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Monaco GP as it happened


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By Mark Orlovac

1527: That's it from me, time to call it a day. The F1 Forum is about to start on the Red Button as the fall-out continues. It will be fascinating. Thank you for all of your messages over the weekend, apologies that I have not been able to use all of them. I'll be back doing this again for the Turkish Grand Prix in two weeks' time. Until then, take care.

1525: Brawn has lots of pieces of paper in his hands as he explains his point of view. I would love to be a fly on the wall in that stewards room. Seconds out...

1523: Unsurprisingly, Mercedes boss Ross Brawn disagrees with his Ferrari counterpart. He believes the drivers are allowed to race between the safety car line and the start/finish line.

Sarah Holt on Twitter: "Phew, Red Bull boss Christian Horner says he intends to stay fully-clothed during this evening's celebrations. When David Coulthard took Red Bull's first podium with third in Monaco 2006, the boss jumped in a swimming pool wearing only a Superman cape."

1515: So, Mark Webber is top of the driver standings. He is on 78 points, together with team-mate Sebastian Vettel. Apparently it is the first time an Australian has led the world championship since Alan Jones in 1981.

Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali: "That should be the rule, you can't overtake on the final lap. Our understandings of the regulations is pretty clear but let's just and see what the stewards say."

1511: A delighted Webber in the top-three press conference says this has been the best day of his life. He really has been superb today and that win is totally deserved. He has now won two successive races from pole.

1508: Hang on, hang on. Apparently the rule states that under a safety car the race will finish WITHOUT overtaking. This is not over.

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Pandora's gearbox on 606: "Just seen the analysis, Schumacher's timing was perfect, completely legit and I hate to say it but well done Schumi."

1503: Just seeing a replay of the Alonso/Schumacher incident. Alonso was over the safety car line before the Mercedes man overtook him. Schumacher should be safe - sixth is his. I wonder what mood Alonso is in now?

1501: The Red Bull celebrations begin. That really is a waste of some fine champagne. Criminal. Maybe they should use cava.

1459: Anthem time. Here's how it finished: Webber, Vettel, Kubica, Massa, Hamilton, Schumacher, Alonso, Rosberg, Sutil and Liuzzi.

1458: Webber leaps onto the stage to collect his trophy. No podium in Monaco remember. Unfortunately there's no repeat of last year when Button parked his Brawn in the wrong place and had to run down to the box.

1456: That overtaking incident is being investigated by the stewards. Damon Hill, it's over to you. Webber doesn't care. He's won the race. "Unbelievable. Thank you," he tells his team over the radio. "You deserve every bit of this. The car is fantastic."

1454: Drama at the finish. Schumacher gets in on the inside of Alonso coming out of La Rascasse and takes him at Anthony Noghes for sixth place. Cheeky.


Lap 78: The safety car will come in at the end of the lap so Webber only has one corner to negotiate before he claims victory.

Hispania's Karun Chandhok: "Jarno Trulli has just apologised to me, there was absolutely no way he could get through there. It's a real shame because I was driving my best race of the year so far and I was on track to be the best of the new teams. His car just missed my head. I ducked down and it came over and hit the roll hoop."

Lap 77: Petrov comes in and retires with a brake problem. The field is all bunched up behind the safety car but it looks like it will not come in before the end.

Lap 75: And the safety car does come out for the fourth time. Are we going to finish the race behind it? Chandhok put his hands up to his helmet when Trulli's car came across him - he was lucky he didn't lose them.

Lap 74: Trulli goes over the top of Chandhok's Hispania at La Rascasse. That's a nasty crash. No safety car as yet, but surely it won't be long before it is.

Lap 73: Vettel chips away a tiny bit at Webber but the Australian is not in any danger. The gap is 4.1 seconds.

Lap 72: Webber's gap is reduced to 4.2 seconds, Vettel is 1.8 seconds ahead of Kubica.

Lap 71: Vettel gives a gentle nudge to his team-mate by setting the fastest lap of 1:15.192.

Lap 70: The top 10 is Webber, Vettel, Kubica, Massa, Hamilton, Alonso, Schumacher, Rosberg, Sutil and Liuzzi.

Lap 68: Webber leads by 5.6 seconds. Hamilton is 8.8 seconds behind fourth-placed Massa. Barring any accidents I think that's it now.

