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Brazilian Grand Prix 2007
Interlagos, 19-21 October, 2007

Final qualifying positions:

1. F Massa (Ferrari)

2. L Hamilton (McLaren)

3. K Raikkonen (Ferrari)

4. F Alonso (McLaren)

5. M Webber (Red Bull)

6. N Heidfeld (BMW Sauber)

7. R Kubica (BMW Sauber)

Saturday: Final practice 1400 BST, qualifying 1700 BST


By Saj Chowdhury


To get involved in all the pre-race chat, text us on 81111 (UK users only) or contribute to 606

1833: In about 24 hours time we will know who this year's Formula One champion will be. Qualifying has set up a magnificent front and second row and the race and destiny of the title could be decided in the first few laps.

Excited? Come back to the website on Sunday for the ultimate finale.

Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton

1829: Ferrari look to be very quick just like last year. And I think it will be Ferrari one-two tomorrow, will be difficult to beat them. But third or fourth place will not be bad for Hamilton to clinch his first title. Will be difficult for Alonso to beat Hamilton and Ferraris as he starts in fourth behind them. GO ON LEWIS!
Ninad_13 on 606

1828: "It's ok for Hamilton, I don't like idea of Ferrari controlling the race through Massa but he will want to win his home gp"
ShootTheRunner on 606

Pick of the quotes:

Hamilton (second on grid): "I enjoyed the qualifying session. The car was great to drive. It was a very good second flying lap. I lost a little time on the final corner but it wasn't a mistake, I just didn't want to lose what I had."

Massa (on pole): "It's a great feeling to be on pole back in my home country. I had a good first flying lap and I was a little bit afraid Lewis would beat me on the second one. The atmopshere here is always great. We had a fantastic weekend last year so hopefully we can repat that."

Raikkonen (third on grid): "On my first flying lap I didn't get the tyres working but the second attempt was better. I will have a good race car for Sunday."

1805: What do we make of this?

For Hamilton: He said it didn't really matter whether he claimed pole or not. He didn't claim pole. But he's on the front row and the psychological advantage of finishing ahead of his rivals is massive.
Lewis Hamilton

For Alonso: Didn't look great. Resigned to losing the title? Maybe.

For Raikkonen: The Ferraris have looked good all weekend. Will be buoyed by the team effort but will need a miracle to take the title away from McLaren.

1804: "I'm drained but OK. I'm resigned to the fact it's been a fantastic year. It's brilliant."
Great stream of consciousness from Lewis Hamilton's father Anthony on BBC 5live Sports Extra

1801: Massa on pole, Hamilton second, Raikkonen third and Alonso fourth.

1757: Fernando Alonso is only fifth fastest. Not good for the Spaniard. Team-mate and championship leader Lewis Hamilton is second quickest with Felipe Massa in pole at the moment. Ferrari team-mate Kimi Raikkonen is third. It's a thriller.

1753: All the drivers are coming in to change their tyres - most are on the super softs. Get ready for the big laps.

1751: Fuel loads are getting lighter. All the drivers are waiting to do their big lap.

1750: "Ferraris on form suits me. Gives Lewis more of a chance of winning the title."
VirtualDrLeeroy via 606

1748: Lewis Hamilton has gone fastest on the softer tyres. Second fastest is the hot Pole Robert Kubica followed by Kimi Raikkonen. Fernando Alonso is fifth fastest at the moment.

1746: They're off, led by Hamilton.

1745: "Hamilton just needs to play it cool. He does not need to push hard to win the championship."
Ninad via 606

1743: This is it guys. All the drivers are waiting in their cockpits. It's 31C. You can hear the humming of the cars.

1740: After Q2, these are the guys who didn't make the top 10: Rubens Barrichello, Giancarlo Fisichella, Sebastian Vettel, Vitantonio Liuzzi, Ralf Schumacher, Jenson Button.

1735: Good effort from the BMW Saubers of Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld. In fifth and seventh respectively.

1729: Raikkonen goes quickest so far in his Ferrari in Q2. Hamilton, Alonso and Massa should be easily into the final round with their times.

1726: It's taken about four minutes for a car to come out for Q2. It's Ralf Schumacher in his Toyota. Hamilton, Alonso and Massa follow him.

1721: "Come on Lewis you can do it, keep cool and the world is yours"
Griffo on 606

1717: Miss World-style, here are the ones who didn't make the top 16 and will occupy the back of the grid: Heikki Kovalainen, Takuma Sato, Kazumi Nakajima, Anthony Davidson, Adrian Sutil and Sakon Yamamoto.

Fernando Alonso had a late burst and finished quickest after the first session of qualifying. McLaren team-mate Lewis Hamilton was second fastest with his other title rival Kimi Raikkonen in fifth place.

1715: Not much time left for those wanting to make the top 16 for the next session.

1714: But the Ferrari's have gone the fastest. We are reaching the end of the session. Alonso is only eighth fastest. I reckon he's having some problems in his McLaren.

1711: Hamilton's gone fastest. He's in the mood - 1:13.033.

