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Brazilian Grand Prix 2007
Interlagos, 19-21 October, 2007

Final positions at Interlagos:

1. K Raikkonen (Ferrari)

2. F Massa (Ferrari)

3. F Alonso (McLaren)

4. R Kubica (BMW Sauber)

5. N Rosberg (Williams)

6. N Heidfeld (BMW Sauber)

7. L Hamilton (McLaren)


By Saj Chowdhury


1913: Thank you to everybody for their text messages and 606 posts over the last three days. Much appreciated.

1908: So, that's it folks. It has been a long season, full of unbelievable drama mainly involving the McLaren team. Ron Dennis's outfit suffered badly off the track but were flying on it. Unfortunately for the team, their luck ran out in Brazil after stuttering in China.

As for Lewis Hamilton, he was desperately unlucky in Brazil but most fans will recognise that his achievement this season, for someone so young and in his debut year, was nothing short of remarkable.

The battle between Hamilton, Alonso and Raikkonen was great to watch - maybe this is the start of one of sport's great rivalries.

1900: "Great job Kimi and well done Ferrari. Even though I've never liked Hamilton I feel slightly sorry for the young boy. He was unlucky today but you know he has a lot of time in the future."
LiverDave on 606

1854: "Congratulations to Kimi. I've said on many occasions that whoever has more points at the end of the championship deserves the title. I knew the race would be difficult - it was hard to keep the pace with the Ferraris."
McLaren driver Fernando Alonso who finished third in the race and third in the world championship

1850: "Ferrari were not in the strongest position at certain times of the season. But we always thought we could recover. Even during the hard times we were sticking together. My team-mate Felipe was helping the team all the time and he had an unlucky season. I'm going enjoy today and the next few months."
World champion Kimi Raikkonen

1846: "Congrats Kimi!"
Mikko, the Finn in Swansea via text

1845: Tickertape comes down on Raikkonen, Massa and Alonso. The new world champion takes a swig of the champagne bottle he is handed. What a day for the Finn, what a day for Finland and what a day for Ferrari.

1843: "Lewis simply had British luck today and that was always going to be his biggest enemy."
flamefox1989 on 606

1842: Kimi Raikkonen takes his position on the top of the podium. They play the Finnish national anthem then the quite bouncy Italian national anthem for the Ferrari team.

1839: "It is a bit unbelievable. McLaren had quite a few blows to their confidence this season. This may be hard to take.
Former world champion Damon Hill on BBC 5live

1836: "It's motor racing. Ferrari have had some unreliabilty and we've had good reliabilty. I don't know why Lewis's gearbox defaulted for one millisecond. It's the first time we've had that problem. We have to be sportsman in defeat. "
McLaren boss Ron Dennis on BBC 5live

1836: Raikkonen jumps on to his car after stopping and shakes team-mate Massa's hand.

1834: The whole Ferrari team are out of the pits. Amazing scenes. Raikkonen is going to be mobbed after he finishes his lap of honour.

Lap 71: Raikkonen cruises to title glory. What an effort from the Finn in the Ferrari. He wins at Interlagos and wins the championship.

Hamilton finishes second in the championship - a point behind the Finn.

Lap 68: Hamilton is 11 seconds behind Heidfeld. He needs something amazing.

Lap 67: Rosberg and Kubica enjoy a juicy battle, before Rosberg backs down. I think it's all over for Hamilton. Not a great week for British sport. Nevertheless, an outstanding effort by the young Briton over the whole season.

Lap 66: Raikkonen is pushing the pace. The ice cool Finn is flying. What will McLaren think of a Ferrari win? What an awful year for them - relatively speaking.

Lap 64: Hamilton has moved up to seventh, but it will need a miracle for him to win the championship. As things stand after this lap, Raikkonen wins the championship for Ferrari.

"If Kimi wins the title then he deserves it as a result of his form in the last 10 races"
Commentator David Croft on BBC 5live

Lap 61: Briton David Coulthard has spun in his Red Bull but he's OK.

Lap 60: A great battle between Heidfeld and Rosberg almost take out each other. Kubica sneaks into fourth. Great Pole.

