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Page last updated at 16:00 GMT, Sunday, 8 June 2008 17:00 UK
Canadian Grand Prix
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Ile Notre Dame, Montreal, 6-8 June

Positions after lap 70 of 70 laps:

1. Kubica (BWM Sauber)

2. Heidfeld (BMW Sauber)

3. Coulthard (Red Bull)

4. Glock (Toyota)

5. Massa (Ferrari)

6. Trulli (Toyota)

7. Barrichello (Honda)


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By Sarah Holt

1947: "Fantastic. Brilliant Kubica gets an well deserved victory, long overdue. BMW are on the march."
50in50 on 606

1945: BBC 5 live's Holly Samos reports that as soon as Kubica crossed the line all the other teams came down to congratulate the BMW crew in the pits. Well, they are a jolly friendly team after all. And the team have claimed their first Grand Prix victory after 42 races. Coulthard, meanwhile, is running down to the podium to take his place on it.

1942: "Despite all the disappointment that Hamilton is feeling he will be pleased for Kubica as they are good mates and he knows how good he is. A terrific performance, it was brilliant."
BBC 5 live analyst Maurice Hamilton

Lap 70: Kubica crosses the line and shakes his fist as he claims his first Grand Prix victory in Montreal. His BMW Sauber team-mate completes the one-two as he follows him home in second. The victory for Kubica means he has leapfrogged Hamilton to lead the drivers' championship too. And there's good for a certain Scotsman too, as Coulthard collects the last podium place for Red Bull in third.

Lap 69: Webber has a spin down in 11th. Meanwhile, at the front Kubica is powering on to his first Grand Prix victory.

Lap 68: Here's a man who can overtake. Massa finally gets past Trulli for fifth place and now he's hunting down Glock.

Lap 66: Kovalainen just cannot get past Vettel, try as he might. He's having another go at the Toro Rosso but once again the door is shut. Daring driving from the German who is jumping corners to maintain his position.

Lap 65: Massa is the fastest man out on the track. He is picking away at Trulli and the gap is down to 1.6 seconds now between the Ferrari driver in sixth and Trulli's fifth-placed Toyota.

Lap 64: Kovalainen is trying to grab some points back for McLaren. He is all over the back of Vettel's Toro Rosso. He looks this way and that but Vettel shuts the door.

Lap 63: Kubica still looks pretty at the front. He has a 14.1-seconds lead. Will Canada produce its second debutant winner for the second year running?

Lap 62: Massa fancies a bit of that himself and overtakes Barrichello for sixth spot. He has now got his sights firmly set on Trulli in fifth.

Lap 61: There is a decent battle going on for the final point and eighth place. Kovalainen ends up scooting past Rosberg to steal his ninth place.

Lap 60: Barrichello runs his Honda over the grass and concedes fourth place to both Glock and Trulli.

Lap 57: Coulthard is hanging on for a rare podium place for Red Bull. He is 17 seconds clear of the chasing car in fourth.

Lap 56: Kubica is looking good for his first Grand Prix win and a first victory for BMW Sauber, who wanted more than anything to win their first race in 2008. His lead is 8.7 seconds over team-mate Heidfeld.

Lap 55: All right. I promised you some word from Hamilton. Well he reckons that everything happened so quickly that it was just one of those things. He explains: "I saw the two guys in front of me and all of a sudden they stopped. I saw the red light but it was a bit late. I apologise to Kimi if I ruined his race."

Lap 54: The accident prompts Massa, Kovalainen, Button and Webber to pit.

Lap 53: Hmmm well Fisichella's Force India spins out just after Turn Four, which is a bit of an inconvenient place to stop to say the least. No sign of the safety car yet.

Lap 51: Massa dives past Barrichello and Kovalainen at the hairpin, as he pops right up the inside to move Ferrari closer to a podium spot.

Lap 49: Kubica pits from the lead to hand the top spot to team-mate Heidfeld. Kubica takes on the soft tyres. The Pole comes back out in the lead with a decent margin over the German though. So all he's got to do now is to stay out of trouble and off the wall in Monteal.

Lap 48: Nakajima comes back to the Williams pits. But he gets himself into trouble by running over his own front wing and hitting the wall. That's torn it.

Lap 47: So much happening. And I have to update you on Hamilton too. Right now, Kubica is looking good as he holds a 23-second lead over Heidfeld.

Lap 46: Uh-oh, race over for Alonso. He gets in trouble at Turn Seven, skids on the debris on the track, totally loses rear grip and that's his race over.

Lap 44: Alonso is desperately chipping away at Heidfeld in second.

Lap 42: Glock pits from the lead and Kubica takes over at the front. He is now on for his first Grand Prix win. But who knows what'll happen between now and the end of the race.

