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Hungarian Grand Prix
Hungaroring, 1-3 August, 2008

Final positions:

1. Kovalainen (McLaren)

2. Glock (Toyota)

3. Raikkonen (Ferrari)

4. Alonso (Renault)

5. Hamilton (McLaren)

6. Piquet (Renault)

7. Trulli (Toyota)

8. Kubica (BMW-Sauber)


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By Ben Dirs

"Bad luck on Massa, but I don't feel any sorrow for Ferrari. They were not exactly sportsmanlike in their celebrations over Hamilton's misfortune. Good for Kovy - he's a good guy and deserved a win. You cannot say it is not exciting this year, which is really what we want."
mrspinach on 606

1442: Kovalainen was 12-1 with the bookies before the start of the race, which was his 28th Grand Prix. That's Glock's first podium finish and welcome points for Toyota. Hamilton retains the lead in the drivers' championship on 62 points, Raikkonen is second on 57 and Massa is third on 54. In the constructors' championship, Ferrari lead on 111 points, McLaren jump to second with 100, 10 clear of BMW Sauber.

Chequered Flag
Lap 70: Much gnashing of teeth among the Ferrari crew, that's a real kick in the orchestras. Raikkonen looks to have settled for third after his team-mate's calamity. Kovalainen takes the chequered flag for McLaren, Glock in second for Toyota, Raikkonen in third for Ferrari. Hamilton in fifth, were it not for that puncture, it would have been his race.

Lap 67: Kovalainen now 7.2 seconds behind Massa, the Brazilian taking no chances and coasting home. Raikkonen is now 0.8 seconds behind Glock... UNBELIEVABLE! MASSA'S OUT! He ground to a halt, something's given up at the back of the's Kovalainen's race. The Finn is yet to win a Grand Prix - victory today and he'd be the 100th winner in F1 history.

Lap 65: Hamilton being held off by Alonso and there's a suggestion that something's wrong with his car. Raikkonen, like a shark scenting blood, is now taking bites out of Glock's rear end... Sutil is finally into the garage and out of the race...

Lap 62: Another fastest lap from Raikkonen and he's now only 2.8 seconds behind Glock. Can the German hold on for his first podium finish? Raikkonen taking almighty chunks out of his advantage at the moment... Sutil of Force India is out... no, he's been waved back into the race, still only the one retirement...

Lap 61: Massa coasting at the head of the field. Hamilton has chopped Alonso's lead over him to 2.6 seconds, they're vying for fifth...

Lap 58: Massa bullying the field at the moment, although his lead is down to 11 seconds. Toyota's Timo Glock is bang on target for his first podium finish, although Raikkonen is steaming - he's just set the fastest lap with 1:21.267 and he's 5.9 seconds behind Glock.

Lap 57: Still only the one retirement, Vettel on lap 34. Hamilton, in sixth, is 3.5 seconds behind his best buddy Alonso and gaining all the time...

Lap 55: Piquet is in for his second pit and Hamilton goes comfortably ahead of him and up into sixth. Piquet and Trulli very nearly touch and Trulli has to back off and let the Brazilian pass. Massa leads Kovy by 14.1 seconds, it's looking like a stroll at the moment for Ferrari...

Lap 52: Hamilton into the points, he trails Alonso by 4.8 seconds. Massa is 15.4 seconds ahead of second-placed Kovalainen. Raikkonen pits and rejoins in sixth.

Lap 50: Alonso into the pits - that's a smooth one and he rejoins behind Trulli in eighth. Glock slips to fifth after his second stop.

Lap 48: Hamilton, in 10th, is five seconds behind Red Bull's Webber. Kovalainen has a 5.5 second lead over Massa. Glock is in for his second pit... Kovy's is as well, and Alonso and Raikkonen nip ahead of him. Those two have been at each other's throats all race.

Lap 45: Bridgestone have no idea what happened to Hamilton's tyres apparently. Whatever it was, it's completely rubbered up any hopes Hamilton had of winning this race.

"After a big lock up at 75mph at Turn Two you go downhill and I don't think Lewis was accelerating hugely and he went off into the gravel and maybe that's where he damaged his tyre going into Turn Four."
BBC 5 Live commentator David Croft

Lap 44: Hamilton is up to 10th, but Massa has a 23 second lead of second-placed Kovalainen and Ferrari are jubilant. Massa pits at the end of lap 44, but he's out ahead of Glock in third. Kovalainen of McLaren leads, Glock is currently the fastest man on the track.

