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Last Updated: Sunday, 5 August 2007, 09:43 GMT 10:43 UK
Hungarian Grand Prix 2007
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Result after 70 laps:

1 Lewis Hamilton (McLaren)

2 Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari)

3 Nick Heidfeld (BMW Sauber)

4 Fernando Alonso (McLaren)

5 Robert Kubica (BMW Sauber)

6 Ralf Schumacher (Toyota)

7 Nico Rosberg (Williams)

8 Heikki Kovalainen (Renault)


By Sam Lyon


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"Well done Lewis, you're showing incredible maturity and doing us all proud!"
Craig, Bristol via text

BBC Radio Five Live
"Any win is sweet, of course, but following Fernando Alonso's victory at the European Grand Prix a couple of weeks ago, for Lewis Hamilton to come back and win here, you wonder how much of a turning point this might be."
BBC Five Live's David Croft

Lewis Hamilton brings it home for a flag-to-podium victory ahead of Kimi Raikkonen, taking the acclaim of the crowd with unbridled joy. Raikkonen clocked the fastest lap of the race on lap 70 - 1:20.040 - but to no avail. Fernando Alonso's bid for a podium finish falls just short, with Nick Heidfeld's three-stop strategy baring fruit with third place.

Lap 69: This race looks done and dusted now, with Lewis Hamilton extending his lead over Kimi Raikkonen going into the final lap to nearly two seconds.

Lap 67: Kimi Raikkonen is not throwing the towel in, closing the gap to Lewis Hamilton back to 0.7 seconds as we go into the final couple of laps. Shots of Ron Dennis in the pits show the McLaren team boss jittering frantically like a four year old hyped up on sugar... This is tense.

Lap 65: With the track proving increasingly treacherous, the top four or five are struggling against that as much as those cars in and around them and it might take a remarkable effort for any of the leading pack to steal a place in these closing stages now.

Lap 63: Lewis Hamilton pumps away for a couple of laps to take his lead back over a second, tremendous response from the Brit that. Felipe Massa, meanwhile, is languishing back in 13th and his day has been nothing short of miserable.

BBC Radio Five Live
"Lewis Hamilton just has to keep his head and keep his line and hope the back markers behave themselves. The track really is two shades of grey now, with one side smothered in marbles and Hamilton and Raikkonen absolutely must avoid those bits."
BBC Five Live's Maurice Hamilton

BBC Radio Five Live
"Nine laps to go and Kimi Raikkonen is launching an almight assault on Hamilton's lead. The Briton has held on so well all race, can he do it for a few laps more."
BBC Five Live's David Croft

Lap 59: While Lewis Hamilton displays some uneasiness on the softer tyres, Fernando Alonso continues to make ground on Nick Heidfeld in third and the Spaniard looks on course for a podium finish if he can keep this going.

Lap 58: Kimi Raikkonen is piling the pressure on Lewis Hamilton, cutting the Briton's lead down to just half a second with over 10 laps remaining. Could we be in for a titanic tussle to finish this race?

Lap 56: With Raikkonen continuing to eat into Lewis Hamilton's lead, Robert Kubica pits from third and it costs him a place as Fernando Alonso comes through into fourth with just 14 laps remaining.

Lap 55: Nico Rosberg is called into the pits for a change to softer tyres and he re-joins the race in eighth.

Lap 54: Nick Heidfeld comes into the pits, his third stop, and that might just cost him a podium place... He emerges behind BMW team-mate Kubica and Williams's Rosberg and he's back in fifth.

Lap 53: Kimi Raikkonen pulls out a couple of fabulous laps to pull a second back on Lewis Hamilton, but it is Nick Heidfeld that is lapping fastest at the moment in third. The German has a lot of work to do to make up ground on the leading two, though.

Lap 51: Hamilton's lead is now over 4.5 seconds - the biggest his lead has been in around 30 laps.

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
Lap 49: Lewis Hamilton, nearly 30 seconds in front, comes into the pits. His final stop is done, the soft tyres are on... and he comes out in front comfortably ahead of Kimi Raikkonen. Job done on that stop, jubbly. Fernando Alonso also pits, and the Spaniard comes out behind Nico Rosberg in sixth but ahead of Ralf Schumacher.

Lap 47: Lewis Hamilton is pegging in the times now, blitzing round the Hungaroring and extending his lead over Raikkonen. Ralf Schumacher pits, meanwhile, freeing Fernando Alonso up for a lap or two to try to build a lead before he comes in for a second time.

BBC Radio Five Live
"The longer Lewis Hamilton can stay out on the hard tyres ahead of Kimi Raikkonen, the better. This could be where he wins the race."
BBC Five Live's David Croft

Lap 45: Kimi Raikkonen comes into the pits from second and he switches to the supersoft tyres for the rest of the race. The Finn emerges from the pits over 26 seconds behind the Briton, but Hamilton still has to pit a second time.

