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Spanish Grand Prix as it happened


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By Caroline Cheese

1515: Right, that's quite enough from me - and the Circuit de Catalunya, if you get what I mean. Do not forget that the Red Button forum continues on the, er, Red Button and on the BBC website for UK users. Thanks millions for all your messages. See ya.

Third-placed Sebastian Vettel: "A lot of things went wrong today. I had no chance to get past Mark at the start. I was not quick enough and I struggled a lot with the balance of the car. I think we came in too early. We probably expected Lewis to come in on the same lap but he didn't. We had to wait in the pit box a long time because we had to wait for the Ferrari to come past and Jenson was coming in. It felt like a 9 second pit stop. We lost a lot of ground but lost the position. To avoid the contact I went wide but it's impossible to pass. The last 10 laps I had no brakes, and I was lucky because there was such a big gap. I don't know how to feel because third is not bad but I think we had a horrible race today. Mark had a race without any problems, but for me it was the other way round. Difficult."

Second-placed Fernando Alonso: "I feel extremely happy after the result today. When you gain two positions in the last part of the race it feels great. Overall the weekend has been so-so for us but in terms of results it's fantastic. We need to improve - I think we saw that we need to improve the car to be close to Red Bull. We learned some things. We are working to maximise our potential. As long as we put in 100% over the weekend, we have to be happy."

A smiling Michael Schumacher on claiming fourth: "We knew right from the beginning that it's not going to be a chance to compete for victory, not even for the podium. It was keep position and maybe take the opportunities if someone gave them to us. Thanks to some glitches in others' pitstops, we moved up one place. Jenson pushed quite hard. I'm sure it was pretty frustrating for him and exciting for me. It's been an OK weekend. The car is more normal again."

From Shane via text: "Button lost credibility today... Should have done more to get past Schumacher... Very disappointed with him today, and I'm an ardent Button fan."

Race winner Mark Webber: "At one stage at the start it was quite tight, we had Lewis and Fernando alongside but we (with Vettel) stayed in front and then I managed to get into a rhythm as the race went on. We looked after the tyres, had a clean pit stop, and we just controlled the gap. The final part was about looking after the car and the tyres, the races are long and you need to get the car home. Collectively it has been a huge job by everyone at Red Bull. It was a fantastic result, everyone has done their part including the driver, and I'm absolutely thrilled."

Lotus chief Mike Gascoyne on Twitter: "Very disappointing race after qualifying yesterday. However on to Monaco where anything can happen."

1504: Button also has a little dig at Michael Schumacher's move to get past him after his first stop. "You'd think with his experience he would know," says the world champion.

Jenson Button on finishing fifth: "It's almost important to overtake and he [Schumacher] was moving about and making sure I couldn't get past. Yeah, really frustrating. Pace was good but it doesn't make any difference if you can't overtake. I damaged my tyres quite badly. Really disappointing. It all came from the first pit stop. We had a problem with the clutch dragging. It's not the result we wanted or deserved. My dash wasn't working either. Fifth is OK, but it wasn't a very good race."

Lewis Hamilton on retiring from second: "It was quite a good race for me, I had really good fun out there. It's nice to take a step forward and split the Red Bulls. It would have been perfect for the team. But these things happen. I don't know what it was. I guess we'll find out. There's many more races to go. I was just cruising to the finish line - it was great points for me. But then I blew a tyre with two laps to go. That's motor-racing."

1455: Those 18 points for second would have put Lewis Hamilton second in the driver standings heading to Monaco, a point behind team-mate and championship leader Jenson Button. As it is, he's sixth and 21 points behind.

McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh on Lewis Hamilton's retirement: "It was a deflation. It could have been debris caught in the rim. It's not a straightforward puncture. It's difficult for the team. The tyres were in reasonable shape. I think probably debris caused the failure, but that's speculation."

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner: "Both drivers are treated equally. We're delighted to have both of them up on the podium. First and third is a brilliant team result. The guys in the garage are working so well at the moment. Today was a great day for the team. We want to do it again next weekend."

From Ed, via text: "Poor Lewis!"

1449: Inevitably, the biggest cheer is saved for Fernando Alonso, who points to his second-place trophy and then points at his adoring fans, dedicating it to them. And now, here go the bubbles...

