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Turkish GP as it happened


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By Mark Orlovac

1507: Time to go for a lie down in a darkened room. That was some race. It was a massive weekend for McLaren, who lead the constructors' championship by one point, while Red Bull try to work out what on earth happened on the track. Amongst all the drama, it was almost forgotten that a certain Michael Schumacher finished fourth while it was another frustrating weekend for Ferrari. Coverage continues on the Red Button - don't miss it. Thanks for all of your messages, I'll speak to you again when F1 rocks up in Canada. See you then.

BBC F1 pundit Eddie Jordan: "Ferrari have stood still. They have massively underestimated the sense of development that's within Red Bull McLaren and Mercedes."

BBC F1 pundit David Coulthard: "The pressure is building within the team. Year on year the performances have come up to the point where they are the fastest car on the track. You will have incidents between your drivers and it's the biggest difficultly the management has. This is a moment that was building, it came in race seven but it inevitably would have happened sometime in the season."

RCS1984 on Twitter: "We all said that it was about time for Lewis to have some luck and lo and behold..."

Tr1xx on 606: "Forget about Eurovision... Britain's back on top where it counts."

McLaren's Jenson Button: "I got the run down into the Turn 12 on the outside and I had to have a go really. We were wheel to wheel for about five corners. It was good fun. When Lewis got back past into Turn One, we were in fuel-save mode. The race was a lot quicker than we thought it would be. We had to save a bit of fuel at the end."

1452: In the top-three press conference, Webber pauses when he is asked about the Vettel incident. Probably wise considering what he must be feeling inside. "There was long way to go in the race," he says. "It was an interesting few metres on the track and it not the result we wanted." I really, really would like to be a fly on the wall in that debrief.

akaElNino09 on 606: "Is it just me or were the celebrations from Lewis rather subdued, seen as he left the cockpit and up on the podium? Interesting."

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Fabbyulous on 606: "The only team that are going to stop Red Bull winning this championship is Red Bull and that's what they've proved yet again."

Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel: "I'm not very happy now obviously after something like this happening. We were all pretty much same conditions, same pace, and I felt I was able to go quicker. I was able to come closer the last two or three laps. I dived down the inside. I had the corner. I was just trying to get the braking point and suddenly I lost the car. You can see we touched. I'm not the kind of guy who pushes the fault to one guy. We are a team and we have to respect that. My race is over. Not the best case."

1441: As we catch our breath after that dramatic race, here's a quick run down of the top 10. After Webber it's Schumacher, Rosberg, Kubica, Massa, Alonso, Sutil and Kobayashi.

BBC F1 analyst Martin Brundle: "Red Bull step on their tails too often. They have dominated pole position, they have the pace but now McLaren lead the world championship."

1439: It's anthem time.

1436: The top three drivers climb up the stairs as they prepare themselves for the podium. Jenson Button is told by his team over the radio: "Great drive, we've had a great car all weekend. We pushed them [Red Bull] and they cracked."

1433: "That was a fantastic, thoroughly deserved win Lewis. We've got momentum now," the McLaren team tell Hamilton. What a race that was. McLaren claim a one-two with Button in second. Webber finished third.


Lap 57: Vettel is on the pit wall now and gets a consoling arm around his shoulder from his race engineer. Petrov came into the pits by the way, he rejoined in 15th place.

Lap 56: This is Hamilton's race now - unless something dramatic happens. This will be his first race win since Singapore last year.

Lap 54: Alonso overtakes Petrov at Turn 12, they collide and the Renault has a puncture.

Jenson Button's race engineer: "OK Jenson we need more fuel saving. Fuel is critical. Also save the tyres through Turns Eight."

BBC F1 analyst Martin Brundle: "That'll be another tense debrief this afternoon, at McLaren. Lewis thinks they've both been told to save fuel and the next thing is Jenson breezes past him down the back straight!"

Lap 51: They've calmed down a bit now, thank goodness for that. Ted Kravitz: "Team boss Martin Whitmarsh has been talking to both drivers. He must be saying: 'We have just seen our rivals collide, this will not happen to us.' Hamilton is 2.0 seconds clear of Button. Then it's Webber, Schumacher, Rosberg, Kubica, Massa, Petrov and Alonso.