Lap 58: Hamilton is back up in eighth. He's gone past Coulthard. Kubica has pitted - does that help Hamilton? The Englishman sets the fastest lap of lap 58.

Lap 57: Hamilton makes a 5.4-second pit stop - he comes back into ninth place.

Lap 54: Raikkonen is extending his advantage over Ferrari team-mate Massa. He has a 50-metre advantage already after coming out of the pits in the last lap.

Lap 53: Alonso pits and is followed by Ferrari's Raikkonen. Raikkonen comes back out in the lead. It looks great for Kimi.

Lap 51: Hamilton is hot on the heels on Trulli.

Lap 50: Massa has pitted; he has come out in second and Raikkonen takes the lead. Surely it's not Kimi's day is it?

Lap 49: Hamilton will need to finish fifth if Raikkonen wins the race, to win the championship.

Lap 48: The leading five cars have made just one stop in the race.

Lap 46: Hamilton is in the points. But it is looking good for Raikkonen who is hot on the heels of Massa. If they finish as things stand at the moment Alonso will win the championship by one point.

Lap 44: Massa almost lost the lead when his backend slid away. He arrived too quickly on a corner. However, the Sao Paulo favourite still leads his home race.

Lap 42: Rubens Barrichello is out of the race. It is a shame the Brazilian could not finish his home race.

Lap 39: Hamilton is now a lap behind the leading two Ferraris. This will have to be some effort now from the Stevenage lad and his team.

Lap 37: Hamilton is in the pits. He comes out in just over six seconds - he is on a three-stop strategy. He will be making another stop. McLaren tried to out-think the others in China. It did not work. Are they trying to do the same here? Keikki Kovalainen is out. He had a nightmare this weekend.

Lap 36: Hamilton is 8.7 seconds behind Coulthard in eighth. There were two Williams mechanics hurt by najima. They are OK according to BBC 5live.

Lap 33: Kubica's taken Alonso to go into third, while Hamilton's gone past Vettel to go into 10th.

Lap 31: Nakajima's Williams mows down one of his mechanic in the pits. The gentleman is being helped away by his colleagues.

Lap 30: Robert Kubica's BMW is pressuring Alonso's McLaren for third place. He's finding it hard to fend off the Pole.

Lap 29: Hamilton, who dropped down after the pitstops, has taken Barrichello on the inside - he's in 12th now.

Lap 28: The top eight have all pitted.

Lap 25: Massa leads his Ferrari team-mate Raikkonen.

Lap 23: They've put the softer tyres on Hamilton. The idea is that he'll be on the better tyres at the end of the race and the others will be on the slower ones.

Lap 20: Massa is in the pits. Harder compound tyres go on his car. He leaves to a standing ovation. Lovely.

Lap 17: Hamilton is now in 11th - he's eased past Nakajima. He's 52 seconds behind leader Massa.

Lap 16: Hamilton is up to 12th. He's cruising through the field. Out of the title race? Nope.

Lap 12: As things stand Alonso will be champion but if Raikkonen gets ahead of Massa then he will be champion.

Lap 11: Hamilton is 42 seconds behind leader Massa and in 17th place. He's still going. It's a long old race.

Lap Nine: This is not good for fans of Hamilton. As things stand, Alonso will win the championship.

Lap Eight: Hamilton is slowing down. Something is wrong with his car. He's trying hard to find his gears. He's now at the back of the field. Hamilton is 40 seconds behind.

Lap Six: Hamilton is nearly eight seconds behind Massa. Alonso is three seconds behind Raikkonen who is second. Hamilton overtakes Heidfeld to go into sixth. Good effort son. This is a thriller.

Lap Four: Hamilton is 6.4 seconds behind leader Massa.

Lap Three: Hamilton behind Heidfeld.

Lap Two: Hamilton in seventh. Fisichella and Yamamoto out.

Lap One: GO. Hamilton is passed by Raikkonen on the run to the first corner, and Alonso then goes around the outside of his team-mate at the first corner, claiming the inside line for turn two. Trying unnecessarily to get back past Alonso at turn four, Hamilton runs off the track, rejoining in eighth place.

1700: They are off on their formation lap - Massa leads off.

