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British Grand Prix
Silverstone, 4-6 July

British GP result:

1. L Hamilton (McLaren)

2. N Heidfeld (BMW)

3. R Barrichello (Honda)

4. K Raikkonen (Ferrari)

5. H Kovalainen (McLaren)

6. F Alonso (Renault)

7. J Trulli (Toyota)

8. K Nakajima (Williams)


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By Sam Lyon

"First Monaco, now Britain! Lewis is really picking up wins in the big races this season!"
Fernando Torres' European Championship Winners Medal on 606

"This is Lewis Hamilton's season... Watch out for Lewis winning the next three GP's and leaving everyone in his wake after this morale-boasting victory! Britain's behind you mate."
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1449: Lewis Hamilton bounds onto the podium with all the abandon of a six-year-old in a sweet factory, and it's quite a sensational ovation at his home track too. Smiles abound from Heidfeld and Barrichello too - and as if it wasn't wet enough at Silverstone, the champagne is sprayed all over the drivers and teams. That victory puts Hamilton back joint top of the drivers standings with Massa and Raikkonen. Sensational.

Manufan87 on 606

"Thank you so much guys. I know it's been a tough weekend but we pulled it together when it mattered. Oh my god, we did it."
Lewis Hamilton on the team McLaren radio

"What a celebration, what a victory, what a massive winning margin - stunning racing from Hamilton, a sensational race from Silverstone."
David Croft on BBC Radio 5 Live

Lewis Hamilton punches the air furiously as he crosses the line to take victory from a superb race. Nick Heidfeld is also delighted with his second-place finish, while I think it's fair to say Rubens Barrichello is rather happy too. No podium finish for Raikkonen, but maybe a vital fourth-place - it takes him past 500 F1 points, by the way - while Jarno Trulli passed Nakajima on the final lap to snatch seventh.
Hamilton soars to British GP win

1441: We're into the final lap and it looks like it's as you are from one to eight. Lewis Hamilton will already be preparing his victory dance...

1439: Kovalainen does it - he passes Alonso finally round Becketts corner and he is into fifth. The McLaren paddock erupts into cheers.

1438: Nakajima is told by the team radio to have a go at Kovalainen and Alonso "but not at the expense of allowing Trulli to pass". A welcome decent result for Williams this if it stays that way. Out in front, Lewis Hamilton is cruising round faster than anyone on the track and his lead is 65 seconds with two to go.

1435: To-ing and fro-ing round between Kovalainen and Alonso, but Alonso again holds on to fifth as Kovalainen breaks a little too cautiously. What a fight this is with five to go.

1434: Now its Heikki Kovalainen's turn to press Fernando Alonso, the Finn pressing hard coming out of Chapel but the Spaniard just about holding on. That battle's not done with six to go.

1431: Lewis Hamilton laps Alonso and Raikkonen, with the latter two now wheel to wheel going into Priory. Raikkonen passes at Maggotts and Becketts only for Alonso to snatch back fourth in Chapel, but the Finn responds coming up to Copse and Raikkonen passes to go fourth! Terrific racing, that. Seven laps to go.

"The trouble now is that the tyres overheat in the dry patches on track and then you hit the water and it plays havoc with the steering and the balance."
Anthony Davidson on BBC Radio 5 Live

1428: Kovalainen spins at Farm and Alonso and Raikkonen rip past. The McLaren gathers himself and is back in seventh, but that's a few crucial points lost if it stays this way. Raikkonen, meanwhile, is now fifth and closing on Alonso.

1425: Hamilton is now 63 seconds clear and he is approaching the group of Kovalainen, Alonso and Raikkonen to lap them. Another feather in the cap for McLaren.

1424: Barrichello is back up into third, passing Trulli to move back into a podium place. Elsewhere, Felipe Massa loses the car in the water for about the 367th time (give or take) this race. He's back in 13th - with seven cars out of the race - while team-mate Raikkonen has his sights on fifth from his current seventh place with 12 to go.

1421: Terrific move from Kovalainen, the Finn going round the outside of Bridge to pass Alonso and move up into fifth.