1446: Mark Webber hops to the top step of the podium just in time to hear the Australian national anthem. There'll also be some celebrations in the Virgin garage as they get both cars to the finish for the first time. Not so for Mercedes, despite Michael Schumacher's fourth place. The seven-time champ was over a minute behind Mark Webber. Nico Rosberg was 13th.

1441: "Fantastic, you were untouchable," Red Bull tell Mark Webber. Hard to argue. Fabulous drive from the Aussie for only his third Grand Prix win.

1440: The crowd are in raptures as Fernando Alonso claims second behind Mark Webber. Completing the top 10: Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher, Jenson Button, Felipe Massa, Adrian Sutil, Robert Kubica, Rubens Barrichello and Jaime Alguersuari.


Lap 66: As Lewis Hamilton climbs out of his car, Mark Webber, under the yellow flags, is on his way to his first win of the season.

Lap 65: Unbelievable drama. One lap remaining and Lewis Hamilton picks up a front left puncture in turn three and goes flying into the gravel and into a tyre wall. The Spanish crowd love it. Fernando Alonso up to second, Seb Vettel's limping Red Bull third.


Lap 62: "You need to slow down, this is critical." That's the message from Red Bull to Sebastian Vettel, who is doing a magnificent job of just about keeping his car on the track. It's like Bahrain all over again... and not in a good way.

Lap 60: Sebastian Vettel is given the rather troubling news that his brakes are about to go. "Be very careful," say his Red Bull team. Vettel will have to limp to the end. He leads by 23.4 seconds from Michael Schumacher. Lewis Hamilton in second is on the charge. Do McLaren think Mark Webber might suffer a similar problem?

From DamoIRL on Twitter: "Note to Bernie. Introduce comedy sprinklers every 10 laps. Wet = Fun."

From voteforengland on Twitter: "Spain GP it's a bore should be reduced to 10 laps and two pit stops as all the action is in the pit lane not the track."

Hispania driver Karun Chandhok: "What Jaime Alguersuari did was just un-called for. I let him pass. The corner goes right and he goes left. I can't repeat what Bernie said to me. There were a few swear words and it wasn't against me."

Lap 57: Ted Kravitz reveals Red Bull are now clearing a space in the garage. "It might be precautionary," he hastily adds. "Red Bull are big on precautions." But Sebastian Vettel seems to be going OK and has just set a quickest second sector.

Lap 55: Drama! At last! Sebastian Vettel runs off into the gravel and he has a problem. He comes in for a tyre change. Front right issue, according to Ted Kravitz, so Red Bull's reliability problems continue. The German is down to fourth and Fernando Alonso moves up into a podium position - much to the delight of the home fans.

Lap 53: There is indeed a bit of front wing lying on the side of the track, but we don't know whose. Michael Schumacher in fifth is now over a minute behind race leader Mark Webber.

From GavJB on Twitter: "Has a McLaren lost a piece of front wing? I keep seeing a bit on track and Button has dropped back from Schumacher."

Lap 51: He's done it! Nico Rosberg goes up the inside of Nico Hulkenberg and into 15th. Glory be! "That's not going to change our lives," says a glum Martin Brundle. Indeed.

Lap 49: I don't think tracks which are virtually impossible to overtake on should have any place in Formula 1. There, I've said it. Nico Rosberg is trying his best to take Nico Hulkenberg for 15th, but that's pretty much the only battle going on right now.

Lap 47: Mark Webber is out in front with his feet up, smoking a cigar, reading the Sunday papers - metaphorically speaking. He leads by 15.4 seconds from Lewis Hamilton. Then it's Vettel, Alonso, Schumacher, Button, Massa, Sutil, Kubica and Barrichello.

Lap 45: Sebastien Buemi joins the four other retirees. The Toro Rosso man was running in 17th. A hydraulic problem apparently.

Lap 44: Ted Kravitz reports that Nico Hulkenberg has a damaged floor on his Williams - and he also reveals that the Mercedes garage is "glum" despite Michael Schumacher running in fifth. Sebastian Vettel's front flap adjust is stuck, but his Red Bull team tell him to get on with it, in not so many words.

Lap 42: The camera is focusing on the battle for 15th between Nico Hulkenberg and Nico Rosberg. Not sure that's the position Rosberg had hoped to be battling for before this weekend. Still no sign of rain by the way, despite my efforts to blow the clouds towards Barcelona.

Lap 41: Lewis Hamilton tells McLaren he feels like he's "lost a bit of grip". He is 12 seconds behind Mark Webber.