Lap 41: Hamilton's off on lap 41! Turn five, and it looks like he's got a puncture, front left! The Brit limps into the pits and he'll get a set of super softs... Hamilton out and he bumps into his old mate Coulthard, who tries to go round the outside but is held off. Hamilton goes from second to 11th.

Lap 38: Massa and Hamilton are well into the back-markers now, there goes Button in 13th... Heidfeld still hasn't pitted, although the crew are out there waiting for him.

Lap 36: Kovaleinen is 16.3 seconds behind Hamilton after 36 laps, he and Massa are absolutely munching the rest of the field and there's very little between their pace at the moment.

Lap 34: Massa leads Hamilton by four seconds after 34 laps. Heidfeld the only man not to pit so far, he's in 11th. Lots of chat between the teams in the pit lanes after that rash of fires, there are clearly problems with the refuelling rigs.

Lap 32: Massa's lead after 31 laps is 3.3 seconds. Hamilton has a real tussle on his hands here, and not everyone expected that. Button in on lap 32, he was back in 12th before the stop. Bourdais's car flares up in the pits, that's some sharp work from the man wielding the extinguisher and the Toro Rosso driver is back out. Disaster for Barrichello - they couldn't get the fuel hose in and there was another flash fire there... and another! Nakajima of Williams flares up as well... all very weird, and slightly worrying...

"I think Massa has to push on with what's he got. He needs to make most of the clear track while he's got it. This track gets pretty crowded and back-markers will be a big problem later on."
BBC 5 Live analyst Maurice Hamilton

Lap 30: Coulthard in on lap 29 and Barrichello, like a randy dog, sniffs his backside as he rejoins in 14th. The Scot has switched to harder tyres.

Lap 27: Coulthard is fifth, but he hasn't been in yet. Massa three seconds ahead of Hamilton after lap 27. Coulthard puts in a personal best on his super softs - 1:23.085.

Lap 24: Right, the dust has settled after a rash of pit stops around lap 20 and the upshot is Massa leads after lap 24, Hamilton is 2.6 seconds behind and Kovy is third... Piquet pits and rejoins in ninth... Vettel of Toro Rosso is the first retirment, on lap 25...

Lap 21: Glock in on 20, and that's a lengthy stop. He's out in eighth. Kovy in on lap 21 and he rejoins behind Trulli and in eigth.

Lap 19: Hamilton's in at the end of 19. No tyre change, just a drop of fuel. Hamilton is now sixth...

Lap 18: Strike what I said about Raikkonen - he's all over the back of Alonso, I was given a bum steer. Massa is in at the end of lap 18. Harder tyres and a drop of fuel. In comes Kubica as well. Massa out in fourth, Hamilton grabs the lead.

Lap 16: Another fastest lap from Massa, but team-mate Raikkonen is making no impact on Alonso ahead of him in sixth.

Lap 15: We're expecting the drivers to come in for fuel and rubbers around lap 20. Massa sets another fastest lap on 15 - 1:21.414. Coulthard really struggling on his softer tyre, lapping more than a second slower than Piquet in his Renault.

"If Massa keeps pushing on he's not going to lose too many places if he's on a three-stop strategy."
BBC 5 Live analyst Maurice Hamilton

Lap 13: Not much scope for overtaking in Hungary, so it's all about the tactics and two or three stops. Webber, in eighth, is pulling away from Trulli, who in turn is pulling away from Piquet of Renault, despite the Brazilian pulling out some decent lap times. Massa puts in a 1:21.479 on lap 12.

Lap 11: That's Hamilton's best so far - 1:12.9 compared to Massa's 1:21.86 on the previous lap. A real ding-dong between Barrichello and Vettel for 14th, Glock pulling away from Kubica.

Lap nine: Kovalainen is well off the pace of Massa and Hamilton - he's obviously carrying more fuel. Raikkonen hunting Alonso down, quite a tussle going on between sixth and seventh. Massa leads Hamilton by 2.8 seconds, the Ferrari driver really ripping into the Hungaroring.

Lap eight: Alonso is up to sixth after taking defending champion Raikkonen going into the first corner on lap one. Massa's lead up to two seconds and all 20 cars are still running.

Lap six: Massa sets a new fastest lap on lap six and he's beginning to edge away from Hamilton. The field tightly bunched, Vettel went wide on lap four and is down to 15th.

