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Last Updated: Sunday, 8 July 2007, 13:32 GMT 14:32 UK
British Grand Prix 2007

Result after 59 laps:

1 K Raikkonen (Fin) Ferrari

2 F Alonso (Spn) McLaren-Mercedes

3 L Hamilton (GB) McLaren-Mercedes

4 R Kubica (Pol) BMW Sauber

5 F Massa (Brz) Ferrari

6 N Heidfeld (Ger) BMW Sauber

7 H Kovalainen (Fin) Renault

8 G Fisichella (It) Renault


By Julian Shea


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1443: "Hamilton will only ever be regarded as one of the of the best, if he carries on his form and then has the guts to move away from his comfort zone at McLaren, and try settling into a brand new environment and new car and then still fight for the championship."
franky_four_fingers, via 606.

Lap 59: The chequered flag - Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen comes home in first place, 2.4 secs ahead of world champion Fernando Alonso, with Lewis Hamilton a distant third. Robert Kubica holds off Ferrari's Felipe Massa for fourth place.

Lap 57: So we can take it as read now that barring a miracle, Lewis Hamilton is not going to win the British Grand Prix. But before the nay-sayers start leaping on his back, he has maintained his remarkable podium record - and let the record show Ferrari are now most definitely back at their best.

Lap 54: Vitantonio Liuzzi's record of failing to complete races is maintained as his Toro Rosso sits by the side of the track with no hope of going anywhere. Nothing visibly wrong, but nothing visibly right either. Massa is failing to eat into Kubica's advantage in fourth place.

Lap 52: Kimi Raikkonen extends his lead to 7.7secs, so with the front three looking fairly safe at the moment - famous last words - the main point of interest continues to be the Massa v Kubica battle for fourth place. The Pole's advantage is now just 0.4secs, as Massa does everything he can to recover from his disastrous start.

Lap 51: Kimi Raikkonen leads Fernando Alonso by 7.1secs, with Lewis Hamilton a further 30 secs behind - ouch. Maybe the burden of expectation has slowed his car down...

Lap 48: With the front two looking pretty safe in their positions, one of the most interesting battles is for fourth place. Having been forced to start from the pit lane because of an engine problem on the grid, Felipe Massa has battled his way through to fifth and is loitering just 0.4 seconds behind Robert Kubica. If he had not had that problem at the start, the whole race could have been a very different affair.

Lap 45: Jarno Trulli's race is over because of tyre problems.

Lap 44: Having hoped to return to the race, Anthony Davidson gives up.

Lap 43: Raikkonen pits from the lead, changes from soft to hard tyres and returns in the lead.

Lap 42 Kimi Raikkonen has yet to make his second pit stop but has a comfortable 27.9sec advantage over second-placed Fernando Alonso. Is this the first sign of the real Kimi Raikkonen, who his Ferrari bosses recently said they were waiting to finally turn up after an unspectacaular start to the season?

Lap 39 Lewis Hamilton pits and gets out in 8.1 secs, having learned his lesson from last time. He returns to the track in sixth place, behind Felipe Massa.

Lap 37: Fernando Alonso pits, taking slightly longer than he would have liked, and is caught up among traffic when he returns. Raikkonen moves to the front, and Hamilton into second place. Is this a sliver of hope for the Briton? After all, he left it late in qualifying....

Lap 36: Hamilton's dreams of a home win are looking at best dim and distant now - he is caught up among the backmarkers, is now 19.2 secs behind Alonso and seems to be losing speed. Something is clearly up with the car, so at least it cannot all be blamed on his mistake on the pit-stop.

Lap 34: Scott Speed gives up shortly after his collision with Wurz, and Anthony Davidson retires to the garage with an unspecified problem, but hopes to return to the race later.

"Alonso and Raikkonen are so closely matched - the gap between them has been 4.6secs for three laps in a row."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson.

Lap 33: Fernando Alonso's lead over Kimi Raikkonen is now 4.6 secs, with Lewis Hamilton 14.9secs behind the Spaniard.

Lap 30: Fernando Alonso tries to pass Alex Wurz and Scott Speed, and the Austrian is forced onto the grass and damages the American's car as well. Hamilton remains in third place, now a daunting 11.6 secs behind leader Alonso.