Lap 66: Webber's lead is now 5.7 seconds as he eases up a little. Kubica is 1.2 seconds behind Vettel, that challenge may have faded now.

Rubens Barrichello on his accident: "It's been a surprise because I had such a great start. But after the pit stop the car was not together, the steering wheel felt numb. Something was not good until the crash. They are analysing what went on."

Lap 64: Webber is told to start looking after the car by his engineers, no more fastest laps then.

Lap 63: I want to get a bit Big Daddy and start chanting: 'Easy. Easy. Easy." Webber sets a 1:15.318.

Lap 62: Vettel is caught in traffic and Kubica is suddenly all over him like a cheap suit. Can the Renault man take his chance? The traffic means that Webber's lead is now 6.2 seconds, helped by a fastest lap of 1:15.796.

Lap 61: Webber is leading by 4.6 seconds. Massa in fourth has dropped Hamilton and is 3.9 seconds ahead of the McLaren driver.

Lap 59: Another lap, another fastest time for Webber. This time it's a 1:15.832.

Lap 58: Webber is 4.4 seconds clear. Alonso seems to have settled as the gap between him and Schumacher has stabilised at a second.

Lap 57: He's been a bit quiet recently but up pops Webber with another fastest lap - a 1:15.906. Commanding.

Lap 56: Webber is 4.3 seconds clear while Schumacher is now just 0.9 seconds behind Alonso.

Lap 55: Schumacher is trying to close up on Alonso, the gap between those two former world champions is now 1.4 seconds.

Lap 54: Shock, horror - Webber doesn't set a fastest lap! Don't worry though, Red Bull fans, he is still 4.2 seconds clear.

Lap 53: This really is an impressive performance from Webber. He records a 1:15.999, half a second quicker than team-mate Vettel. Alonso closes the gap on Hamilton to 2.3 seconds.

Lap 52: Webber goes quicker again, this time he posts a 1:16.285.

Lap 51: Webber leads by 3.3 seconds after setting a new fastest lap of 1:16.301. Hamilton, in fifth, is 3.0 seconds clear of Alonso.

Lap 50: Elsewhere, Kubica is in third - 1.4 seconds off Vettel, with Massa, Hamilton, Alonso and Schumacher following in behind.

Lap 49: Webber sets a fastest lap of 1:16.505. He has been in the zone all weekend and the lead is now 3.1 seconds. Both BMW Sauber drivers have blamed their retirements on gear shift and hydraulic problems.

Lap 47: Webber looks as smooth as George Clooney bathing in melted chocolate*. The lead is now 2.4 seconds. There's only one winner here now surely?
* allegedly

Lap 46: Back racing. Webber carves out a 1.9 second gap over Vettel already. Kubica is 1.1 seconds off Vettel.

Lap 45: Safety car comes in.

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Peter, Blackburn via text: "My 2½ year old Zebedee is watching the race at his simulator wheel. After Lewis' radio exchange he's saying: 'What the hell! What the hell!'"

Lap 44: Apparently there is a loose drain cover where Rubens Barrichello crashed near Massenet. However, Martin Brundle says that it must have been a false alarm.

Lap 43: The safety car is out for the third time. We can't see why though.

Lap 41: Webber hits back with a 1:16.828, his lead is 2.7 seconds. Alonso is slipping back and is 3.7 seconds behind Hamilton now. Seventh-placed Schumacher closes to within 1.7 seconds of Alonso.

Lap 40: Third-placed Kubica responds with a new fastest lap of 1:17.036. Webber leads, followed by Vettel, Kubica, Massa, Hamilton and Alonso.

Lap 39: Alonso, in sixth, is 3.2 seconds behind Hamilton. Vettel now sets the fastest lap, a 1:17.330, he is 2.3 seconds behind Webber.

Lap 37: There's a tetchy exchange between Hamilton and his team. A McLaren engineer radios to Hamilton: "Lewis, front brake wear high. We need you to bias to the rear or take it easy." Hamilton replies: "We're only halfway through the race. What the hell? Do you want me to race these guys or look after the car?" Ooooh.

Lap 36: Vettel just cannot get close to Webber. The Aussie leads by 2.2 seconds.

Lap 35: Webber really looks comfortable out there. He extends his lead to 1.7 seconds.

