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  Sunday, 18 August, 2002, 11:29 GMT 12:29 UK
Hungarian Grand Prix lapwatch

Rubens Barrichello
Barrichello qualified on pole position
Final positions:

1 R Barrichello
2 M Schumacher (Ferrari)
3 R Schumacher
4 K Raikkonen
5 D Coulthard
6 G Fisichella

Major incidents (All times BST):

Lap 77: Rubens Barrichello seals his second win of the year with Michael Schumacher 0.4 seconds behind, and the constructors' title goes to Ferrari.

Lap 76: Michael Schumacher has closed right up on Rubens Barrichello but the Brazilian looks set for the victory.

Lap 75: David Coulthard will be relieved to pick up two points after a tough weekend, and McLaren's Michelin tyres fared better than expected in the second half of the race.

Lap 74: Ralf Schumacher is within 17 seconds of the Ferraris, who are on cruise control.

Lap 73: Barrichello still holds a comfortable lead despite his team-mate sending a message to the rest of the field with his lap record.

Lap 72: Any thoughts that Michael Schumacher is losing his pace are blown away as the world champion sets a stunning lap record of 1:16.2

Lap 71: Fisichella is still in sixth but cannot get close to Coulthard in fifth.

Lap 70: Kimi Raikkonen is 14 seconds behind third-placed Ralf Schumacher but has had a good race, making quick progress in the latter stages.

Lap 69: Michael Schumacher is dropping well behind Rubens Barrichello, but still has a 24-second gap to his brother Ralf in third.

Lap 68: Ralf Schumacher is heading for four points in third place but will be despondent about the gap to the Ferraris.

Lap 67: The constructors' title looks to be heading to Ferrari as they only need a victory from either driver to retain the championship.

Lap 66: Barrichello is almost five seconds clear of Michael Schumacher and cruising to victory.

Lap 65: Third-placed Ralf Schumacher laps team-mate Juan Pablo Montoya, who is still down in 11th.

Lap 64: Jarno Trulli and Nick Heidfeld are battling for eighth place, with Felipe Massa ahead in seventh.

Lap 63: Fisichella is heading for a valuable point for Jordan, but cannot get close to the McLarens up ahead.

Lap 62: Anthony Davidson fails to complete his first Grand Prix as an engine failure brings his race to an early end.

Lap 61: Kimi Raikkonen pits very cautiously but returns in fourth place.

Lap 60: Rubens Barrichello looks set for a victory as Michael Schumacher settles back into second place.

Lap 59: Kimi Raikkonen is lapping two seconds faster than the Ferraris, suggesting the leaders are easing off the pace.

Lap 58: Coulthard comes out well clear of Fisichella and Massa, and already has a gap of nine seconds.

Lap 57: Coulthard pits first but must make up three seconds on team-mate Raikkonen.

Lap 56: The McLarens are the only leading drivers still to pit and they will be desperate to get past Fisichella and Massa.

Lap 55: Rubens Barrichello emerges from the pit lane 20 metres ahead of Michael Schumacher, who comes flying down the straight.

Lap 54: Michael Schumacher is held up by Nick Heidfeld in the pit lane, allowing Rubens Barrichello to gain some vital time out on the circuit.

Lap 53: The second round of pit stops start with Fischella just staying ahead of Felipe Massa.

Lap 52: Mika Salo and Pedro de la Rosa almost collide as they leave the pits, but the Jaguar driver takes evasive action.

Lap 51: Minardi's Mark Webber pits to gets some fluid, allowing team-mate Anthony Davidson to make up some ground at the back.

Lap 50: Takuma Sato makes a pit stop, allowing BAR's Olivier Panis into 11th place.

Lap 49: Barrichello and Micheal Schumacher remain in command and the only danger seems to be a disastrous pit stop.

Lap 48: Anthony Davidson moves across to let the leaders by and he is well behind Australian team-mate Mark Webber.

Lap 47: Jordan's Takuma Sato and Nick Heidfeld in the Sauber are involved in a scrap for ninth place as positions at the front remain static for the moment.

Lap 46: Raikkonen cannot get past Massa and Coulthard could close the gap, which is now three seconds.

Lap 45: Coulthard enters the chicane too fast and goes into the gravel, but recovers to hold on to seventh place.

Lap 44: The gap between Barrichello and Michael Schumacher remains below two seconds, with Ralf Schumacher 29 seconds back.

Lap 43: Raikkonen is now within striking distance of Massa, and only four seconds behind Fisichella in fourth.

Lap 42: The Sauber of Massa is coming under increasing pressure from the McLarens, while Barrichello is the fastest man on the circuit.

Lap 41: Montoya sets his fastest time of the day and is banking on some mistakes up ahead to make progress.

Lap 40: Montoya is limping around in 11th place but shows no sign of coming back intop the pits.

Lap 39: Barrichello leads fourth place Fisichella by 49 seconds and only a disaster will prevent a Ferari one-two.

Lap 38: Trulli is already almost nine seconds behind Coulthard in ninth place, while Anthony Davidson is still going at the back of the pack, 36 seconds behind team-mate Webber.

