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Singapore Grand Prix
Singapore, 26-28 September

Final positions after 61-lap race:

1 F Alonso (Renault)

2 N Rosberg (Williams)

3 L Hamilton (McLaren)

4 T Glock (Toyota)

5 S Vettel (Toro Rosso)

6 N Heidfeld (BMW Sauber)

7 D Coulthard (Red Bull)


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By Caroline Cheese

1512: So there we are then. Don't know about you, but I very much enjoyed F1's first night race. Not a lot of overtaking - but no shortage of drama, that's for sure. Now, if we can just introduce the sprinklers for next year... Many thanks for all your hard work today. Japan up next in two weeks' time. Ta ta.

1508: Well worth scrolling down to the 1200 BST comment in this live text commentary. Just goes to show what Fernando Alonso knows. He's now standing back on top of the podium listening to the Spanish national anthem - followed by the French one for Renault.

1505: And a good day for Lewis Hamilton, who stayed out of trouble to take third and stretch his lead over Felipe Massa to seven points with three races remaining. He looks satisfied. Alonso looks exhausted...

1503: Good day for Williams, with both their drivers taking points. Bad day for Ferrari, who don't win any. Expect to hear much, much more about Felipe Massa's bungled pit stop... The Brazilian eventually finishes 13th.

1501: And the celebrations begin. That is Fernando Alonso's first win since Italy last year and Renault end a victory drought stretching back to Japan 2006. Viva Espana!


Lap 61: Race leader Fernando Alonso embarks on his last lap, prompting his Renault team to run to the pit lane wall. Incredible performance from the Spaniard today.

Lap 57: KIMI RAIKKONEN IS OFF! The Finn clips the kerb and collides with the wall coming out of the notorious turn 10 chicane. Surely, that's his world championship over. Kazuki Nakajima moves up to eighth and both Williams will score points.

Lap 56: Nico Rosberg appears to have the measure of Lewis Hamilton now. The Briton may not be too worried about moving up a place anyway. As it stands, he will stretch his world championship lead from one point to seven. Alonso now six seconds clear.

"I still think it's Alonso's race he only has to keep to the racing line on this circuit. He won't get over excited like Massa does."
Delboy-the-Doughnut on 606

Lap 54: Fabulous work from Fernando Alonso, effortlessly streaking into a three-second lead from Nico Rosberg as he regains control of the race. Lewis Hamilton still pressuring Nico Rosberg for second.

Lap 53: Safety car in. Fernando Alonso gets away well, and Lewis Hamilton has a little go at Nico Rosberg in second but nothing doing there. Alonso has experienced the fickle nature of the safety car today. He took advantage of the first deployment to take the lead - but is now in danger of missing out on victory because of its second appearance.

Lap 50: Jarno Trulli's race is over after his Toyota fails. The Italian looks absolutely spent as he climbs out of his car.

Safety Car
Lap 50: Nooooooooo.... Adrian Sutil shunts his Force India into the barriers at turn 17 as he tries to get out of Felipe Massa's way - who had spun himself. Safety car out. Disaster for leader Fernando Alonso - who was building a nice lead out front.

Lap 49: Kimi Raikkonen comes into the pits from third and he rejoins the race behind Timo Glock in fifth.

Lap 47: David Coulthard's brakes appear to be giving up on his Red Bull. Very unforgiving track this. McLaren's Lewis Hamilton is nine seconds behind Nico Rosberg in the Williams, and is lapping much, much quicker. Is it worth taking the risk though?

Lap 46: Only three retirements so far. Surprising. And one of them isn't Giancarlo Fisichella. Even more surprising. Timo Glock pits from second.

Lap 44: A big boost for Lewis Hamilton, who has rejoined the race in front of Jarno Trulli. The stretcher is out for one of the Red Bull mechanics, injured in that incident involving Coulthard - but looks like a precaution.

Lap 42: Lewis Hamilton and David Coulthard both come in... and oh my goodness, now Coulthard drives off with his fuel hose still attached. There's been more drama in the pit lane than on the track, dare I say. The Red Bull driver brakes quickly though and he recovers to get away safely in the end.