Lap 49: Hamilton then takes Button as they come down the start/finish straight and the cars almost come together at Turn One. Unbelievable.

BBC F1 pundit Eddie Jordan: "I don't see it as clear-cut as Martin and David did. Clearly, Mark Webber was struggling a little bit compared to Vettel. Vettel had the run on him. He was on the inside line. Vettel made a mistake by trying to intimidate him. Mark didn't give way. So from a pure racing perspective Vettel was at fault. But you can't deny him the right to pass. He was probably a bit too enthusiastic and I don't think it's so obvious it was all Webber in the clear. It's just not clear-cut."

Lap 48: This is racing of the highest order. Button and Hamilton go side-by-side into Turn 12. Button takes his team-mate on the outside of Turn 12, which then becomes the inside of Turn 13. Didn't they see what happened to the Red Bulls?

BBC Radio 5 live pit lane reporter Holly Samos: "Very light rain in the paddock."

Lap 45: Webber is third by the way, 30.8 seconds behind Button. Vettel is not talking as he returns to the paddock. That will be an interesting debrief. A journalist tries to get close to the German but is blocked by a Red Bull official. Said journalist is not happy.

Lap 43: Hamilton leads team-mate Button by a second. Hamilton is told to save fuel over his team radio. "Both cars are the same," his team tell him.

BBC F1 analyst Martin Brundle: "For me, unquestionably, Vettel swung right into Webber when he was nowhere near past him."

Lap 42: Webber in the pits for a new nose cone.

Lap 40: Red Bull boss Christian Horner shakes his head, Adrian Newey holds his head in his hands - a bit like Gordon Brown during the election campaign - and well they might. Vettel comes up the inside of Webber coming down to Turn 12 and then turns right across him. He gets it all wrong and smacks into his team-mate. Massive moment.

Lap 40: DRAMA: Webber and Vettel collide. Vettel is out.

Lap 39: Vettel is really closing the gap on Webber. Martin Brundle: "Vettel has been quicker than Webber for a few laps now and they are beginning to drop Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton needs the Red Bulls to start squabbling a bit."

Lap 37: Vettel pulls out a quickest lap of 1:30.181 and he is 0.6 seconds off Webber.

Lap 36: Heikki Kovalainen also retires. Ted Kravitz: "It's a double hydraulic failure for Lotus." Hamilton up to the back of Vettel at Turn 12 but he is still not close enough.

Lap 35: A computer in the Red Bull garage says the rain will last for 20 minutes. Jarno Trulli's Lotus grinds to a halt and the yellow flags are out. Webber still in front, 0.6 seconds clear of Vettel. The top four are separated by 2.2 seconds.

Lap 33: Another quick lap for Button - a 1:30.345 and the gap between him and Webber is now 2.7 seconds.

Lap 32: Button on the move, he sets a fastest lap of 1:30.349. The gap between first and fourth is three seconds.

BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter Holly Samos: "Rain not due to hit the area until 1400 BST but it may miss the track."

Lap 31:Webber 0.8 seconds clear of Vettel, then it's Hamilton, Button and Schumacher.

Renault's Robert Kubica: "Rosberg is very slow."

Lap 29: Fernando Alonso is running 10th, held up at the back of the train headed by a struggling Nico Rosberg in the Mercedes in sixth. The Spaniard's race engineer Andrea Stella says: "OK. Very good lap again, definitely Rosberg is having problems with the tyres." Schumacher is 26.6 seconds off fourth-placed Button.

Lap 28: Vettel sets a fastest time of 1:30.824. He is 0.9 seconds clear of Hamilton now. Martin Brundle: "The Red Bulls have pulled four tenths over McLaren on the last lap, it's almost as if they have flicked a switch."

Michael Schumacher's race engineer Andrew Shovlin: "Michael, looking at the radar, it doesn't look like too heavy a shower, maybe 2-3mm of rain."
Schumacher: "That doesn't mean anything to me. What does that mean? Heavy wets? Inters?"
Shovlin: "We think intermediate tyres if it rains."

Lap 26: Alonso reduces the gap to Petrov to 1.1 seconds. Vettel quickest with a 1:31.083.