Lap 41: Piquet comes back to the Renault pits and his race is over. Looks like he had trouble with his brakes but team-mate Alonso receives the news that his brakes are OK. So he'll carry on in third for now.

Lap 40: Massa sneaks past Nakajima and moves up into eighth. It looks like Kubica is losing time.

Lap 39: Trulli returns to the Toyota pits. Glock leads.

Lap 37: Oh that didn't last long David. Coulthard pits from the lead and rejoins in sixth place. Trulli assumes the lead - anyone else want a go?

Lap 36: Barrichello pits from the lead. He stops for 10.6secs and puts on some soft tyres. That means a Briton is in the lead. Just not the one you think though. It's Coulthard - and I bet he wasn't expecting that.

Lap 34: Massa nips past Webber through the chicane between Turn Eight and Nine. Alonso is still niggling away at Heidfeld for seventh, but he cannot get past him.

Lap 33: Nakajima pits from second.

Lap 31: OK, let's tidy things up a bit. Barrichello is in the lead just 0.4 seconds ahead of Nakajima. Neither of them have pitted yet. The BMW Saubers of Heidfeld and Kubica are still very much in the hunt for victory. Kubica squeezes past Heidfeld at Turn One to take seventh place. Alonso tries to do likewise but fails.

Lap 29: Heidfeld pits. And that means Barrichello, the most experienced man in Formula One, takes the lead.

Lap 27: Piquet takes a spin at Turn Three but manages to keep his engine running and reverses to get back in the race.

Lap 26: None of the top nine runners have come into the pits yet but looks like Heidfeld is coming in soon.

Lap 25: Heidfeld could have a real chance of first Grand Prix victory if he is able to hang on to his lead in Montreal. At the minute, that lead is 9.3 seconds over Barrichello.

Lap 23: So the podium places in Montreal are really up for grabs now. Heidfeld has a 4.7 second lead at the front of the field. Meanwhile, the Renault radio is urging on Alonso and Piquet who are 11th and 12th to go and have a good race.

Lap 22: Massa pits from 12th position. He had come into the pits earlier but he wasn't able to, um, be serviced because of the crash.

Lap 21: The safety car comes in. Rosberg, meanwhile, went back to his pits to take on a new nose.

Lap 19: The arrival of the safety car - reassuring that it is - does signal bad news for Hamilton as his lead over the field is now completely wiped out. Button receives the news that he will be penalised. C'est la vie.

Drama! Hamilton comes into the pitlane but on his way out he hits Raikkonen. Raikkonen and Kubica were waiting for the red light at the end of the pit lane but Hamilton seems to ignore it and ploughs right into the back of Raikkonen's Ferrari. Rosberg hits into the back of Hamilton but he should be able to carry out.

Hamilton and Raikkonen are out of the race though.

Lap 18: Button comes back into the Honda pits to put on some soft tyres. It's not clear whether the pit lane is open or not - it shouldn't be while the safety car is out. He's at the back anyway so he's probably not bothered about a drive-through penalty.

Lap 17: The safety car comes out. Flames have begun leaping from Sutil's stranded car and so it looks like it'll need to be dealt with and lifted from the track.

Lap 16: Raikkonen chasing Kubica for second with real intent now - he's just 0.8 seconds behind Kubica in second.

Lap 15: Bad news for Sutil. There'll be no Monaco repeat for Sutil who stops his Force India in between Turn Three and Four. Looks like a mechancial failure.

Lap 14: Raikkonen is closing the gap on Kubica in second as he sets a new fastest lap of 1:17.387.

Lap 13: Piquet continues to pick his way through the field as he overtakes Trulli for 13th at the hairpin. Raikkonen is still running faster than Hamilton.

Lap 12: Raikkonen looks like he's warming up nicely now. He's faster than Hamilton for the first time in the race.

Lap 11: Hamilton's still cruising at the front, now with a 5.4-second lead. Piquet has a look at Trulli in Turn One but drops back.

Lap 10: Piquet finds a smooth racing line to overtake Glock's Toyota for 14th place. The Renault driver is under a bit of pressure to prove himself and he's doing his best in Montreal as he now closes in on Trulli.

Lap eight: Just how far can Hamilton string out his lead? Well, he's already built a 6.8-second advantage over Raikkonen in third.

Lap seven: Button is still trundling away at the back of the field after starting in the pits. In front of him is Bourdais, who is struggling with grip in his Toro Rosso.

Lap six: Hamilton has a 3.1-lead at the front. "We're wondering how much fuel Hamilton has got in his tank but we don't think his pace is down to him running light. A two-stop strategy is probably the favourite though."
BBC 5 live analyst Maurice Hamilton

Lap five: Heidfeld is all over Barrichello's Honda as he hunts him down for eighth place. The Williams driver finally takes him at the hairpin. It's just not Barrichello's day, apparently he's got a dreadful cold too. Oh.