1419: The Honda team are readying themselves for a Barrichello pit - that's got to be Lewis's race won with 14 laps to go? The Brazilian refuels and sticks the intermediates on, re-joining in fourth behind Jarno Trulli - who is now on for a second successive podium.

1418: Lewis Hamilton and Rubens Barrichello are lapping around five-six seconds quicker than anyone at the moment, with the Brazilian slowly eating into Lewis's lead but with something extraordinary needed to snatch the victory, I reckon.

1414: Blimey! That was quicker than anyone expected and Barrichello passes Heidfeld by Club and will he have Hamilton in his sights? The Briton is 44 seconds clear, but the Brazilian is lapping four seconds quicker with 16 laps to go.

1412: The Abbey chicane is causing all sorts of problems for all the drivers - that's where the standing water is - but Rubens Barrichello doesn't mind. In the extremes he is lapping seven seconds faster than Nick Heidfeld in second and, with the Brazilian in third with 17 laps to go, he will be pressing the BMW come the flag I reckon.

1410: Robert Kubica is out! Before the Abbey chicane, he has no grip, he can't turn and slides gracefully into the sand. Jenson Button is also out, sliding out at Club.

1409: Barrichello - ripping round on the extreme wets - zips past Kovalainen and then, round club, he gets past Alonso as well. He's up to fourth.

1408: Lewis Hamilton is now 36 seconds clear of Heidfeld, with Kubica a further 23 seconds back. Trulli-Alonso-Kovalainen follow.

1407: Kimi Raikkonen spins out, into the gravel, but he'll carry on. Nightmare for the red cars today, it really is. Mark Webber, meanwhile, aquaplanes terribly from 12th and the drivers are really fighting the elements here.

1405: Lewis Hamilton pits - and its intermediate wets, not extreme wets - he emerges still in the lead, with Nick Heidfeld pitting and taking the intermediates too.

"If Hamilton can tip-toe through this standing water until it dries out, his lead is big enough to hold onto first."
David Croft on BBC Radio 5 Live

"Literally, a few minutes ago it was pouring it down, now the sun is out and it's light drizzle. McLaren can't make their mind up."
Holly Samos on BBC Radio 5 Live

1404: Lewis Hamilton and Robert Kubica are having a 'mare on these tyres - can they afford a change to the extreme wets? - as both aquaplane off track. Lewis does well to hold it together and he is still refusing to come into the pits - his lead if 25.2 over Heidfeld.

1403: Ouch! Nelson Piquet Jr, from fourth, beaches his Renault approaching Hangar and that's him out of the race. Disaster. Button, meanwhile, despite my telling you he's done for the race, come in.

1402: The thrills and spills are all happening as Kubica and Timo Glock both spin in the rain. Kubica holds on to third but Glock slips down the field.

1359: Heikki Kovalainen comes in - rejoining just ahead of Jenson Button in 10th - and it looks like a set of olds for the Finn. Unbelievably, it is now hammering it down again - I'm not sure anyone expected that.

"Hamilton's advantage is surely now big enough for this race to be in the bag unless something goes dramatically wrong for him. All things being equal, I can't see anyone catching him, whatever the weather does."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone

1358: Robert Kubica is up to fourth now and breathing so heavily down Kovalainen's neck it's embarrassing. Terrific wheel-to-wheel driving until down Hangar Straight when the Pole rips past his rival and into the podium positions.

1356: Timo Glock laps Felipe Massa - after much effort - and the two share some, erm, 'colourful' hand signals. Tremendous. Road rage at stupid mph - sensible.

1355: Raikkonen emerges back in ninth - nearly a minute behind race leader Lewis Hamilton, who is now extending his lead over Nick Heidfeld. Jenson Button, meanwhile, fuels for the rest of the race, just like Alonso.

1353: It is all unravelling for Ferrari - Kimi finally pits for a new set of tyres and then nearly stalls. Team-mate Felipe Massa is languishing in 14th. The strategists have some questions to answer.

1352: Lewis Hamilton's lead over Heidfeld is 24 seconds, but the BMW is closing. Raikkonen is now 42 seconds behind the Briton, the Finn lapping four seconds slower than anyone in the race.