Lap 24: Webber quickest with a 1:31.148, he's 1.1 seconds clear of Vettel. Ted Kravitz: "I've had a look at the tyres which came off in the pit stops and the front right, which takes all the really hard stuff in Turn Eight was OK."

Lap 23: The sky in the distance is really starting to bruise now. It will be a light shower apparently. My colleague next to me has just pointed out something I'd never thought possible: Alonso is losing ground to Petrov. Blimey, he will not be happy with that.

Lap 22: Rain in eight minutes, according to F1 commentator Jonathan Legard. That's 1345 BST to you and me. Schumacher is 18.5 seconds off Button.

Lap 20: Hamilton goes quickest with a 1:31.347. He's 0.5 seconds behind Vettel. Button fourth, then it's Schumacher, Rosberg, Kubica, Massa, Petrov while Alonso is now 10th.

BBC Radio 5 live commentator David Croft: "One of my contacts on the pit wall has just told me there is the chance of a shower in around 20 minutes at 1350 BST."

Lewis Hamilton's engineer Andy Latham: "Hey, Lewis, there are 40 laps to go, we can still do this if we're sensible with our tyres."

Lap 18: Hamilton gets up to the side of Vettel coming down to Turn 12 but he can't make it stick in the chicane and the Red Bull stays second. Webber leads by 0.8 seconds.

BBC Radio 5 live analyst Anthony Davidson: "Red Bull have been blinding in the pit stops all year."

Lap 17: Button reports that he is losing rear grip before coming in for his pit stop at the end of the lap.

BBC pundit David Coulthard: "I'm really surprised McLaren didn't do an extra lap because with Lewis's pace he would have jumped Mark."

Lap 16: Whoops. Vettel gets past Hamilton as the Englishman comes out of the pits. It's Webber, then Vettel and Hamilton. Ted Kravitz: "There was a problem getting the left rear on Hamilton's car. Just a little hesitation."

Lap 15: Webber and Hamilton both come in and Red Bull get the Australian out of the pits first, he still leads.

Lap 14: Vettel comes in to the pits.Brundle: "He needs a great out lap now to hold his lead over Button."

Lap 13: Massa and Kubica come in.

Lap 12: Hamilton gets close to Webber at Turn 12 but still it is not quite enough. David Coulthard: "Lewis does not need to pass Webber on the track. All he needs is a clean lap when Webber is in the pits."

Lap 11: Alonso comes into the pits to cover Kamui Kobayashi who came in on the previous lap. Vettel now quickest with a 1:32.403.

Lap 9: Webber still leads, then it's Hamilton, Vettel and Button. Brundle: "Button is matching the leaders. It's a four-horse race, they are eight seconds clear of Schumacher in fifth."

Lap 7: Hamilton just can't close enough at Turn 12. BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz reports that Williams driver Rubens Barrichello is telling his team radio that a piece of Vitantonio Liuzzi's rear wing is loose and will come off. Martin Brundle: "Don't forget it was a bit of Barrichello's car that hit his best friend Felipe Massa on the head in Hungary last year, so he's very sensitive to bits of flying a Formula 1 car."

Lap 6: Webber sets the fastest lap of 1:32.905. The lead over Hamilton is 0.4 seconds. Mercedes Nico Rosberg is reminded via his team radio: "Remember your F-duct, remember your F-duct and looking after tyres while you can't go anywhere." Massa still eighth, Alonso 12th.

Lap 5: BBC F1 analyst Martin Brundle says the front end of the McLaren is significantly better than the front end of the Red Bull. Webber pulls away through Turn Eight and although Hamilton reduces the gap in the straight afterwards, he is not close enough to him at Turn 12.

Lap 4: Webber leads Hamilton by 0.5 seconds. Vettel sets the fastest lap of 1:33.280. He is 1.3 seconds behind Hamilton.

BBC Radio 5 live analyst Anthony Davidson: "If Lewis Hamilton can get a little closer to Mark Webber coming out of Turn Eight, then he may have a chance going in to Turn 12 because that McLaren is like a rocket ship."

Lap 3: Hamilton has a look at Webber at Turn 12. Not close enough though. This will be tasty. Hamilton now has the fastest lap of 1:33.411.