1659: The track temperature is 63C.

1657: The drivers are in their cockpits. The technical teams are leaving the track. You guys ready?

1652: "F1 only outdone for boredom by synchronised swimming."
Lucy, Godalming via text

1651: "I hope Hamilton wins and as a Polish man I hope Robert Kubica finishes fifth. I'm so excited!!"
A Pole via text

I'm excited for you sir.

1648: "The actual air temperature is 36C degrees. The temperature down on track is 61C ."
Commentator David Croft on BBC 5live.


1644: All the cars are on their grid positions. The drivers are getting in as much liquid as they can before the start of the race - it's scorching out there and they'll lose a few pounds during the 71 laps. Extreme dieting.

1641: "I'll watch what happens on the first corner. There will be fireworks on the first corner. The gloves are off."
Red Bull's Mark Webber on BBC 5live

1639: "One song can spark a moment; one flower can wake the dream. One candle wipes out darkness, today Lewis is the candle, song and flower."
Justice_wa_Baruti on 606


1637: "It's going to be a big test for Lewis. The thing that happened to him in China was so unexpected. It would be great for Britain to have a winner. We do always seem to find someone. Jenson would be a contender if he had a better car. But Hamilton is a cut above even the other drivers in Formula One."
Briton and former Formula One champion Damon Hill on BBC 5live

1631: "I'm trying to learn neuroanatomy and I keep getting distracted by the build-up. Come on Lewis!"
Emma via text

1627: "Lewis Hamilton has to make sure he wins the championship, winning the race isn't as important."
Former world champion Niki Lauda on BBC 5live

1622: "I'm going to do the best to win it in front of my people. When I crossed the line I didn't know I had taken pole but after Lewis crossed the line, I knew. It was amazing."
Ferrari's Brazilian driver Felipe Massa on BBC 5live

1617: "I am here in Spain and dare not go out to any bar. Since I am anti-TV I'll follow it on my computer. Should be fun!"
oh la la on 606

1612: "I've just been put off by a Brazilian bombshell in a bikini standing alongside me."
Former BBC commentator Murray Walker on BBC 5live

1610: "Kimi and Alonso to hit each other would be perfect. C'mon Lewis"
Mark, Torquay via text

Harsh, Mark. Harsh.

1607: "This Finn will keep rooting for Kimi. Maybe the McLarens will finally have problems. Kimi would lead without the two DNFs earlier in the season.
Mikko, Swansea via text

Less than an hour to go.

1606: "I'm waiting for the start of one of the biggest races for a very long time."
Former BBC commentator Murray Walker on BBC 5live

I would love him to say "Nigel Mansell" one more time.

1605: "The butterflies are getting worse as 1700 BST approaches. What a fantastic season. We just hope it's a fantastic finale. Come on Lewis!"
Ian & Linzi via text

1601: "I've driven the best I ever have this season. It's nice to do it in this car considering the troubles the team has had. It's good for Formula One that Lewis had done so well. But I don't really care who wins - when you're involved you just think about yourself.
Honda and British driver Jenson Button on BBC 5live

1552: "Lewis was eight when he came to race at a track in Hertfordshire. I thought this kid had something - he was different. I couldn't believe how much focus he had. For four or five years I helped him a bit, but to be fair he has done it all himself. But a lot of thanks goes to McLaren boss Ron Dennis who saw something in him when Lewis was a 10-year-old."
Martin Hines who discovered Hamilton during the karting days on BBC 5live

1548: "Rising Aquarius (Intelligent & Memory) with Pisces (Intuitive & idealistic) and a powerful Moon (mind) with Dragons head (Deception) suggests to play a mind game and come from behind. Those who lead will fail, best to take the lead as late into the race as possible. Predict a close battle between L Hamilton & K Raikkonen. My money is on Hamilton today."
Astrologer on 606

I'm a Sagitarrian - what does my future hold Astrologer?

1540: "I am in the Basque Country, but in my local bar they are all rooting for Alonso. I am alone in supporting Hamilton. My prediction for the race is that he will try too hard and will not complete all the laps because of an accident or mechanical problems."
plateruena on 606

I love optimism.