"I'm in the pit lane and we have blue skies above us - light rain, but it could be drying up. What impact will that have on the leaders?"
Holly Samos on BBC Radio 5 Live

"Alonso comes back in for a new set of wet tyres. The irony of this situation will not be lost on the Spaniard. In China in 2006, he lost the race to Michael Schumacher because the team changed tyres when they would have been better leaving him on a used set. Here, the situation has reversed - they left them on, and he has lost the chance of a much-needed decent result."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone

1349: Barrichello is up into seventh - he's having a terrific race - while Alonso fuels for the rest of the race and he is relying on these tyres and it staying wet to salvage something from this Grand Prix.

1346: Unbelievable tussle between Raikkonen and Kovalainen and just after the former looks like he's held onto his second spot, Kovalainen - AND Heidfeld, who moves into second - pass Kimi around Luffield. Sensational - Heidfeld looks rocket-powered at the moment, while Kimi is literally limping round on these tyres.

"Ferrari and Renault gambled and lost - both Raikkonen and Alonso are visibly struggling, and losing chunks of time as the rain comes down again."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone

1345: Brilliant! Nelson Piquet Jr pulls off a terrific move and he overtakes team-mate Fernando Alonso to move into sixth.

"This is where Lewis Hamilton really has to put the hammer down because if this track dries up, he will see his advantage over Kimi Raikkonen completely reversed."
Anthony Davidson on BBC Radio 5 Live

"And lo and behold, it is raining again - and Raikkonen is losing nearly four seconds a lap to the McLaren."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone

1341: Lewis Hamilton is lapping a lot quicker than Raikkonen, his lead up to nearly 10 seconds now. He's loving those tyres in this rain - he's gotta hope it continues like this. Elsewhere, in the space of two turns Heidfeld pinches two places and he's up to fifth - brilliant work.

1340: The rain is getting heavy now - justifying McLaren's tyre change?

1339: Heidfeld pits from the lead, re-joining behind Alonso and Timo Glock in eighth. Nelson Piquet Jr is also in now.

"Ferrari left Raikkonen's tyres on in that stop, while McLaren changed Hamilton's. With a drying line, that could be a smart move. But then if it rains again..."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone

1336: Lewis Hamilton is in at the same time as Kimi Raikkonen. The Briton emerges just ahead but he has changed his tyres, while Kimi, like Alonso, has kept faith with his. Is this Kimi's chance to snatch the lead?

1335: Fernando Alonso pits. Front wing adjustment, they've left the tyres on, and it's a refuel. Do they think this rain isn't coming? They want a tyre with less rubber on - they better hope it remains dry.

1334: Heikki Kovalainen pits - its a good one - and he's on the intermediate wets. He rejoins ahead of Kubica in seventh, which is terrific news for him. Fernando Alonso is now third.

1333: Mark Webber pits, finally. Raikkonen meanwhile is really closing on Hamilton now, the Finn really has the bit between his teeth as he sets a new best lap of 1:32.150 to reduce the gap to two seconds.

1331: Mark Webber is now past Jenson Button and up into 10th, while Kimi Raikkonen posts a new best lap of 1:32.259 - he and Lewis are trading punches like two world champion boxers in their prime. Hypothetically speaking obviously.

1330: Lewis Hamilton responds - the Briton setting the fastest lap of the race with a 1:33.268 - his lead is back up to over four seconds now. A listen to Alonso's team radio suggests they are worried about Nick Heidfeld, "he has a good strategy Fernando, a good strategy", barks a team official.

1328: A few spots of rain starting to fall at Silverstone again - that might be good news for Hamilton's tyres...

1326: Raikkonen taking huge chunks of time out of Lewis Hamilton's lead now, the Briton is now about three and a half seconds ahead.

"You could understand it, after that amazing start, if Lewis Hamilton has just taken a lot out of his tyres and that's why Raikkonen is closing."
David Croft on BBC Radio 5 Live

"Raikkonen, after a cautious first few laps, is really flying - he has closed on Hamilton on two consecutive laps, setting fastest lap on lap 11, and was just five seconds behind on lap 12."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone

1323: Kimi Raikkonen posts the fastest lap of the race so far - 1:33.635 - but he remains five seconds behind Lewis Hamilton. Webber is storming through the field now, he is up to 11th - he has to pit for fuel soon, though, surely?