Lap 39: Michael Schumacher has upped the pace and is holding off Jenson Button comfortably now, but Martin Brundle reckons Ross Brawn will still be unhappy about Mercedes' lack of pace after their upgrade. Oh look, Mark Webber has set another fastest lap, taking us into the 1:25s.

From Blue Yahooze on 606: "If the race goes all the way to Monaco Button would still be behind Schumacher."

Lap 37: Nico Rosberg opts for a change of tyres to see if that will change his fortunes. "He had nothing to lose really," remarks Martin Brundle.

Lap 36: Another fastest lap for Mark Webber. Yawn. Barring disaster, this will be his first race win of 2010 and it will move him up to fifth in the driver standings.

Lap 34: Jaime Alguersuari gets a drive-through pen for driving across the nose of Karun Chandhok, which isn't much help to the Hispania driver now. Michael Schumacher in fifth is 41 seconds back from leader Mark Webber. Jenson Button is still stranded behind the German roadblock. The other Mercedes of Nico Rosberg is back in 15th.

Lap 33: Halfway through and Mark Webber leads by 11.6 seconds from Lewis Hamilton, who has a 1.8 second gap to Seb Vettel in third. Then it's Alonso, Schumacher, Button, Massa and super Sutil.

BMW-Sauber's Pedro de la Rosa: There's not a lot to say. Someone hit my rear tyre at turn one and I had a puncture after that. The car wasn't driveable and we took the decision to retire. Hopefully, we have a little, I'm not saying good luck, but just luck [in the future]."

Lap 31: And now Karun Chadhok's run of three finishes in a row is at an end. The Indian pulls his Hispania up on the turf and he's out of the race. Disappointing.

Lap 29: Karun Chandhok in the wars again as he loses his Hispania's front wing in a collision with Toro Rosso's Jaime Alguersuari. The Indian is in the pits and out again in 20th.

Lap 28: Mark Webber's new fastest lap is a 1:26.655 and the lead is into double figures at 10.8 seconds. Both Eddie Jordan and Martin Brundle are urging Jenson Button to take a risk to get past Michael Schumacher, but Brundle fears the world champion has left it too late on this unforgiving circuit.

Lap 27: Massa radios his Ferrari team to tell them he needs a front wing - but the team have decided to risk it. "Stay out if the lap times don't look bad - which they don't - otherwise we'll lose three places," says Massa's engineer Rob Smedley... and the Brazilian goes and sets his fastest lap of the race.

Lap 25: Felipe Massa won't be catching Button anymore. The Brazilian busts his front wing in a collision with Karun Chandhok. Massa just seemed to brake too late.

Lap 24: Michael Schumahcer and Jenson Button are heading for traffic. Could this be the Englishman's chance? Schumacher is defending his position brilliantly at the moment. Meanwhile, Felipe Massa in seventh is catching them both.

Lap 22: Mark Webber puts the pedal down and sets a new fastest lap of 1:27.099. He leads by nine seconds exactly from Lewis Hamilton. Jenson Button still stuck behind Michael Schumacher. Sebastien Buemi, down in 16th, gets a drive-through penalty for rejoining the track dangerously. Jaime Alguersuari takes Nico Hulkenberg for 11th.

Lap 21: Pedro de la Rosa returns to the pits for the last time this weekend. The Spaniard retires after 20 laps of his home race.

Lap 20: Lewis Hamilton is setting fastest laps but he's nearly nine seconds behind Mark Webber. Meanwhile, Michael Schumacher is under all sorts of pressure from Jenson Button behind him in sixth. Hamilton radios back to his McLaren team to tell them the backmarkers are doing a "terrible job. Really dangerous."

Lap 18: Lewis Hamilton into the pits and he comes out in front of Seb Vettel! The German does his best to retake Hamilton, but there's a Virgin backmarker confusing issue and Hamilton plays that brilliantly, and Vettel veers off the track as Hamilton moves up to second.

Lap 17: Vettel, Alonso and Button all in for their first stops - but the world champion has a problem. Right-rear, thinks Ted Kravitz. Vettel has a problem too on the right-front. Button is now behind Michael Schumacher in 10th - and Schu has stopped too.

BBC Sport's Andrew Benson in Barcelona: "Hamilton is hanging on to Vettel very well - the pace differential between the Red Bulls and the rest appears to be nowhere near as great in the race as in qualifying, unless they are taking it easy. But if Hamilton can stay within a second or so of Vettel until their pit stops, he has a chance of grabbing second place."