Lap 2: Webber sets the fastest lap of 1:33.685. His lead has increased to 0.7 seconds. Then it's Vettel, Button, Schumacher, Rosberg, Kubica, Massa, Petrov and Sutil.

Lap 1: Schumacher's Mercedes gets a great start and overtakes Button but the Englishman gets fourth back at Turn 12. Sebastien Buemi into the pits with a puncture. Webber leads Hamilton by 0.4 seconds.

Lap 1: Blow for Hamilton. Vettel gets on the inside of him at Turn One - hang on though, the Briton gets second back on the outside of Turn Three. What a move.

1302: Everyone ready? The cars are in place.

1301: Di Grassi will be starting from the pit lane by the way.

1259: We are ready for the formation lap. The haze is shimmering as the cars head off. The 58 laps are about to begin, as the Flight of the Conchords boys would say: "It's business time."

McLaren's Jenson Button: "I'm feeling good - it's nice and hot which is good for us because we look after our tyres. We're starting on the inside so we'll have to see how that goes, but we're pretty positive we can get away clean."

m121d on Twitter: "Going for an Alonso podium today, starts with fresh set of tyres and can get a jump at the start. A big crash on Turn Eight on the first lap."

Ferrari driver Felipe Massa's chief engineer Rob Smedley: "We're going through a few pre-race things, but he never listens."
Massa: "We speak about the same thing every race; he thinks I'm not listening, but I am. It would be easier to try and win if we were on pole. It will be tough, but we will never give up."

1254: News from Virgin Racing. Lucas di Grassi's car has an oil leak and the mechanics are busy trying to get the Brazilian ready for the start of the race.

Lewis Hamilton's girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger: "He's in a positive mood and I'm proud of him that he qualified so well - he got his ear-ring done when he came to see my last performance in Los Angeles and from the stage I was like, did Lewis get his ears pierced? But I like them."

Red Bull chief technical officer Adrian Newey: "Everybody is looking at everybody's car and we're using the mechanics to stop others taking photos of the car. It's a form of flattery, normally because people are worried. Our drivers have a good relationship and realise our best chance of success is to work together. We're just trying to make sure we give same equipment to each driver. We're only seven races in, so it's far too early to start favouring one driver over the other."

Renault driver Robert Kubica: "So far, so good. The feeling with the soft tyres was not ideal in qualifying. The race will be extremely difficult. Turn Eight will be really demanding for the front right tyre. It is a killer for that. We'll have to see how we go."

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Scott and Mairi in Maldives via text: "On honeymoon on a beach in the Maldives reading the text updates on the website via my mobile as no TV in the resort! My new wife and I reckon Lewis is due a win and it'll be a good weekend for McLaren!"
You lot do go to some exotic places don't you. I'm off to Clacton-on-Sea next week.

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Blue_Phoenix on 606: "Really hoping for a Hamilton win today. He's been really unlucky so far and I don't think his racing has rewarded him with the points he deserves. A win today will really set him up for the season and a good title challenge going into the mid season races."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Istanbul: "I know you don't want to know how hot it is here but this is going to be really testing for the drivers, especially with the rigours of the long, long Turn Eight to get through. I'm not sure it's the heat that has been keeping people away from the concrete expanse of the paddock here but I'm afraid to say it's low on famous faces. Turkey's Sultan Kosen is here - he's the world's tallest man at 8ft 1in - and there are plenty of wags here who want to see EJ interview him. Let's see what Martin can manage..."

McLaren's Jenson Button on the defence of his title: "It's going pretty well with two wins from six races. We've had a a couple of tough races in Barcelona and Monaco, but everyone has had issues this season. Red Bull have not capitalised on being the fastest car. I was speaking to Webber about Turn Eight and he's flat out through Turn Eight - and I was like 'how', and he smiled - but we will get them this year. On Lewis Hamilton's ear-rings, he added: 'Each to their own.'"

1243: David Coulthard joins Martin Brundle on the grid walk and the first person they speak to is Hamilton's girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger. Which is nice. Then it is off to the Red Bulls and designer Adrian Newey. The cameraman tries to get a shot of the back of one of the cars but some burly mechanics are standing to block the view.