"Mark Webber sets the fastest lap on lap 10 as he recovers from his early spin, He is already up to 12th from stone last."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone

1321: More rain expected in three minutes. Meanwhile, Adrian Sutil nearly takes off as he beaches his Force India coming into the Abbey chicane. His race is done.

1320: Heikki Kovalainen runs wide, I think, and spins into the grass in the middle sector, allowing Kimi Raikkonen to pass him into second. Heikki gets back on track, though, and he is already pulling away from Alonso in fourth.

1319: Lewis Hamilton continues to set the fastest laps as he extends his lead to over three and half seconds. Webber is already past Sutil.

1318: Mark Webber passes Bourdais and the Australian is already closing on Sutil and Button.

1317: A little update on the rest of the field - Mark Webber is 15th after that unforunate early spin, Jenson Button is 11th and holding off Adrian Sutil by a second and a half, while Nelson Piquet Jr looks good in closing on Heidfeld on fifth. This really is sensational racing.

"It looked very much like Kovalainen let Hamilton go there - he left the door wide open at Stowe, and the Englishman had been pressuring him from the start.

"Apart from Hamilton, the man really on the move at the moment is Alonso, who set two consecutive fastest laps on laps four and five, and is closing on Raikkonen's Ferrari."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone

"Lewis Hamilton just adores the rain and after a terrific few manouevres at the start, he is now exactly where he wants to be - out in front, vision clear, and lapping quicker than anyone by some way."
Maurice Hamilton on BBC Radio 5 Live

1312: Hamilton already leads by over two seconds from Kovalainen, with Raikkonen and Alonso closing on the Finn in second. Heidfeld and Kubica look really off the pace at the moment - their BMWs are lapping poorly compared to the leaders. Championship leader Felipe Massa, meanwhile, is bringing up the rear now in 18th place - unbelievable.

1310: Lewis Hamilton leads! The Briton has the traction, he has the momentum, and he passes Kovalainen at Stowe before racing away down Hangar Straight - terrific manoeuvre and he is already steaming away. Lewis looks like it him with the pace today.

1309: Fastest lap of the race from leader Heikki Kovalainen.

1308: Replays suggest Hamilton actually made contact with Kovalainen in that explosive start - and the Briton is right on his team-mate's tail. Fernando Alonso, meanwhile, posts the fastest middle sector of the race so far - he's flying - while Felipe Massa spins for the second time in the race already and he's down in 17th place. Misery for the Brazilian.

1305: Disaster too for David Coulthard - the Scot spinning out into the gravel, along with Sebastien Vettel, and those two are out of the race. Heartbreak for Coulthard in his lasp British GP.

1304: Astonishing start from Lewis Hamilton!! Hamilton steams through the field before the Copse Corner and he almost overtakes Kovalainen at the front before having to settle in behind his team-mate on the third turn. Meanwhile, agony for Mark Webber as he spins out and he goes from fourth down the field...

1303: We're go go go...

1300: Masses of standing water is thrown up into the air as the drivers get their warm-up lap under way. Visibility looks abysmal to be fair, too. Huge crowds at Silverstone, most donned in weatherproofs - good forward planning, that, their mums will be proud. We're moments away now...

1255: Five minutes to go people. Excited? Nervous? Both? Me too.

"To answer glennjpeace (see below - Crash watch for this race: Fernando Alonso. He has nothing to lose and his fire is back, in the rain it will mean either he storms into the podium, or the wall."
StopItOmega on 606
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1250: The consensus in and around the track appears to be that the majority of teams will be deploying intermediate wet tyres from the start. That will make driving at the start tricky through the puddles, but could be of benefit after the initial hullabaloo.
Hullabaloo - what a word that is. Under-used if you ask me. Much like poppycock. Brilliant.