Lap 37: The McLarens are closing quickly on Felipe Massa in fifth place and look go0d for points finishes.

Lap 36: The major movement from the pit stops sees the McLarens go past Jarno Trulli in seventh - it has been a bad few minutes for Renault after Button went out.

Lap 35: McLaren call in Raikkonen after Coulthard goes out, and the Finn returns in front of his team-mate to rejoin in the top six.

Lap 34: Williams bring Ralf Schumacher in so his lead is short-lived, and he goes back into third place - McLaren bring David Coulthard in.

Lap 33: Barrichello pits in nine seconds and comes out just a few metres ahead of Michael Schumacher in second.

Lap 32: Button makes an error by putting his rear wheel onto the grass, and goes out of the race.

Lap 31: Michael Schumacher pits and sees his brother Ralf go past into second place.

Lap 30: Ferrari and Williams are preparing to bring their drivers in to the pits.

Lap 29: Fisichella pits in 8.3 seconds and is quickly back out in 10th place.

Lap 28: Michael Schumacher sets the fastest lap, while Mika Salo pits from 12th place in the Toyota.

Lap 27: The pit stops are coming thick and fast with the leaders expected in at any moment.

Lap 26: Ralf Schumacher is 13 seconds behind his brother in second place and the gap has steadied, although it shows no sign of closing. Toyota's McNish and Mark Webber in the Minardi pit.

Lap 25: Raikkonen is closing on Button in sixth place and looks likely to challenge the Briton soon. Jaguar's Eddie Irvine is forced out with an engine failure.

Lap 24: The Mclarens are improving as Coulthard moves into position behind Trulli in ninth place.

Lap 23: Barrichello is absolutely flying at the front but Montoya is slipping back at four seconds a lap, and his decision to enter the pits before the crew was completely ready looks to have been a rash one.

Lap 22: Several pieces came off Montoya's car and he is surprisingly quickly out of the pits and back in 10th position.

Lap 21: A slip from Montoya lets Raikkonen get close and the Finn forces his way past - Montoya crawls into the pit and obviously has a problem.

Lap 20: Jacques Villeneuve is the first driver to retire, slowing to a halt at the end of the straight close to the pit lane.

Lap 19: Fisichella keeps Massa at bay witrh a gap of over four seconds.

Lap 18: Felipe Massa is maintaining the good form he has shown all weekend with a solid drive in fifth place, but he is not close enough to threaten Fisichella.

Lap 17: Pit stops could come into play from as early as lap 20, and with little overtaking they could prove vital.

Lap 16: At the moment there seems little sign of any movement in the pack, and the Ferraris are extending their lead on each lap.

Lap 15: Barrichello is 1.2 seconds ahead of team-mate Michael Schumacher, with Ralf Schumacher over 11 seconds back.

Lap 14: The field is bunched from Button in sixth place down to Nick Heidfeld in 11th, but Fisichella and Massa are creeping away from the pack.

Lap 13: Raikkonen is still close to Montoya in sixth place but cannot get close enough to make his move.

Lap 12: Jacques Villeneuve is holding on to 12th place ahead of Jaguar's Eddie Irvine.

Lap 11: Ralf Schumacher is now over 10 seconds behind the Ferraris in third place.

Lap 10: Fisichella is making steady progress in fourth place and Felipe Massa is staying clear of Jenson Button in fifth.

Lap 9: The teams with Michelin tyres are struggling, especially McLaren, and the Ferraris look unbeatable.

Lap 8: The first battle looks likely to be for sixth place between Button, Montoya and Raikkonen, with two seconds covering the three cars.

Lap 7: Michael Schumacher sets the fastest lap but remains 0.9 behind Barrichello and there is little movement at the front.

Lap 6: David Coulthard is stuck down in 10th position behind Jarno Trulli and Button trails Massa by nearly two seconds in sixth. Minardi's Anthony Davidson is in 20th position on his debut.

Lap 5: Ralf Schumacher cannot hold on to the leaders and is now six seconds behind his brother, who has settled behind Barrichello and may be waiting for the first pit-stop to make his move.

Lap 4: Button is going strongly in sixth but the leading Ferraris are almost 10 seconds clear of Montoya in seventh.

Lap 3: Barrichello extends his lead to 0.7 seconds and both Ferraris are pulling away from Ralf Schumacher.

Lap 2: Kimi Raikkonen is putting pressure on Montoya for seventh place while Barrichello opens a lead of half a second.

Lap 1: Rubens Barrichello gets away safely while Michael Schumacher has to fight off his brother Ralf for second.

Jenson Button makes the best start, moving from ninth to sixth, and Juan Pablo Montoya slip back to seventh.

1258: Rubens Barrichello leads the cars round the formation lap before they line up for the start.

1247: The track temperature is 40C and conditions are expected to remain good throughout the race.

1230: The cars leave the pits for their final reconnaissance laps before forming up on the dummy grid.

The race starts at 1300 BST.

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