Lap 42: Fernando Alonso comes into the pits - and comes out ahead of David Coulthard, but as the Briton has his eye on the Renault in front of him, Lewis Hamilton sneaks past into second.

Lap 40: Nico Rosberg takes his Williams into the pits from second... and Fernando Alonso will be in shortly as his Renault team get busy in the pits.

Lap 39: Fernando Alonso - by far the quickest man on the track - leads fourth-placed Lewis Hamilton by more than 20 seconds. The McLaren driver has been stuck behind David Coulthard for what seems like an eternity. Well, he did say it was impossible to overtake on this track.

Lap 38: Renault's Fernando Alonso has already got 35 seconds on Jarno Trulli, who has already made his final stop.

Lap 36: Kazuki Nakajima tries and fails to get past Jarno Trulli in ninth. "You need to try again," his Williams team tell him over the radio, rather unhelpfully. Lewis Hamilton's title rivals lie 10th (Raikkonen), 15th (Kubica) and 16th (Massa).

Lap 33: Brilliant strategy from Renault this. Nelson Piquet's ding earlier means team-mate Fernando Alonso now leads the race after Jarno Trulli finally pits from the front.

Lap 31: Lewis Hamilton has closed the gap on fellow Brit David Coulthard to 0.6 seconds in fourth. Good to see DC up there at the front. Kimi Raikkonen is down in 12th after he was held up in that Ferrari pit chaos, which wrecked Felipe Massa's race. Talking of Massa, the Brazilian comes in for fuel to the end and some new shoes on his Ferrari.

Lap 29: Nico Rosberg completes his stop-go and manages to come out ahead of David Coulthard. Mark Webber seems to have stopped. Force India's Giancarlo Fisichella comes in from second and he's in there a while so that will be his one and only stop you would think.

Lap 27: Nico Rosberg has a 12.2 second lead over second-placed Jarno Trulli. This is all playing very nicely into the hands of Fernando Alonso, who pitted for a long second stint before the safety car came out. Robert Kubica in for his stop-go, allowing Lewis Hamilton to go past him and up to seventh. In fact, a mistake from Red Bull's Mark Webber puts Hamilton sixth.

"You have to feel sorry for Massa. He was flying, too many errors from Ferrari this season."
Anon via text on 81111

STOP-GO PENALTY As expected, Nico Rosberg and Bob Kubica will have to stop for 10 seconds after illegal pit stops. Williams tell Rosberg to push on...

DRIVE-THROUGH PENALTY Well, that's just cruel isn't it? Felipe Massa is punished for an unsafe release at his pit stop and duly crawls through the pits.

Lap 23: Ah. There we go. The stewards are now looking at Robert Kubica and Nico Rosberg for pitting while the pit lane was officially closed.

Lap 22: The stewards may be ignoring Kubica and Rosberg - but they are looking at an "incident involving car two". That's Felipe Massa - who may have impeded another car as he careered down the pit lane with that fuel hose attached. Doesn't really matter. And a comedy moment from Rubens Barrichello, who tries to throw his gloves into the crowd after his race ended - but only succeeds in chucking them into the sea.

Lap 21: Incidentally, Felipe Massa got the green light in his pit stop so the Brazilian was not to blame. Rosberg and Kubica are yet to be told of their penalties - so the Williams driver is continuing on his merry way out front.

Lap 19: And the safety car is in. An improbable top three of Rosberg, Trulli and Fisichella. Felipe Massa is last. Meanwhile, a Ferrari mechanic is being stretchered away from the pit area - after he was hit by the fuel hose in that Massa incident.

Lap 18: Incredible. Absolutely incredible. I don't even know where to start with that. Amid all that, Kimi Raikkonen was queuing behind Massa in the pits and he emerged unscathed, while Lewis Hamilton also pitted without any trouble. Safety car still out. Nico Rosberg is our new race leader - but he gets a 10 second stop-go penalty, as does Robert Kubica.

Lap 17: The pit lane is open... Felipe Massa immediately comes in BUT HE'S TAKEN THE FUEL HOSE WITH HIM!!! What the...??? The Brazilian drives off with the hose still attached, leaving one of the pit crew floored. Massa is sitting in his stricken Ferrari at the end of the pit lane. The crew run down after him and manage to pull the hose off - but that's his race ruined.

