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  Sunday, 23 June, 2002, 13:56 GMT 14:56 UK
Lapwatch: European Grand Prix
Live coverage from qualifying for the European Grand Prix at the Nurburgring

All the action at it happened in the European Grand Prix at Germany's Nurburgring.

Latest news first. All times BST..

Top six at the European Grand Prix:

1. Rubens Barrichello (Ferrari)
2. Michael Schumacher (Ferrari)
3. Kimi Raikkonen (McLaren)
4. Ralf Schumacher (Williams)
5. Jenson Button (Renault)
6. Felipe Massa (Sauber)

1437: Rubens Barrichello passes the finishing line to win the European Grand Prix, with his team-mate Michael Schumacher just behind him in second. This time there is no repeat of the scenes in Austria as Barrichello is allowed to come home for a deserved win.

1434: Both Ferraris are in cruise control as they head for the finishing line. Rubens Barrichello is just 0.4 seconds ahead of Michael Schumacher, but the German is making no attempt to pass. With Kimi Raikkonen over 50 seconds back in third, the race is all but over.

1431: Rubens Barrichello looks as if he is heading for his first win of the season, unless there is a dramatic change of mind by Ferrari in the final four laps.

1428: Mika Salo becomes the sixth retirement from the race - following David Coulthard, Juan Pablo Montoya, Alex Yoong, Giancarlo Fisichella and Eddie Irvine.

1425: The positions are unchanged with eight laps remaining. Michael Schumacher appears to have given up trying to pass team-mate Rubens Barrichello for first place. Kimi Raikkonen is holding onto third from Ralf Schumacher, while Jenson Button remains in fifth from Felipe Massa.

1423: With 10 laps to go Michael Schumacher is just 0.7 seconds behind Rubens Barrichello, but both drivers appear to have taken their foot off the pedal.

1421: Michael Schumacher is on the tail of Rubens Barrichello on lap 49, with Kimi Raikkonen over 50 seconds behind in third.

1418: Kimi Raikkonen holds third, with Ralf Schumacher moving into fourth place and 10 seconds ahead of Jenson Button in fifth. Felipe Massa is in the final scoring position.

1416: It appears as if Ferrari are going to let Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher battle it out for the chequered flag. On lap 48 Barrichello's lead is just 1.4 seconds.

1414: Rubens Barrichello goes in for his second stop with a 27-second lead. It is a fast one and despite Michael Schumacher struggling through traffic Barrichello holds just a two second lead.

1412: On lap 44 Rubens Barrichello sets his fastest lap of the day as he battles to hold off his team-mate Michael Schumacher.

1411: Michael Schumacher makes half a second on Rubens Barrichello and then comes in for his second stop on lap 43.

1408: While the Ferrari pair hold a huge lead, the battle for the minor places continues. Jenson Button is just 1.7 seconds behind Kimi Raikkonen in fourth and Jarno Trulli is closing on Ralf Schumacher for sixth place.

1406: Michael Schumacher makes his way through traffic without losing any ground on the leader Rubens Barrichello. He trails by less than three seconds

1403: Rubens Barrichello struggles through traffic and Michael Schumacher is able to narrow the gap to just three seconds. Both Ferraris are expected to stop again at about lap 45. Barrichello is over a minute ahead of Kimi Raikkonen back in third. The big question seems to be whether Barrichello will have to make way for Schumacher.

1400: Rubens Barrichello continues to hold a 4.5-second lead from Michael Schumacher with 23 laps remaining. Kimi Raikkonen is well back in third, ahead of Jenson Button. Ralf Schumacher is back in fifth, just ahead of Jarno Trulli.

1357: Kimi Raikkonen goes in to the pits for his first stop with a 32-second lead over fourth-place Jenson Button.

1354: On lap 35 Michael Schumacher's lead over Kimi Raikkonen in third is over 30 seconds and it looks a straight fight between the two Ferraris for first place, with Schumacher and leader Rubens Barrichello planning two stops.

