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Singapore Grand Prix
Singapore, 26-28 September

Final positions:

1. Massa (Ferrari)

2. Hamilton (McLaren)

3. Raikkonen (Ferrari)

4. Kubica (BMW Sauber)

5. Kovalainen (McLaren)

6. Heidfeld (BMW Sauber)

7. Vettel (Toro Rosso)


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By Caroline Cheese

1610: Does it all come down to strategy then? Was Felipe Massa feather light out there - or is he just a master of the street race? Or both?! We shall find out tomorrow... see you then.

1606: "Wow LH got a bit lucky today, stonking laps by Massa as well, so this should be entertaining tomorrow. My heart goes out to Alonso though, I was looking forward to him mixing up the group a bit."
Schnell_Vettel on 606
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1604: Well, well. Good recovery from Lewis Hamilton after a shaky first two sessions, but what a performance from Ferrari's Felipe Massa. Six-tenths of a second quicker? Can that be right?

Lewis Hamilton goes quickest... but he is immediately blown away by a quite brilliant lap from Felipe Massa - who slices more than six tenths of a second off Hamilton's time. Cripes.

1600: Lewis Hamilton is throwing his car around the track in a desperate attempt to find a few vital hundredths - but the Ferraris are looking very, very strong...

1559: From what I've heard, this circuit is hardly ripe for overtaking - so this qualifying session could be absolutely crucial for the race positions and, indeed, the title race.

1556: Lewis Hamilton gets his act together and pushes Kimi Raikkonen down to second - but here comes title rival Felipe Massa and he immediately puts a 1:45.491 on the board to go top. Tense times...

1553: And they're all out now, as Vettel embarks on his first flier.

1549: Look alert, we're up and away in Q3. Seb Vettel - who seems to have brought his confidence with him from Italy - is out first.

1549: "Ferraris are looking monstrous."
17vengence17 on 606
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1546: We lose Jarno Trulli, Jenson Button, Mark Webber, David Coulthard and Fernando Alonso as we head into the pole position shoot-out. And if Alonso's Renault hadn't failed him, Hamilton would have gone... The Englishman seemed to pay the price for taking it easy in Q1.

1543: Oof. That was close. Too close. Lewis Hamilton squeaks into the pole shoot-out in 10th as Mark Webber, David Coulthard and Jenson Button all fail to knock him down. Lucky Lewis.

1542: Lewis Hamilton is down to 10th...incredible stuff...

1541: Looked like a very scrappy lap from Lewis Hamilton, locking up the brakes all over the place, but he pops up in eighth... Is it enough?

1540: Softer compound tyres for Lewis Hamilton as he looks to qualify for the pole shoot-out...

1538: Just under four minutes remaining as Lewis Hamilton finally emerges. Both Ferraris looking impressive... and just as I say that, Heikki Kovalainen takes his McLaren up to second. A fuel supply problem it was for Fernando Alonso.

1536: Lewis Hamilton still in the pits with a little over five minutes remaining... he's leaving it very, very late.

1534: Problems for Lewis Hamilton, who aborts his lap after hitting problems on section one. Back in the pits for some new shoes on his McLaren. It's a Ferrari one-two as it stands...

1531: Cars streaming out now... AND FERNANDO ALONSO HAS GONE! The Spaniard has got his head in his hands as he climbs out of his stricken car. Not sure what the problem was, but he will be fuming after those flying performances in practice.

1528: Off we go again, Heikki Kovalainen wasting no time and is quickly followed by Seb Vettel.

1527: "Surprised about Bourdais, thought he'd mid-grid somewhere at least. I reckon that Kubica will interrupt the top four at the end, maybe third on the grid."
MikeChilds on 606
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1524: Good stuff from David Coulthard at the death, the Scot moving his Red Bull up from 17th to 15th to put Nelson Piquet in the drop zone. Poor old Fisi though...

1522: That's the end of the first session and it's goodbye to Nelson Piquet, Sebastien Bourdais, Rubens Barrichello and the Force India pair of Adrian Sutil and Giancarlo Fisichella. Bourdais - that's a bit of a surprise, no?

1519: Kimi Raikkonen finally comes to life and posts a 1:44.282 to go top. Rubens Barrichello is now in trouble, as is Sebastien Bourdais...

1518: Force India's mechanics do work their magic and get Giancarlo Fisichella out before the end of the first session... and he immediately locks up on turn three and goes straight into the wall. Unbelievable.

1516: Lewis Hamilton is done for the session, but McLaren team-mate Heikki Kovalainen is still out... and he goes quickest with a 1:44.311. Nice.

1515: Kimi Raikkonen is in danger of being dropped after the first session! The world champ is down in 16th with five minutes remaining. That would be a shocker. Ferrari team-mate Felipe Massa's not doing a whole lot better in 12th.