"I'm praying for rain now and then dry, dry, dry after 1500 BST so that we get a great British GP before the mother of all tennis finals at Wimbledon to follow it! Asking too much?"
Aliah, addicted to BBC live updates, via text

"Place your bets on who's going to crash... we all know somebody will!"
glennjpeace on 606

"I think Lewis will try too hard from the start an bomb out. Kovalainen-Raikkonen-Alonso 1-2-3."
Tony in Leeds via text

"This is going to be an awesome race. You got to love it when it rains!"
-toon-fan-pete- on 606

"Mark Webbers first win? I reckon. Heikki will crash into Lewis and the Ferraris will be off the pace and held up behind Alonso who will be faster off the line. Alonso will eventually end up second, the red cars third and fourth and Vettel fifth. Yep, Webber's win."
davetheozzy on 606
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"Heidfeld for victory. Come on BMW."
Ninad13 on 606

1237: "With just over 20 minutes until the start of the race, the rain has eased off a little. But the sky is multi-hued grey, and there is no doubt the race will start on a wet track.

"Someone at Ferrari told me a few minutes ago that they have a forecast for heavy rain from 1400 - about halfway through a race that will probably run close to two hours. But he did add that they have several forecasts, all of them different..."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone

1235: By the way, as that Alonso gossip settles in, may I remind you that two men holding webbed sticks will be bashing a yellow ball at each other later today at Wimbledon - and you can follow all the action with the genius of Piers Newbery, a man officially taller than Mark Foster, much to the British swimmer's chagrin. That said, if it continues to tip it down Federer-Nadal will have to wait so you may as well check in and check out and get back here asap. Jubbly.
Live - Wimbledon day 13

1230: Right. Who wants some gossip so juicy if you squeezed it pure Sunny Delight would spout forth? I am talking massive, MASSIVE gossip. I hand you over to our man trackside Andrew Benson...

"The driver transfer market this summer centres on one man - Fernando Alonso. Nothing will move until the double world champion's future is resolved.
Alonso unsure on Renault future

"Now, I can't guarantee this is true, but a very good contact told me this weekend that the Spaniard agreed terms on a deal to drive for Ferrari in 2009 as long ago as last August.

"The claim is that the deal was done in a cafe in Rome with new (and returning) Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo, and that although they shook hands and said words to the effect of 'we have a deal', no contract has yet been signed.

"The idea at the time apparently was that Alonso would replace Felipe Massa, who like team-mate Kimi Raikkonen is under contract for 2009, but who would go off quietly to - probably - Toyota for a massive pay-day.

"But there's a problem. There is always a way out of a contract in F1 - but the Brazilian is currently leading the world championship. So the conundrum is how do Ferrari get rid of Massa at the end of the season, especially if he ends up winning the title?

"Does this mean the supposed Alonso deal will have to be put on ice? Or could it be Raikkonen who goes - he has already hinted he might retire at the end of 2010; could he bring that forward a year rather than have to go through the grief - on-track and off - of having Alonso as his team-mate?"
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone

"Still raining, but now only lightly. The track is still very wet, with puddles. Sky grey and very menacing. Believe it or not, in the pit lane they are using blowers to try and get rid of the surface water! I have never ever seen that before. Definitely a chance of thrills and spills with drivers like Hamilton and Massa wanting to get through the field early."
Cricketing_stargazer on 606

"I expect Kubica to slice through the grid. The extra fuel he's got on-board from not being involved in Q3 yesterday could really help in a wet race. I happen to have a few quid on him at 80/1 e/w too!"
Tee4Tim on 606
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1214: BBC Sport colleague and office hero Mark Ashenden has just emailed in his thoughts for the race. Anyone expecting informed race predictions or F1 theory look away now...

"Did you know you are just a one letter swap from being King of the Jungle, one letter short of being an electricity pylon, only a few more and you'd be Lionel Ritchie and about 23 letters away from Bernie Ecclestone. Beautiful."

"Vettel could get a podium methinks."
Dec via text

"Hamilton-Kovalainen 1-2. Lewis has proven he can win races in the wet."
Shane in Cov via text

1210: Apparently, Nico Rosberg will start from the back of the grid today after undergoing a complete suspension change this morning. In the wet, though, can you bet against him running through the field to get on the podium?