1239: The signature parts of this circuit is the triple-apex Turn Eight, which is really sorting out the men from the boys this weekend. Webber, Vettel, Hamilton and Massa have all had spins while Adrian Sutil had a big crash. The drivers have to cope with up to 5G cornering force for around seven seconds. Ouch. This is one of five anti-clockwise tracks on the circuit, the others are Brazil, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and the new Korean circuit.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Istanbul: "McLaren are marking the 40th anniversary of the death of their founder Bruce McLaren by showing images of the New Zealander in the motorhome. The team have also issued commemorative cards bearing his emotive statement: 'It would be a waste of one's life to do nothing with one's ability for I feel life is measured in achievement not in years alone.' McLaren came second in the 1960 world championship driving for Cooper before founding his own team three years later. He died on 2 June 1970 testing one of his own Can-Am cars at Goodwood. McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh said: 'He was very enigmatic and the origin of this team and company. A lot of people forget the great heritage that he developed over the years that he was running the team. We are proud of what he achieved and of what we have achieved since he died.'"

AntLikesBooze on Twitter: "At Santa Pod today, reading your updates to keep on top of the action. Hamilton definitely deserves a bit of luck and a win."

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Kaine Greenwood via text: "I'm predicting a quick start from Lewis with Vettel and him providing the benchmark needed for victory. The McLaren to hold on and reverse the Eurovision result for the UK."

Peter in Chester via text: "Where does Eddie Jordan get his shirts from? I like them all and want to buy some."

1228: A little more about the Istanbul Park circuit. It's on the Asian side of the Bosphorous and is 3.316 miles (5.338km) long. With a race distance of 192.249 miles (309.396 km), it is the second longest of the year. The first Turkish Grand Prix was in 2005 and was won by the McLaren of Kimi Raikkonen. Massa won the next three races with Button claiming victory in 2009. The pole sitter has won every race apart from Button last year.

BBC F1 commentator Jonathan Legard: "There could be some interesting strategic elements to the race on Sunday, with those who are not in the top 10 but are in relatively fast cars - such as Adrian Sutil of Force India and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso in 11th and 12th - possibly choosing to start on the harder tyre and run a long first stint. The hope would be that by doing so they could leapfrog some of the cars in the top 10 who have to start on the softer tyre, which is not as durable, because they set their qualifying times on it."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Istanbul: "Another Sunday, another discussion about tyres. The teams gathered together at McLaren's motorhome this morning to meet Michelin to hear the French company's proposal to supply tyres from 2011. Italian supplier Pirelli was thought to be the front-runner after ringing endorsements from Mercedes boss Ross Brawn and Red Bull's Christian Horner but Michelin was invited to Turkey to once again table its offer. Michelin competitions director Nick Shorrock came out of the meeting and said the teams were happy after a good conversation but that it's now up to them to make a decision with the approval of FIA president Jean Todt and F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone."

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Tim and Matt from Cheshire via text: "Hiding under the grandstand at Turn One - it's hot hot hot!!! Hamilton to pass Webber on lap two!"

1221: Fashion update: Eddie Jordan is wearing a plain white shirt set off nicely by a pair of loud blue slacks. Not sure about the white belt though.

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jeff on 606: "Can't wait for this race, it's going to be good all the way down the grid, expect a fight between the top three, then a Button/Schumacher fight, and Alonso catching Massa further down... hoping for no retirements and no controversy."

Red Bull's Mark Webber, a little misty-eyed after Jake Humphrey showed him a video of Jack Brabham: "Jack is an incredible guy and he's done a lot for the sport - back then he used to punch above his weight because he was designing his own cars. It was good to see that."

1217: Goodness me, we are getting some wonderful TV shots of an emotional fan bursting into tears when getting a shirt autographed by Lewis Hamilton. I get that reaction when I go to my local supermarket, don't think it's for the same reason though.

1214: Red Bull have had their fair share of problems this weekend, with Webber's engine going at the end of second practice on Friday while Vettel had a roll-bar failure during qualifying. "When I hit the brakes I just went straight, I lost the ability to stop the car," he said, worryingly. "It didn't do what it was supposed to do, so obviously I lost a lot of time." That's not really what you want to happen when you are throwing an F1 car around a race track.