Lap 15: Disastrous pit stop for Nico Rosberg. He's given the green light to leave but has to stop suddenly. His right front isn't on properly, then his brake catches on fire. Mark Webber leads by 4.1 seconds.

Lap 14: Force India's Vitantonio Liuzzi pits from 16th and struggles to leave again as his anti-stall kicks in. "You're in clear air, push," his team tell him after he eventually emerges. They're streaming into the pits now. Michael Schumacher, Felipe Massa both in.

Heikki Kovalainen after failing to start in his Lotus: "It was unfortunate what happened today as we have had a great weekend, but just when they were doing the fire-up on the grid it selected two gears. We just have to put it behind us now and move on."

Lap 12: Did Bruno Senna think it was only a one-lap race or something (see below)? On the track, we're getting close-ups of the battle for 18th between Timo Glock and Sebastien Buemi... and Buemi's steamed past the German!

Hispania's Bruno Senna: "I had a really good first and second corner but maybe got a bit carried away around corners three and four and unfortunately paid the price and ended up in the gravel."

Lap 11: Mark Webber sets another fastest lap and the gap to Seb Vettel is now 2.8 seconds. The Aussie is cruising. Robert Kubica is only 0.6 seconds behind Jaime Alguersuari so we could have a battle for... ninth.

Lap 10: Lotus abandon plans to send Heikki Kovalainen back out. It's Mothers' Day in Finland today apparently, so at least he's got plenty of time to give his old mum a call.

From F1Yorkshire on 606: "The only likely pass we may see is Massa on Schumacher. So procession it is."

Lap eight: The gap between Vettel and Hamilton now up to 1.1 seconds.

Lap six: Heikki Kovalainen is showing up on the timing screens as retired, but Ted Kravitz reports that Lotus are still hoping to get him out on the track, if only for a testing session. Meanwhile, Mark Webber is lighting up the top of the leaderboard. His fastest lap so far a 1:27.990. Seb Vettel in second is 0-8 seconds ahead of Lewis Hamilton in third.

Lap four: Nico Rosberg had a bad start and has dropped back to 12th from eighth. Rubens Barrichello, on the other hand, moved up four places to 13th. Bruno Senna's miserable weekend ends on the gravel and in a tyre wall. He's out of the race, along with Heikki Kovalainen.

Lap two: Nightmare start for BMW's Pedro de la Rosa, who's had a bit of a nightmare weekend at his home grand prix. He has dropped right to the back from 12th and is into the pits with a puncture.

Lap one: They all get away well, and Seb Vettel tries his best to get past team-mate Mark Webber, but the Aussie defends his position well in the first corner. Lewis Hamilton still third, and Fernando Alonso fourth. It's Red Bull's race to lose now.

1303: GO, GO, GO.

1301: Ted Kravitz reports that Heikki Kovalainen's Lotus has a gearbox problem. They're still hoping to get him out - but he could be a few laps late.

1300: Away they go on the parade lap.

1258: The grid is starting to clear as we approach the all-important start. Still bright and sunny in Barcelona, but windy... Hold on, what's this? Heikki Kovalainen's Lotus is being pushed back into the garage. I'm no expert, but that doesn't look good to me.

From davidmcbride09 on Twitter: "I'm going for a McLaren 1-2 - Red Bull need to focus on reliability, not pace."

BBC Sport's Andrew Benson in Barcelona: "F1 is in the process of trying to sort out a tyre manufacturer to supply the sport next year in the wake of Bridgestone's decision to withdraw. Michelin, Pirelli and Cooper Avon are all in the running, and it has emerged here that Bridgestone is having a change of heart and may stay. There are divergent views, financial implications and vested interests involved. McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh is instrumental in the decision as the chairman of the teams' organisation Fota and he clearly thinks Michelin or Bridgestone should get the gig. 'F1 is a very technically challenging environment and we have to be careful with newcomers that we don't take too big a risk with the sport,' he said. 'People who know about F1 minimise the risk. If we can convince the experienced operators to be in F1, that would be a good thing.'"

1250: Jenson Button had a word with the BBC's Lee McKenzie on the way to the grid earlier. "What makes it interesting is the massive headwind down the main straight," says the champ. "Last year Rubens got the run on me from behind, and that could be the case here."

