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Brazilian Grand Prix as it happened



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By Caroline Cheese

1913: OK, over and out. I need to sort myself out. Phenomenal race. Don't worry about Eddie Jordan, by the way. He's jumping up and down with the Brawn team. Crazy fool. The Red Button Forum continues if you're in the UK... BYE!

1910: This is bananas. Jenson Button is completely surrounded by cameras, interviewers, photographers, hangers-on, goodness knows who else, as the BBC try to interview him. I fear for little Eddie Jordan. He may be crushed.

1908: Here's Jenson Button again... It's the same chat as before - although he does add: "Kobayashi is absolutely crazy", a reference to the Totoya stand-in's defensive tactics.

From Colin, Hull, via text on 81111: "Well done Jenson. My heart goes out to Rubens. Brawn: a team from nowhere to number one. Very well done to Ross."

1905: BBC1's interview with Jenson Button's back-up team is interrupted by the rest of the Brawn crew launching into a bit of "Campiones, campiones, ole ole ole." Button, by the way, is meant to be flying back to the UK tonight because he has some sponsorship commitments in Europe on Tuesday. Could be a lively flight.

1901: Still not heard from Rubens Barrichello. Top man, by all accounts, so you've got to feel so, so sorry for him. He finished down in eighth - but even before that late puncture, the title had already pretty much slipped away from him.

Jenson Button's dad John: "I'm a bit drained. The last seven or eight laps, we were all crying like little girls. I'm all washed out at the moment, I've got to accept where he is now, up there with all those great names. I haven't got my head round it."

1856: BBC1 take some time to reflect on the nine other British world champions. I think I might cry again.

Sebastian Vettel: "There's a guy happier than me today. I think it was the maximum we could do today. If we had qualified well, we could have won the race, but we didn't. I was praying for rain - but it didn't come down. Congratulations to Jenson and to Brawn."

From anon via text on 81111: "I was holding on OK 'til Ross choked up, and that set me off. Many congrats to Jenson and the team. Huge congrats to Mark too!"

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner: "Congratulations to Jenson. We pushed him as hard as we could. If neither of our drivers could win it, I'm delighted for him. We had a target to win the Grand Prix and we did it. Mark Webber drove faultlessly."

1852: I didn't expect that. Even the usually unflappable Ross Brawn is in tears. There's no hope for the rest of us.

A very emotional Ross Brawn: "It's still got to sink in. It will take a while... [breaks down] It's just special. Very special. The work the team did over the winter... All the people who couldn't be with us, because we had to re-size the team after the winter, my thanks go to them. I hope they've enjoyed it because they've been part of what we've done."

World champion Jenson Button: "It's really amazing... my voice has gone! After the last few races, this one makes up for it. It was awesome. I'm world champion, baby. That race deserves it. Twenty-one years ago, I jumped into a kart and I loved winning - but I never expected to be world champion."

From kwellicome on Twitter: "Second year in a row the Brazilian Grand Prix has reduced me to tears... brilliant."

1844: The trophy is made from recycled bottle-tops. That seemed quite interesting earlier on. Not anymore. The champagne will flow in a minute - and how I wish I could pass my glass over to Sao Paulo.

1843: As Red Bull's Austrian national anthem plays, John Button has found his world championship-winning son and they're hugging each other for dear life.

1842: Meanwhile, Mark Webber has made it to the top of the podium to celebrate his second win in F1. Robert Kubica is on the second step, with Lewis Hamilton the other side.

From Andy in Runcorn, via text on 81111: "Congratulations Jense, its been a long nine years. You've brought a grown man to tears. Thanks mate."

1839: Woah, I've got a tear... as Jenson Button climbs down from celebrating on top of his car, he is greeted by the gracious Rubens Barrichello, who gives him a hug as the pair share a few words.

1838: And I almost forgot: BRAWN ARE THE 2009 CONSTRUCTORS CHAMPIONS

1836: Button takes both hands off the wheel and punches the air in abandoned delight. "Get in there Jenson, well done, awesome job," comes the message from Brawn. The response begins with a song: "We are the champions my friends... Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo. We are world champions. WORLD CHAMPIONS. Woo!"



Lap 70: Jenson Button is one lap from the world championship.

Lap 69: Two laps now. Some magnificent performances today: Mark Webber, Bob Kubica, Lewis Hamilton, Seb Vettel... and Jenson Button. Incredible race.

From John W, working in Brazil, via text on 81111: "To say the Brazilian commentary has gone flat would be a bit of an understatement!"