Lap 44: Fernando Alonso's post-race comments won't be too hard to predict - Ralf Schumacher ruined my race. The Spaniard continues to be frustrated by the German and his chances of a podium finish are slipping away. He is now nearly 40 seconds behind race leader Hamilton and I wouldn't mind being a fly on the wall for their next team meeting, I tell you.

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
Lap 42: Anthony Davidson beaches his Super Aguri, possibly struggling for grip, and the Brit is out. Disaster for the big man. Replays suggest he had a minor collision with Giancarlo Fisichella as the Italian emerged from the pits.

Lap 41: There really is nothing in the lap times between Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen at the moment, the pair exchanging quick times lap after lap and this race is far from decided as we stand.

Lap 39: Felipe Massa is given his final blue flag warning and he obliges, allowing Lewis Hamilton to come through on the straight and the Briton's lead over Kimi Raikkonen stands at around a second.

BBC Radio Five Live
"Felipe Massa will be doing everything in his power to stay ahead of Hamilton, legally, and frustrate the race leader for as long as possible. This is playing right into Kimi Raikkonen's hands at the moment."
BBC Five Live's Maurice Hamilton

It's bad news for a Briton at Wimbledon
blue flag
Lap 37: With Massa blue flagged, and therefore obliged to get out of the way if and when Hamilton gets within range, Kimi Raikkonen closes to within 0.67 seconds of the Brit. Elsewhere, last year's winner here Jenson Button crashes out and that's his race done.

Lap 35: Felipe Massa comes in and, surprisingly, Ferrari hand him the soft tyres for a short stint. The Brazilian emerges from the pit lane in front of Hamilton though, interestingly. He'll have to watch himself and make sure he gets away if the Briton closes...

BBC Radio Five Live
"Hamilton had to go close to the pit lane exit so as to avoid all the debris and marbles on the dusty side of the track. Had he gone through those and picked them up on his tyres, Kimi Raikkonen would have overtaken him within seconds."
BBC Five Live's Maurice Hamilton

Lap 34: Really close shave for Lewis Hamilton, who nearly collides with Takuma Sato as the Japanese driver comes out of the pits. He brakes heavily, avoids a bump, and strides forward still ahead of Kimi Raikkonen.

Lap 33: Fernando Alonso continues to be frustrated by Ralf Schumacher, the Toyota lapping at almost identical times to the McLaren and that's a fine effort from the German. Nico Rosberg pits to change to the harder tyres. Only Heikki Kovalainen has really got the softer tyres working today.

Lap 32: The Red Bulls of Mark Webber and David Coulthard continue to go round at a decent pace, how they must be hoping for a mechanical failure-free race. Ferrari's Felipe Massa, meanwhile, is up to 13th.

Lap 29: For the first lap in a while, Lewis Hamilton goes round faster than Kimi Raikkonen and is that a sign that his fuel load is reducing sufficiently for him to up the pace?

BBC Radio Five Live
"It's very notable now that Hamilton and Raikkonen are pretty much neck and neck, and as Hamilton comes up to the back marker in Rubens Barrichello this could be Raikkonen's chance to take a shot at the lead."
BBC Five Live's David Croft

Lap 26: David Coulthard goes in to the pits and he emerges in 12th.

Lap 25: Hamilton's lead is just 1.5 seconds ahead of Kimi Raikkonen now, the Finn slowly but surely putting pressure on the young Brit. McLaren did appear to fuel Hamilton's car more heavily than Ferrari did Raikkonen's, but only time will tell if that's behind the Briton's slower lap times.

Lap 23: Nick Heidfeld is now over 12 seconds behind second-placed Kimi Raikkonen, while Alonso is 33 seconds behind team-mate and race leader Hamilton. This is almost certainly a two-horse race bar incident now.

Lap 20: Mark Webber goes in and only David Coulthard and Heikki Kovalainen of the front runners are yet to pit.

Lap 19: Robert Kubica comes in now as the leaders sort themselves out after those early laps. No tyre change for the BMW man, though.

Lap 18: Ralf Schumacher comes into the pits, as do race leaders Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen. Long fill and hard tyres for both and it looks like a two-stop race for both McLaren and Ferrari.

Lap 17: Nick Heidfeld, Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg all pit at the end of lap 17. McLaren feed Alonso with a lot of fuel, around 30 laps' worth by the look of things, and he feeds back into 12th.

Lap 15: Felipe Massa looks unlikely to make a massive push for a podium spot, the Brazilian embroiled in a battle for 15th with Takuma Sato at the moment and lapping in the 1.23s.

