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  Sunday, 21 July, 2002, 11:35 GMT 12:35 UK
Lapwatch: French Grand Prix
All the action from the French Grand Prix at Magny-Cours
All the action as it happens from the French Grand Prix at Magny-Cours.

Latest news first. All times BST.

1434: Michael Schumacher wins the French Grand Prix - thanks to an unfortunate spin from Raikkonen. It is his 61st race victory and fifth world title.

1433: Michael Schumacher enters the final lap.

1431: With two laps to go, Michael Schumacher looks set to seal his fifth world drivers championship.

1429: Raikkonen loses control of his McLaren with four laps to go. He brakes too late at a corner and slides off the track. Michael Schumacher takes advantage to claim the lead.

1427: There are only six laps remaining and the gap between Raikonen and Michael Shaumacher is 0.8 seconds.

1424: Montoya is struggling, his car is swerving all over the track. He is currently in fourth place, but if he drops back any further Michael Schumacher could claim the championship with a second place finish.

1421: Raikkonen continues to hold off Michael Schumacher, who with 11 laps remaining is being chased hard by Coulthard. The Scot has reduced the gap by three seconds.

1415: On lap 59, Coulthard enters the pits to serve his penalty. He will not lose a place but now has little chance of catching second-placed Michael Schumacher.

1414: David Coulthard is the latest to be under investigation. It is likely he will also be given a drive-through penalty.

1412: Raikkonen takes over the lead as Coulthard makes his second pit stop. Michael Schumacher is in second place.

1411: Eddie Irvine loses the rear wing of his Jaguar and is forced to retire.

1410: A new fastest lap of 1:15.159 is set by Coulthard as he continues to build on his advantage.

1408: Coulthard is the race leader - he has yet to make his second stop.

1405: A superb stop by the McLaren team helps to maintain Raikkonen's lead over Michael Schumacher. He narrowly moves ahead of the German as he leaves the pit lane.

1404: Michael Schumacher's second stop is quickly executed. He re-joins the race in third place, ahead of Motoya.

1403: Lap 48: Ralf Schumacher will be forced to cruise through the pits after the penalty is confirmed.

1400: Ralf Scumacher is under investigation for breaking the same rule as his brother Michael. He too will serve a drive-through penalty if found guilty of crossing the pit lane too soon.

1359: Fourth-placed Ralf Schumacher makes a stop. Both Williams drivers are looking to earn an advantage with fresh tyres.

1358: Montoya is the first to stop and Raikkonen takes over the lead.

1357: Activity in the pit lane suggests the second round of stops is about to begin. It could prove decisive to the outcome of the race.

1356: Michael Schumacher attacks Raikkonen, but the Finn holds firm.

1354: After 40 laps of racing there is still only 4.4 seconds between the top five drivers.

1352: Montoya is unable to exert his authority on the race. He leads Raikkonen by 1.1 seconds but can not increase the gap.

1350: Another retirement leaves just 15 drivers on the track. BAR's Jacques Villeneuve is the latest to withdraw.

1349: The gap between Montoya and Scumacher is a little over a second and a half.

1347: Michael Schumacher drives into the pit lane to serve his penalty on lap 35. He re-enters the race in third place - he seems to have lost only 10 seconds.

1345: On lap 34, the penalty is imposed on the world champion and Montoya is set to take over the lead. Schumacher will probably drop down to fifth place. The German has to take the penalty in the next three laps.

1343: An investigation is ongoing into Michael Schumacher's exit from the pit lane. He may suffer a fifteen-second drive-through penalty. Replays confirm he crossed the line too early.

1341: Coulthard's slow stop leaves him in fifth position.

1337: The defending champion Schumacher now leads the race ahead of Montoya after each of the leading drivers complete their first pit stop.

1335: Michael Schumacher makes his first pit stop. He re-joins the race ahead of Montoya. There is a suggestion Schumacher cut the end of the pit line as he nipped in front of his Colombian rival.

1334: Takuma Sato retires as he banks his Jordan on the gravel track.

1333: Montoya goes into the pits. He looks to be on a two-stop strategy.

1332: A new fastest lap of 1:15.564 is set by Coulthard as he attempts to close on the front three.

1329: Fellow Reanult driver Jarno Trulli follows Button into the pits. It is confirmed the team are making only two stops, with the first part of the race driven on a light fuel load.

1328: Button is the first driver into the pits - suggesting he is on a three-stop strategy.

1327: Back marker Alex Yoong is in the sights of the leaders.

1323: A new fastest lap time has been set by Raikkonen, who is hanging on to the front two - the gap is now two seconds.

1322: Montoya is showing no signs of relinquishing his lead as he seek to claim his first victory of the season.

1320: Needing an impressive drive to secure his F1 future with a new team next season, Jenson Button is driving well to hold on to his sixth position.

1319: Third-placed Ralf Schumacher is pushing on and beginning to close on Raikkonen.

1317: Recording the fastest middle sector of the race so far, David Coulthard begins to make his move. He currently lies in fifth place.

1316: After 10 laps, Montoya continues to lead Michael Shumacher and Raikkonen.

1313: Felipe Massa, who is issued a penalty for jumping the star, is furthered punished for cutting across the track.

1310: Montoya continues to hold Michael Schumacher at bay. There is only one second between the top three, with Raikkonen making up the leading trio.

1307: Olivier Panis, who was involved in a first corner collision, re-joins the race after the BAR team sort out problems with his car. Incredibly, he is the fastest man on the track.

1306: Toyota drivers Mika Salo and Allan McNish move through five places through the field after they both make an excellent start.

1305: Barrichello looks absolutely devastated as he retires without starting the race. He throws off his gloves in digust. His withdrawal boosts Michael Schumacher's chances of clinching the championship today.

1302: Juan Pablo Montoya cuts across Michael Schumacher to maintain his lead. Kimi Raikkonen gets away well to move into third.

1301: The Ferrari team are desperately trying to fire up Barichello's car.

1300: Rubens Barrichello's Ferrari is still up on its jacks and is left behind as the cars pull away from the grid for the parade lap.

1230: The cars leave the pits for their final reconnaissance laps before forming up on the grid.

Juan Pablo Montoya will start from pole position for the fifth race in a row with expectations of giving Ferrari a tougher time than in recent races.

Michelin have brought a new tyre to Magny-Cours which has boosted the Colombian's confidence - but many still expect a Ferrari one-two.

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