

1024: Button takes a detour at Turn 12. Strewth, there really is a lot of dust out there. Rosberg is still top of the timings.

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From Ted in Bristol via text: "I'm looking forward to the Red Bull blown rear end advantage disappearing this weekend as more teams catch up technically. Roll on Silverstone when the British drivers get it too!"

1019: Hamilton is out and about. He sets a 1:45.541 on the harder compound tyres.

BBC F1 pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz in the Hispania garage: "It looks like Hispania's day is over, Christian Klien's car is just a shell, it's suspected hydraulics. Both cars have broken down."

1015: ...well that seems to be working then. Rosberg posts a 1:41.175 to go to the top of the times. Then it is Hamilton, Button, Kubica, Massa, Vettel, Webber, Schumacher, Alonso and Barrichello. There's 15 minutes to go in this session.

1013: Rosberg posts a 1:43.457 and is then told to use the 'F-duct' on his next lap.

1011: Nico Hulkenberg scrapes some of the new paint off one of the track-side walls. That is as close as you would to get I'd wager. Nico Rosberg is told to set a fast time without the 'F-duct' aerodynamic device.

BBC F1 pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz in the Mercedes garage: "Ross Brawn is taking a very close look at the rear suspension and diffuser of Nico Rosberg's car. I've just had a look at their new exhaust, it's just a treatment of what they had before, and it enters fairly close to the diffuser. It's a much smaller change on the Mercedes diffuser than that on Renault or Ferrari."

1008: Just for your info, the gap between Hamilton at the top of the timesheets and Di Gassi at the bottom is 6.017 seconds.

1004: Hamilton is now top of the times, a 1:41.339. Then it is team-mate Button (1:41.383), Rosberg (1:41.862), Robert Kubica (1:41.883), Massa (1:42.182) and Vettel (1:42.216). Force India test driver Paul di Resta gives a full debrief to his team and says that after one and a half laps the grip level of his tyres "massively drop".

0957: Lewis Hamilton dives into the pits after coming up behind the Lotus of Kovalainen at the end of the lap. We are just getting replays of a host of drivers over running at Turn Two. Schumacher, Senna and Trulli are some of the culprits.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner: "I think (Valencia will) be a bit like Montreal, there are lots of sharp right-angled corners, lots of second gear then a couple of whacking long straits, so we're not able to stretch our legs. (But) I'm surprised how close we could be to McLaren in Montreal, which is a good sign for here. There are some circuits which will play to their strengths and some to ours, so on their tracks it's important we limit the damage - if we can split the (McLaren) cars, that would be a great result for us."

Dave, sunny Benidorm via text: "I am sitting on a hotel roof by the pool, wondering why I haven't made the 200km drive up the coast to Valencia?! Temperatures in the 30s all week - I don't envy these guys driving for hours in racing suits! I'm too hot wearing not much!"
Too much info there Dave, too much info!

0949: There are a host of cars on the track now. Up pops Rosberg with a 1:41.862 while Button is second quickest after a 1:42.247. Schumacher (1:42.369) is third with the German followed by Massa (1:42.376), Nico Hulkenberg (1:42.707) and Fernando Alonso (1:42.421).

BBC pit-lane reporter Lee McKenzie: "Vitaly Petrov may be Russia's first F1 driver but he considers Valencia to be his home race. Three years ago he moved here to pursue his GP2 career and he says he likes to train on the beach, running on the sand. The 25-year-old will be getting used to a new fitness regime in the near future as he says he will be moving to England to be closer to Renault's factory in Oxfordshire. But this week I met up with him on Valencia's city beach and he seemed a very different Petrov to the one who joined us at the season-opener in Bahrain. He was confident, relaxed and very funny and you can see what he had to say about his life and F1 on the BBC's pre-qualifying show on BBC One this Saturday."

BBC F1 pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: "We're seeing all the top guys staying in the garage at the moment as they won't learn much going out on the dusty track but Ferrari need to go round and get data because they've got so many new bits."

0944: Michael Schumacher sets the fastest time of the day so far with a 1:42.369. Massa goes second with a 1:43.218 then it's Button and Kobayashi (1:43.729). Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg and Mark Webber are the only drivers not to post a time as yet.

0941: And we are off again. Ferrari's Felipe Massa is the first man out. BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz says earlier, as he was watching Fernando Alonso come in to the garage, there was so much dust he could feel it in his teeth. That's not pleasant. The track really is dirty at the moment.

GenuineIntrepid on 606: "Don't like the movable rear wing, gimmicky and doesn't address the fundamental problem of the cars creating too much bad air."

0939: The session will resume at 0941 BST. Mechanics at the Toro Rosso garage check underneath Buemi's car to see if there is any damage. Apparently the mirror deflected off Senna's helmet when it came off.

BBC commentator Jonathan Legard in Valencia: "Mercedes tell me they have brought the biggest update to their car this year - the blown exhaust system - to Valencia. But it's not without its complications because redirecting air flow and gasses can be very unpredictable and practice is very much a learning process. That'll be the same for Ferrari and Renault, who have also made a move to a similar system in Valencia. Championship leaders McLaren will be introducing their take on the system at the British Grand Prix in two weeks' time and Jenson Button was saying he's expecting great things from it."

0935: And we have a red flag. It's the debris from that wing mirror. Three brave marshals and their brooms run on to the track to sweep it up. It shouldn't be long, hopefully.

BBC F1 pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz on Renault's design changes: "It looks like the car was conceived with this powered diffuser and new exhaust - it's absolutely fantastic; I can't talk in high enough terms about it. Not only have they got the biggest and most exquisite front wing, having started the season with the most basic one, but now this treatment they've got at the back is wonderful."