1351: Rubens Barrichello is five seconds clear of a fast-moving Michael Schumacher. Ralf Schumacher goes in for his first stop and emerges from the pits in fifth place. Kimi Raikkonen and Jenson Button move up to third and fourth, but are yet to stop.

1348: The exit of David Coulthard and Juan Pablo Montoya puts Kim Raikkonen into fourth place. Felipe Massa is fifth, Nick Heidfeld moves into sixth.

1346: David Coulthard tries to take Juan Pablo Montoya on the first corner of lap 28, but Montoya spins and hits Coulthard's car - putting both of them out of the race.

1344: Michael Schumacher sets a new lap record on lap 26 and holds a 8.6-second lead for second place from brother Ralf.

1342: Rubens Barrichello goes into the pits for his first stop and is able to come out comfortably in front.

1341: Michael Schumacher goes in for his first pit stop on lap 24. After a good stop, he comes out just in front of Ralf Schumacher for second.

1340: Michael Schumacher spins but recovers, however he allows Rubens Barrichello to move over 10 seconds ahead. Ralf Schumacher moves within 26 seconds of his brother.

1338: There looks to be little stopping the Ferraris, who are over half a lap ahead of Ralf Schumacher in third. Rubens Barrichello continues to hold off Michael Schumacher.

1337: Jarno Trulli, who overcame trouble early on to move into eighth, comes in for a pit stop.

1336: Jenson Button of Renault is putting pressure on David Coulthard for fifth place, but Kimi Raikkonen is also closing in on Button.

1334: Ralf Schumacher - in third place - falls over 30 seconds behind leader Rubens Barrichello on lap 20.

1332: The two Ferraris are lapping over 1.5 seconds quicker than their Williams rivals.

1330: Michael Schumacher continues to battle Rubens Barrichello for first place - the world championship leader is just 0.7 seconds behind once again after lap 17.

1328: Jenson Button goes past Kimi Raikkonen and into sixth place on lap 16.

1326: The two Williams drivers are battling each hard for third place, but they are falling further behind the two leading Ferraris. Ralf Schumacher leads Juan Pablo Montoya by just 1.3 seconds, but he is well over 20 seconds behind the leaders.

1324: Rubens Barrichello is refusing to give way to Michael Schumacher and he extends his lead back to over a second. The gap back to Juan Pablo Montoya in fourth is over 24 seconds.

1321: After lap 12 Michael Schumacher, who had dropped to fourth place after the start, is just 0.7 seconds behind his Ferrari team-mate Rubens Barrichello. Jenson Button continues to push Kimi Raikkonen for sixth place.

1319: After lap 11, Rubens Barrichello's lead is just over one second from Michael Schumacher.

1314: On lap nine Rubens Barrichello holds a 1.3-second lead over team-mate Michael Schumacher. Ralf Schumacher is 15 seconds back in third with Juan Pablo Montoya a further two seconds back. David Coulthard is battling Montoya for fourth, with Kimi Raikkonen a further two seconds back. Jenson Button is seventh.

1311: After five laps Michael Schumacher begins to make ground on team-mate Rubens Barrichello, but Ralf Schumacher has slipped nine seconds behind the leader. Juan Pablo Montoya, after starting on pole, is 11 seconds behind in fourth place.

1308: Barrichello holds a three second lead from Michael Schumacher, who is four seconds clear of Ralf Schumacher in third.

1307: Michael Schumacher passes his brother on lap three to go into second place. Ferrari hold the first two places.

1306: The expected crash at the first bend does not materialise, but there is plenty of movement and Rubens Barrichello of Ferrari eventually takes the lead. Ralf Schumacher of Williams is second followed by Michael Schumacher.

1304: Ralf Schumacher, with a lighter load, takes the lead, with Montoya slipping to third. The two Jordans collide with each other but are able to carry on.

1303: The Williams get away well while Scotland's David Coulthard also makes ground from the third row.

1300 BST: The race gets underway with the start of the parade lap. Juan Pablo Montoya is on pole position at the head of an all-Williams front row, with world championship leader Michael Schumacher in third place on the grid.

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