Lap 68: Brawn warn Jenson Button that there could be a few spots of rain shortly. Only three laps to go.

Martin Brundle: "Button is a master of overtaking. He's made about 10 major overtakes this year - four of them in this race."

Lap 66: Five laps remaining and the top eighth are: Webber, Kubica, Hamilton, Vettel, Button, Raikkonen, Buemi and Barrichello. Time for a cool head from Jenson Button.

Lap 63: Barrichello's awful, awful luck at Interlagos continues. He comes into the pits - but he must know now his titles hopes have gone. It was the left rear that was punctured, which must have happened when he was clipped by Hamilton. That's not going to help Hamilton's popularity around these parts.


Lap 62: Rubens Barrichello reports vibration on his right front tyre... and just after he does, Lewis Hamilton presses the Kers button and dives past him into Turn One. Barrichello down to fourth and it's all going horribly wrong for the Brazilian - and so right for Jenson Button. Hamilton has some wing damage after the pair touched.

From anon via text on 81111: "Been watching in the pub. Awesome race! But the pub has just shut! On the bus racing home to catch the end of this classic!"

Lap 59: So it's Webber, Kubica, Barrichello, Hamilton, Vettel, Kovalainen, Button, Raikkonen. Button is still on Kovalainen's tail... that is, until the Finn comes in for a stop. Button up to sixth and the title is within his grasp.

Lap 57: Jenson Button is seventh - but the commentary team seem pretty sure that Heikki Kovalainen in front has to stop again, which would move him back up to sixth.

Lap 56: Sebastian Vettel in for his stop now - and he is also in front of Jenson Button. John Button looks pretty calm. He can't be though, can he?

Lap 55: It's a perfect stop. Jenson Button rejoins behind Heikki Kovalainen, in eighth. Lewis Hamilton, who doesn't need to stop again, is ahead.

Lap 55: Brawn getting ready for Button's second stop... Don't muck it up now boys. No pressure though...

Lap 54: AT THE MOMENT, it looks like Rubens Barrichello can only finish third. That means Jenson Button only needs to finish seventh to win the title today. Seventh looks well within his grasp. That's: AT THE MOMENT.

Lap 52: Race leader Mark Webber's second stop, and it's super-softs for him too.

Lap 51: Rubens Barrichello into the pits from second and takes on the super-softs. Smooth stop. With Jenson Button stuck behind a heavily-fuelled Robert Kubica, Brawn think Lewis Hamilton is a real danger now.

From Howard via text on 81111: "We have all stopped work here in Pointe Noire in the Congo. It's too tense... Come on Jenson."

Lap 48: The camera finds Rubens Barrichello's young son Eduardo, who's anxiously air-driving on his grandad's knee. I'm not sure I can bear the tension either. Says Brundle: "Button has two problems: Vettel and Hamilton. He hasn't got this position secure."

From ScouseFrog on 606: "I'm starting to catch my breath, can we have some rain now please?"

Lap 47: Robert Kubica is in for his second stop, and returns in third ahead of Button and Vettel.

Lap 45: So the top six are: Webber, Kubica, Barrichello, Button, Vettel, Buemi. As it stands, Jenson Button would be world champion today. But remember: Lewis Hamilton, now seventh, does not need to stop again.

Lap 43: Kimi Raikkonen pits from in front of Jenson Button, so the Brit can enjoy some clear track. Hamilton rejoined in ninth by the way.

Lap 42: Lewis Hamilton comes into the pits - and almost drops it on the way out down the pit lane! Calm down.

Lap 40: Robert Kubica seems to be enjoying himself in his penultimate race for BMW. He's closing the gap slightly on leader Mark Webber. It's now 6.3 seconds. Rubens Barrichello third, Jenson Button sixth.

Anthony Davidson on BBC Radio 5 live: "Jenson has got this race nailed at the moment, that move on Buemi was fantastic, he would have won it if he had started nearer to the front."

Lap 38: Hard tyres for Seb Vettel, who looks like he'll have to stop again. Not a great stop by the Red Bull team either - and it's crucial, because he comes out behind Jenson Button.

Lap 36: Martin Brundle is getting very excited. "We're only half way through. So much could still happen." Webber leading from Vettel, with Kubica third. Barrichello fourth, Button seventh.

Lap 34: Jenson Button takes Sebastien Buemi into Turn One with some brave braking. He is up to eighth, but there are a few drivers in front who need to stop.

