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Page last updated at 11:05 GMT, Sunday, 27 April 2008 12:05 UK
Spanish Grand Prix
Circuit de Catalunya, Montmelo, 25-27 April, 2008

Positions after lap 66 of 66 laps:

1 Raikkonen (Ferrari)

2 Massa (Ferrari)

3 Hamilton (McLaren)

4 Kubica (BMW Sauber)

5 Webber (Red Bull)

6 Button (Honda)

7 Nakajima (Williams)


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By Sarah Holt

1450: "The McLaren needs to pick up a few tenths of a second at least to compete with the Ferraris."
Theothefuture on 606

1445: And let's round up the rest of the finishers. Massa collects second to complete the Ferrari one-two while Hamilton is back on the podium for McLaren in third.

Kubica finishes in fourth ahead of Red Bull's Mark Webber while Button gets his first points of 2008 in sixth. Nakajima finishes seventh for Williams ahead of Trulli's Toyota.

Lap 66: Raikkonen sets out on his final lap and the chequered flag is in sight. The defending world champion raises his fist to celebrate a second victory in Spain. The team praise Raikkonen and say it could have been a tough race if he'd not started on pole. The Finn is now nine points clear of Hamilton in the drivers' standings.

"Raikkonen is the first man to win two races in one season but Hamilton is getting his season back on track."
BBC Radio 5 Live analyst Maurice Hamilton

Lap 65: Hamilton takes half a second out of Massa but he's unlikely to make up ground either.

Lap 64: Kubica closes the gap on third-placed Hamilton to 1.6 seconds but with two laps to go it's probably too late for the BMW Sauber to make a charge.

Lap 63: Coulthard finally weaves his way beyond Sato to move up into 12th place. Heidfeld is still outside the points though in ninth and doesn't look like he will make up the ground on Trulli.

Lap 61: Massa puts his foot down again and stretches away from Hamilton again. Coulthard is still looking for a way past Sato but no joy so far.

Lap 60: Coulthard tries to take Sato down the back straight but he hangs on. At the front, Hamilton has closed the gap between himself and Massa and is now 1.5 seconds adrift.

Lap 59: Coulthard is stuck behind Sato in the battle for 12th place while Button is running in sixth place, and could be on course for his first points of 2008.

Lap 58: So Raikkonen is still motoring away at the front and holds a 2.8 second lead from Massa. Hamilton is 1.7 seconds further back in third. Officials also say they will look into the incident between Coulthard and Glock after the race.

Lap 56: Coulthard rejoins the race where 13 cars are left running. Kovalainen is being transferred to a hospital in Barcelona for further checks.

Lap 55: Heidfeld finally gets past Fisichella on the long straight to move up into ninth. He will be trying to get into the points now.

Lap 54: A bit of a scuffle between Glock and Coulthard sees the Toyota driver come back to the pits for a new nose while the Scot returns to the Red Bull garage too.

Lap 52: Nakajima returns to the Williams pits from sixth place and Glock also makes his way back to Toyota.

Lap 51: A quick update on some of the positions down the field for you. Sato is running in 13th for Super Aguri with Heidfeld just ahead of him. Fisichella is 11th with Trulli 10th, just behind team-mate Glock. Button is running in sixth with David Coulthard seventh for Red Bull behind team-mate Webber.

Lap 49: The McLaren team have more information on Kovalainen. Team chief executive Martin Whitmarsh says there are no indications that he has any serious injuries. He adds that Kovalainen banged his head and was complaining that his elbow hurt but otherwise he is OK.

Lap 48: Hamilton comes out ahead of Kubica.

Lap 47: Raikkonen and Hamilton both pit.

Lap 46: Massa comes into the Ferrari pits and so does Webber for Red Bull. Heidfeld makes another pit stop while Trulli has a bit of a slow stop with his Toyota crew.

Lap 45: Fisichella pits for some hard tyres and BMW Sauber get ready to receive in their pits. Kubica is chasing Hamilton for the last podium spot and is running 2.3 seconds behind at the moment.

Lap 44: Raikkonen looks all set to lead home a Ferrari one-two as he holds a 3.5 second lead over Massa. Hamilton is 3.2 seconds behind Massa.

Lap 43: Force India, who took over the Spyker at the end of 2007, are pushing for their first point as Fisichella finds himself running in eighth.

Lap 42: Another retirement! Nico Rosberg, who had been running in seventh, brings his Williams to the side of the track, with smoke billowing from the rear. He jumps over the wall and into the pits.