Lap 34: We are back racing. Webber leads Vettel by 1.122 seconds. Then it is Kubica, Massa, Hamilton, Alonso and Schumacher. We are not even at half way yet.

Lap 33: The safety car comes in at the end of the lap.

Lap 31: Barrichello seems to have had a problem with his right rear wheel. It seemed to tuck underneath the Williams as he drove over the brow of the hill. He smashes into the barriers and ends up facing the wrong way. Horrible.

Lap 31: Safety car is back out. Barrichello has a nasty-looking shunt coming up the hill to Massenet.

Lap 30: Webber back up to full pace now, he sets the fastest lap of 1:17.372.

BBC analyst Martin Brundle: "If they carry on at this sort of pace, then Massa, Hamilton and Alonso can make some impression - certainly on Kubica."

Lap 29: Right then, it's Webber, 10.4 seconds clear of Vettel, who is followed by Kubica, Massa, Hamilton, Alonso, Schumacher, Rosberg and Sutil.

Lap 28: Rosberg comes in but that time he spent behind Webber has cost him dearly. He comes out behind his team-mate Schumacher.

Lap 27: Massa is in fifth now, Hamilton is sixth and Alonso seventh.

Lap 26: Webber leads Rosberg by 1.1 seconds. Problems for Trulli's car in the pits, they take an age to get the nut off his back wheel.

BBC pundit Anthony Davidson on Radio 5 live: "Timo Glock is 'crabbing' around the Monaco circuit - looks like the Virgin car has something wrong with the rear wheels. It could be suspension damage, but whatever it is, he is out of this race."

Lap 24: Lots of problems with the right rear wheel on the Virgin of Timo Glock. Smoke comes out of De la Rosa's car and his race is over. At the front it is Webber, Rosberg, Vettel, Kubica, Kobayashi, Massa, Hamilton, Alonso and Schumacher.

Lap 23: Webber pits and comes out ahead of second-placed Rosberg. Rosberg sets a time of 1:17.403.

Lap 22: In comes Vettel. Pedro de la Rosa is stick the pits.

Lap 21: Kubica and Petrov come in. Alguersuari also pits which will free up Hamilton and Alonso, who were behind him. Rosberg sets the fastest lap of 1:17.445.

Lap 20: Alonso and Hamilton come out ahead of Schumacher and Barrichello. Hamilton is being caught by Alonso. Webber is nine seconds clear.

Lap 19: Massa, Schumacher, Barrichello and Liuzzi all come into the pits. Webber sets the fastest lap of 1:17.593.

Lap 17: Hamilton comes into the pits as McLaren make sure he is ahead of Alonso. Interesting. Webber is 8.1 seconds clear.

Lap 16: Alonso is moving up. He goes around the outside of Heikki Kovalainen at the slow left hander at the end of the Tunnel. Brave, brave, brave. Webber has a gap of seven seconds. Webber has a fastest lap of 1:17.784.

Jenson Button: "I think it got a little bit hot on the way to the grid. We left a bung in on the left-hand side of the car that obviously you're meant to take out on the way to the grid. That's cooked the engine. It got very hot under the bonnet and I had to turn it off. I didn't want to leave oil on the race line. It would have been fine if we didn't have the safety car. That was what ended it. At such a slow speed you can't get any air into it to cool it down."
Martin Brundle: "Apparently, yesterday Jenson had to throw the remote control for the TV out of the cockpit at Rascasse."

Lap 14: Alonso takes Glock at the same chicane. Webber is 5.3 seconds in front now. No worries.

Lap 13: Another fastest lap for Webber, a 1:17.979. Alonso is up to 18th.

Lap 12: Webber is finding this as taxing as an interview with Lorraine Kelly. He's 3.6 seconds clear. Then it is Vettel, Kubica, Massa, Hamilton and Barrichello.

Lap 11: Webber sets the fastest lap of 1:18.325. He's flying and is 2.9 seconds ahead of Vettel. Alonso's race engineer Andrea Stella tells the Spaniard: "Good job on the backmarker. Let's stay calm."

Lap 10: Alonso finally gets around Di Grassi at the chicane at the end of the tunnel.

Lap 9: Webber sets the fastest lap so far of 1:18.865, he leads by 1.8 seconds.

Lap 8: Alonso is desperately trying to get around Lucas di Grassi but the Virgin driver is not having any of it. Alonso will not be happy with this.