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Harry Benson, Newcastle via text: "Gonna stick my neck out and say Button for the win just because of his delicate touch on those tyres of his!"

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Istanbul: "Former Red Bull technical director Geoff Willis is back in the pit lane aiming to fast-track rookie team Hispania into a competitive force. Willis worked for Red Bull from 2007 until his surprise exit mid-way through last season and helped lay the foundations for the dominant RB6 along with chief designer Adrian Newey. Willis says Red Bull initiated a 'relentless process' to get to this point. He adds: 'Over the last four years they've been improving their technical base and resources, getting on top of reliability and giving the development group as much time as they can so they can manufacture in the shortest way and get it to the circuit. They've got that final challenge this year. The championship is theirs to lose - and it's a tough battle for anybody no matter how quick your car is.'"

IanFraserMUFC on Twitter: "I'm predicting a tough race for Ferrari. But hope Massa outraces Alonso for a new contract. Webber/Vettel win. Start will tell."

RaynerF1 on Twitter: "Hi Mark! Bunkering down in chilly Australia, 26C is cold here mind you. Hoping for a strong race by another Mark - Webber!"
Jealous, very jealous.

1204: Look lively, coverage starts on BBC One and at the top of this page at 1210 BST. There's BBC Radio 5 live coverage for start of the race with updates during the England footy. There's also radio coverage on the Red Button and online.

BBC F1 commentator Jonathan Legard: "I'm told that Fernando Alonso is very frustrated by Ferrari's rate of development. Compared to his time at McLaren in 2007, when the British team had updates for every race, Ferrari's flow of new parts this season has been very slow, with no more than little tweaks here and there so far. The result is that the car that started the season right on Red Bull's heels is now, in Alonso's words, 'the fifth quickest'. It seems Ferrari have a major upgrade for the European GP at the end of June - a copy of Red Bull's downforce-producing exhaust system, and a new diffuser. But the fear is that it will not leapfrog Ferrari back up the grid because their rivals will have at least kept pace. The team are also puzzled as to why the car is competitive on softer tyres but well off the pace on the harder compound."

1157: Ferrari, meanwhile, are not in such high spirits. Fernando Alonso failed to make it to the final part of qualifying, ending up in 12th place, and he admitted yesterday that they are behind Red Bull, McLaren, Renault and Mercedes. Doesn't his win in Bahrain on the opening weekend seem like a long time ago? Team-mate Felipe Massa will start in eighth. This is not a good weekend for this kind of mood, however, as they are celebrating their 800th F1 world championship race.

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Anon via text: "Look out for the flying Russian today, Vitaly Petrov has been rehearsing all season to take Robert Kubica - today we'll see it."

Mercedes GP on Twitter: "Drivers parade done and the drivers can focus on getting ready for the race."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Istanbul: "Lewis Hamilton reckons his chances of claiming his first win in 10 races hang on how he starts the race. Hamilton lines up on the front row alongside pole-sitter Mark Webber's Red Bull but the inside line is dirtier and so has less grip. Hamilton reckons he's more concerned about Sebastian Vettel - who starts on the cleaner side in third for Red Bull just ahead of Jenson Button in the second McLaren - nicking a place off the start to set up a Red Bull one-two. 'The start is crucial,' Hamilton said. 'We'd have loved to have started on the clean side. I've noticed some cars going off-line down the main straight as it's quite dirty. We did some starts from that side and it wasn't as good. All we can do is to prepare the tyres as best we can and try not to lose too much ground.' Hamilton isn't worried about negotiating Turn Eight on a full tank despite his excursion there during practice. 'I don't think it's a problem. The car moves around more on full tanks though so I think for everyone who goes through Turn Eight for the first time it will feel a little bit different.'"

1151: So can Hamilton end Webber's run of wins today? McLaren have been pretty bullish all week and they are Red Bull's main challengers today. "We have a good opportunity," said Hamilton after qualifying. "Red Bull have been untouchable nearly all year in terms of pace so this is a real boost for the team." Jenson Button, who won here last year from second on the grid - his last victory for Brawn GP, complained yesterday that "we've run the car too low". Button starts from fourth on the grid by the way.