Lap 39: Takuma Sato returns to the Super Aguri pits from 11th place and the team reckon they can beat Jenson Button's Honda and Giancarlo Fisichella's Force India car.

1403: "Is it true what your positions say? Raikkonen has jacked in all connections with ferrari, and is now racing for himself?!"
Anonymous via text Apologies for my earlier glitch, where I said Raikkonen was racing for, um, Raikkonen, I was concerned about Kovalainen, but all is OK now.

Lap 37: Some more news of Kovalainen. It looks as though he will be taken away from the track to a nearby hospital. Alonso waves to his fans as he goes back to the pits on a scooter.

Lap 36: Another retirement whittles the field down to just 14 cars as Barrichello brings his Honda back to the pits.

Lap 35: There are applause ringing around the Circuit de Catalunya as Alonso retires from the race from fifth place. Flames lick from the front of his engine and it looks like engine trouble for Renault. Not quite the homecoming Alonso was hoping for.

Lap 33: Heidfeld comes in to the BMW pits for his penalty and he now returns to the race at the back of the field. It seems a bit unfair for Heidfeld.

Lap 32: Some news on Kovalainen's condition: "McLaren say that Kovalainen is conscious and that he is stable."
BBC 5 Live's reporter Holly Samos

Lap 31: Heidfeld does receive his drive-through penalty for refuelling under safety-car conditions.

Lap 30: Raikkonen holds a 1.4 second lead over his Ferrari team-mate in second and we can now turn our attention to the racing again.

Lap 29: Racing begins again. Hamilton is closing behind Massa in second, just 0.4 seconds between them now. Kovalainen is back in the medical centre now.

Lap 28: Replays show that something failed on the front left of Kovalainen's car just before the crash. It's not clear whether it was a suspension problem but whatever happened then eventually caused his left tyre to explode.

Lap 27: Kovalainen's car is lifted off the track. The nose is no longer on the car. But there is good news as Kovalainen is shown on a stretcher, giving the thumbs up sign. Barrichello finally shakes off his pesky front wing and has to come back into the pits again.

Lap 26: The pit lane was opened at the end of lap 25 and a host of drivers pour into the pits. Jenson Button comes in and so do Nakajima, Fisichella, Coulthard and Glock. Barrichello also came into the Honda pits but he is now driving around with a twisted front wing. He's battling to keep the car in line.

Lap 25: Kovalainen's car has been pulled out of the tyre barrier but there are still concern in the McLaren pits - there is no news yet on whether the Finn is OK.

Lap 24: Heidfeld leads behind the safety car and news comes in that we could be in for quite a long stint behind the safety car. The BMW Sauber driver has to take a drive-through penalty as he has to come in to refuel.

Lap 23: The safety car and medical car are on the track.

Lap 22: Kovalainen crashes from the lead at Turn Eight. That's a very fast corner - around 150mph. He ploughs nose first into the tyre barrier and the car is still embedded.

Lap 21: Hamilton comes in to the McLaren pit and Kubica does likewise for BMW Sauber.

Lap 20 : The Ferrari crew stay out and Raikkonen comes in and gets outs in 8.2 seconds; that's enough fuel for 27 laps.

Lap 19 : The first Ferrari comes in and it's Felipe Massa who stays on the soft tyres and takes on enough fuel for another 26 laps.

Lap 17 : "The estimation for Alonso is that he will run another 31 laps before stopping again so he's in for a long stint."
BBC Radio 5 Live commentator David Croft

Lap 16: The Renault pits are also poised for the first round of stops and Alonso comes in from third at the end of the lap. He stays on the soft tyres and comes out behind Rubens Barrichello's Honda in 11th.

Lap 15: BMW Sauber are getting ready to receive in the pits.

Lap 14: The Williams team radio are encouraging Nico Rosberg to get into the points - and he's running in 10th at the moment.

Lap 13: Hamilton is chasing the tail of his old team-mate Alonso in third place and is gaining ground on the Renault. Raikkonen puts his foot to the pedal and clocks another fastest lap of 1:22.178.

Lap 11: Lots of early retirements in Barcelona, the crane is poised to haul Piquet's Renault off the track down at Turn 10 and that's a shame after he did so well to qualify in 10th.

Lap 10: Race leader Raikkonen is oblivious to the technical difficulties of those further down the field as he builds up a 2.7-second lead. Bourdais' race is over because of suspension problems.

Lap nine: Anthony Davidson limps back to the pits in his Super Aguri. That's his race over.

