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Page last updated at 13:56 GMT, Sunday, 25 May 2008 14:56 UK
Monte Carlo, 22-25 May, 2008

Final positions after lap 76:

1. Hamilton (McLaren)

2. Kubica (BMW Sauber)

3. Massa (Ferrari)

4. Webber (Red Bull)

5. Vettel (Toro Rosso)

6. Barrichello (Honda)

7. Nakajima (Williams)


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By Sarah Holt

1509: "Good win for Hamilton, he was solid. I feel really sorry for Sutil, if I don't see an apology from Raikkonnen I will lose a lot of respect for him."
Telloth on 606

1508: Hamilton jumps out of his car and runs over to hug his Dad. So many emotional scenes in Monaco and that's where we'll leave it, I reckon.

1505: Hamilton apologises on the team radio for hitting the barrier but cheekily says he made up for it. The Briton is now back in charge of the world championship as Raikkonen is edged out of the points in ninth. Hamilton's victory in Monaco takes him to the top of the drivers' standings with 38 points - three points clear of Raikkonen, who is second. Felipe Massa is third on 34 points.

Lap 76: Hamilton races cleanly through the streets of Monaco and raises his hands from the steering wheel, waving wildly as he claims a memorable victory in Monte Carlo.

"Considering the winner hit the corner of his car in lap six that's phenomenal. He didnt put a foot wrong."
BBC 5 Live analyst Maurice Hamilton

Lap 75: The clock has run down now and Hamilton is running through his last lap.

Lap 74: We should squeeze in a couple more laps here. Hamilton is set to achieve his childhood dream of winning in Monaco but hey what about Rubens Barrichello? Well, he's about to win his first points since 2006 as he is in sixth.

Lap 73: "This is the perfect result for Hamilton and McLaren. Hamilton is getting maximum points just when he needed it most."
BBC 5 Live analyst Maurice Hamilton

And Kovalainen is running in eighth so he'll get some points on the board too.

Lap 72: We're counting down now and there are three-and-half minutes of racing left. Hamilton has a 4.1 second lead over Kubica, who's pretty much the only driver not to have had a shunt out there.

Lap 71: Hamilton looks nailed on for victory now. If things continue as they are he should take the lead in the championship.

Lap 70: Sutil is apparently in tears at the back of the Force India garage while Raikkonen is running in eighth.

Lap 68: Uh-oh Raikkonen leaves his braking too late coming down the hill, his rear end wobbles left to right and he knocks into the back of Sutil. Poor old Sutil - he is waving goodbye to those points now.

Lap 67: The safety car retreats and the green flags are waved for racing. Sutil is under huge pressure from Raikkonen but the Ferrari man bides his time for now.

Lap 66: Some of the drivers aren't in the right places, so they've got to sort themselves out. Come on fellas, we want to go racing again. There has to be some mixed feelings for Sutil as he is told that he has Raikkonen looming behind him and Massa ahead of him.

Lap 65: The yellow flags are still being waved around the streets of Monaco. All the incidents means that we're unlikely to get through 78 laps here and with the two-hour time limit that means there's only about 15 minutes racing left.

Lap 64: Hamilton had a 35-second lead over Kubica but that's now down to 4.3 seconds. Rosberg's crash almost means Raikkonen will have a go at Sutil. The Force India driver was 15 seconds ahead of the world champion but that's gone now too.

Lap 63: The latest crash means Hamilton's lead is being whittled down as the traffic builds up behind him. Heidfeld comes into the pits from 16th. Rosberg heads off to the doctor's cabin to get a check up.

Lap 62: Rosberg gets his line coming into the Swimming Pool totally wrong, he whacks the barrier to the right and then to the left as he emerges and sends debris across the track. His front end is wiped out but he nips quickly over the barrier to prove he's unhurt. The safety car comes out.

Lap 59: Red Bull tell Webber that he's racing Raikkonen, who is one place in front of him in fifth. The gap between them is just 0.4 seconds and the Finn looks like he hasn't quite got the heat into his tyres yet.