1531: "All the press officers who look after the drivers are having their pictures taken too."
Eleanor Oldroyd on BBC 5live at Interlagos

Holly Samos
Samos is out in Sao Paulo for BBC 5live - it's a tough life

1530: "Living in Spain and I'm about to go to the bar full of Spaniards and watch Hamilton beat Alonso!!!!"

1525: "The drivers are taking part in a parade of the circuit in a truck. There are lots Brazil banners and Union Flags."
Eleanor Oldroyd on BBC 5live at Interlagos

1523: "No matter what the result Lewis is a champion. To get so far so young among world champions will always deserve respect."
From a Stevenage couple via text

1520: "It's going to be hotter than yesterday. The tyres will struggle and we'll see some odd strategies."
Renault executive director of engineering Pat Symonds on BBC 5live

1517: A bank of photographers are waiting up to take pictures of the drivers who will all line up as they do for every race.

1515: "It's so steep at some sections of the track. I walked the track last week."
F1 reporter Holly Samos on BBC 5live

1512: "Englishman living in Alonso's hometown of Oviedo in Asturias, and I'm feeling very unwelcome! Anti-Hamilton and pro-Alonso propaganda everywhere."
Warwick_Villain on 606

1507: "I really hope Hamilton doesn't throw it away and lose under pressure as he is the one under most pressure not the other two drivers."

Only one hour and 53 minutes to go.

1501: "Come on Lewis! You deserve this!"
A fellow school mate in Stevenage via text

1500: "We are having a Lewis Hamilton party to celebrate a great year whatever the result.
The Duffy family in Jarrow via text

Good effort in the north east of England. Anybody in my home suburb of Gosforth planning anything? You know, it's not all football up there.

1458: "I'm expecting Massa to win the race and Hamilton to win the title. Hamilton is a great ambassador for British sport."
Red Bull driver and Briton David Coulthard tells BBC Sport

1454: "I'm watching this race from a small bar in Brazil. The locals LOVE Hamilton and are hoping for Massa/Hamilton one-two. Try to keep the locals happy, eh?"
brasilrule on 606

1453: "I am here in Germany and not quite sure whom to shout for!"
David-German on 606

1451: "Hopefully this GP will bring justice to a great season. It's been a great pleasure watching and good luck to those three drivers. "
Anon via text

Remember kids type in your name on your messages or else we will have a lot of people called "Anon" on this page.

1444: "The first corner is going to be all important. If Kimi gets ahead of Lewis on turn one, expect Alonso to throw all caution to the win and attack Lewis relentlessly with no care about any potential coming together. Kimi to win in this case."
cr7torossi on 606

1439: "The fact that there is a highly motivated Ferrari between Hamilton and Alonso surely means that as long as he finishes, Hamilton wins."
Industrial-Mut on 606

I just have that sneaky feeling the start may not go the way of one of the big three. But I had a sneaky feeling Scotland would beat Georgia and England would win in Russia.

David Coulthard during qualfying
David Coulthard during qualifying with the city of Sao Paulo in view

1436: Stay tuned to BBC Radio5live, Eleanor Oldroyd, David Croft and Holly Samos are there to give you a taste of the atmosphere in Sao Paulo and the station will also bring you live coverage of the big race. There is also a special 606 phone-in show after the race.

1429: "Been listening to Gasoline by Audioslave, soaking up the pre-race tension. Even though I'm Italian, I really want Lewis to do it!!!"
Fabio, London via text

1426: "Being English/British my heart tells me this will all end in tears, but my head is telling me not to worry because Lewis will win at a canter. Makes a change I suppose."
squidboy on 606

1424: "Texting for all the 16-year old lasses watching the Grand Prix in Edinburgh! Don't like Hamilton much so come on Davidson.
Jelly-Jam-Doughnut via text

1420: "We are going to our local for a couple of pitchers and a Sunday roast before the race."
Anon via text

1408: "I've enjoyed every second of it this year. It's funny how the relationship between Hamilton and Alonso changed. They were happy at the start of the season then when Hamilton took the championship lead after Spain, things turned."
BBC 5live reporter Holly Samos at the Brazilian GP