Lap 32: The yellow flags are out... "What happened to the car?" asks a troubled Rubens Barrichello. His race engineer Jock Clear tells him not to worry, that he is fuelled heavy in comparison to Lewis Hamilton behind him.

Lap 31: Kobayashi is in for his stop now. Who's that spinning off? It's Kazuki Nakajima careering across the gravel at the end of the back straight. He smacks into a tyre wall. Is he OK? It seems he is. He gets out of the car and looks to the heavens. Replays show he was trying to get past Kobayashi - who weaved on him, which is not allowed.

Lap 30: Jenson Button comes in after a couple of laps stuck behind the heavily-fuelled Mark Webber. He comes out in 11th. Seb Vettel now up to third - but he hasn't stopped yet, and neither has Kamui Kobayashi in front of him. Mark Webber has the lead, ahead of Kubica and Barrichello.

Lap 28: Nico Rosberg retires, smoke from the engine. Nick Heidfeld apparently ran out of juice, which is a bit embarrassing.

Lap 27: "Rubens Barrichello is down to third now effectively," says Martin Brundle.

Lap 26: Mark Webber is in the pits - and that means Jenson Button leads the Brazilian Grand Prix. He will be hoping time stops right now. As it is, he still hasn't made his first stop.

Lap 24: Nico Rosberg and Sebastien Buemi stop from second and third - and JENSON BUTTON GETS PAST KAMUI KOBAYASHI. He is up to second - I think - and now he can go for it. "OK, let's go, let's go," he tells his Brawn team.

Lap 22: Replays show Jenson Button getting past Kamui Kobayashi at Turn One but then has to back off and loses the place again. Huge frustration for the Brit.

Lap 22: Nick Heidfeld has stopped. Not sure why. Lewis Hamilton has a little look at Rubens Barrichello, but thinks twice.

Lap 21: And Barrichello is into the pits for his first stop. Time for Mark Webber to put the pedal down. The Brazilian comes out in traffic, just ahead of ninth-placed Seb Vettel, who promptly overtakes.

Lap 20: Antony Davidson on BBC 5 live thinks it's Sutil's fault and he should be banned. Martin Brundle doesn't think the German was to blame. Contentious, then. Nick Heidfeld is into the pits from 12th. Rubens Barrichello goes purple again.

Lap 19: Jarno Trulli has promised to speak to the stewards about Adrian Sutil. He's absolutely furious, it's fair to say. I haven't seen the incident properly, so I couldn't possibly comment.

From Debbie, Oswestry, via text on 81111: "Arrghhhhhhh I can't cope with all this excitement!!!! Never seen Jenson drive like this, he evidently had his Ready Break this morning, come on lad, kick some butt."

Lap 17: Rubens Barrichello has responded with a purple lap. Three cars under investigation: Trulli, Sutil, Kovalainen.

Lap 14: Brawn have told Rubens Barrichello to push on because he needs a three to four second gap on Mark Webber if he is to come out in front after the stops. It's about two seconds at the moment. They reckon Kamui Kobayashi can go two laps longer than Jenson Button.

Adrian Sutil on BBC Radio 5 live: "I think it was quite obvious he was on the outside and he [Trulli] lost control of his car and crashed into me, it was very strange that he came to me and blamed me for the incident because he just crashed into me."

Lap 12: As things stand, Jenson Button would take a six-point lead into the final race in Abu Dhabi, while Seb Vettel would drop out of the picture.

Lap 11: Mark Webber sets a fastest lap to sit 1.8 seconds behind Rubens Barrichello. Jenson Button is stuck behind Kamui Kobayashi. This one may test his patience.

Anthony Davidson on BBC Radio 5 live "The experienced drivers are just gobbling up the inexperienced drivers like a school of piranhas it is really impressive to watch - why can't we race at Interlagos every week?"

From Logos on 606: "Fair play to Button, this is some fantastic driving, I didn't think he had it in him!"

Lap eight: I don't think I've ever seen Ross Brawn look so tense as he watches Jenson Button on the charge. Rubens Barrichello leads by 1.4 seconds from Mark Webber and has just set a fastest lap.

Lap seven: You want aggression? Jenson Button is giving it in bucketloads. He dives past Kazuki Nakajimi into turn one and he's now up to seventh, having started 14th. Kamui Kobayashi is now in his sights...

Lap six: Jenson Button is all over the back of Romain Grosjean as the safety car comes in... and HE'S INTO THE POINTS in eighth. Incredible. Stunning move by the Brit.