Lap 58: Raikkonen dives into the pits and switches to the soft dry tyres just like his team-mate.

Lap 56: Massa pits and has the softer dry tyres fitted but concedes second place to Kubica on his way out.

Lap 55: The Ferrari pit crew come out. Massa is running 15.4secs behind Hamilton and 10secs ahead of Kubica. Kovalainen nudges into the back of Button just after the tunnel but both recover and drive on.

Lap 54: Hamilton pits, takes on the soft tyres and retains the lead. Looking good for the Briton now.

Lap 53: Kubica and Sutil pit. Sutil takes on the harder dry tyres and is overtaken by Raikkonen on his exit from the pit-lane.

Lap 52: The BMW pit crew are out and looks like they are going for the dry tyres.

Lap 50: McLaren are plotting now too as Kovalainen is brought back in to take on the dry tyres. Looks like they will use him to decide what tyres Hamilton should take on.

Lap 49: A lot of dry tyre gambles going on. Webber, who was running in fourth, takes on the dry tyres. Alonso is actually laying down some fast times now as he gets some heat into the rubber. Not so good news for Piquet though as he runs straight off at the first corner - that's his race over.

Lap 48: The Renault man comes back to the pits and is fitted with dry tyres. Not sure if that makes sense because team-mate Alonso is sliding all over the place out there.

Lap 47: A little bit of push and shove going on down the field. Rosberg squeezes round Piquet to take on 10th.

Lap 46: What's Alonso up to? He pits from 15th place and takes on dry tyres. Which would be fine, except that more rain is forecast in six minutes' time.

Lap 44: Rosberg is trying to work his way up the field and Nelson Piquet is doing his best to hang on ahead of the Williams in 10th.

Lap 43: Hamilton's lead over Massa is now 25 seconds. And he's having to weave his way through some serious traffic as only seven cars are on the lead lap. Nakajima is in the points in eighth but is already a lap behind.

Lap 41: Hamilton has clean air in front of him and puts his foot down to record another hot lap of 1.29.385. The Briton bumps his way through the Nouvelle chicane but he says he has no fear driving in the wet so don't expect him to stop pushing on.

Lap 40: Glock trundles back to the pits. Meanwhile, at the front Hamilton holds a 17-second lead over Massa with Kubica in third.

Lap 39: Did you think we'd seen the last of the spills and spins in Monaco? Don't be silly. Glock slides and scatters the track with more debris at the entrance to Mirabeau. Fisichella's 200th Grand Prix fizzes out as he returns to the pits - and stays there.

Lap 37: Sutil is making the most of his Monaco adventure, he lays down a new fastest lap of 1:29.043.

Lap 36: Hmmm apparently it's raining again in Monaco - which means anything could happen. Sighs.

Lap 34: Hamilton sets the fastest lap of the race from the lead.

Lap 33: Massa pits from the lead which allows Hamilton to jump up into first place. Massa comes out of the pit lane ahead of Kubica in second. The question is how long can Hamilton stay out there? That early pit-stop could yet play into his hands.

Lap 31: A Trulli train is developing behind the Toyota man. He is in seventh but Barrichello, Nakajima and Kovalainen are all queueing up trying to get past him.

Lap 30: Just a quick word on Sutil who is hanging on in fifth place after starting in 18th. Can the Force India driver earn the team's first points of the season?

Lap 28: Race leader Massa sets a fastest lap of 1:30.749. Hamilton is more than 16 seconds behind him but the McLaren driver looks like he is finally picking up some pace now.

Lap 27: Raikkonen comes into the pits for a new nose and another set of wets. It looks like he is taking on a lot of fuel so he could be planning just a single stop in Monte Carlo.

Lap 26: Kubica comes into the pits and he stays on wet tyres. And there are problems for Raikkonen as his front wing is flapping around after he appeared to make a mistake at Ste Devote. The Ferrari pits prepare to receive him.

Lap 25: The BMW Sauber pits are open and ready for business.