1405: Four of us Brits live on a tropical island in NE Brazil among 13,000 locals. Massa first, Hamilton second must be the result.
BritsinBrazil on 606

1400: "We're in Majorca going to watch it on a bit screen. Praying for Lewis to win"
Everyone at Don Pedro, Majorca via text

1358: "Can't wait 4 Lewis 2 win i can use the line: "Who do u think u are: Lewis Hamilton!" :-)"
Anon via text

Naomi Campbell

1354: Not sure how many celebrities will be present at the Brazil GP today. But I do know that supermodel Naomi Campbell was at qualifying to cheer on Hamilton. From Loftus Road to Sao Paulo - good effort Campbell.

1346: "I have a feeling that if Hamilton doesn't win the title today he might not for a few years."
Stuart, Aberdeen via text

1343: Have you guys organised anything special for the race? Give me a buzz by texting on 81111 or by using the 606 link above.

1338 "It's hot and sunny. There will be clouds later and rain but the rain isn't expected to fall until after the race. There's already a big crowd inside Interlagos. There is obviously big support for Brazilian Massa. Lewis got a big cheer after qualifying and I heard boos for Alonso. They like Lewis here because he's young, black and wears a yellow helmet and has shown his affection for Ayrton Senna."
BBC Sports news correspondent Adam Parsons at the Brazil GP

The Brazil GP pit girls found it hot during qualifying
The Brazil GP pit girls found it hot during qualifying

1334: "It seems everyone is discussing which of the Mclaren drivers will win the championship but Raikkonen could be dangerous - he has nothing to lose and the help of pole sitter Massa."
bobbondo on 606

It has gone pretty well for Ferrari this weekend. Raikkonen was his usual dour self in the news conference after qualifying, but I'm sure he's bubbling inside.

1329: "I heard there may be some punishment for Lewis after apparently blocking Kimi in qualifying? Is that true?
Ben, Bristol via text

I'm not too sure about that one. But I'll try to find out for you.

1323: "The fastest thing today will be Hamilton's bottle crashing."
Stu, Dundee via text

I guess not all of Britain is behind Hamilton.

1318: "Now come on Lewis, don't make it 3 out of 3 (following Britain's sporting disappointments). A shoo-in if not already for sports personality of the year if he wins it."
ForestAJC on 606

1314: "Whats the weather forecast. Also the FIA told hamilton he should not celebrate by doing donuts etc - what can they do if he does? Come on Lewis."
Dave, Bristol via text

As I mentioned before Dave, it's supposed to be hot out there. I really don't envy those drivers. Well, the money then earn would be nice... as would the fame... the parties...

1301 "Yeah he was always very confident. Even before he went away for the weekends he was saying that he was going to win and when he came back he was saying how good he was and no-one got near him, sort of thing."
Graeme Kear on BBC 5live talking about former Stevenage schoolmate Lewis Hamilton.

Graeme texted this website on Friday. Maybe one of those talking-head programmes will contact you next mate - I can just picture the title, "I Love Lewis Hamilton".

1250: "I think Lewis will win quite easily."
Vote of confidence from F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone on BBC 5live's Sportsweek.

1245: "There is a good reason why Hamilton will win today and that is the softer tyres."
Mattfd on 606

WEATHER REPORT: It's hot in Sao Paulo. 34C. But, and this may be problem, BBC Weather Centre are suggesting that the conditions will be very mixed. So expect rain and sun. Not Ideal for any of the teams - not ideal for Hamilton.

1230: Good afternoon from London, good morning if you are in Brazil and hello to rest of the world.

This is it. The home nations may have had a bit of a nightmare in the Euro 2008 qualifiers, England may have lost in Rugby World Cup final, but for all British sports fans, there's still Lewis Hamilton.

The 22-year-old starts second on the grid at Interlagos alongside Ferrari's Felipe Massa.

His two main challengers Kimi Raikkonen in his Ferrari and McLaren team-mate Fernando Alonso are on the second row.

How things stand: Hamilton 107, Alonso 103, Raikkonen 100.

If Hamilton wins, comes second or finishes ahead of his rivals he will take the title. Simple.

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