1511: But here comes Fernando Alonso and he goes... second with 1:44.971. Seems to be some doubt about whether Giancarlo Fisichella's Force India will manage to make it out of the garage after a big smash in practice earlier. The mechanics are trying desperately to work some magic.

1509: Raikkonen can only manage a fairly ropey 1:46.629 - and Lewis Hamilton proves just how ropey by posting the quickest time so far with 1:44.501 with his first flier.

1507: That's better. Toyota's Timo Glock posts a decent enough 1:45.717. Kimi Raikkonen is out now - looking for a turnaround in fortunes after some very average times in practice.

1504: Adrian Sutil gets his Force India round in 1:48.942 on his first flying lap. Flying would be pushing it though.

1503: And Timo Glock, Rubens Barrichello and Kazuki Nakajima join the party.

1500: And they're off. Force India's Adrian Sutil takes the bait...

1458: A couple of minutes to go... who'll be first out?

1454: "If Massa wins the World Championship, it would be the biggest cupset in F1 history. He's the Tottenham Hotspur of the drivers this year. He's yet to win a meaningful race."
mysteriousblablabla on 606
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1451: Good potential conspiracy theory from Castor on 606. The firm responsible for the lighting in Singapore is Italian, so if they do fail and Lewis Hamilton is leading...
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1446: "Rain? It's been dry the whole of today, but we have had above-average rainfall this month. As far as I'm aware the forecast tomorrow is rain in the morning which may wash some rubber off the track but it's not expected in the evening."
Chacor on 606
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1443: While Lewis Hamilton is strictly sticking to European time in preparation for F1's first night race, here's David Coulthard's approach: "I am staying up late at night, I am going out to nightclubs and I'm eating a lot of carrots because they apparently help you to see better in the dark."

1439: "I hope that I am wrong by the Singapore GP looks to me to be totally barmy! The circuit really is very narrow with some very solid walls and no run off areas at key points. Add in the novelty of racing under lights and it is Alice in Wonderland stuff. I predict a race in which up to half of the participants will have been bundled out by quarter distance. It's a lottery."
Censura on 606
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1437: How likely is rain? Here's what Force India chairman and Singapore resident Vijay Mallya had to say: "It rains every night. You don't have to pray for rain, it just comes." Let's hope wet weather wimp Felipe Massa wasn't listening...

1434: I went to Singapore for eight hours earlier this year on my way to Australia. Didn't make it out of the airport - which is a mind-blowing place. I can only imagine what the rest of the city is like... but if that airport is anything to go by, it's made for F1.

1432: Singapore resident Chacor - over on 606 - tells me "everyone's all psyched up for the race". Chacor also met Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel at the airport. Here's the chat... "Lewis was cool and calm... Didn't get to speak to him much except to say 'Lewis, autograph?' Sebastian Vettel was rather soft-spoken. Great guy though."

1428: "Imagine if the lights go out halfway... Although very, very dangerous, it would add quite a bit of excitement for a few moments."
boydy262 on 606
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1423: Apparently, one of the unexpected bonuses of the floodlights is that you can see the drivers' faces through their visors. Here's Damon Hill... "Lewis (Hamilton) looked so calm. I always imagined my expression when I was driving was a look of horror, but he looked pretty relaxed. He didn't seem to blink until he went past the start-finish line - it was one blink per lap." That proves it then. He's not human.

1421: "I think Alonso and Raikkonen will run light on fuel and maybe Kovalainen so I think the order could well be... 1. Raikkonen, 2. Alonso, 3. Hamilton, 4. Massa, 5. Kovalainen, 6. Kubica."
vidic4ever on 606
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1415: Spain's former champ Fernando Alonso was quickest again in practice today, but you've got to suspect his Renault is running on a dribble of fuel. Still, I'd be happy to see Alonso in the mixer at the front of the grid. Am I alone there?

1411: So there we were fretting about the lights and the rain etc and it turns out it's the bumpy track which is proving to be the issue in Singapore. David Coulthard compared the street circuit to the "cobbled streets of Paris". Yikes.

1405: We've got less than an hour until qualifying begins and in that time, I'm looking forward to hearing from you lovely people - via text on 81111 or on 606. And try to make it more interesting than an interview with Kimi Raikkonen I was reading this morning. Q: What is your favourite book? A: I don't have a favourite book. I hate reading. Q: What is your favourite film? A: There are many films that I like, but no favourites. Etc, etc.

1400: Hello there. I'm making my F1 debut this weekend. It seems appropriate really. You know, what with the Singapore Grand Prix being in the dark and everything... But I tell you what, I am genuinely excited about it. The world's most glamorous sport in one of the world's most spectacular cities, under the lights... what can possibly go wrong?

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