"Lewis Hamilton's McLaren seems to have a problem - he has lost more than a second on Alonso in two laps."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson.

Lap 28: "What a fabulous Grand Prix this is - the three finest drivers in the world going at it absolutely on the ragged edge. It's a rare treat to see a battle like this and it will be fascinating to see who emerges on top."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson.

Amid all the hurly-burly, a suspension problem has forced Ralf Schumacher out of the race.

Lap 27: Jarno Trulli's radio message to the pits suggests he has problems with tyre pressure. Lewis Hamilton is now nine seconds behind leader Fernando Alonso and he seems to be suffering locking of the front wheels. Something seems to be up, and the Briton is facing the biggest challenge of his F1 career so far.

Lap 25: Fernando Alonso's lead over Kimi Raikkonen is now comfortably more than four seconds. Hamilton is 8.6 secs off the pace, with fourth-placed Robert Kubica far off in fourth place. Every time Hamilton has started from pole this season, he has won - but this time that looks like being quite a challenge. David Coulthard pits from eighth place.

Lap 23: "A brilliant first stint from Alonso - he had looked to have the advantage over Hamilton all weekend, and now it's clear that the Englishman got pole only through a lighter fuel load. But the question now is - who is fuelled longer, Raikkonen or Alonso. That will be crucial in deciding who emerges in front after the second stops."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson.

Lap 19: Fernando Alonso pits and is out in 6.3 secs, changes to soft option tyres and returns to the track ahead of Raikkonen and Hamilton.

Lap 18: Adrian Sutil's race is ended by a specacular engine blow out.

Lap 17: Leader Kimi Raikkonen strikes while the iron is hot with a new best lap of 1:20.638, to go 2.5 secs ahead of Alonso. Instantly, the Finn pits and returns to the race ahead of Hamilton.

Lap 15: Heikki Kovalainen changes to harder tyres, but his pit stop lasts nearly 10 seconds. At the end of lap 15, Hamilton makes his first pit stop. Oh dear, nerves look to have to got to him - he tried to leave the pits too early with a fuel hose still attached, and had to wait for a second. Only the briefest of pauses but those margins make all the difference in F1. He rejoins in fifth place.

Lap 14: Let's not just concentrate on the front two - Fernando Alonso in third place closes the gap on the front pair. Mark Webber's race is over, as hydraulics problems end his chances.

Lap 13: Kimi Raikkonen is very, very close on Lewis Hamilton's tail and could be primed to try and pass him at Abbey. He tries an overtake on the inside but Hamilton slams the door - not a chance. But the gap between the front pair is down to 0.3 secs, so expect another challenge soon.

Lap 12: At last some change in the top eight - Renault's Giancarlo Fisichella passes team-mate Heikki Kovalainen.

Lap 11: Clouds overhead but no obvious sign of rain, says Five Live commentator David Croft. Raikkonen's lap eight time is still the fastest of the day so far - but bang on cue, Hamilton betters him with a lap of 1:21.675.

Lap 10: Red Bull's Mark Webber enters the pits, and the way his car goes up on jacks and is pushed towards the garage suggests his challenge for the day is at an end. Hamilton leads Raikkonen by nine-tenths of a second at the 10-lap marker.

Lap eight: Kimi Raikkonen sets the fastest lap of the day, 1:21.845.

Lap seven: "Kimi Raikkonen is still less than a second behind Lewis Hamiton. The fact he can sit that close to the McLaren despite the disruptive aerodynamic turbulence he must be encountering suggests his car is faster, at least at this stage of the race."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson.

Apparently there has been a problem with Five Live audio coverage of the race on the BBC Sport website so far - apologies, hopefully this will be corrected imminently and UK users should be able to follow the race soon.

Lap five: Fernando Alonso is comfortably in third place, 2.4 seconds behind leader and team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

Lap four: Lewis Hamilton records the fastest lap so far, 1:21.898.