Lap three: Hamilton is the fastest on the track, Massa's lead after lap three is 1.1 seconds. Massa will be looking to build as big a lead as possible before pitting two or three laps before Hamilton. The Brazilian will be giving it the hammer. The rumour is that Massa is running light on fuel and so Hamilton is going to have to play a long game here and wait for the tactics at the pit stops.

Lap One: IT'S GO GO GO! Brilliant start from Massa! Bold and aggressive and he's nipped ahead of Hamilton and Kovalainen at the first corner. Actually, he overtook Hamilton at turn two and Kovy at turn one. That's spiced things up a bit. Massa has a 1.3 second lead over Hamilton after the first lap. Glock is up to fourth.

1300: Drivers are out on the formation lap and it's chaos as the teams make their way to the pit lanes. It looks like most drivers are on the harder tyres, indeed everyone apart from Coulthard apparently.

1259: Bourdais has commented on the "poor conditions" at the Hungaroring. Not much grip apparently... rubber goes down...

1255: Round 11 of this year's F1 Championship will get under way in five minutes. Thirty thousand Polish fans have swarmed over the border to support their man Robert Kubica, and there's a fair few Finnish flags flying in the stands as well. Hamilton, taking a leaf out of Michael Schumacher's book, kept the other drivers waiting ahead of today's parade, which smells of the kind of arrogance you need to win the championship.

1244: Sebastian Vettel has just been on the box revealing that he keeps a lucky coin in the laces of his left boot. Makes a change from a rabbit's foot hanging from your mirror. As someone has just aggressively pointed out via text, Alonso's second title was of course won in 2006, not 1996. Why are people so aggressive nowadays? Broken Britain...

1241: Cars are being manouevred into the grid and the brollies are out - it's roasting in Budapest. Toro Rosso's Sebastien Bourdais reckons is "very slippery" on the track today. The Frenchman was relegated five grid places - to 19th - for impeding Nick Heidfeld in qualifying.

1240: The only current driver to have achieved a hat-trick of wins is Alonso, when he was with Renault and on the way to his second title in 1996, just prior to Schumacher's treble.

"Can't see anyone other than Hamilton winning today, unless there's a big incident out there. It'd be nice if Kovy could hold on to his place this week as well. He's surrendered good positions too easily recently and needs to give McLaren a shot at the constructors' championship."
maccabi on 606

1234: Coulthard starts in 13th for Red Bull, while Jenson Button starts in 12th for Honda - which is not bad considering how he's still grappling with what appears to be a 1981 Bedford.

"If Hamilton drives today as he has over the last couple of races, then victory will be his again. Although Ron Dennis said that Heikki can race him, I doubt that will really happen."
ElNano on 606

1230: Good news for Hungarian F1 fans, and indeed Polish fans, who reportedly have snapped up a third of the tickets for this year's race: organisers today signed a new deal with F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone to stage the race through to 2016.

1227: Britain's David Coulthard could do with a couple of points today. He's being out-performed by team-mate Mark Webber and has done little since his podium finish in Canada. His pride will be stinging.

1223: Toyota's Timo Glock scored his best qualifying position - fifth - just a day after being cleared to race following a high-speed crash last time out in Hockenheim. A nice little battle-within-a-battle brewing between Toyota, Red Bull and Renault, only two point between the three of them.

"The circuit has favoured drivers who are kind to their tyres in the past, and Hammy is hard on his tyres. It might be closer than some are suggesting."
Croydon Bob on 606

"It's dry and hot here with air temperature of 29C and track temperature of 44C. But there are some clouds around and the pressure is 41%."
From our Radio 5 Live colleagues in Hungary

1211: What will Ferrari come up with today? Hamilton's McLaren has been all over them like a cheap suit in the last two races. Tyre choice will be key today given the heat in Budapest.

1207: Alonso apparently hasn't got over his spat with McLaren honcho Ron Dennis: "If I was racing for McLaren at this moment maybe I would be in the position I am now - without the possibility to win," said Alonso on Thursday. I am unable to confirm what brand of handbag he was carrying at the time.

1205: It was in Hungary that it all kicked off between Hamilton and Alonso last year. During qualifying Alonso was found guilty of impeding his then team-mate Hamilton in the pit lane and was demoted from pole down the field. To Alonso's probable chagrin, Hamilton went on to win the race.

1200: Morning all. To the Hungaroring, where Stevenage's Lewis Hamilton is gunning for his third straight win. He grabbed his fourth pole of the season with a coruscating display in qualifying and a win today would make him the first driver since Michael Schumacher - remember him? - in 2006 to win three Grands Prix in a row and the first Briton since Damon Hill. Gonna happen?

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