1706: Ralf Schumacher has eased to 1:14.256. He's the fastest so far.

1704: Adrian Sutil has stopped after having posted the fastest time. What's up with his Spyker?

1700: Q1 begins. Sakon Yamamoto is out first and will find it hard to make the second session - 1:16.135

1659: "I met Lewis's sister about 11 years ago. She told me to look out for Lewis. Now it is a self fufilling prophecy. HAMILTON WILL BE CHAMPION!"
Bernie via text

1658: Guys and gals ready? We're at the business end now.

1655: It's a gorgeous day in Sao Paulo - and hot.I'd like to say that I'm actually there, but, alas, I'm not. W12 in London is sunny too, but not really hot.

1652: "The entire F1 watching world will be on the edge of their seats tomorrow. The race being late in the day is just torture. "
Anon via text

1642: I love this knockout style qualifying. It's a bit like Miss World after the swimsuit section.

1627: "I'm getting bullied at work for looking like lewis hamilton! And the weird thing is we both share the same surname! Cmon Lewis! Make England proud! "
Dan via text

I get all sorts Dan.

1623: Not long before qualifying. We grow ever closer to finding out who will be the boss of Interlagos.

1617: "Let's all enjoy Interlagos we haven't had a closer title race since back in 86 when the Prof took victory and our very own Nigel Mansell, who i thought had the title wrapped up, had a spectaular tyre blow out. I just hope Lewis doesn't have the same fate."
Rickardo0o0 on 606

1533: "Qualifying in a bit, the Rugby tonight, and the race of the championship tomorrow, I can't think of anything else I'm so excited! Go Hamilton and the Rugby Boys!"
Stu, Cheltenham :-) via text

1526: "It's wonderful to hear the drivers and press speaking about Senna this weekend. The man was an absolute legend and defined modern f1."
Tom via text

Lewis Hamilton

1513: I wonder what the drivers will do between practice and qualifying. I'd probably get a little bit of grub, maybe do a quick crossword. Qualifying at 1700 BST.

Times from Saturday's practice session:
1 Felipe Massa (Bra) Ferrari one minute 11.810 seconds
2 Lewis Hamilton (Gbr) McLaren 1:11.934
3 Kimi Raikkonen (Fin) Ferrari 1:11.942
4 Mark Webber (Aus) Red Bull 1:12.446
5 Jarno Trulli (Ita) Toyota 1:12.461

8 Fernando Alonso (Spa) McLaren 1:12.594
13 Jenson Button (Gbr) Honda 1:13.015
16 David Coulthard (Gbr) Red Bull 1:13.117

1505: Practice over.

1504: "Ferraris looking strong. A good lap from dc too. Only the practice though,... Keep up the good work and corrected mistakes on the site" =) from swansea via text

I guess I'll take the final part of your text as a compliment.

1459: ...1:11.934. He probably realised hanging around in 13th wouldn't help his cred.

1457: Can they go any quicker? Yes they can. Well, Massa can. He's posted 1:11.810 in his Ferrari. Fastest time of the weekend. Team-mate Raikkonen has done his 2.677 miles in 1:11.942. And Lewis Hamilton has just set...

1454: There are five drivers in the 1:12s - Massa, Raikkonen, Alonso, Fisichella and Webber. Where's Lewis? In 13th. I'm assuming he's taking it easy.

1453: "Love the details on the web site but how can massa be quicker 1.13.653 when 12 mins earlier he had done 1.12.802."
pitbull via text

Cheers Pitbull. It's been amended. I think my F1 eyes failed me for a sec.

1447: Remember David Coulthard? The Scot with the pretty partner and who lives in Monaco? The driver who used to challenge for F1 honours? Anyway, he's gone third fastest - 1:13.117.

1437: Update on the times? Massa has got that tad bit quicker - 1:12.136 but the order of the first four is as you were.

1434:"grrr to the bbc man.. prancing horse not galloping horse!!!!!"Alina on 606

Sorry Alina. Prancing it is.

1433: "Lets hope the top 3 drivers are racing close together to make the best race of all time. But hamilton to come out on top!"
Mike b via text

1431: The Red Bulls and Toyotas are going pretty well in practice and occupy the next four spots.

1428: Is there anybody who can tell me whether the Asda in Stevenage have done that little bit extra for Lewis Hamilton this weekend?

1425: Who says the drivers don't take practice seriously. Guess which quartet have posted the leading times? Massa 1:12.802, Raikkonen 1:13.011, Hamilton 1:13.213, Alonso 1:13.249

1424: "I know its only practice and all drivers are just doing installation laps, but i'm looking at the timing screens and lewis was pushing through the middle sector very quickly. The boy knows nothing but going fast. Good luck lewis, the country's behind you"
Drew via text

1422: "Hi Brazilian here. It is strange but I have not read much about Hamilton being a Senna fan in the press but 'the Globo' did do an interesting piece where various Brazilian racing drivers were interviewed over their thoughts on the race, most believed that Hamilton would be a very worthy champ but would like Massa to win the race for the local fans."
Marcus H via text

1419: Kimi has come out in his Ferrari and has raced to the top of the chart - 1:13.011. It will be interesting to see how the Ferraris go in qualifying.

