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British Grand Prix as it happened


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By Caroline Cheese

1455: And that's it from me... but wait, wait, wait, before you go running off to enjoy the sunshine (?!), streaming of the F1 forum continues, featuring more reaction from the BBC boys and the drivers. I'll see you in Germany.

1451: With the perfect timing of a Sebastian Vettel hot lap, the updates appear to have failed... which means you probably won't even be able to read this. If by any chance you can, I'd recommend heading to Andrew Benson's race report:
Vettel romps to Silverstone win

Race winner Seb Vettel: "It's fantastic. It shows we're on the right way. Everyone has worked so hard. It was all kind of last minute but we did it. I want to thank Silverstone - I enjoyed it so much. The people were all standing up at the end. The emotions... I have to thank every single person in the grandstands. This is what I dreamt of when I watched in the era of Mansell..."

Red Bull design chief Adrian Newey: "To be here today and to have a car which showed a clean pair of heels to everyone was very special."

BBC pundit Eddie Jordan: "There will be a titanic battle for the championship now."

Red Bull design chief Adrian Newey: "Part of it (Red Bull's advantage) is circuit. We always hoped it would suit us with the high-speed corners. We now need to get to the other circuits and see what happens."

Red Bull boss Christian Horner: "It was a completely seamless race by both drivers. It was a dream result for everyone."

BBC pundit David Coulthard: "I'm a bit disappointed to see Vettel doing a Schumi-style jump. I'd like to see him develop his own celebration."

1435: There goes the champagne... for the last time at Silverstone? We'll see. Adrian Newey looks a very proud man as he picks up the constructors' trophy for Red Bull.

BBC Radio 5 Live's David Croft: "Sebastian Vettel's favourite TV programme is Little Britain and now the whole of Britain rises to applaud him as he wins the British Grand Prix - and Webber is second to complete a sensational weekend for Red Bull - is this the weekend when the championship came back to life?"

1432: Vettel performs a Schumi-style jump as he reaches the top of the podium to hear the German national anthem.

1430: They may be a patriotic bunch - but the British crowds also appreciate a super-talented young driver and Sebastian Vettel gets a very noisy reception as he stands on top of his car and celebrates his second win of the season.

1429: A Red Bull one-two ahead of Rubens Barrichello's Brawn. Jenson Button's sixth place is his worst finish of the season and the first time he has been off the podium. Lewis Hamilton stops in front of the crowd and performs a quick doughnut to thank them for their support. The world champion was a miserable 16th.

1428: "Thank you very much," Vettel very calmly tells his Red Bull team. "This is a dream coming true. Thank you to everyone... WOO-HOO!"

1427: Mark Webber, Rubens Barrichello, Felipe Massa, Nico Rosberg, Jenson Button, Jarno Trulli and Kimi Raikkonen follow Vettel home.


Lap 60: Jenson Button is right on Nico Rosberg's tail but it will take a phenomenal move for the Englishman to get past the Williams.

Lap 59: But he'll want to hang on to sixth place... Jenson Button almost loses it in the middle of Becketts. Sebastian Vettel begins his final lap.

Lap 58: The gap between Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg is now 0.5 seconds... laps running out for the championship leader.

Lap 57: At the front, Sebastian Vettel leads by more than 20 seconds from Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber and 44 seconds from third-placed man Rubens Barrichello. Brawn are suddenly playing catch-up...

Lap 56: Jenson Button closes the gap between him and Nico Rosberg to 2.5 seconds. He seems certain to catch the Williams - but can he get past for fifth place?

Lap 54: Eighth-placed Kimi Raikkonen coming under all sorts of pressure from Timo Glock...

Lap 53: And yet more good news for Jenson Button as he is told Massa and Rosberg in front of him are really struggling on the hard tyres. Button pursuing Rosberg's Williams and we could yet have some late drama...

Anthony Davidson on BBC Radio Five Live: "That strategy has paid off a treat for Jenson Button - they have managed to salvage three championship points - by changing their strategy and inching back up to sixth from ninth - I think Jenson owes the strategists and Ross Brawn a big beer tonight - and of course he will finish on the soft tyres so it might get even better for him."

Lap 51: Second stops all done and the top eight is: Vettel, Webber, Barrichello, Massa, Rosberg, Button, Trulli, Raikkonen.

Lap 50: Championship leader Jenson Button into the pits... and is out in sixth ahead of Jarno Trulli and Kimi Raikkonen. Good news for the Englishman.