Lap four: Hamilton is eeking out his lead over Kubica as the laps tick by - he pulled out an extra 1.1secs on this lap, which is some going.

Lap two: At the head of the field, Hamilton has a 1.4 second lead over Kubica. Webber is chasing Nakajima's Williams for 10th.

Lap one: A clean start in Montreal. Hamilton pulls clear away but the only major mover amongst the frontrunners is Rosberg, who has leapfrogged Fernando Alonso for fourth. He came around the outside on Turn Two. Barrichello moves up to seventh from ninth while Nakajima is up to 10th.

1802: Green lights are go and we are off.

1759: The cars speed off on the formation lap and Hamilton is out on soft tyres while most of the pack start on the hard compounds, except for Rosberg who is also on the softs.

1758: "Hamilton is very much in tune with this track and the McLaren works particularly well here. It soaks up the bumps much better than the Ferraris and that's important."
BBC 5 live analyst Maurice Hamilton

1757: Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button will both start from the pitlane. Vettel had to have his chassis replaced after a crash in final practice on Saturday while Button had a gearbox problem during qualifying. The safety car whizzes round the 2.7-mile track for some final checks as the drivers wait in their cars.

1755: Wet conditions could affect the race in Montreal dramatically and there were early reports of a 60% chance of rain. BUT now it looks like the forecast is dry and bright for the race with temperatures up at 27C.

1750: "Another win for Lewis and the title will swing his way big time over the next two months!"
Rockfmbus on 606

1747: The cars are lined up on the grid and there's the usual hubbub but the drivers are looking pretty focused out there. Hollywood veteran Michael Douglas was hanging about as a guest of McLaren during qualifying but he's nowhere to be seen at the minute. Hmmmm a disappointing celeb count in Canada.

1739: For the second day running, I'm going head-to-head with Ms Caroline Cheese in the "Live" stakes. She appears to have dropped her "Swiss" Cheese moniker today and you can keep up with her Euro 2008 exploits using this link: Live: Euro 2008

1735: It's not all glamour in the world of Formula One you know and for the sport's more sedate fans the Williams team have launched an F1-branded lawnmower. Apparently the four-wheel drive machine can "tame any paddock, scrubland or high grass." So there's a Father's Day idea for you.

1725: "Any thoughts on how Sutil will perform in an ever improving car given his race at Monte Carlo?"
RajivD on 606

Here's my thought; he's starting in 17th so has got some work to do to get up to fourth as he did in Monaco. But more relevant are words from the man himself who says; "I take good and positive things from [Monaco]. It's important to have a good race in Canada. It is a kind of street circuit with a few places where you can go off quite easily, so it's important just to finish."

1715: I mentioned the track being a bit dubious earlier and here's what the drivers have been saying:

Kimi: "It is quite a joke with the circuit. It is going to be a nightmare. We have 70 laps to do and it broke up after two laps in qualifying so it will be interesting.

Kubica: "The biggest problem is the race track, it is quite a big joke to have these conditions. It's quite a big will be a tough race for sure."

Lewis: "It was a real challenge but if there is a problem, it is my job to find a solution and get around it as quick as possible. For me, more of a concern is the safety cars that there probably will be there."

Webber: "We'd be better bringing motocross bikes here than F1 cars."

In response to those kind words, officials at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve have done their best to repair the track in the last 24 hours. The hairpin has had a lot of work done to it and officials are just hoping the product - used at Nascar tracks - holds.

1705: "Other than interference from the safety car it's probably Hamilton's to lose. Kubica probably needs to concentrate more on defending his position rather than challenging the McLaren off the start and I just don't see Kubica finishing ahead of Hamilton or Raikkonen in a straight-forward fight."
Maverick Wonder on 606

1700: A crumbling track, unpredictable weather and five different teams in the top five grid slots - could we have an upset in the Canadian Grand Prix?

If Lewis Hamilton has his way, the answer will be no. The McLaren driver is chasing a second straight win in Montreal on the track where he claimed his maiden Grand Prix win in 2007.

The Briton was relentless in qualifying, setting the pace in all three sessions and defying deteriorating track conditions to clock the fastest lap of 1:17.886 for pole.

BMW Sauber's Robert Kubica starts alongside Hamilton on the front row with Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen third, just ahead of Fernando Alonso's Renault.

Both Kubica and Raikkonen described the track conditions as a "joke" and there are fears the circuit, despite overnight repairs, might not withstand 70 laps.

Nico Rosberg should be feeling much happier in the Williams camp, as the German produced his best result in qualifying to take fifth on the grid ahead of Ferrari's Felipe Massa.

So will it be quelle surprise in Montreal or plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose? Join the debate on 606

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