1416: Schumacher's team-mate Jarno Trulli - who kindly helped our website with the Interlagos track guide - has posted the best time so far - 1:14.142.

1414: Ralf Schumacher is the quickest in practice so far. His Toyota has gone 1:14.142.

1413: "Best case would be Raikonnen wins (always had soft spot for him back to his Sauber days) and Hamilton gets it next year. england lose to a last minute drop goal for 60 yds out :D happy dayz!"
kailber1985 on 606

1409: All the drivers have come out except for the Ferraris of Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen. What are the plans of the Galloping Horse?

1400: Saturday's practice session is underway.

1350: "Lets hope this race does not end up being a almighty anti-climax with a straight-forward drive from grid to chequered flag."
alstonfds on 606

1348: "To 'jac' the self styled lifelong fan. How are them lemons? Bitter?"
polar via text

1343: And also if there is anybody over in Brazil reading this then tell me about how the build-up has been reported over in your country? What do you think of Massa? And Hamilton has stated Ayrton Senna is his hero. How do the Brazilians view Hamilton?

1337: "Hamilton has not been let off, it was the teams mistake and not his so he personal has no reason to be punished!"
Skully via text

1335: By the way, I would love to hear from Finnish and Spanish F1 fans. Are you guys excited about the final race? What has the media coverage been like in your home country?

1322: "Stephers 2 of the 3 drivers should have been kicked out as part of mclaren team"
jac via text

1318: Just over 40 minutes before the final practice. It will be boiling down on the track and it is expected to be hotter on Sunday. Plenty of tyre wear.

1315: "Let's hope this McLaren does win"
Former England midfielder Chris Waddle with a bit of satirical mixing of football and F1 on BBC 5live. Classy.

1313: "I hope the british lad does it, I'm not F1 fan as such but good to see any uk sportsman win something major, is there a standard punishment for this tyre infringment?"
JB 1973 on 606

I'm not too hot on my tyre-infringement laws. But here's a link to the FIA Regulations. Enjoy.

1303: "I'm sick of all these 'Lewis Hamilton is being handed the title' comments. The title is gonna be won by one of 3 people during the race tomorrow. End of.
stephers on 606

1253: By the way, you can follow the build-up of the Rugby World Cup final on our website.

Lewis Hamilton supporting England rugby team

Lewis Hamilton has sent his message of support and also took time out to pose with a rugby ball. Publicity shots at their finest

"I just want to say to you all - keep your heads down and stay focused as there's a lot of pressure on you but it's the same here for me in Brazil," he said.

1251: "Yet again Hamilton has been let off with "faux pas" why bother running the race just hand him the title on a silver platter"
jac a sickened lifelong fan via text

1247: I mentioned below it takes Hamilton one minute and 12 seconds to get round 2.677 miles. Why don't you give me a shout as to what you can do in one minute and 12 seconds. Keep it clean kids - it's a family website.

1243: "If Nakajima proves himself this weekend, he could find himself in a full-time racing seat next year."
F1FootieWWE on 606

1238: The Interlagos track is 2.677 miles long. On Friday it took Lewis Hamilton one minute and 12 seconds to get round. That's quite fast.

1229: "The track is really good fun to drive and it's not giving my neck any problems."
Williams driver Kazuki Nakajima, who has yet to race a full GP

1226: "Well done Lewis and team and Family for all the enjoyment and enthusiasm you have brought to Formula one this year long may it continue. "
Exiledbarcode on 606

WEATHER REPORT: I'm no Rob McElwee but the BBC Weather site tells me that Sao Paulo will be dry and hot with temperature around the 31C mark. Scorchio!

weather map

1202: Remember to post your comments on 606 using the link above and text us guys at BBC TV Centre (soon to be sold off) on 81111.

1200: One day to go and Lewis Hamilton must have breathed an almighty sigh of relief following the outcome of the wet-tyres fiasco during Friday's practice.

McLaren were fined 15,000 euros (10,445) and Hamilton avoided losing grid placings, a punishment many thought would be dished out.

Back to the racing. In about two hours, the final practice session begins which is followed by the qualifying at 1700 BST.

Hamilton said he is not too concerned about winning pole because, frankly, the McLaren is pretty zippy.

"It's not the end of the world if I qualify second, third or fourth. We have the pace to be up the front," said the 22-year-old from Stevenage.

I sense a bit of mind games - expect Hamilton to go full pelt.

Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso
His team-mate and rival Fernando Alonso opted not to go out in the first practice but then showed good form in the second session.

Kimi Raikkonen breezed around Interlagos beautifully on Friday in his Ferrari and is holding on to the faint hope he may steal the title.

So, all three on form. Cars running well. Things are warming up.

How things stand: Hamilton 107, Alonso 103, Raikkonen 100.

Hamilton has the advantage because he has the lead but either of his rivals could win the title.

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