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  Sunday, 15 September, 2002, 13:25 GMT 14:25 UK
Lapwatch: Italian Grand Prix

Rubens Barrichello
Barrichello outshone his world champion team-mate
Final positions

1 Barrichello
2 M Schumacher
3 Irvine
4 Trulli
(Renault )
5 Button
6 Panis

Major incidents (All times BST):

1420: Rubens Barrichello comes out of the final turn and leads home Michael Schumacher for a victory, and another Ferrari one-two.

Eddie Irvine gets a fine third place, with the Renaults of Jarno Trulli and Jenson Button coming home in fourth and fifth. Olivier Panis is sixth.

Lap 53: Rubens Barrichello begins his final lap, looking set for victory.

Lap 51: Rubens Barrichello has allowed Michael Schumacher to close right up behind him - it does not seem the Brazilian has any technical problem. Rather the Italian team want to provide their fans with a grandstand finale.

Lap 48: Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher are both allowing back markers to pass, and it seems Ferrari are happy to nurse their cars through the remainder of the race.

David Coulthard is pushing hard to take Giancarlo Fisichella's seventh place.

Lap 44: Jarno Trulli, Jenson Button, Olivier Panis and Giancarlo Fisichella fill the positions from fourth to seventh respectively. There is not much between them, and the point-scoring places are still up for grabs.

Lap 43: Rubens Barrichello has increased his lead over Michael Schumacher to 17 seconds and is looking set for victory.

Lap 41: Eddie Irvine moves back into third as Olivier Panis makes his scheduled second stop, while at the front Michael Schumacher slows dramatically to allow some back markers to unlap themselves.

Lap 40: Rubens Barrichello has increased his lead over Michael Schumacher to nearly five seconds from just one.

Lap 38: Eddie Irvine allows Olivier Panis to take third place - but the Irishman knows the BAR driver still has another stop to make.

Lap 36: Rubens Barrichello comes in for his crucial second stop - and it is a good one. He comes out of the pits neck and neck with Michael Schumacher, reaching the turn a fraction ahead of his team mate.

Lap 33: Juan Pablo Montoya is forced to make another stop - clearly unscheduled. There appears to be a serious problem, and he is forced to retire.

Lap 31: Juan Pablo Montoya pits and, as expected slips back into third.

The luckless Kimi Raikkonen suffers chronic engine failure, and drops out. Mika Salo also pits, allowing Eddie Irvine to move fourth.

Lap 29: Michael Schumacher comes into the pits, and is stopped for 10.8 seconds - emerging behind Juan Pablo Montoya, who hasn't stopped.

Eddie Irvine also comes in for a stop, coming back out in sixth.

B>Lap 28: The Ferrari team remain poised in the pit lane, but Schumacher zips straight past the pit lane, suggesting some kind of communication problem.

Lap 27: Michael Schumacher is signalled to come in to pit at the end of this lap.

Lap 25: Rubens Barrichello has narrowed the gap on Michael Schumacher to eight seconds from 11.

Lap 20: Michael Schumacher encounters a few problems with the back markers slowing him up.

Juan Pablo Montoya, in third, is not producing the most coherent of drives, and does not look like closing in on the Ferraris.

Lap 19: Rubens Barrichello comes in for his first pit stop, and the Ferrari team get him out in quick time - still ahead of Juan Pablo Montoya.

Lap 18: The Sauber of Felipe Massa is the latest car forced out of the race.

Lap 16: Rubens Barrichello is flying and has already reached the back markers and started to lap them.

Pedro De La Rosa's race is over after his front left tyre punctures.

Lap 15: Just one second separates Mika Salo, Nick Heidlfeld and Jarno Trulli who are battling for seventh place. Allan McNish, however, is forced to reture after suffering more technical problems.

Lap 12: Toyota's Allan McNish, who was in sixth place, comes into the pits for an unscheduled stop.

Lap 11: Rubens Barrichello is clear of Michael Schumacher, and is currently on course to record the fastest Grand Prix race of all time. He is lapping, on average, two seconds quicker than third-placed Juan Pablo Montoya.

Lap Seven: Rubens Barrichello increases the gap between himself and Michael Schumacher to more than seven seconds.

Lap Six: Michael Schumacher blasts past Juan Pablo Montoya down the pit straight into the first corner.

Lap Five: Rubens Barrichello takes the lead from Juan Pablo Montoya into the first chicane. Montoya had lost momentum going around Ralf Schumacher at the end of lap four.

Montoya then misses the second chicane trying to chase Barrichello, but holds on ahead of Michael Schumacher.

Lap Four: Ralf Schumacher loses the lead on the way into the final corner after suffering an engine failure.

Lap Three: Rubens Barrichello sets the fastest lap, but Juan Pablo Montoya is holding off the Ferrari well and right behind team-mate Ralf Schumacher.

Lap Two: Ralf Schumacher sets fastest lap as Juan Pablo Montoya continues to hold off Rubens Barrichello in second place. Michael Schumacher in fourth is holding a watching brief.

Lap One: Ralf Schumacher takes the lead away from the start after Juan Pablo Montoya gets away slowly.

But Ralf may be penalised for cutting across the first chicane. Rubens Barrichello, apparently on a lighter fuel load, is challenging Montoya for second.

1300: The cars begin their parade lap - and Jarno Trulli has problems, dropping to the back of the grid.

1259: Reports from the pit lane say that Ralf Schumacher is driving the spare Williams after his car developed fuel feed problems.

1255: The drivers are in position on the grid under cloudless skies, with temperatures around 23C.

1230: The cars leave the pit lane to form up on the grid for the race start at 1300.

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Jonathan Legard

F1 2002
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