Lap 7: Webber gets a shift on when the safety car comes in and he leads Vettel by 1.4 seconds. Alonso passes Hispania's Karun Chandhok and is in 20th position.

Lap 6: The safety car comes in at the end of the lap. We are back racing.

Lap 5: The safety car is still out and there is no sign that it is going to come in just yet. Hamilton is worried about his front right wing and asks his team to check the data for it - McLaren say it looks fine.

Lap 4: As Hulkenberg's car is taken over the barriers, Webber tells his team that there is a "lot of debris" in the tunnel.

Lap 3: As Button comes down to Sainte Devote his McLaren has a lot of smoke coming out of it and the car grinds to a halt. That looks like an engine failure. Safety car still out. At the front it is Webber, Vettel, Kubica, Massa, Hamilton and Barrichello.

Lap 3: Jenson Button is out.

Lap 2: Hulkenberg was on the dirty side of the track in the tunnel and smacks into the left-hand barriers. Williams team-mate Rubens Barrichello moved up from ninth to sixth at the start. Rosberg went down to eighth.

Lap 1: Drama. The safety car is out. Nico Hulkenberg has a big smash in the tunnel. Alonso dives into the pits and changes to hard tyres. That's his mandatory stop done then.

Lap 1: What a start from Vettel. He is up to second despite Kubica trying to block him off. Webber has a clean start and leads into Sainte Devote.

1302: Alonso in the pit lane... on soft tyres.

Ferrari on Twitter: "Air temperature is 22C, track 41C, the skies are becoming more and more cloudy but no rain expected at the moment."

1259: Just the cars on the grid now. The formation lap is about to begin.

1258: A late change in the office. The colleague who went for Webber has now defected to Hamilton. Can he do it from fifth on the grid?

1257: Interesting spot from David Coulthard on the BBC coverage. He saw a slight flaw in Mark Webber's sensational pole lap - the Australian seems to scrape his front right tyre on the barriers, footage also shows him checking it for damage afterwards. It could well be nothing but worth keeping an eye on as he has to start the race with the same tyres."

Martin Brundle asks Adrian Sutil if he will start on the harder tyres: "Probably yeah, but even if you make up position on tyres you have to pit and then there is a big queue behind you, so either way you probably end up losing the positions."

Peter in Stillwater, Minnesota via text: "They wanted me to work overtime. Not with Monaco on the BBC!"

1254: Who are you going for? Here in the office there are two votes for Kubica and three for Webber. We've got 78 laps over 161.879 miles, we're almost there people.

TheRealEmKayEf on Twitter: "Hoping for a Monaco miracle... Alonso to win? Fingers crossed!"

thebeesballs on Twitter: "Hello from exams, no work, 40" lcd with beer in hand. OK I'm not IN Monaco but it's the next best thing!!"

1248: Should Webber win, it will be the first time an Australian has triumphed there since Jack Brabham won in 1959. Last year, Jenson Button won for Brawn GP on the way to winning the 2009 world title. The last Briton to win back-to-back Monaco Grands Prix was Graham Hill in 1968 and 1969. Mercedes driver Michael Schumacher is one of five previous Monaco winners on this year's grid. He needs one more win to join Ayrton Senna on six victories.

1245: Brundle speaks to actor Gerard Butler on the grid, although he says he is concentrating on interviewing the Sugababes. You and me both fella. Lo and behold, Brundle gets his wish, there they are. Hollywood? You've got Hollywood.

McLaren's Lewis Hamilton: "You don't need as much guts to get close to grass. But here you have to have serious heart and serious passion to get close to those barriers. There are no run-off areas here. The slightest mistake or error and you go into the wall. There is no margin, you make a mistake and your race is over. I enjoy it, -this track gets your heart racing. There are only 24 of us in the whole world that can drive this track and there are only a few of us that can do it well; to have won here is a really amazing feeling."

BBC Sport pundit David Coulthard: "If Fernando Alonso was 11th or 12th on the grid and people at the front had critical issues with the soft tyres, he would have a real chance of doing some damage but because he's 24th on the grid, he's effectively out of the race. I started last in 2001 and spent 40 laps behind a slower car until he pitted and then I could go at my own pace. I finished fifth."

