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banner Sunday, 30 September, 2001, 10:49 GMT 11:49 UK
Murray's magic moments
Murray Walker
Murray Walker, a master of microphone mirth
As legendary Formula One commentator Murray Walker announces his retirement, BBC Sport Online has put together 20 of his greatest moments in the commentary box.

20. "And the first three cars are all Escorts, which isn't surprising as this is an all-Escort race."

19. "That's history. I say history because it happened in the past."

18. Monaco 1981: (Water is pouring onto the track in the tunnel) "...and that could be, to put it very mildly indeed, suicidally dangerous."

17. "You might not think that's cricket. And it's not, it's motor racing."

16. "Here at Brands Hatch, Will Gollop has a clear lead over Will Gollop."

15. "I should imagine that the conditions in the cockpit are unimaginable!"

14. From the Monaco Grand Prix qualifying session in 2001: "And the session will start in 3... 8... 9... 0!"

Damon Hill helping Walker at the wheel
Damon Hill, aka Damon Hill, and Murray Walker

13. "A sad ending, albeit a happy one."

12. "Two laps to go, then the action will begin. Unless this is the action, which it is."

11. "The atmosphere is so tense you could cut it with a cricket stump."

10. " ... and Edson Arantes di Nascimento, commonly known to us as Pele hands the award to Damon Hill, commonly known to us as... um... Damon... Hill."

9. "Either the car is stationary or it's on the move."

8. "It's not quite a curve, it's a straight actually."

7. "And there's the man in the green flag!"

6. "Rene Arnoux is coming into the pits... let's stop the startwatch."

5. "Even in five years' time, he (Coulthard) will still be four years younger than Damon Hill."

4. "And the first five places are filled by five different cars."

3. "There is nothing wrong with the car except that it is on fire."

2. "We're watching Ralf Schumacher... Son, of course, of double world champion Michael Schumacher."

1. "... and here comes Damon Hill in the Williams... this car is absolutely unique... except for the one behind it... which is exactly the same."

Murray Walker
"I want to go out while I'm still ahead"
Murray Walker
his classic commentaries
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