Lap three: Felipe Massa's comeback starts as he works his way through the field and passes Alexander Wurz to 15th place, seven places up from where he started. Massa's disastrous start was down to a mystifying engine cut-out, apparently - Ferrari's technical team are at a loss to explain it.

Lap two: Nico Rosberg moves up to 12th place but at the front Kimi Raikkonen clocks the fastest lap so far, 1:22.461, cutting down Lewis Hamilton's lead.

Lap one: A perfect start from Lewis Hamilton, who beats Kimi Raikkonen into the first corner. Even at this early stage, that could prove decisive in the long term.

Pre-race: A disastrous start for Ferrari - Felipe Massa has a problem on the grid, yellow flags are waved and he will have to return to the pit lanes and start from the pit lane. The length of the race will be reduced by one lap.

1256: 606 Ultegra56 - Audio coverage of the race is on the BBC Sport website.

1255: "The few seconds before the start of a Grand Prix never fail to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Part of it is the anticipation of a great sporting event. But there is also the frisson of hoping against hope that nothing goes wrong, because of the potentially catastrophic consequences if it does."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson.

1254: Texters, please note - we can't publish your messages without a name on them, so please tell us who you are!

1251: 606-er dannymc_86 would like the world to know he is struggling to get over the fact that he is at work, while his mother is at Silverstone. Consider that done.

1250: Time's running out to get those sandwiches and hot/cold drinks ready (delete as appropriate depending on where in the world you are) before the fun starts - it looks like my lunch will have to wait for a while.

1247: David and Victoria Beckham reveal to Five Live's Holly Samos that they are big race fans but that this is the first Grand Prix they have been to, and the kids are back home watching on television. So now you know.

1246: "Lewis Hamilton climbs out of his car and goes in the company of a couple of McLaren minders to find a bit of cooling shade and peace next to a Portakabin. I really don't know what Bernie Ecclestone is talking about when he says Silverstone is a bit shabby around the edges."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson.

1244: "I'm another one stuck at work, in York though, not quite as exotic as Dubai or Kuwait! I have cunningly changed my desk position blaming the glare from the sun so that i can keep up to date...luckily no-one's noticed that it's clouded over!"
Laura, York

Don't worry, Laura, your secret is safe with me and several hundred thousand users of the worldwide web...

1242: "I may have been a bit harsh on Ralf Schumacher earlier. Incongruously, there is a banner on the pit straight saying 'Go for it, Ralf'. And the man himself told a colleague of mine on Saturday that he loves Silverstone - and gets more support from the crowd than he does from the British media. A point I guess I have just proved."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson.

1239: "Another Dubai Brit here... having to work on a Sunday sucks on days like this. But with the time difference I might be able to slink off early with that Dubai flu that is spreading."
mrspinach, via 606.

1231: "I'm sort of working, but unlike those lucky souls who can develop 'man-flu' I'm stuck on board a research ship in the wastes of the North Sea. The up-side? Well, the weather's too rough for us to be doing any seismic research, so I've instructed the captain to maintain a suitable course so the satellite system doesn't lose the Five Live audio commentary... 'cos if we head north, the satellite antenna gets masked by part of the ship's superstructure! If the company that chartered the ship (and pay me to operate it for them), find out I could be heading home faster than Lewis Hamilton!"
GregStark, via 606.

Maybe not the best idea to send that under your real name, then, Greg - unless of course it's a cunning disguise...

Lewis Hamilton
"Er, it's for my baby daughter Lewis ... sign it to Colin please."

1228: Kevin Pietersen is seen in the pit lane. First the Beckhams, now him and would you believe it, Spiderman actor Tobey McGuire and Girls Aloud as well!! Mr Hamilton, with these celebs, you are spoiling us.... if the Hello! magazine snappers aren't at Silverstone this weekend, they're going to be struggling for pictures next week and may have to resort to "At home with Dale Winton," or something.

1226: "It's a dangerous game trying to predict the teams' strategies before a Grand Prix - it's very easy to make yourself look very stupid, as even if you get it right, plans are constantly changing on the hoof. But I'm going to have a go - just don't blame me if I get it wrong.