1238: Grid walk time. Marvellous. Force India's Adrian Sutil, wearing quite a large pair of sunglasses, is not telling Martin Brundle too much about his strategy for the race. It's all very crowded down there. Barrichello says his Williams is struggling aerodynamically, mechanically and with the engine and traction. Apart from that though, everything is fine.

BBC Sport pundit David Coulthard: "The question is can the drivers who qualified in the top 10 on super-soft tyres make them last during the race. If the tyres go off then they'll have to pit and then the concertina effect of the cars means you could come out and end up behind a slower car and you lose your advantage. But the bottom line is that all the top 10 have run the soft tyre so realistically all the people that you are competing against to win the race are all in the same boat. What you'd effectively want to do is run as long as you can and either pit at the same time as those you are racing or worst-case scenario if your tyres are in a really bad shape pit one lap after they've pitted because you will lose time if they come in and put on a new set and you stay out."

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner on BBC One: "Our key focus this afternoon is winning the race, this is the key pole position of the season with such a short run down to the first corner. I think Mark's qualifying lap was the best of his career so far, he just got into a rhythm and it was absolutely awesome, the margin was remarkable especially around such a short circuit like Monte Carlo. Robert Kubica's pace has been a big threat all weekend, it's collectively a good result for Renault but we need to make sure we turn that into points. Sebastian Vettel dominated at the start of the season but Mark has really found his stride. He has his mojo back and his confidence is high, he is relaxed and when you are like that then the times come, he is just in the zone and feeling good. Seb is trying very hard and sometimes you have to relax a little bit and the times will come. But we are in a good position as a team."

Lotus technical chief Mike Gascoyne on Twitter: "Had to replace second gear again overnight on Heikki's gearbox. Settings change for race to reduce loads on the gear. Should be a one-stop race, predicting most cars to start on the option and switch to prime around lap 20-25."

Jennifer Lopez in Monaco
It's all glamour in Monaco isn't it?
Sarah Holt on Twitter: "Official glam - J-Lo hits Monaco."
J-Lo! Sugababes!! I can't cope.

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Galahad on 606: "In the last five years, not a single driver has retired on the first lap at Monaco. Strange but true!"

NGReeves on Twitter: "I have a uni exam tomorrow, but that's not stopping me from watching the race today. Kubica to jump Webber on the start."
Apparently the last person to jump the pole sitter here in Monaco was David Coulthard on the way to victory in 2002.

Grant in Bristol via text: "The first corner is essential for Webber. If Kubica beats him to it, then he'll have a tough race. Should be exciting to see what Alonso can do."

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Mike in Cardiff via text: "The Monaco GP is keeping my sanity in the run-up to my final music college exam tomorrow. I'm sure Lewis will treat us to some brilliant overtaking despite the nature of the Monaco circuit. It's going to be exciting."

1216: Shirt watchers, here's a run down on what the telly boys have got on for us today. EJ is in polka dots, with purple-rimmed glasses while David Coulthard has a turquoise number... and those tight white jeans. We've also had a another glimpse of the traditional football match in Monaco featuring some of the F1 drivers. The clip we see is of Alonso spanking a volley into the top corner from the edge of the box. What a strike. Arsene, sign that boy up.

ubermint on Twitter: "I could be revising for my exams, or finishing off my assignments for uni, or working on my compositions. I'm not, obviously."

Paul, not-in-the-library-he-should-be, St Andrews via text: "Only a race as unpredictable as this could prevent preparing for my three exams in three days. Expect the unexpected."

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johnoverseas on 606: "I predict that at least two of the top five will crash out and the race will be won with the strategy of the pit stops. Looking forward to this one."

1211: Telly coverage has just begun and the opening sequence has Eddie Jordan in a speed boat. I love it.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Monaco: "The teams had a meeting on Sunday morning to try and thrash out a deal on tyre supply for 2010. Michelin, Cooper Avon and Pirelli have all tendered offers while the bosses at Bridgestone are trying to be persuaded to stay on beyond the end of this season. Mercedes boss Ross Brawn hinted Italian firm Pirelli could be favourite as he said yesterday: 'We've had a good proposal from Pirelli which we're looking into seriously.' Apparently, some members of his engineering team have paid a call to the factory to scope out the tyres. Brawn's McLaren counterpart Martin Whitmarsh was less definite about which manufacturer the teams were leaning towards and said it was unlikely that they'd reach an agreement this weekend."