Lap 17: And Robert Kubica could also be in trouble. The Pole has to take his BMW Sauber is forced to stop before the pit lane is open. This rule seems ridiculous.

Lap 16: Potential trouble for Nico Rosberg, who comes in for his first stop before everyone is lined up behind the safety car. He would have run out of fuel if he hadn't - but rules is rules. Meanwhile, Rubens Barrichello's race seems to be over. Not sure what the problem was with his Honda. The pit lane still isn't open.

Safety Car
Lap 15: Whoah. Nelson Piquet collides in spectacular fashion with a wall on turn 17 - and the safety car is out, along with the medical car. But Piquet climbs out of his Renault and sprints off - to the relief of everyone.

Lap 13: Felipe Massa now has a 4.5 second lead over Lewis Hamilton. "Massa's going to win this," says a man to my left confidently. Hamilton has a slender 2.2 second lead over the other Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen.

Lap 12: Robert Kubica - in fourth - has told his BMW Sauber garage that he is still feeling the vibrations after that first lap collision with Heikki Kovalainen. Renault are getting their pit ready for... Fernando Alonso. Nando - now on the harder tyres - is fully fuelled up for a long second stint.

1324: "If you were in a spaceship looking down on this track, you'd be impressed no matter what planet you come from."
BBC Radio 5 Live commentator David Croft

Lap 10: Kimi Raikkonen is on the charge in third. The Finn is the fastest man on the track. Nico Rosberg, freed of the Trulli train, is setting about making up an 11-second gap on Nick Heidfeld. Is Trulli on a no-stop strategy??!

Lap nine: Jarno Trulli is a sitting duck. First Kazuki Nakajima goes past, and he is followed by Fernando Alonso. Trulli down to 12th. Mark Webber will be the next to have a pop.

Lap eight: Drama here. It appears Felipe Massa may not have avoided that debris, he picked it up and that is allowing Lewis Hamilton to catch the leader. Gap closed to less than three seconds.

Lap seven: Celebrations in the Williams garage as Nico Rosberg finally gets past Jarno Trulli to take ninth - despite a massive lock-up.

Lap six: Felipe Massa has to take quick evasive action to avoid some debris on the track. Everyone seems to be assuming it's from Giancarlo Fisichella's Force India - which seems to be a fair assumption considering the weekend he's had.

Lap four: Felipe Massa going slightly quicker than Lewis Hamilton - but both are pulling away from Kimi Raikkonen as they make it a two-man race at the front. Nico Rosberg tries to get past Jarno Trulli but runs wide and the Toyota driver ducks back past. Party pooper Trulli is holding everyone up down to 19th.

Lap two: McLaren's Heikki Kovalainen has a bit of damage on his barge board after colliding with Robert Kubica on that first lap - hence why he dropped back a few places. Everyone still on the track so far, which seems a bit surprising.

Lap one: Williams tell Nico Rosberg over the radio he must, must, must get past Jarno Trulli. No one wants to get stuck on the 'Trulli train'... Rosberg down in 10th after starting eighth.

1305: Everyone away safely. Felipe Massa already has a bit of a lead on Lewis Hamilton. Heikki Kovalainen loses two places at the start. Fernando Alonso up three places from 15th already.

1303: And they're off. Felipe Massa is off like a rocket, but Lewis Hamilton fends off Kimi Raikkonen to hold on to second.

1302: Force India's Giancarlo Fisichella will start from the pits - and the latest forecast suggests it will be a dry race.

1259: The grid is cleared of celebrities and random hangers-on and the formation lap is under way.

1257: "The start is going to be even more important than usual. Overtaking will be very tricky. Any advantage you can get at the start will count for a lot. Lewis Hamilton can only hope Kimi Raikkonen will be busy fending off Robert Kubica."
BBC Radio 5 Live expert Maurice Hamilton

1254: Right, time to pour the Singapore Slings - we're moments away from the start. Not you Kimi, leave it a couple of hours eh?

1251: "I hope it rains in Singapore. Wet races are awesome. I think every track should have sprinklers built in that turn on randomly during the race."
Frosty from Richmond via text on 81111
Excellent idea. Let's all write to Bernie and make it happen.