1147: Yesterday's qualifying saw Webber claim his third pole position in a row - the first triple since Felipe Massa in 2007 and it is the first time an Australian has done it since Jack Brabham in 1960. Webber leads the championship with victories in the last two races, anyone fancy him to do it again? If he does, it will be the first time an Australian has won three on the bounce since Alan Jones in 1979.

1143: Talking of Eurovision, to be honest I'm still mentally scarred after last night's antics. Russia, Serbia and Moldova - I'm looking at you. For me, the contest hasn't really been the same since Johnny Logan's 'Hold Me Now' win in 1987. Would you think bad of me if I admitted that I bought the single?

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Darrell Allen, Norwich via text: "Hi Mark, hoping for an entertaining race today. Looking forward to the Red Bull/McLaren battle. I fancy a win for Lewis."

1138: When I left for work this morning, my children asked me a question. They wondered whether I would get messages from you good people with predictions for the race, general banter and whether music really was the winner in last night's Eurovision. I replied that I didn't know. So don't do it for me, do it for the kids. Get involved by using Twitter, 606 or text me on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with F1 before your message. I thank you.

Force India on Twitter: "It's race day and guess what? It's hot and sunny, no surprise there... "

1134: I digress. Back to Istanbul Park, where I reckon we've got a right crackerjack of a race coming up. In case you weren't with us yesterday, Red Bull continued their 2010 qualifying dominance by securing their seventh pole in a row in the shape of Mark Webber. Team-mate Sebastian Vettel was in third with McLaren's Lewis Hamilton splitting the Red Bulls in second.

1130: Hello. If you are feeling a little down after last night's Eurovision result, then let us banish your blues as we bring you live coverage of the Turkish Grand Prix. You never know, a Brit might not finish last.

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After 60 of 61 laps
Position Driver Team

Race stopped at 60 laps

1 Great Britain L Hamilton Mercedes
2 Germany S Vettel Red Bull
3 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull
4 Spain F Alonso Ferrari
5 Brazil F Massa Williams
6 France J Vergne Toro Rosso
7 Mexico S Perez Force India
8 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari
9 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India
10 Denmark K Magnussen McLaren
11 Finland V Bottas Williams
12 Venezuela P Maldonado Lotus
13 France R Grosjean Lotus
14 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso
15 Sweden M Ericsson Caterham
16 France J Bianchi Marussia
17 Great Britain M Chilton Marussia
18 Great Britain J Button (ret.) McLaren
19 Germany A Sutil (ret.) Sauber
20 Mexico E Gutierrez (ret.) Sauber
21 Germany N Rosberg (ret.) Mercedes
22 Japan K Kobayashi (ret.) Caterham

FIA Formula 1 World Championsh 2016

Position Driver Team Pts
1 Germany N Rosberg Mercedes 385
2 Great Britain L Hamilton Mercedes 380
3 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull 256
4 Germany S Vettel Ferrari 212
5 M Verstappen Red Bull 204
6 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari 186
7 Mexico S Perez Force India 101
8 Finland V Bottas Williams 85
9 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India 72
10 Spain F Alonso McLaren 54
11 Brazil F Massa Williams 53
12 C Sainz Toro Rosso 46
13 France R Grosjean Haas F1 29
14 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso 25
15 Great Britain J Button McLaren 21
16 Denmark K Magnussen Lotus 7
17 Brazil F Nasr Sauber 2
18 J Palmer Lotus 1
19 P Wehrlein Manor Marussia F1 1
21 Mexico E Gutierrez Haas F1 0
22 Sweden M Ericsson Sauber 0
23 E Ocon Manor Marussia F1 0

Points projected from latest race positions

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Turkish Grand Prix photos
30 May 10 |  Formula 1
Sunday's F1 gossip column
30 May 10 |  Formula 1
Hamilton eyes first win of season
29 May 10 |  Formula 1
Webber storms to Turkish GP pole
30 May 10 |  Formula 1
Ferrari will bounce back - Alonso
30 May 10 |  Formula 1
Schumacher pleased with progress
29 May 10 |  Formula 1
Senna lifted by Hispania progress
29 May 10 |  Formula 1

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