0930: A wing mirror falls off Bruno Senna's Hispania and the Toro Rosso of Sebastien Buemi runs right over it. Not good. Time update: Button still top with that 1:43.245 then it is Kamui Kobayashi (1:43.777), Buemi (1:44.806), Jaime Alguersuari (1:44.896) and Glock (1:45.653).

0925: One of the big stories of the week was the announcement that adjustable rear wings will be introduced next year in an attempt to make overtaking easier. BBC Radio 5 live analyst Anthony Davidson says it is "crazy" that the drivers were not consulted.

0922: McLaren's Jenson Button sets the fastest time of the day, a 1:43.245. Only two drivers have set times so far.

0919: People, we have a time. Lucas di Grassi takes his Virgin Racing car around in 1:49.569, which then comes down to 1:47.938. Williams driver Rubens Barrichello, who won here for Brawn last year, is in the garage and shows us his smart boots with a Brazil strap on them. A World Cup reference methinks.

BBC 5 live analyst Anthony Davidson: Red Bull have the fastest package but reliability has got them as well as bad calls on strategy."

BBC F1 pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: "There has been a lot of focus on Ferrari's developments for this race, where they have adopted for the first time a Red Bull-type blown rear end . I can now see what Ferrari have done. They have taken the exhaust outlet from where it used to exit at the top of the bodywork and stuck it at the side of the gearbox. It's not as sculpted and beautifully packaged as the Red Bull version, which you would expect, but it's a very good first try. Fernando Alonso was saying, don't expect just because we've got this we will get the full benefit from it. It's something Ferrari will be developing over the next few races."

0911: There's a great camera shot of the underneath of Michael Schumacher's car as he is wheeled back into the pits. It highlights how close the floor is to the track. Schumacher went a little sideways as he came down the start/finish straight by the way. No great dramas though.

craigrd33 on Twitter: "Let's hope the intensely competitive field nullifies the tedious nature of this track for the very first time."

0905: There's no times on the board as yet. Only installation laps so far. Lotus technical chief Mike Gascoyne says: "Track very dirty as normal here and tyre degradation will be high in P1 so expect cars to wait."

0900: And we are off. There's a nice touch as Heikki Kovalainen leads the way in this, Lotus' 500th grand prix. Apparently the Finn has had no sleep as he drove from Geneva to Valencia because of an air traffic control strike in France.

0855: Look sharp, coverage is about to start on the Red Button and at the top of this page. It really is a fantastic day in Spain by the way and first practice begins at 0900 BST.

0847: There was some interesting chat during the week on what is going to happen this weekend. Fernando Alonso is in chipper mood following his third place in Canada, and is confident of a good showing after major upgrades to his Ferrari. In the Red Bull corner, Mark Webber is not as positive, saying: "Looking to Valencia, it's another venue that might not be that easy for us. But we surprised ourselves in Canada where we were a little more competitive than we thought we would be."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Valencia: "Morning. Formula 1 has got to go some to match the excitement of the World Cup and Wimbledon this week. Ferrari delayed their media conference to grimly watch Italy's exit in South Africa while Jenson Button was full of awe for John Isner and Nicolas Mahut's record-breaking marathon tennis match. Luckily, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic that this will be yet another cracking F1 weekend, even though Valencia's quayside street circuit doesn't have a reputation for producing dramatic racing. McLaren sailed into Spain buoyed by back-to-back one-twos for Lewis Hamilton and Button. While McLaren haven't brought any updates here, rivals Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault come with significant upgrades which they hope will close up the competition. Red Bull, who Button reckons still have the fastest car over a single lap, will also assess straight-line speed enhancer, the F-duct, during Friday practice. And if you need further convincing, here's a word from Button; "I don't expect racing to be on the back pages - but I still don't think there's been a year like this.'"

0839: I'm now getting telly pictures from Valencia. It's sunny and we have lovely views of an enormous yacht. Not as big as mine though. However, I'm not too jealous as my lovely sunny desk here in west London would make many a man green with envy. Anyhow, this is your text commentary and I need you to get involved with what you think will happen this weekend. Whack them over to me and I'll put up as many contributions as I can. Nice. You can Tweet, use 606 or text us on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with F1 before your message.

0834: And a very good day to you. Have you all recovered yet from Montreal? If you didn't see it all I can say is that it was some race, and there wasn't a safety car in sight. But that's enough of looking to the past, let's focus on the present as attention now turns to the street circuit in Valencia, which has hosted the European GP since 2008. McLaren's Lewis Hamilton has been second here in both races and is looking for his third straight victory this season after wins in Turkey and Canada. Will he do it again?

0830: Morning gang and a warm welcome to our coverage of the European Grand Prix. After the thrills and excitement of Canada a fortnight ago, this race has quite a bit to live up to. Valencia, it's over to you...

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After 60 of 61 laps
Position Driver Team

Race stopped at 60 laps

1 Great Britain L Hamilton Mercedes
2 Germany S Vettel Red Bull
3 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull
4 Spain F Alonso Ferrari
5 Brazil F Massa Williams
6 France J Vergne Toro Rosso
7 Mexico S Perez Force India
8 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari
9 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India
10 Denmark K Magnussen McLaren
11 Finland V Bottas Williams
12 Venezuela P Maldonado Lotus
13 France R Grosjean Lotus
14 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso
15 Sweden M Ericsson Caterham
16 France J Bianchi Marussia
17 Great Britain M Chilton Marussia
18 Great Britain J Button (ret.) McLaren
19 Germany A Sutil (ret.) Sauber
20 Mexico E Gutierrez (ret.) Sauber
21 Germany N Rosberg (ret.) Mercedes
22 Japan K Kobayashi (ret.) Caterham

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13 Jun 10 |  Formula 1
Superb Hamilton wins in Montreal
13 Jun 10 |  Formula 1

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