Lap 14: Hamilton's lead is nearly five seconds now with the Brit flying as his fuel reserves deplete. McLaren team-mate Fernando Alonso is lapping nearly two seconds slower as he continues his duel for fifth with Schumacher.

Lap 13: Renault are suffering a bit on the softer tyres, Giancarlo Fisichella pulling wide and losing position on turn 12. David Coulthard, meanwhile, drops into 10th with BBC Sport columnists Heikki Kovalainen making his move. Superb lap from Lewis Hamilton, going round at 1:20.171 - the fastest of anyone in the race so far.

Lap 12: Hamilton and Raikkonen continue to pull away from the rest, those two now over eight seconds ahead of the pack. Alonso continues to press Ralf Schumacher, but the German is holding his own in his Toyota so far.

Lap nine: Hamilton puts pedal to the metal to record his own fastest lap of 1:20.859 and he extends his lead by a 10th of a second over Raikkonen to keep it over three seconds.

Lap eight: Fernando Alonso continues to make the early moves at the Hungaroring and he is closing on Ralf Schumacher in fifth. Suspicions that Lewis Hamilton is being asked to conserve fuel as Raikkonen records another quick lap to close the gap on the Brit.

Lap six: Already the race has settled into its pattern, though Kimi Raikkonen sets the fastest lap of the race so far with one minute, 21.302 seconds. He and Hamilton are lapping at over a second faster than any other driver right now.

Lap four: Hamilton's lead over Raikkonen is up to nearly three and a half seconds already. Spyker's Saka Yamamoto crashes at turn 11 and his race is over.

Lap three: It's all about Fernando Alonso at the start of this race, the Spaniard pulling off another fine manoeuvre to overtake Kubica and go back sixth.

Lap two: Alonso drops behind Mark Webber at the start of the lap, but pulls back on the final turn to go seventh behind Robert Kubica, the Spaniard struggling with his grip. Lewis Hamilton continues to pull away up front.

Lap one: Poor start from Nick Heidfeld, who drops back into third with Kimi Raikkonen storming up the outside, but Lewis Hamilton holds on at the front going into turn one. The Briton goes on to open up a decent lead early on, but McLaren team-mate Fernando Alonso makes a right rickett of his first lap and he fails to make any ground at all.

1303: We're go go go...

1258: We're just seconds away now, with the cars going through their warm-up lap, so if you haven't already stocked up on tea, biscuits and caramel slices (a favourite of my old man's), now's the time to do so people...

"Hamilton has started a civil war into Mc Laren this precedent will not be forgotten. Fernando Alonso from now on will feel free to not obey team orders and to block Lewis Hamilton if required."
sensationaljohn on 606

1251: Lewis's father Anthony Hamilton, meanwhile, insists the British youngster is in fine fettle ahead of the race, totally focused and ready to go out and win. We shall see...

1250: McLaren team boss Ron Dennis gives his greatest indication yet that it was driver error, not the team's, that led to the Hamilton-Alonso mix-up in qualifying and subsequent demotion for the Spaniard. He said: "If both cars had followed the plans that the team had put in place to the letter, we would have both cars on the front of the grid comfortably, no question. We will have to get through this weekend and then look at the best way forward."

"I'm sick to death of the armchair experts trashing FA and LH (and RD). None of you could drive a Noddy car around Sainsbury's car park without spinning - Any of you actually race cars?"
'63 Tiger on 606

1238: All the teams are finalising their pre-race preparations at the Hungaroring with the sun beating down. The track is a hive of activity, with hundreds of officials, drivers and mechanics running through a series of checks and the atmosphere is building up rather nicely now. A short interview with Lewis Hamilton suggests he is utterly focused on victory, and also that the 22-year-old is becoming increasingly cycnical - pointing out the last few weeks and months have taught him a lot about the "politics involved in racing, and who you can and can't trust". The cheeky little blighter.

"I bet Heidfeld is kicking himself. He got nicely qualified on the clean side of the track and would have fancied his chances of jumping P2 into turn one. Now he is on the dirty side of the track and is the one under threat. He has been inadvertently punished by the Alonso demotion."
DixieBean on 606

"What are the chances Hamilton will have a problem with one of his pitstops!"
John, Coventry via text

BBC Radio Five Live
1221: "There is no doubt that there are definite tensions within the McLaren team. Alonso has already been claiming this morning that the outcome of this race was determined last night and it is safe to say that Hamilton should go on to win from pole, if he can stay error free. But, as we've seen all season, anything can happen once the race is under way."
BBC Five Live's Holly Samos

"I wonder how Kimi will do, he should have the crowd with him as their is normally a large Finnish contingent at the Hungaroring."
Sarah, Bucks on 606

"I think if Hamilton stays calm and pushes these issues to the back of his mind he has every chance of winning. He was the fastest man over the weekend at one point doing a 1,19.3 lap. Alonso has to learn to control his ego and let his driving do the talking without resorting to dirty tactics."
Kazzapops on 606