BBC Sport's Andrew Benson in Barcelona: "Hopes are not high for an exciting race given Red Bull's pace but there is a hope that the start could provide some excitement, and possibly even generate a good race. The Red Bulls might be super-quick around the lap, but they are not fast in a straight line. But the Ferraris and McLarens are, thanks to their wing-stalling aerodynamic devices, and Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button are not only right behind the Red Bulls on the grid, but know how crucial it is to try to get ahead of them. Expect fireworks on the run down to the first corner."

1245: A chirpy Nico Rosberg berates Martin Brundle for jumping in front of a female interviewer to speak to him. "Normally it's always ladies first," says Nico. The German says he doesn't think Mercedes have upgraded their car to suit his high-profile team-mate.

1242: F1 head honcho Bernie Ecclestone says he hopes "in my heart" that Red Bull win the race, but says he's worried about their reliability.

1240: Brundle heads straight to the front and grabs pole-sitter Mark Webber: "Jenson got done here off pole last year. It's a long run and there's a head wind but I'm going to fight like hell to keep Lewis and Seb out. I think Seb will have his hands full. It could be an exciting first corner, but after that I hope it's a boring grand prix."

1237: Martin Brundle heads off to the grid, after revealing that there's a lot of chat among the teams about banning F-ducts next season.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Barcelona: "Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton have propelled McLaren to the top of the championship with some smart strategy calls and dynamic driving. The pair have yet to start from the front row of the grid in 2010 and are not too glum about lining up behind the red-hot Red Bulls again in Barcelona - with Hamilton third and Button fifth. Button, winner in Australia and China, says: 'Hopefully we can get onto them into Turn One and have a chance of overtaking, otherwise it might be difficult to challenge for a win. I think we are closer to them in pace on the harder tyres. We're hoping for an exciting race.' McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh added 'We know Red Bull have got some vulnerabilities; they've had a quick car all year but haven't maximised the points in at least three of the races. Red Bull will need to make some mistakes if we're going to challenge them easily in Barcelona but we've won races this year from further back on the grid.'"

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Sting, The Port, via text: "I'm a United fan Cheesy (see text below 1218 entry). So this could be a quite stupidly rubbish day for me!"

1226: Ooh, here is Uncle Ross Brawn, speaking to Ted Kravitz. "Michael is a little bit happier than he has been, but not happy to be so far behind the Red Bulls. Nico will put in a solid performance I think but he's not been happy this weekend so we've got to put our thinking caps on. The car is working as we expected it to but we're not getting the tyres to grip well here - which is what Red Bull." Uncle Ross is confident Mercedes can win a race this year, but perhaps not in a "straight dry battle".

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Barcelona: "Mercedes boss Ross Brawn was left momentarily lost for words by a direct first question in his media session on Saturday. 'What is the secret of Red Bull?' came the query, to which Brawn replied, 'Perhaps you need to ask them.' As it happens Brawn, who stuck a raft of upgrades to the Mercedes for the nowhere-to-hide nature of the circuit, has a pretty good idea of just why Barcelona suits the Red Bulls. 'This is a track of predominantly high-speed corners and that's their strength, as it was last year. They are able to retain that speed and are also quick in the low-speed corners this season. This is a track that really demonstrates Red Bull's strengths - but that won't be the case at everywhere.'"

1218: BBC One show a taster of Sir Stirling Moss sharing his memories of Monaco, which is where F1 heads to after Spain. I could listen to SSM all day... A proper racer. I also love that he steadfastly refuses to say Monaco the way every other English speaker says it. It's MonAco in SSM's world.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From Sting, The Port, via text: "Cheesy. Just split with my girlfriend of nearly five years. I need this race to be brilliant to take my mind off things. Make another call to your weather god pals and get them to step it up!"
There's always the football later...?

1214: BREAKING NEWS Eddie Jordan wears lilac - yes, lilac - jeans and a navy shirt with lilac polka dots.

1208: UK web readers, time to put your digits to good use and give the page a manual refresh. I don't want you missing a first glimpse of EJ's trousers, although actually I've just seen them...

BBC Sport's Andrew Benson in Barcelona: "It has not been a great weekend for Rubens Barrichello. The Brazilian qualified 18th in his Williams after hitting traffic in qualifying (although will start 17th thanks to Vitaly Petrov's five-place penalty). The team's updates also failed to impress. But it could have been so much worse. The Brazilian was following Lewis Hamilton in Saturday practice when the McLaren driver ran wide at Turn Eight and peppered Barrichello's car with stones that smashed a scary-looking hole in his front suspension wishbone (of which he showed me a photo on his iPhone) and in his helmet, a picture of which he posted on his Twitter page."