"The word is that Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen probably has enough fuel for about 19 laps, give or take a lap or two, and that the McLarens are fuelled slightly shorter, so would have to stop earlier. Having said that, some people believe that McLaren and Ferrari are on virtually identical strategies."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson.

1222: Anonymous texter - no, Murray Walker is not commentating on Five Live today, but he will be in the hotseat for the German Grand Prix as regular commentator David Croft is due to become a father that weekend - which is a reasonable excuse for a day off work, you have to say. I wonder what Mrs Croft would say to calling the new arrival Lewis? Slightly awkward if it's a girl, of course.... by the way, Lewis Hamilton is named after Olympic legend Carl Lewis, apparently. So am I the only one who wonders why he isn't called Carl Hamilton then?

1218: "I'm sitting on a superyacht in the Pacific, near New Caledonia. TV antenna has gone down (I blame the French!) so am having to rely on your excellent coverage. I can even feel the Hamilton factor through my laptop. Come on Lewis, come on UK!!!"
spikeabramsailing, via 606

1213: While the 606-ers are keeping their end up, fans lining the route of the Tour de France are wiping the floor with Silverstone spectators when it comes to sending us text messages. Are they suggesting that theirs is the bigger event?

1206: "Even though I like Hamilton, he needs to be brought back down to earth. I predict a Ferrari 1-2 here."
Ronaldo-Rooney, via 606.

1201: "Can't watch the race today as am working at Wimbledon!! At least the sun is out here for once, but a bit of rain at Silverstone would spice things up. Jenson's smooth style in the rain would be awesome to watch. Come on all the Brits!"
Patrick via text.

1158: "Re f1steveuk - I don't give a monkey's about wings, aero changes or any of that. One of the reasons I like F1 is that they're the best cars in the world. It's fantastically diverse, and there are people who do give a monkey's, which is great - just don't get on a high horse and try to make us armchair fans feel as though we shouldn't watch!".
amg, via 606.

1155: "Damon Hill is taking someone around the track in a somewhat cumbersome-looking two-seater racing car. He's not going very quickly. Some wag in the media centre just asked what else you would expect, but it's probably just the contrast with the F1 cars."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson.

1152: "I am getting fed up with it. I have helped Lewis via his dad in his karting days and know and respect his talent. I was not at all surprised by the nature of his entry into F1. Sadly the British media is very lazy, and rather than go and find stories that would still be of interest, they bang on, and on, and on.

"The football team supporter mentality that doesn't really sit well with a sport of technology and design, as well as personalities, drivers, designers and team principles.

"I hope Lewis wins, he's worked for it, but I'll also be straining to see which team is running what sort of wing, aero changes with as much interest!"
f1steveuk, via 606.

1150: "I also live and work in Dubai. That flu bug seems to be spreading. Although I do have it on downstairs in the Emirates Towers. Just need to figure out if I can arrange a client meeting. Or flu it is."
louiswebb, via 606.

1148: "The drivers' parade has just started, and there were the inevitable cheers and blasts of air horns as the hero of the afternoon and his 21 peers ambled out on to the back of Bernie Ecclestone's flat-bed truck. Lewis Hamilton dutifully smiled and waved to the crowd. Somewhat pointlessly, so did Ralf Schumacher."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson.

1128: "I never suspected I'd be writing this sentence this weekend, but for a moment there the focus of the photographers and TV crews in the paddock was not Lewis Hamilton. David and Victoria Beckham are here, as guests of Honda, and looking every inch the Hollywood couple they are about to become.

The Beckhams meet the Honda crew
Meeting David Beckham proves too exciting for Honda's Rubens Barrichello

"They generated the inevitable manic crush and estuary-accented cries of 'David' 'Victoria' as they fought their way with the help of a phalanx of burly men from the Honda garage to the team's motorhome, where presumably they will be spending some time with Jenson Button."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson.