Lap 24: Massa and Kubica are competing for fastest laps as the Ferrari man sets a new best of 1:31.749. And we should be seeing the first pit-stops soon.

Lap 23: Race leader Kubica sets a new fastest lap of 1:32.311 but Hamilton looks like he is struggling to keep up out there. He's 13.3secs behind Massa, who's running in second.

Lap 22: The track conditions are improving in Monaco and we know this because the drivers are all beginning to set personal bests now and the lap times are coming down.

Lap 20: After all his troubles, Rosberg sets a new fastest lap of 1:33.218.

Lap 19: OK here's what you need to know. Kubica leads the Monaco Grand Prix with Massa 1.8 seconds behind. The suggestions are that we may not make it through the 78 laps either which means the organisers could switch to a time race - which means they'll have to race for a couple of hours.

Lap 18: It's not going Heidfeld's way at all as he comes into the pits for a new nosecone and he's also got a rear-left puncture. And it looks like the rain has stopped now.

Lap 17: Webber passes Nick Heidfeld to get up to fifth.

Lap 16: Massa misjudges his braking going into the first corner and Kubica takes the lead. Looks like it's a simple driver error.

Lap 15: Alonso comes into the pits as does Rosberg, who clipped his nose in the traffic that piled up behind Alonso and Heidfeld.

Lap 14: Alonso tries to get on the inside of Heidfeld at Loews but the German closes the door on him and they plough into each other instead.

Lap 13: Raikkonen comes in for his drive-through penalty.

Lap 12: Alonso makes the extreme wet tyres pay as he overtakes Webber at Mirabeau for sixth place. He's chasing Heidfeld now for fifth.

Lap 11: We're are back racing now. News comes in that Raikkonen has been handed a drive-through penalty because he didn't have his tyres fitted properly in time before the start of the race. Remember they must be on with three minutes to go.

Lap 10: But Alonso could be in trouble as it looks like he came into the pit-lane when it was closed under safety-car conditions.

Lap nine: Alonso comes back into the pits and takes on extreme wets, which could well be a sensible move.

Lap eight: It's getting skiddy out there and the safety car is out. Alonso touches the barrier coming out of Massenet and has punctured his right-rear tyre. David Coulthard and Sebastian Bourdais do likewise at exactly the same place and shunt into the barriers too.

Lap six: Hamilton brushes the barrier round the right-hander at Tabac and his back right tyre is hanging off. He comes back into the pits but doesn't appear to have put on the extreme wet tyres yet.

"The drivers look like they are gambling on the track drying up rather than changing the tyres."
BBC Five Live analyst Maurice Hamilton

Lap five: Alonso asks on the team radio if anyone else is running on wets. Not yet.

Lap four: At the end of lap four, Glock comes back into the pits after he spun into the barrier. The rain is falling quite steadily now and the spray is flicking up into the air now. The drivers cannot afford to stop to change onto wets just yet.

Lap three: Rosberg has had to come back into the pits to repair his front wing after he touched the back of Alonso in the opening lap. Timo Glock looks like he has lost his front wing now too.

Lap two: Let's update you on a few things that happened in the first lap. Jenson Button has had to go back to the pits after he ran into the back of Heidfeld's BMW coming out of the Swimming Pool complex.

Lap one: A fairly steady start and Hamilton overtakes Raikkonen to move up to second. Alonso is up to fifth from seventh and Nick Heidfeld moves from 13th up to ninth. Massa still leads.

1302: The word is that all the drivers are on intermediates and we're off.

1259: OK then the tyres protectors are off, the cars are revving their engines and the cars whizz off on the formation lap. Heikki Kovalainen has stalled though so that could be bad news for the McLaren as he'll now have to start from the pit-lane after qualifying in fourth.

1257: Oooh I forgot to mention that Manchester United's Champions League winning midfielder Michael Carrick is also loitering in the paddock. "Seeing it all on the telly for all them years, it's a great buzz to be here," he said.

1256: "Sarah, does it kick off at 1?"
Anonymous via text Yes - and good timing on that one.