Lap five: Seeing a replay of the start and Vettel clipped Kovalainen, who in turn sent Giancarlo Fisichella into a spin. They're all still running though. Only Trulli, Alonso and Sutil are out. Safety car coming in. Lewis Hamilton has come in and will only need one more stop.

Lap three: Trulli, Sutil and Fernando Alonso all crashed out in that same incident - but amid the unbelievable chaos, guess what happened? Jenson Button moved up to ninth. Rubens Barrichello got away smoothly off the start and he leads. Safety car still out.

Lap two: Heikki Kovalainen is into the pits after he went off on lap one - but he takes the fuel hose with him, and the leaking fuel dramatically catches fire right in Kimi Raikkonen's face. The Finn is OK.

Lap one: Not much happened... JOKE. Loads happened. Kimi Raikkonen zips up to third - but he has a damaged front wing and a puncture so he's now dropping back. Yellow flag is out... Jarno Trulli and Adrian Sutil have collided - and now they're engaged in a massive argument about who's fault it was.

1703: Lights off and we are GO.

1702: Red Bull are already warning Vettel that his engine is hot and he needs to look after it.

1700: Away they go for the warm-up lap and the mad dash for the pits can begin.

1659: BBC Radio 5 live's Holly Samos grabs a quick word with Jenson Button. "The crowd are pretty awesome here?" she asks him: "They are for a certain driver, but not for everyone," is the Englishman's curt response.

1657: I haven't even mentioned Lewis Hamilton. Oh. I have now. Ted Kravitz has been down to McLaren, who say showers are developing in the local area. Too exciting.

1654: Quick apology. We are aware of the crackling on the internet stream, and are looking into it.

1651: Manually refresh to wipe out that time-travelling previous entry. Lee McKenzie reminds JB that there are three inexperienced drivers in front of him on the grid. That's Romain Grosjean, Jaime Alguersuari and Kamui Kobayashi. "Yeah I know," responds Button, a little bit tetchily.

1649: Phew. Jenson Button has come out of hiding and is on his way to the grid... "I'm feeling good. It's nice and dry and hot, which is good. I'm looking forward to it. We'll make the best of it."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Sao Paulo: "Fancy a final weather update? The weathermen at Toro Rosso say they are expecting some rain at some point but they don't expect it to be very heavy. There are some grey clouds overhead, I have to say."

1648: This is more like it. Some Brazilian drums. Bit more electric guitar. She's really made this Brazilian national anthem her own.

1646: A woman in white sings the Brazilian national anthem, accompanied by an electric guitar. Rock and roll!

1644: Jenson Button is not on the grid. Is he hiding in the attic in the manner of balloon boy? No, he's probably just gone to the toilet.

Mark Webber on the crowd: "I don't think they're my biggest fans. I've told Rubens eight points is enough for him today, give me 10!"

1641: Electric atmosphere in the stands as Brundle tracks down man of the moment Rubens Barrichello. Can you win it? "Yeah... I can." The Brazilian says he expects rain at some point during the race.

1638: Oof. Nearly lost Eddie Jordan there as a car zoomed past a little too close in the pits. Grid-walk time now...

Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel: "We can't change yesterday but we can change today. I'm looking forward to it. We're ready to attack. It looked like Button wanted to give us a present yesterday, but we didn't take it. I'm aiming for first or second. I know it's not an easy position to start from, but we'll see."

BBC Sport's Andrew Benson on how the race might pan out: "On the face of it, this race should be a private battle between pole man Rubens Barrichello and second-placed qualifier Mark Webber as there is no-one around them who is likely to challenge them for pace. And Webber appears best placed, as he has two laps' more fuel in his car than Barrichello. The Brazilian will therefore need to build a lead of at least two or three seconds by the time of his first pit stop around lap 20 to minimise the risk of being jumped. But the Red Bull has looked very quick in the little dry running there has been at Interlagos."

1629: Felipe Massa next up for a grilling from the BBC team. Coulthard wants to know where the helmet he was wearing when he crashed in Hungary is now. "It's already at my house," says Massa. "It's a very good history of my life. The helmet was very good because it saved me completely."

Jenson Button: "Luckily I had the right people around me because I felt pretty rubbish after qualifying. Rubens being on pole, me in 14th, it's not good for my race result. In 2006, I started 14th here and finished third. You can win from 14th, and that's my aim."