From MUFC_4_E3VER on 606: "Lewis has had excellent starts in every single race so far this season, wouldn't surprise me if he's at least second after turn one."

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide)
From anon via text: "Hamilton to take out both Red Bull cars at the first corner leaving Button, Schumi and Alonso to battle it out for the top three."

1159: Michael Schumacher outqualified Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg for the first time yesterday, and not surprisingly the younger German is not an entirely happy chappy. While Schumacher declared that "it is clear the car suits my wishes," referring to the upgrades, Rosberg muttered: "This weekend has to be a setback for us. I came here thinking we could really put on a challenge but it hasn't worked out. We have made a small step back."

From seanbhoy87 on Twitter: "Looks like it's all about the first corner today then, I'm more excited at the prospect of seeing EJ's attire this afternoon!"

Fernando Alonso shirts on sale
Asturias blue proves popular in Spain
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Barcelona: "Hello again. Don't worry, there are no thoughts of Premier League or prime ministerial deciders distracting us from race day at the Spanish Grand Prix. The hot topic in Barcelona has been Red Bull rocketing to a front-row lockout - 0.643 seconds ahead of the next car, Lewis Hamilton's McLaren - and the real possibility that Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel will race away over 66 laps. Everyone's favourite sets of statistics this weekend is that the last nine races here have been won from pole but that conversely none of this season's pole-sitters have taken the chequered flag. I've been lurking among the home fans around the grassy banks behind the main grandstand and the majority of them are hoping Fernando Alonso can use Ferrari's strong race pace to claim a podium from fourth. As Andrew reported on Friday Ferrari have fashioned a t-shirt in the blue of the Asturias region, where the double world champ was born. And as requested, I've taken a picture and can report it can be yours for a reasonable 25 Euros."

BBC Sport's Andrew Benson in Barcelona: "Ferrari's Fernando Alonso has been Red Bull's closest challenger on outright pace so far this season, but even he isn't holding out much hope for this race. 'We have been always very strong on race pace so I expect to be closer than in qualifying,' said the Spaniard, who lines up fourth behind the Red Bulls and Lewis Hamilton's McLaren. 'But when you are two or three 10ths behind maybe you can fight for the victory; when you are a second behind you can only expect to be not too far away. In normal conditions we know Red Bull is favourite but they have been favourite for four races and only won one, so we go into the race race full of confidence and knowing we can have some opportunities to be on the podium.'"

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt tweeting from Barcelona: "For those of you interested in EJ's attire... His outfit today may be his best yet. I won't spoil the surprise but will just say polka dots."

1146: The colour of Eddie Jordan's trousers will be revealed at 1210 BST when BBC One coverage begins. Difficult to see how he's going to trump yesterday's pale raspberry numbers, but if anyone can… Incidentally, EJ was quizzed by you lot for a Q&A on the website, and revealed that he's "a bit of a shirt freak". No way.

1142: The only hope for Red Bull's rivals may be the weather, but that is proving as difficult to predict as the colour of Eddie Jordan's trousers. Yesterday, McLaren and Red Bull thought there would be a shower in the second half of the race, but today Lotus's Mike Gascoyne tweets that the "showers may come in late afternoon but dry for the race." BBC weatherman Ian Fergusson says there is a "small chance of a light shower." He continues: "We're expecting most of the threat of rain to pass NNW of the circuit today by a significant margin, but there's still a small-ish chance of some light showers during the afternoon. Hazy sunny spells should develop, with variable amounts of cloud cover and ambient temperatures up around 20C or so."

1137: Leaving aside the question of whether weather gods can indeed be fired… If, as Fernando Alonso reckons, "the real championship starts here" with the beginning of the European season, then it would appear Red Bull are in a different championship altogether. Mark Webber and Seb Vettel are sitting pretty on the front row in Barcelona. Lewis Hamilton in third was seven-tenths of a second slower than Vettel in qualifying yesterday. Even Red Bull can't mess this up can they?

1130: Well, weather gods, I ask for rain in Spain and you offer me the very slightest possibility of a shower at some point during the race. Not good enough. You're fired.

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