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
Nina via text on on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide): "Lots of us torn between revising and watching the race! My boyfriend is revising for his contract law exam and I am revising statistics for mine. I want Vettel to win but can't see him getting past Kubica and Webber is a beast on pole. Keep us entertained please!"
I'll do my best!

DanHasALamb on Twitter: "Stuck rehearsing on a ship in Genoa. The captain's an F1 fan & not even HE could get me time off to watch the race. Blasted career."

1202: And are we seeing the first signs of tension at the Mercedes garage? After qualifying, Nico Rosberg looked as happy as Kimi Raikkonen with a headache, saying he was in a bad mood despite qualifying in sixth, one place ahead of team-mate Michael Schumacher. Bless him though, he was very polite and apologised for being grumpy. Schumacher then said that Rosberg held him up in Q3. That would have made for an interesting debrief yesterday afternoon.

1200: Just a quick heads up about the telly coverage. It's live on BBC One and streamed on this website from 1210 BST. There's the F1 Forum on the Red Button after the race. There's also live coverage on BBC Radio 5 live and there's highlights of the race from 1900 BST on BBC Three.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Monaco: "Deja vu for Jenson Button on race day; just like last year he arrives in the principality leading the world championship. In 2009 he arrived with a 14-point lead - which after some laborious maths works out as a 39.5-point lead under the new points system - but this time he is defending a narrow three-point lead from Fernando Alonso. Button starts in eighth while Alonso starts in the pit-lane for Ferrari after a practice crash put him out of qualifying but Button still wants to wave au revoir to Monaco with his lead intact. 'This is a race where I hoped to capitalise on Fernando's mistake in practice - this was a good opportunity to get some good points on him. You can't overtake round here unless someone makes a mistake but our race pace is good and we can make up some places. Getting our pit stop strategy right will be key as people will be taking lots of different types of risks about when to stop and will fall into traffic. It would be nice to be fighting at the front coming out of this race and to not have given that up when we leave here.'"

seanbhoy87 on Twitter: "I'm going for Kubica to win, Alonso in the points after yet more reliability problems for Red Bull Racing. It's going to be a cracker regardless."

Andy, Edward Boyle library, Leeds via text: "I'm sat in the library revising and F1 is my only break from work! You have to love the BBC mobile site! I can see Webber taking this one despite wanting a McLaren to win. I just can't see it happening!"

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Stargazer on 606: "Fernando Alonso is planning to pit no later than lap three (possibly even after one lap) and drive the whole of the rest of the race on the same set of tyres, hoping for a safety car."

1145: Monaco is obviously famed for the number of rich and famous celebs that come along to watch and this year is no different. We've now got a photo gallery up for you to have a gander at. It's even got Paris Hilton standing by a car. Awesome.

G, London via text: "I'm stuck inside a stuffy library revising for a rubbish chemistry exam tomorrow, and am reduced to following the F1 on my mobile. Could you please keep the references to the beauty, the weather and the glamour of Monaco to a minimum, for my sanity's sake?"
Would it make you feel better if I said that it's raining, there are rubber dinghies instead of luxury yachts in the harbour and there's graffiti on every wall?

BBC pit-lane reporter Lee McKenzie: "I really hope that this is Mark Webber's day and after the performance he showed during qualifying, when he was 0.4 secs quicker than his Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel, it looks like he could be celebrating once again. Obviously, he needs to make a good start and have a good pit stop but if they go well then he should be dominant round the world's most luxurious rollercoaster. I spoke to him after his pole lap and he was completely stunned and emotional. The Monaco 'zone' is famous with drivers like Ayrton Senna, a six-time winner here, and Ferrari driver Felipe Massa, who we spotted riding home on a Ferrari scooter last night. The drivers talk about being able to reach a different 'level' as they float round the track. I am sure Mark had a glimpse of that yesterday."

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
Oli in Oxford via text: "Revise for finals or watch the Monaco Grand Prix? Easy choice, though not viewed in quite the same way by my girlfriend!"

1133: Traffic was definitely one of the main talking points in qualifying yesterday. Ironically though, it only really became a problem in the final stages when there were only 10 cars on the track. McLaren's Jenson Button, who qualified in eighth, was not happy with Massa, the Briton saying the Ferrari driver held him up while Michael Schumacher said Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg did the same. Interesting.