BBC Radio Five Live
1206: "It's actually a fantastic atmosphere here at Hungary. Despite all the furore of last night, attentions are slowly turning to the race itself and, considering the fact that any one of four drivers can still win the Championship, it's all to play for."
BBC Five Live's Holly Samos

1157: Still pretty quiet from you lot on 606 and text. In fact the only text I've received so far this morning is from my mum reminding me to take my take my vitamins, bless 'er. Not particularly F1 relevant admittedly, but nice nonetheless. Anyway, get your missives coming in peeps, and I'll do my best to get the best of them up in lights so you can boast to your mates about being cyberspace-famous...

"Let's hope that despite the controversial administration of the sport, we get to see a fantastic race. I hope Alonso, Kimi, Massa and Hamilton battle throughout the race. You never know, Heidfeld might nick it!"
Ed Bone on 606

Lewis Hamilton arrives for the Hungarian Grand Prix
Lewis Hamilton arrives for the Hungarian Grand Prix
1143: Lewis Hamilton arrived this morning cutting a relaxed figure against the backdrop of dozens of cameras, journalists and dictaphones crowding his personal space. As was proved by Saturday's alleged exchange with Ron Dennis, he is not a shy, retiring violet, and I reckon he'll be fired up for victory today...

Hamilton will win. He has proved throughout his racing career, from a young lad, that he is no bottler... The only question today is whether the McLaren will show any loyalty to Alonso and issue him with the preferred strategy. We will see, GO LEWIS!"
Bestyblue on 606

"If they were tactics, then the authorities were right to dock McLaren points in the constructors' race. If McLaren were covering for Alonso, then the authorities were right to demote Alonso and dock McLaren points. The right punishment was dished out. I totally agree with Hamilton's stance. He needs to stand up for his rights, and he did so. I hope he increases his lead...."
mikesiva on 606

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
1131: Little note on the weather by the way, it's roasting in Budapest! No need for wet tyres at all today you would think... (famous last words!).

1119: McLaren have done their level best to clear up (cough!) Saturday's qualifying incident between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton in an official statement. It would appear their reasoning is that they ordered the Spaniard to hold in the pits for 20 seconds, in an effort to grant Lewis Hamilton a free run at his final lap, but that this lapsed to a wait of over 30 seconds due to "concerns expressed following the fitting of used tyres".

It goes on to read: "We do not believe that the findings of the stewards and the severe penalty imposed on the team are appropriate, and that our strenuous efforts to maintain the spirit of fair play and equality within the team have been misunderstood."

Most interestingly, it adds: "Every effort was made yesterday by the team to maintain our policy of equality; however in the heat of the battle there are occasions when the competitive nature of drivers sees them deviate from the agreed procedures."

For the full statement, click on the link to the right and let us know your thoughts...

"I seem to remember Alonso's fans screaming blue murder yesterday evening and demanding apologies from anyone saying he was in the wrong - how nice it is, then, to see those same fans behaving like the gentlemen they are and eating a huge slice of humble pie this morning... (oh, and a pig just flew past the window!)"
Douggielee on 606

1111: Of course, Fernando Alonso was not the only driver pushed down the grid last night after Giancarlo Fisichella was also handed a five-place penalty for unnecessarily impeding Spyker's Sakon Yamamoto during qualifying. Imagine where Yamamoto would have finished without that obstruction hey?! Hhmmm...

"Alonso is a great driver, you can't deny that. However just take a look at his mouth in the pic printed above. It speaks a thousand words, he's like a spoiled brat that has to have all his own way."
isitworthit on 606

"I'm going to make a risky prediction and say Nico Rosberg might win this race. But, then, in a less risky decision, I am going to go for Raikkonen."
Pure indecision from Torres' right peg on 606

It's good news for a Briton at Wimbledon
1100: Well, well, well, it has all kicked off this weekend, hasn't it? Fernando Alonso had many of us on this merry isle (though by no means all!) in uproar after apparently deliberately delaying Lewis Hamilton's final lap in qualifying in order to ensure he started on pole today - only to be demoted five places hours later following an FIA inquiry.

Whether it was Alonso or the McLaren team's decision remains unclear even now but, if the morning papers are to be believed, Lewis Hamilton let boss Ron Dennis know in no uncertain terms that he will not be tolerating any such tactics in future, telling the big man to "swivel". How very playground...

Anyway, as it stands McLaren will not compete for constructor points this weekend - but Hamilton, starting from pole, has a magnificent chance to extend his lead in the drivers' championship. With overtaking notoriously difficult in Hungary, this could all be done and dusted after lap one couldn't it? Why not get in touch via 606 or by texting 81111 to let us know your thoughts.


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