Lap eight: Nelson Piquet goes off the track for a second time after admitting he made a mistake by sliding into the gravel on lap five. This time he goes off again when he tried to get past Sebastian Bourdais.

Lap six: Raikkonen sets another new fastest lap of 1:22.934 and now holds a 1.8-second lead over Massa, who is holding up the chasing Alonso, Hamilton and Kubica.

Lap five: Raikkonen holds a 1.7 lead over Massa, who is keeping his distance from his team-mate. Alonso is interestingly running faster than Massa's Ferrari in front of him.

Lap four: Racing conditions resume and Raikkonen leads off the pack again. Vettel and Sutil have retired from the race. Raikkonen sets a fastest lap of 1:23.594 in his Ferrari.

"Raikkonen is already steaming away; he's already half a second quicker during the first sector."
BBC Radio 5 Live analyst Maurice Hamilton

Lap three: The safety car is still out.

Lap two: Raikkonen is still following the safety car and it looks as though it will stay out there for at least one more lap. Sutil's Force India car is lifted off the track by a crane.

Lap one: Some early moves at the start. Raikkonen holds his lead as Massa moves up into second with Alonso third. Lewis Hamilton moves up to fourth. BUT a spin between a Force India car brings out the safety car. So we can all take a deep breathe for now. Through Turn Three Adrian Sutil knocked into David Coulthard spins and takes Sebastian Vettel's Toro Rosso out too.

1303: And we're off.

1302: "Ferrari have looked strong from practice on Friday and it will take misfortune for any other result today I think."
BBC Radio 5 Live analyst Maurice Hamilton

1300: Off the cars go with a whir of noise for the formation lap. Alonso and Raikkonen are starting on the soft tyres.

1259: "Over 130,000 fans have turned out today and they are continually doing Mexican waves. It's a brilliant atmosphere."
BBC 5 Live summariser Holly Samos

1257: The drivers are nestled into their cars and are just about set to warm up their tyres on the parade lap.

1254: "Hamilton must start scoring points or the two ferraris will run away with title."
Livertorres on 606

1247: "I'm hoping for a ferrari 1 & 2 today!"
Rob from Surrey via text

1243: The drivers are hanging out on the grid surrounded by the usual entourage of team engineers, press and special guests. Lewis Hamilton looks pretty focused with a towel draped around his shoulder and an umbrella protecting him from the sun.

1240: "Kimi has got this one in the bag I think...although it will be interesting to see how the 1st lap will go because of Alonso carrying less fuel."
ushir16 on 606

1236: The Spanish fans are lolling about on grassy banks in Barcelona wearing shorts because the sun is shining at the Circuit de Catalunya and temperatures are around 23C. Those scenes make me feel slighter better as I continue to nurse my mini-cold looking out at grey skies.

1224: "I hope Super Aguri can continue but I'll hope they have a good race just in case it is their last."
Trekkypj on 606

1215: FIA president Max Mosley isn't in Barcelona this weekend because he chose to go to Jordan, where the world rally championship is making its debut. But he was a subject of discussion at a meeting between F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone and the teams on Saturday in Barcelona. Ecclestone asked the teams to sign a letter calling for the under-fire Mosley to stand down. You can read the full story using the link below:

1210: "I won't bore you with the maths but I worked out Alonso has 14-15 laps worth of fuel for Barcelona."
Racingmanta on 606

1200: After three weeks of Formula One famine, the Spanish Grand Prix looks as though it could provide us with a feast of entertainment this Sunday lunchtime.

The home fans at Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya have probably already been cracking open the cava after their man Fernando Alonso qualified on the front row alongside Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen.

Renault have shown some improvement in pace this weekend but it looked as though Alonso was practically running on fumes.

Cars in the final part of qualifying are not allowed to refuel before the start of the race, so teams can run their cars lighter in order to get a better grid position.

It will be interesting to see how early Alonso comes in to the pits - and if the race strategy pays off.

At the front, Raikkonen is looking for his second victory of 2008 for Ferrari after his win in Malaysia and history is on his side.

The pole sitter has gone on to win the race for the last seven years, and here's a super fact, that record is only matched only by Hockenheim between 1988 and 1994.

Ferrari team-mate Felipe Massa starts in third alongside BMW Sauber's Robert Kubica with McLaren duo Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen on the third row.

Hamilton said he was "shocked and stunned" after qualifying but now says; "Being on the third row is not the end of the world. The key is now to make a strong start."

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