Lap 49: Timo Glock pits from fifth, leaving Jenson Button as the only man in the top 10 yet to make his second stop. The top three still Vettel, Webber, Button.

Lap 47: Mark Webber is in the pits - and Sebastian Vettel is the race leader once again. Just 13 laps remaining until the German can celebrate his second race win of the season. Rubens Barrichello also pits... and the Brazilian emerges ahead of Felipe Massa and Nico Rosberg so Brawn's podium chances looking good.

Lap 46: Sebastian Vettel returns in second, nine seconds behind his Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber.

Lap 45: Race leader Sebastian Vettel comes in for his second stop, leaving Mark Webber to lead the British Grand Prix - for the moment.

Lap 44: Nico Rosberg into the pits from fourth, as Jenson Button comes over the radio: "Argh! This is so frustrating. I just can't go through turn one. The car's hitting the ground." And LEWIS HAMILTON IS ON THE GRASS... Pussycat Doll Nicole Thingummy looks on aghast from the pits. Her man is back on the track in 14th.

Lap 43: Kimi Raikkonen into the pits from seventh - hard tyres for the Ferrari.

Lap 40: Sebastien Bourdais quickly follows Heikki Kovalainen into the pits and out of the race. David Coulthard and Martin Brundle disagree on who was to blame for their coming-together. Coulthard reckons Bourdais tried an "optimistic" manoeuvre, while Brundle thinks Kovalainen went to let Bourdais past before thinking better of it and swerving across to block.

Lap 39: Brawn's championship leader Jenson Button is running eighth, two seconds back from Kimi Raikkonen's Ferrari.

Lap 38: Heikki Kovalainen's race is over after that collision with Sebastien Bourdais's Toro Rosso. Back to the front where Sebastian Vettel has a lovely 18-second lead.

Lap 35: Drama. Heikki Kovalainen pits and emerges ahead of Lewis Hamilton - but then lets his McLaren team-mate through. He then tries to block Sebastien Bourdais from getting past - and the Toro Rosso goes straight into the back of the Finn coming into Becketts. Kovalainen has a bust tyre, Bourdais a missing nose.

Lap 34: "Lewis Hamilton will soon be under pressure from Sebastien Bourdais" - words I imagine Martin Brundle thought he would never say.

Lap 33: Williams tell Nico Rosberg to push Rubens Barrichello in third. Rosberg is much quicker than the Brawn and Williams sense a podium...

Lap 31: Sebastian Vettel safely negotiates the McLaren/Renault sandwich of Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Nelson Piquet. Hamilton finally gets the crowd on their feet by taking former team-mate Alonso - but the Spaniard hits back as the Englishman makes a mistake at Becketts. Hamilton is back in 17th again.

BBC pundit David Coulthard: "The tyre talk (from Red Bull to Vettel) is really just a code word. They're saying you've got a big lead over someone in the same car so he's not likely to catch you. He's under no pressure at all. But he's still young. They're trying to manage him to what should be a routine victory."

Lap 28: Sebastian Vettel is told by his Red Bull team to "think about saving the tyres". Team-mate Mark Webber is cutting the lead - but the German still has a 21-second advantage.

Lap 27: Mark Webber up to second after the stops, Felipe Massa now fifth - and poor old Kazuki Nakajima falls from fourth to ninth in the Williams, but his team-mate Nico Rosberg has replaced him in fourth.

Lap 26: All the frontrunners have made their first stops and the top eight looks like this: Vettel, Webber, Barrichello, Rosberg, Massa, Trulli, Raikkonen, Button.

Lap 24: So, so brave by Lewis Hamilton, the world champion braking as late as he possibly can to stay just in front of Nick Heidfeld as the German comes out of the pits. "I think Nick's been caught napping there," reckons David Coulthard.

David Croft on BBC Radio 5 Live: "I think Brawn have switched Jenson's strategy, they have fuelled him for a long middle stint on the hard tyres and he will then go for gold on the softer tyres in the closing stages."

Lap 22: Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel come in. Vettel, of course, emerges in front. He's in a completely different race, that boy.

Lap 21: Or not... Mark Webber comes into the pits. Soft tyres for the Red Bull man - can he come out ahead of Barrichello...? YES HE CAN! So, so close but the Red Bull team have done it.

Lap 20: Rubens Barrichello comes in from second - relief, sweet relief, for Mark Webber, who can put the pedal down and put in some fliers as he chases his Red Bull team-mate.

Lap 19: Jenson Button and Jarno Trulli pit together - and the Englishman takes on hard tyres. Trulli gets away first though and Button will have to stay behind the Toyota man.