1248: I think it's fair to say Singapore are making the most of their F1 debut. There's a lady on the front of the grid blasting out what I reckon must be the national anthem. She's probably Singapore's equivalent of Lesley Garrett... apologies, but I don't know her name.

1246: According to the prime minister, the residents of Singapore have put up "chillies and onions" to try to prevent the rain... Interesting.

Celebrity spot!
1240: There's Felipe Massa getting himself ready to go. The Brazilian tries to put his helmet on sideways, which isn't a great start to his day. Oh, and there's Big Brother winner and Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty sashaying down the grid - champagne time!

1235: "I have a case of beer on Webber not making the podium this season. Think I'm fairly safe."
CarefreeCoors on 606
Webber's Singapore circuit guide

1231: "I'm a Brit on hols in windy Melbourne today, and took a 40 km/h crawl around Albert Park. Wonder if there are any plans for a night race here?"
Rhod, Down Under, via text on 81111
Think not. Not sure the Melbourne residents would be too keen on that idea.

1226: "Vettel to make it two in a row! Easy pickings! Forget Massa and Hamilton!"
James via text on 81111

1222: By the way, if you're a Nick Heidfeld fan - and let's face it, which of us isn't? - you might be wondering why your man has disappeared from the third row of the grid. The BMW Sauber driver was demoted from sixth to ninth after he was found guilty of obstructing Rubens Barrichello as he entered the pits during Q1 - which caused the Brazilian to pit without using the deceleration zone. Barrichello was fined 8,000 for the latter offence - which seems harsh to me.

1217: "Hamilton to win today. I sense something special."
Elliot via text on 81111

1216: "Thunderstorms about 5km from the circuit... apparently."
RickRipper on 606
Join the debate on 606

1212: "The chicane at turn 10 is pretty tight because there's no room for a run-up area. If you get it wrong going in you'll do a lot of damage," says BBC Radio 5 Live expert Maurice Hamilton - and Giancarlo Fisichella would back him up. The Italian put his Force India car into the wall in practice yesterday. His mechanics won a race against time to get him back on the track for qualifying - only for Fisi to crash at the exact same place before even posting a lap time. He later blamed a puncture. As you would.

1207: "Canny wait for this one. Stuff the Massa v Hamilton battle, it's all about Button, can he score any more points?"
Tom T via text on 81111
From 12th on the grid? Tricky, but you never know...

1204: By the way, big love to the 606-ers, who have come to the 'getting involved' party in a big way. Texts via 81111 are picking up after a slow start. I've now got three - plus a request for Mansun's Wide Open Space which I think was probably meant for Radio 1.
Join the debate on 606

1200: Poor old Fernando Alonso eh? The chiselled Spaniard was flying in practice - only for his Renault to fail him in the second qualifying session yesterday. A fuel supply problem means he'll start a lowly 15th on the grid. Still, at least Nando's looking at the positives... "The race is over for us, finish." Oh.

1157: "I worked out from nozzle times yesterday that Hamilton will pit on lap 17."
kimster on 606
Join the debate on 606

1154: According to an F1 boffin, one lap's worth of fuel is worth approximately 0.1secs so, if we assume Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton are the same pace, that means the Englishman can go five or six laps longer before his first stop. So there.

1149: "Good evening from Singapore. Threatening skies the whole afternoon after a sunny morning. No rain yet, although track and ambient temperature will be lower than expected."
Chacor on 606
Join the debate on 606

1145: Felipe Massa tore up qualifying yesterday, smashing title rival Lewis Hamilton's best effort by six-tenths of a second. Here's the Brazilian's verdict: "Given my margin over the others, with hindsight it's easy to say maybe I could have run with slightly more fuel, but we firmly believe we have a very competitive strategy."

1142: "Hamilton to win! Massa's light and will pit early methinks."
theothefuture_14 on 606
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1138: Am I alone in hoping for a quick thunderstorm to mix it up a bit? With over an hour to go before the green light, the current conditions are cloudy and hot - but there is a chance of a downpour later.

1130: I'm not one for soundbites, but I definitely feel the hand of history upon our shoulders today. Singapore makes its F1 debut with the sport's first ever race under floodlights - which could prove crucial to this season's title race. Ooh, I'm all of a quiver.

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