1122: "I'm British and live in Tokyo and i can't wait to see Lewis in action in Japan when I'm at the race. Unfortunately I'll be in the Ferrari box - think I'll get away with a Lewis cap in the Ferrari pit?"
tonykomo, via 606

1120: "I have to work today and I'm in Dubai, I think it's rude to work today, I mean by this the Wimbledon final and the Grand Prix. I feel man flu starting very quickly."
robwglenn, via 606

1112: I met Murray Walker at Donington the other week and he said how much he'd love to have the chance to commentate on a Hamilton race. Well he'll get his chance in Germany, as he makes a one-off return to commentating for BBC Five Live, filling in for David Croft. If Hamilton wins today after all this excitement, can you imagine what his reaction would be? Maybe it's just as well he's not commentating this weekend...

1110: "I agree about Alonso, his jealousy is blatant in the press conferences (as is Raikkonen's) and it has to be distracting him. Kimi couldn't resist saying that if he didn't slip on the last corner he would be on pole. What he didn't realise is that Hamilton did the same thing 20m earlier and still beat him by 0.1secs!"
amg, via 606

1055: "If Alonso puts as much effort into driving as he currently is devoting to whining, then he might be able to compete....with both his team mate and Ferrari. Until he addresses this point we will see some great driving from him but few podium finishes and fewer wins".
Harrykeogh, via 606

1045: It seems like everyone has had something to say on Hamilton-mania recently, and the BBC Sport website was lucky enough to speak to Sir Jackie Stewart about his views on the 22-year-old.

His impact has certainly caught the attention of plenty of people who otherwise wouldn't be interested in Formula One, and a feature in Saturday's Daily Telegraph does a great job of explaining to non-petrolheads just what all the fuss is about.

1040: "Am a Brit living in Kuwait, sadly Sunday is a working day for us but I will be following the race on Five Live. Come on Lewis!!!"
jonnymain2011, via 606

Well hopefully we'll do our bit here to keep you informed, jonny. Who else out there is working today?

1030: "There's still more than two hours to go, but there's already a sense of excitement and tension about the race. The Ferrari spy scandal doubtless has some more legs in it and although it's clearly no laughing matter for the team principals involved, some people at Ferrari and McLaren are starting to joke about it.

"The paddock is filling up with celebrities and former drivers, and the weather is glorious. Sunny, but not too hot, with a bit of wind to keep things lively for the drivers out on the track - although there are mixed reports about the forecast. Five Live said this morning it would be sunny until the end of the race, but some of the teams aren't so sure and think there's a possibility of rain.

"The free-standing spectator areas are packed, and the grandstands are filling up. The drivers' parade - in which they are taken for a lap of the track on the back of a lorry - starts at 1100 BST. I can only imagine what the noise levels will be as the fans see home hero Lewis Hamilton."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson

1025: "At the risk of upsetting everyone else in the nation, Come on Ferrari!!!"
NFOTB, via 606

1018: "Driving towards Silverstone, and we've just overtaken a Honda. I daresay that driver feels like Jenson Button as I'm in a Renault and our friends are keeping up with us in their BMW. Looks like a Toyota in the rearview mirror keeping up with us too! Could this be a premonition? Where's a McLaren SLR on the A34 when you need one?!"
Victoria from Winchester, via text

1010: Morning all, the sun is out and expectation is high across the land ahead of the most eagerly-anticipated British Grand Prix in years. A chain of cinemas across the country is showing the race live on the big screen - yes, that's how excited people are getting about it. I have vague memories of similar things happening for World Cup football matches in years gone by, but for motorsport?? That's a bit special.

Wherever you are in the world (Silverstone, Singapore or anywhere else), and whatever you're doing to follow the race, we want to know about it. Your views please!

By BBC Sport staff

Meanwhile, F1's "spygate" controversy drags on. Nigel Stepney insists he has been made a scapegoat. Ferrari's sacked head of performance development, who allegedly leaked secrets to McLaren, now claims he was framed.

"On way to race and expecting jams! Hamilton might be lighter than the other guys so needs to pull away from the start or he might lose it in the pits."
Tom, via text

0955: "The fact he is English is wonderful and he is upping the number of people watching our sport all round the world. I would be very disappointed if he doesn't win [the Championship].

"It has never been done before [by a driver in his first season] but you shouldn't be put off by that. He's not just a driver, he's a racer.