Lap 18: Lewis Hamilton tells his McLaren team: "Balance OK but I have no grip. No grip. I'm not going to get past him." That doesn't sound good, does it? Hmilton still 15th and behind Bob Kubica.

Lap 16: And Kimi Raikkonen comes in and gets a pair of softs and enough fuel for another 27 laps. Crucially, he comes out in front of Kazuki Nakajima.

Lap 16: Williams' Kazuki Nakajima is the first man to pit, emerging in 9.1 seconds.

David Croft on BBC Radio 5 Live: "We are purring with delight at the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel he just keeps getting faster and faster and faster - every time he speeds past our commentary box he is setting another fastest lap."

Lap 15: Fernando Alonso runs wide on the Hangar straight as he tries desperately to get past Nick Heidfeld. Still nothing doing either for Alonso or Lewis Hamilton, trapped behind the other BMW of Bob Kubica.

Lap 14: Williams are getting ready for Kazuki Nakajima to pit from fourth.

BBC analyst Martin Brundle: "Another frustration for Mark Webber: sooner or later, Red Bull will have to decide which of their drivers is going to chase Jenson Button in the championship."

Lap 11: Sebastian Vettel is lapping more than a second quicker than the rest of the field and now has a 12-second lead. Championship leader Jenson Button is still in eighth, stuck behind Jaron Trulli's Toyota. Mark Webber, in the other Red Bull. will be all the more frustrated to be behind Rubens Barrichello.

Lap 10: It may only be for P12, but the battle between Fernando Alonso and Nick Heidfeld is a thriller. The BMW is holding off the former world champ for now.

BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone: "It's a funny old world. The three best drivers in the world are in 13th, 14th and 15th, all driving, er, not very good cars."

BBC pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz: "The tyres are not heating up as fast as Brawn would like - and it's going to be even worse when they put the harder tyres on at the end of the race."

Lap seven: Sebastian Vettel, meanwhile, is in a massive battle - with himself. The German is reeling off quick lap after quick lap and leads by six seconds from Rubens Barrichello. Mark Webber is only just behind the Brazilian.

Lap six: You thought Jenson Button had a bad start, Heikki Kovalainen is back in 19th having started 13th. Massive battle between Kubica and Hamilton as well as Alonso and Heidfeld.

Lap five: BMW tell Nick Heidfeld he needs a new front wing, but the German doesn't want to come in so he'll be holding up all those behind him, including Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

Lap four: Seb Vettel streaming away at the front, despite being heavy on fuel. It's his race to lose. Further back, Jenson Button is now on the tail of Jarno Trulli in seventh. Lewis Hamilton has been overtaken by Robert Kubica after a failed attempt to take Fernando Alonso.

Lap two: World champion Lewis Hamilton is providing some proper entertainment for the British crowd, up to 14th from 18th and now climbing all over Fernando Alonso's Renault. Thrilling stuff. Felipe Massa goes wide and Jenson Button takes the Ferrari to reclaim eighth.

Lap one: Disaster for Jenson Button, dropping to ninth after a horrible start. Not even in the points as it stands. Kimi Raikkonen up to fifth, Felipe Massa to eighth.

1302: Go, go, go. Seb Vettel stays ahead of Rubens Barrichello off the start. Adrian Sutil is out of the garage and has managed to join the race.

1300: Off they go on the installation lap. Sensational atmosphere at Silverstone.

BBC analyst Martin Brundle: "Seven of the top 10 cars on the grid are built within 20 miles of this circuit. Most of them have brand new soft tyres on."

1258: Oh no. BBC commentator Jonathan Legard reports that Adrian Sutil's Force India is now in the garage...

1256: Wonder how Sebastian Vettel is feeling right now? The young German is the massive favourite for this race - carrying more fuel than any of those around him - but his starts haven't been great...

1253: If you weren't already aware, the mighty Adrian Sutil - who went off in some style at Abbey in qualifying yesterday - will start from the pits in his Force India. The German blamed brake failure for his crash.

David Coulthard, BBC analyst and former F1 driver: "Red Bull have come with some noticeable updates for Silverstone and their performance off the bat has been very good. There is nothing to make me believe that any other team apart from Red Bull will take the challenge to Brawn. But if Red Bull want to maintain their championship challenge they need to take a one-two at the British Grand Prix. Jenson Button has had an amazing start with Brawn and it's difficult to imagine how he could be beaten over the course of the campaign. But a lot of things can happen in motor racing and these cars are highly stressed machines so he could easily have a run of bad results."