"Sam, the flaw with your prediction is that if Hamilton is just behind Kovalainen, McLaren will make Kovalainen let Hamilton past."
GraymeadYNWA on 606
(Team orders halfway through the season - and from McLaren - you think? SL)

"Heikki Kovalainen will win unless he chokes, his pace is tremendous this weekend."
Championship_Swan on 606

"Just seen images of the track and it is very very wet. The Spanish media are salivating at the prospect of Fernando Alonso being competitative in the wet..."
Cricketing_stargazer on 606

1205: Right, folks, it's that time again - predictions please. For what it's worth, I'm going for a Raikkonen-Kovalainen-Hamilton 1-2-3. Not that my predictions are ever any good. For a start, I thought Bobby Zamora was going to be England's next big thing up front. I thought Tab Cola was going to take the confectionary drink world by storm. And I predicted Robbie Williams would develop into the best solo artist to hit the music industry since Elvis. Actually, that last one's not true - I've always known Williams is toilet. Still, get your race predictions rolling in...
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"I didnt think my txt would ever make it! Im well made up."
James aka curly wurly hot choco loving hungover Hamilton fan! (see below)
(You see people - I really do make dreams come true. I'm like the Jimmy Saville of the sports commentary world. Ish - SL)

"I was bull racing last night (see below)... Red Bull and Tequila!"
Callum via text

"The Red cars doesn't seem to have the pace coming to the race, But i think it was gutsy for Raikkonen to be on the podium... and especially to be ahead of his 'main' rivals."
The Ultimate on 606
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1152: "Celeb update - celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, England cricketer Kevin Pietersen and TV presenter Tess Daly have all turned up in the paddock. As has Top Gear's mysterious 'tame racing driver' The Stig."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone
(That's right folks - AB knows The Stig. Brilliant - SL)

"Either Lewis is just a big kid or he's resorting to desperate measures now to jump ahead of Heikki at the start - being high on sugar!"
Anon via text
(Come on people, don't by shy - if you're texting in leave a name and/or moniker. One big happy family, yeah? SL)

"I think the Curly Wurly-hot chocolate combo could go down well. A potential hangover cure! Lets do it!"
Anon via text

"Don't want to put a spoiler on your hols Sam, but here in beautiful Krakow most Brits are banned from pubs, as they drink their own bodyweight in beer even before they've finished their Sugar Puffs... and by tea-time they're well up the creek without a paddle..."
robzaba on 606
(I don't know - some people just don't have staying power - SL)

1144: "The celeb count at Silverstone is usually pretty high, but so far they're a bit thin on the ground. Maybe it's the rain; maybe us journos just got up a bit earlier - after all, we have to drive in while they get helicopters.

Celebrity spot!
"Anyway, the prize for first arrival appears to have been won by Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick, who was spotted arriving in the paddock at not long after 1000.

"Having been to Monaco already this year, Carrick seems to be quickly approaching the stature of proper fan.

"In case these things are important to you, he was Mark Webber's guest at Monaco. Here, I'm reliably informed that BMW Sauber beat Toyota in the battle to be his host."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone

"I hope Heikki manages to at least score a podium, if not win the race, he deserves a break, and as much as I would love to see a Brit win today, I think Hamilton mania has blinded many from the fact that the McLaren team does indeed contain 2 brilliant race drivers."
StopItOmega on 606
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1135: "Bruno Senna - Ayrton's nephew - won the GP2 race in treacherous wet conditions on Sunday morning, and the Brazilian is increasingly being talked about as a contender for a Formula One drive next season.

"Senna - whose progress is all the more impressive because his family stopped him karting after Ayrton was killed in 1994 and he did not start racing again until taking part in Formula BMW in 2004 - is strongly tipped for a drive at Red Bull junior team Toro Rosso.

"The squad is co-owned by Gerhard Berger, who was a close friend of Ayrton, and their leading driver Sebastian Vettel is expected to be promoted to the Red Bull senior team alongside Mark Webber next season."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone

"If the GP2 race is anything to go by, then we are in for a stormer. I was impressed by Kobayashi who drove a near perfect race (as did Bruno) from the last row to sixth and ended up being in a non-avoidable incident. And did anybody see the marshal fall over the barrier at the start of the race? Brilliant."
myfrontpage on 606
(Talking of which myfrontpage, see above - SL)

1128: By the way, our man Andrew Benson - who has been on fire with his updates this morning, the utter legend - tells me he had breakfast at McLaren this morning and can reliable inform everyone that "Lewis Hamilton likes quite a lot of sugar on his Sugar Puffs". What on earth is that about?! For starters - are Sugar Puffs really the food stuff of choice for professional athletes? Secondly - why add sugar to a bowl of what is effectively sugar anyway?! It's like an eight-year-old sticking a Curly Wurly into a cup of hot chocolate and calling it 'an energy drink'. Actually, I bet that's rather good, but you know what I mean.