1622: If you were watching qualifying yesterday, you'll remember Barrichello's race engineer Jock Clear screaming down the radio: "That's P1 in Brazil, dude. You beauty. That's Jenson Button P14, Sebastian Vettel P16. Where are you now?" He's a bit calmer now as he speaks to BBC1, although he does admit: "There's a bit of a rivalry between the two camps."

Text in your views on 81111
From Rob, Bicester and Florianopolis, via text on 81111: "Just spoke to girlfriend in Brasil, Globo TV are showing the stewards drying the starting line for Barrichello to get away perfectly. She says they are using huge hairdryers."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Sao Paulo: "You just can't keep those big grins off family Barrichello faces this weekend. I had a word with Daddy Barrichello - Rubens Sr - up at Brawn HQ, who had a big smacker planted on his cheek by son Rubens. 'It's fantastic and everybody is hoping it will be a big day. We are all very confident'. I wonder if he was optimistic because he knew that the Barrichello side of the Brawn garage are very bullish about his victory chances from pole. Team Barrichello are also predicting that Button will get minimum points, if any - which means the championship could go down to the wire. If Barrichello wins, Button needs a podium to clinch the title in Brazil."

Barrichello on how he will feel if he wins: "I'll probably be crying the hell of it. I was born two minutes from here. I might know people in the grandstand from school. It will be an emotional moment. It will be a fairytale."

Rubens Barrichello on BBC1: "I'm feeling very good because I have two situations: one is I'm fighting for the championship, the other is I've always wanted to win the Brazilian Grand Prix. I think I deserve it, I'm up for it."

1611: Wow. Lovely array of shirt colours from the BBC boys. Coulthard: pink. Humphrey: purple. Jordan: raspberry.

Text in your views on 81111
From Mark from Somerset via text on 81111: "Do not write Jenson off just yet, he has no other choice now, other than going for it and Interlagos is a circuit for overtaking and he has a strong car."

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Sao Paulo: "Apologies for my late appearance Caroline, I took a wrong turn and ended up surrounded by a crowd of exuberant Brazilian fans at Turn 14. I decided to make the most of it and stay with them while the drivers' bus paraded past. You won't be surprised to hear they are in good voice for local lad Rubens Barrichello. Formula 1 big cheese Bernie Ecclestone may also be hoping Barrichello breaks his duck at Interlagos as he's said this morning that he wants the championship to be decided at the final race in Abu Dhabi. Poor old Jenson Button, unless he can push his way through the pack from 14th on the grid, he might have to wait for the world championship."

The sun is out
1602: OK, OK, you can stop asking me what the weather's like. I'm going to tell you: it's sunny. At the moment. I can't rule out a shower later - mainly because I don't control the weather.

From executiverocker on Twitter: "I reckon Button and Vettel will have a crash going into turn one, so the drama will come from whether Rubens can finish or not."

1558: UK users, refresh your page now so you're ready to go with the BBC streaming. Everyone else: as you were.

1557: That news about Tonio Liuzzi means Sebastian Vettel moves up a place on the grid, and now sits one place behind Jenson Button in 14th. Could be interesting.

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt in Sao Paulo: "Tonio Liuzzi will line up his Force India in last place on the grid after dropping five spots because he changed his gearbox. The Italian's backwards crash during qualifying may have looked pretty spectacular but his mechanics had put his car back together by eight o'clock last night. Apparently, a pesky marshal tried to nick his steering-wheel from the crash debris but he managed to hang onto it - which is lucky for Force India's accountants as they cost about £25,000."

1551: And that's probably just about enough rambling from me. Over to you. Text me on 81111, or give me a shout on 606 or Twitter. Can Button hang on?

1548: And if Barrichello were to DNF for a 12th time in Brazil, and Sebastian Vettel doesn't somehow climb from 16th on the grid to a second-place finish, Button would be world champion by dinner-time.

1542: That's one almighty 'if' though. While the momentum may have swung towards Rubens Barrichello yesterday, has the pressure as well? The 37-year-old has never won his home grand prix in 16 attempts, and in fact, he's only managed to get to the finish line five times.

1537: Back in June, Button led the world championship by a whopping 26 points. If today's race finishes in the same order as it starts, he'll take a nerve-shredding four-point advantage to the final race in Abu Dhabi.

1530: Hello there. On Friday, I asked whether Jenson Button could really throw this world championship away. On the evidence of yesterday, it seems the answer is a resounding 'oh yes'. Still, at least now we know he's 100% British...

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