Ross Brawn on whether he will bring Jenson or Rubens into the pits first: "Whoever is in the best position. Sometimes it works out that you won't gain anything with the guy in front; the guy behind might gain something by staying out a lap longer so you make those decisions on the hoof once you see how the race is going. It won't be a necessity to give the guy in front the first pit stop if he doesn't gain anything when the guy behind might gain something; so we'll call that as we see it."

Brawn's Rubens Barrichello: "Hopefully we can have Vettel on the start."

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From James, Tanzania, via text on 81111: "My dad and brother down at Vale today - I'm making do with the local sports bar in downtown Arusha."

1244: Martin Brundle's on his grid walk and his opener to Renault boss Flavio Briatore is: "You're a lunatic apparently," referring to Max Mosley's loony remark yesterday. "What?" is the Italian's response.

Red Bull clever man Adrian Newey: "The changes seem to be working out well. Hopefully we can get the break today."

Olympic gold medallist Victoria Pendleton: "This is my first time and I'm very excited. I am here with the Brawn team. It was a big surprise to be invited."

1241: Aah, right, the cure programs for the autoclaves... all making sense now.

From Mark, Huntingdon, via text on 81111: "Hi, yes, my text was genuine (se 1229). I write cure programs for the autoclaves amongst other things."

Jenson Button with two Great Ormond Street patients
Jenson Button meets Henry
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Silverstone: "There are plenty of famous faces crowding the paddock at the British Grand Prix but Bernie Ecclestone has a special guest list this weekend. Every year the F1 supremo invites 30 patients from Great Ormond Street Hospital to Silverstone. Nine-year-old Henry from Harpenden, who had a brain tumour removed five weeks ago, says the best bit of his tour was a behind-the-scenes peek at the Ferrari garage - a rare treat indeed from the secretive Italian team. 'I didn't think the cars would be that big,' Henry said. 'It's my first time at a Grand Prix but it's really good.' Any ambitions to become an F1 driver now? 'Yeah!'"

1236: Max seems quite hopeful that the tiresome FIA/Fota row might be nearing a conclusion. Heard that before though haven't we?

FIA boss Max Mosley on the Fota row: "It's definitely getting better - but these things take time. The problem is we have eight teams and some want to sit down, some don't. No doubt, eventually they all will. We've now reached a point where all that needs to happen is someone sitting down and agreeing the mechanism of the cost reduction. Really that's very minimal. We're getting closer and closer (to a resolution)."

1229: Reckon that last text is genuine? Mark, drop us a text if one of your boys does the business today would you?

Text in your views on 81111
From Mark, Huntingdon, via text on 81111: "We have been working around the clock for weeks to get these updates on the RB5, here's hoping it pays off."

Get involved on 606
From Blue Nosed Fox on 606: "I was at Club Corner last year and sat in the rain watching Rubens Barrichello have a stormer in the wet and Lewis securing a brilliant win with a great drive. Unable to go this year - here's hoping for something just as exciting!"
Join the debate on 606

Eric Cantona and Fernando Alonso
Cantona and Alonso: BFFs
1222: Eric Cantona... that's a proper celebrity right? Apparently, Chelsea and Germany midfielder Michael Ballack is also at Silverstone along with Manchester United's Michael Carrick. My celebrity cup runneth over...

BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Silverstone: "More celebrity news for you. France's fabulous former Manchester United striker Eric Cantona is lurking at Renault hospitality while Olympic cycling gold medallist Chris Hoy is pedalling his large thighs up at Brawn HQ. Apparently, fellow Olympic cycling queen Victoria Pendleton is here too. Radio 1's Chris Moyles is here too and he arrived by helicopter. Get him. There is one figure though who is hogging all the limelight at Silverstone - and that's still FIA bigwig Max Mosley. The FIA president is swamped by the hungry media pack whenever he dares to hotfoot it down the tarmac."

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From Mark, Northampton Station, via text on 81111: "There's been a lot of people going to the Grand Prix from Northampton train station via buses and taxis. Just a little concerned that those who've only just arrived here won't see the start of the race! Yes, the trains are on time!"

1213: Stunning montage of some classic Silverstone moments has me almost in tears. If I could turn back time, I'd definitely go to a Grand Prix. They were real heroes back then, you know?