"Sitting on Stowe - its windy, horrible and I got no sleep last night thanks to some crazy Dutch partying until 4am. But I have beer and I'm setup for an amazing race!"
Dazza via text

"Thanks for keeping us updated - we are in Marbella and they are only interested in Bull running today. Don't think there is one person other than us 14 brits on a stag weekend interested in F1."
Anon via text
(Ah, the classic stag do abroad - brilliant stuff. Sun, sea, sand, drinking your own body weight in alcohol... man I need a holiday - SL)

"Should be a cracking race for spectators, with a host of changing positions throughout, but it's going to be awful to judge and improvise on strategies for teams during the race."
pottiella on 606
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1121: "Less than two hours before the race and the weather is showing no signs of improvement. In fact, if anything, it's getting worse.

"It's really quite windy, and the rain is, if not pelting down, at least looking like it's settling in for a long lunch. It reminds me a little bit of 1988, when I sat in the middle of the covered grandstand at Copse with my dad, and still ended up with soaking wet trousers, because the rain was being blown in from the side."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone

"Any chances of rain or is it raining now? People from Silverstone plz update."
veetrag on 606
(Ask veetrag and you shall receive (see above) - SL)

1114: "Mark Webber was genuinely surprised to qualify second in the Red Bull. The team have made some improvements to the car's aerodynamics recently, and they are showing for the first time at Silverstone,.

"But they know they are not in a position to challenge Ferrari, McLaren and BMW Sauber.

"Problems for Robert Kubica and Felipe Massa, the mistakes made by Lewis Hamilton, and Kimi Raikkonen's subdued performance left the door open for Webber, but he still produced a great lap to be where he is.

"As he put it though, 'We'll lose positions to the McLarens and Ferraris at the pit stops, but we're not racing those guys. And we have a bit of a gap over the guys we are racing.'

"Red Bull's target is to beat Renault - and everyone else - to fourth place in the constructors' championship this season. It would be quite an achievement - and it is looking increasingly likely as the races go by with Webber continuing to put in these strong performances."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone

"It will rain and this will suite Ferrari as they have followed the weather forecast and set up the cars for the wet. Disregard the qualifying times, yes Kovaleinen is fast, but Webber will be in for fuel after 20 minutes at most!"
fellicarolo on 606

"Hamilton, DC and Button should be OK if it rains as they should be used to it. Should be an interesting race if it's going to be like the qualifying yesterday!"
glennjpeace on 606
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1107: "It's been raining overnight - and it was still coming down quite hard as I came into the track at 0800 - and the prospects for an exciting race look good.

"Silverstone in the wet often produces the goods. If it's dry, the Ferraris, which are lower on the grid than their true race competitiveness, will be faster than they were in qualifying, when they struggle to get their front tyres up to ideal temperature.

"At the same time, the McLarens work their tyres harder than the Ferraris and while that is an advantage in qualifying, it is a disadvantage in the race.

"The rain will have washed the rubber off the track overnight, further bringing the conditions towards the red cars.

"Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton will be desperate to get ahead of Mark Webber's Red Bull as soon as possible, as they could easily be out of the running if they are stuck behind him for a few laps. Equally, Webber is as hard as they come, and is in no mood to make things easy for them.

"And then there is Ferrari's Felipe Massa and BMW's Robert Kubica, in ninth and 10th places through no fault of their own, who will themselves be in no mood to hang around.

BBC Sport's Andrew Benson at Silverstone

1102: The usual blurb today - we have our F1 guru Andrew Benson trackside, we have David Croft and Maurice Hamilton on Radio 5 Live, we have my good self pulling it all together and providing my own unique/alternate take on things, and I want you to get involved as much as possible via 606 or text on 81111.
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1100: Hello there race fans, how we doing? I do hope you're bang up for a massive, massive day of Grand Prix action from Silverstone?

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