"He is also a charming man to meet. I am absolutely convinced he can handle the pressure. The tougher the race, the tougher the situation the better he will respond."
Stirling Moss on Five Live

"I understand everybody is overjoyed with Hamilton's pole but it does seem some have a lack of respect towards Alonso. I think he's driving brilliant this year and many times posts faster laps than Hamilton."
royalMansell92 on 606

0935: "There's a bit of chat in the papers - as there was on Five Live this morning - about whether Lewis Hamilton is merely benefiting from a great car, rather than being as good as so many believe he is.

Lewis Hamilton
"Er, it's for my baby daughter Lewis ... sign it to Colin please."

"This is a bit of an old chestnut in F1 - is it the driver or the car? The answer is that it is both - and the only way to be absolutely sure of how drivers compare is to put them in the same car (and even then the picture is clouded with subtleties and nuances).

"Clearly the McLaren is one of the two best cars on the grid this season. But, as a McLaren man pointed out this morning, what is so impressive about Hamilton is that his team-mate is Fernando Alonso - and he is beating him.

"Alonso is the real deal. He is the youngest world champion in history. And last year he beat Michael Schumacher to the world title while driving what was probably an inferior car and while the odds appeared to be loaded against him.

"In short, Alonso himself is one of the greatest drivers in history - and yet Hamilton, in his debut season, is taking him on and beating him. So you can forget all the stuff about him only winning because of his car."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has just flown into Silverstone by helicopter. While he was still in the air, he took a call from Richard Bacon and told our Five Live man he was predicting a Lewis Hamilton victory.

The line was a little dodgy but before the interview was cut short, Bernie gushed: "I would be very surprised If he doesn't get the job done. There's no reason why he shouldn't."

0910: "An unforgettable day at Silverstone yesterday - the way Lewis qualified in the last seconds of his final lap... We have got a guy who can be world champion, and don't be surprised if he can do it in his debut season.

"Lewis Hamilton is a very decent guy, so is Roger Federer. What's wrong with people being decent and happy? There are some sports starts who seem to be so full of themselves."
Sunday Telegraph's James Mossop on Five Live

0900: Radio Five Live have been particularly industrious this morning, managing to talk with both Lewis Hamilton and his dad, Anthony, live from the Silverstone paddock.

The Beckhams meet the Honda crew
Meeting David Beckham proves too exciting for Honda's Rubens Barrichello
Lewis wasn't that chatty, understandably, no doubt thinking deeply about the day ahead. He told David Croft and Richard Bacon that he's "extremely excited" and in confident mood, hopeful of giving the thousands of home fans the victory they desperately crave.

Anthony, on the other hand, was a lot more forthcoming. Then again, he's not the man behind the wheel. "I hope it will be an extraordinary day today. It certainly was yesterday," he said.

By the way, did anyone see his dance of delight after Lewis bagged pole? Asked about that, he replied: "I can't explain that jig. It was pure energy and adrenalin." Anthony also gave Blue Peter a big pat on the back for helping bring Lewis to the public's attention when he was barely out of nappies. Check out the BBC Sport website for video of that Blue Peter footage from way back when.

Lewis Hamilton's appearances as a youngster on BBC TV

0853: "Silverstone is understandably delighted about the huge crowds attending the British Grand Prix this year. But there are signs that Hamilton mania is testing to the limits the measures the organisers put in place a couple of years ago to end decades of notorious traffic jams.

"After two years of no problems, many journalists - including this one - have run into problems this year. There were jams coming into the track on Friday and Saturday morning, and getting out on Saturday evening was chaotic. And coming in this morning on my secret back route, I heard reports of more jams on race day.

"This is not what Silverstone needs when its future is in doubt beyond 2009, and with F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone watching like a hawk for any signs of problems, or of a failure to deliver on promises to update the track."
BBC Sport's Andrew Benson

0840: Well this is it. Can the fairy tale continue for Lewis Hamilton this afternoon with a victory in his home Grand Prix from pole? Or will things go wrong for the 22-year-old Briton, who has made the podium in every one of the eight races so far this season? Are you on your way to Silverstone or following the action via the BBC as part of your weekend?

Why not get in touch via 606 or by texting 81111 to let us know your thoughts on how Hamilton will get on.

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