A celeb has been spotted
BBC Sport's Sarah Holt at Silverstone: "Caroline, you'll be pleased to know the paddock is brimming with celebrities. Spotted by my own star-gazing eyes was Rupert Grint - a.k.a. Ron Weasley of Harry Potter fame. The flame-haired actor was oddly sporting a Smiths T-shirt. Speaking of rock n' roll, Kasabian are here as guests of Bernie Ecclestone himself. The band's frontman told me: 'I'm a Grand Prix virgin and I'm here to experience it all. It's a bit like being on Mars, these motorhomes are like spaceships.' Who did the Leicester singer think would win today? 'Nigel Mansell.' And if not Mansell? 'It's all about Jens.'"

1210: Heads up: BBC1's coverage is under way...

1209: Murray says if Jenson Button can't win it, he'd like to see Rubens Barrichello or Mark Webber take victory. He also has a bet with 5 Live presenter Eleanor Oldroyd that the British Grand Prix will be back at Silverstone in 2010.

Murray Walker speaking to BBC 5 Live: "I was here in 1948 when they had the first Grand Prix at Silverstone. My first broadcast was in 1949 and I've been here for all of them since. My most special memory, without hesitation, was Nigel Mansell in 1987, beating his team-mate Nelson Piquet. The crowd went mad - and I went through the roof in the commentary box."
Murray's classic Silverstone moments

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From anon via text on 81111: "Can't believe Button has written off his own chance's of winning today. Surely he can win it from sixth with the form he's been in of late?"

1204: If you are in the UK, I'd give this page a manual refresh just so you're ready for the start of the live streaming of BBC1's coverage at 1210 BST.

1200: Ross Brawn's prayers don't appear to have been answered. Here's Andrew Benson with the all-important weather update: "It's overcast and cool, although warming up a bit. With an hour to go before the race, it doesn't look like it's going to rain - I can see patches of blue in among the clouds, even if the clouds themselves have grey bottoms (which I'm told is the technical term for these things). Michael Fish eat your heart out."

Brawn boss Ross Brawn: "We've definitely got problems with the car; the car's not performing as we'd hoped. If you look at Jenson's position you'd have to say we've dropped back and it looks as if Red Bull have made some progress. They have got the car working very well here and I think we will have quite a tough race. We are just praying for a hot day now but a lot can still happen. There have been one or two races when Red Bull could have won this year but they didn't and I hope this is one of them. Sebastian Vettel always seems a bit anxious at the start so we'll take our opportunities."

1155: That left Sebastian Vettel to claim pole for the third time this season. "From the beginning to the end we didn't have a single problem," said the German. "All the new parts we brought here seemed to have worked very well, so I think we have made a step forward." A word of warning though: the pole sitter has won only three of the last 14 races at Silverstone.

1150: Murray Walker and Jonathan Legard were among the experts tipping Mark Webber for a maiden win today - but the Aussie's hot lap in qualifying yesterday was ruined by a certain Kimi Raikkonen, who was trundling along on the racing line. "Kimi was, I don't know, drinking some vodka or dreaming or something," said Webber. "Anyway, no-one's here to listen to a shopping list of excuses. I would have liked to get more out of the car on the last lap, it wasn't the case but we're still third."

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From Wrex_PCR "If the track temperature goes up then my money would still be on Button for a podium."
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BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone: "There's a feeling that this race could be a turning point in the world championship battle. The redesigned Red Bull had a massive advantage in qualifying on Saturday and, although that will be probably be reduced in the race because Brawn's tyre-heating problems will be less significant, people are wondering whether the rest of the season might be characterised by Jenson Button fighting a battle to limit Red Bull's in-roads into his lead."

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From Hammydigrassi on 606: "If Lewis Hamilton can't win this race, then I'd like to see either Vettel or Webber win it."
Join the debate on 606

1142: And if you don't believe me... well, why? But if you really don't, the BBC's Mole has been on the case with his/her/its fuel-adjusted grid which shows Red Bull are half a second quicker around Silverstone than Brawn.
BBC's fuel-adjusted grid

1139: Instead, I shall be desperately trying to discover if Sebastian Vettel has a British great-granny, or Mark Webber has ever eaten fish and chips. The smart money says the Red Bulls will be waging their own private battle for victory at Silverstone today.

1134: Names, of course, of the previous British winners of the British Grand Prix - a list which seems unlikely to be added to today after yesterday's qualifying session saw Jenson Button struggle to sixth on the grid and Lewis Hamilton crawl to 19th, behind both Force Indias, BMWs and a Toro Rosso.

1130: Stirling Moss, Tony Brooks, Peter Collins, Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart, James Hunt, John Watson, Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Johnny Herbert, David Coulthard, Lewis Hamilton... ???

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