Fragzie on 606: "Prediction: Alguersuari in the points and unfortunately Petrov in the barrier."

DunkMonk on Twitter: "Looks like Jenson's going to be stuck staring at Schumi's backside for most of the afternoon once more."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Monaco: "You might not want to hear this but it's a picture-perfect day in Monte Carlo. The yachts are sunning themselves in the harbour and Mont Agel is crested with blue skies. It's all very sociable in the paddock; there's a brief glimpse of a driver before they disappear out of the way of the grand prix guests. The odd VIP often pops down, I can't imagine why, and we're expecting singer and actress Jennifer Lopez to rock up, while Scottish heartthrob Gerard Butler, Paris Hilton and the Sugababes are already in town. You don't have to be a celeb to get a glimpse of the inner-workings of the paddock either as this is also one of those rare races when fans can get quite close by walking along the narrow strip of the harbour with a view into the team motor homes."
Sugababes!! I'm in heaven.

1121: This could be a right royal rumble in Monte Carlo and you are in the right place to follow all the action. I would say that though wouldn't I? You can play your part too. Will Webber make it two wins out of two, can Kubica claim only his second F1 victory, how high up the field can Alonso finish? Give me your hopes, predictions and banter via Twitter, 606 or text on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with F1 before your message. Go on, you know you want to.

1117: If you weren't with us yesterday, then you missed a pretty tasty day. Ferrari's Fernando Alonso crashed in third practice - ruling himself out of qualifying and will start the race from the pit lane - while Red Bull's Mark Webber pulled out an electric lap to seal pole position for the second straight race. Renault's Robert Kubica joins him on the front row, with Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari's Felipe Massa on the second row. Pick a winner from that lot.

1115: And if that doesn't get you in the mood for today, then I'm afraid I can't help you. Welcome to our coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix, and I've got a good feeling about this one.

1110: You don't need me to introduce this live text commentary, not when you've got the two previous Monaco winners on hand.

Jenson Button: "It was one of the highlights of my season and also my entire racing career. It's a race that you grow up watching; you know the circuit, every corner, by heart before you've ever driven there, so it's an extremely special place."

Lewis Hamilton: "I love the Monaco circuit, it's the greatest track in Formula 1. My victory here is still probably my best win and one of the greatest moments in my career. It was an incredible day."

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After 60 of 61 laps
Position Driver Team

Race stopped at 60 laps

1 Great Britain L Hamilton Mercedes
2 Germany S Vettel Red Bull
3 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull
4 Spain F Alonso Ferrari
5 Brazil F Massa Williams
6 France J Vergne Toro Rosso
7 Mexico S Perez Force India
8 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari
9 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India
10 Denmark K Magnussen McLaren
11 Finland V Bottas Williams
12 Venezuela P Maldonado Lotus
13 France R Grosjean Lotus
14 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso
15 Sweden M Ericsson Caterham
16 France J Bianchi Marussia
17 Great Britain M Chilton Marussia
18 Great Britain J Button (ret.) McLaren
19 Germany A Sutil (ret.) Sauber
20 Mexico E Gutierrez (ret.) Sauber
21 Germany N Rosberg (ret.) Mercedes
22 Japan K Kobayashi (ret.) Caterham

FIA Formula 1 World Championsh 2016

Position Driver Team Pts
1 Germany N Rosberg Mercedes 385
2 Great Britain L Hamilton Mercedes 380
3 Australia D Ricciardo Red Bull 256
4 Germany S Vettel Ferrari 212
5 M Verstappen Red Bull 204
6 Finland K Raikkonen Ferrari 186
7 Mexico S Perez Force India 101
8 Finland V Bottas Williams 85
9 Germany N Hulkenberg Force India 72
10 Spain F Alonso McLaren 54
11 Brazil F Massa Williams 53
12 C Sainz Toro Rosso 46
13 France R Grosjean Haas F1 29
14 Russia D Kvyat Toro Rosso 25
15 Great Britain J Button McLaren 21
16 Denmark K Magnussen Lotus 7
17 Brazil F Nasr Sauber 2
18 J Palmer Lotus 1
19 P Wehrlein Manor Marussia F1 1
21 Mexico E Gutierrez Haas F1 0
22 Sweden M Ericsson Sauber 0
23 E Ocon Manor Marussia F1 0

Points projected from latest race positions

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