1250: The drivers are settling into their cars and apparently the latest that they can switch tyres is with three minutes before green lights are go. Now then, it wouldn't be Monaco if we didn't have a quick celebrity rundown. Braving the damp are film director Quention Tarantino, Boris Becker - who's obviously giving the start of the French Open the elbow - MotoGP star Casey Stoner, and Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls, who's apparently a "special guest" of Lewis Hamilton.

1248: "I for one would love to see controversy and a fight to the finish in this race."
Chris bored at work via text

1245: Call me Michael Fish because here's another weather update. The cars are lined up on the gird and it's started raining. So now the teams have got to decide whether to start on the intermediate, wet or, um, dry tyres. So good luck with that.

1243: "Fisichella to drive through the carnage in the wet to win his 200th GP!"
Woli via text

Ah-ha, you've reminded me. Force India's Giancarlo Fisichella is indeed starting his 200th Grand Prix in Monaco.

1236: "I will be utterly stunned if Massa can hold off Kimi and Hamilton in this race."
MartinJols on 606

1234: "Lewis really, really needs to win this race and the next one in Canada. Lewis loves this place and it's important because this championship is so close and he doesn't want the Ferraris to start edging away."
BBC 5 Live analyst Maurice Hamilton

1230: My connections at Radio Five Live reckon there's only a 20% chance that rain will fall during the race. There's also speculation that Ferrari are running light on fuel but the question is whether Raikkonen or Massa has more on board. Nico Rosberg apparently has loaded up on petrol/gas which means he did really well to get his Williams into sixth of the grid.

1225: "I think the ICEMAN will do the business today with Massa & Hamilton taking each other out."
Maverick via text

1220: There's been lots of chatter about the weather in Monte Carlo and that's because there are so few overtaking opportunities in Monaco - but if it rains then tactics could come into play. You don't have to take my word for it though, because here's what the drivers reckon:

Lewis: "When it's wet, it just gives you even more of an opportunity to win. When it's dry here and you are starting third, it's almost impossible to overtake. In the wet you can get a little bit closer, be a little bit less reliant on downforce and push other people into mistakes. I've always been strong in the wet."

Kimi: "If it's raining, then nobody knows what's going to happen. But in dry conditions, it's very tricky to get past, so the race can get boring."

Mark Webber: "I think quite a few guys are nervous about the rain. We love the challenge of driving in the wet, but driving around here is a bit insane really. It is very, very slippery."

1210: "If it's dry then it'll be a Ferrari one-two, and the most boring race in years. But if it rains all havoc could break loose."
Dudekinz8 on 606

1207: More bad luck for David Coulthard. The Scot had to change his gearbox after his crash during qualifying which means he's been handed a five-place grid penalty. The Red Bull driver had qualified in 10th but is now relegated to 15th which means Timo Glock moves up to 10th and Jenson Button starts in 11th, followed by Kazuki Najakima and Rubens Barrichello.

1200: Welcome to another wet British Bank Holiday weekend.

The good news is the jetsetters and thrill seekers in Monaco probably aren't feeling too smug, because it's been raining all morning in the principality.

The bad news is that the Formula One drivers will have to cope with tricky conditions round Monte Carlo's tight and twisting street circuit.

More rain is forecast an hour into the Grand Prix but Monaco's micro-climate means the weather is changeable.

Whatever the weather, the Ferraris are out to claim their first victory in Monaco since 2001 and are nicely poised on the front row with Felipe Massa on pole ahead of team-mate Kimi Raikkonen.

The Brazilian already has victories in Bahrain and Turkey under his belt in 2008 and is aiming to add a third in Monaco, a track he claims is his least favourite on the circuit.

Last season, McLaren roared home to a dominant one-two thanks to Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

But this time Hamilton and team-mate Heikki Kovalainen find themselves starting on the second row.

Hamilton is remaining chipper though, saying: "I still feel, with the conditions changing, that we should be in for an exciting race."

Let me know how your think the race will go - and what that might mean for the championship - via text on 81111 or on 606.
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