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  Sunday, 15 July, 2001, 11:42 GMT 12:42 UK
Lapwatch: British GP
All the action, lap-by-lap from Silverstone
Follow the action as it happened from the British Grand Prix.

British Grand Prix result:

1 M Hakkinen McLaren
2 M Schumacher Ferrari
3 R Barrichello Ferrari
4 JP Montoya Williams
5 K Raikkonen Sauber
6 N Heidfeld Sauber

Introduction: The tension is building at the Silverstone circuit as championship leader Michael Schumacher looks not only to extend his lead at the top of the drivers' championship but also equal Alain Prost's F1 record of 51 wins. The weather is set to be dry and sunny with the temperature at 20 degrees celsius.

Lap One: Ferrari's Michael Schumacher makes a superb start while mayhem occurs behind the race leader. Jordan driver Jarno Trulli hits David Coulthard which forces him into the pits, while Trulli is forced out of the race. The BAR of Olivier Panis also exits the race. The Williams of Juan Pablo Montoya leaps to third place.

Lap Two: Coulthard rejoins the race in 18th after his previous shunt.

Lap Three: Coulthard looks to be in trouble with problems in his right rear suspension. Montoya holds his position behind race leader Schumacher and second placed McLaren Mika Hakkinen.

Lap Four: Coulthard spins out of the British Grand Prix after failing to cope with his suspension problems - all but ending his championship hopes.

Lap Five: Hakkinen takes Schumacher with a superb overtaking manoeuvre.

Lap Six: Schumacher is falling behind Hakkinen at a fast rate of knots. Ferrari team director Jean Todt said before the race that his German star would be taking the race with a more relaxed approach. Luciano Burti in the Prost-Acer retires from the race.

Lap Seven: Schumacher is lapping 2.5 seconds slower than Hakkinen.

Lap Eight: Ferrari driver Rubens Barrichello is battling with Williams' Ralf Schumacher for fourth spot.

Lap Nine: There is now an 11 seconds gap between Hakkinen and Schumacher - but there appears to be no problem with Schumacher's Ferrari.

Lap 10: Kimi Raikkonen is taking his Sauber-Petronas within touching distance of Ralf Schumacher in fifth.

Lap 12: Montoya is now just a second behind second-placed Schumacher. The Colombian may be on a one-stop strategy.

Lap 14: It appears that the Ferrari of Schumacher is carrying a heavier fuel load, explaining the relative slowness of the car.

Lap 16: The gap between Hakkinen and Montoya is 22 seconds. The gap between Schumacher and Montoya is virtually nothing. Benetton's Jenson Button is in 13th position.

Lap 17: Montoya is allowed to go into second spot by Schumacher.

Lap 18: Second-placed Montoya begins to pull away from Schumacher. The Colombian is about 24 seconds behind Hakkinen.

Lap 21: Hakkinen begins to lap cars. Raikkonen comes into the pits and makes a 9.7-second stop.

Lap 22: Hakkinen is brought into the pits by McLaren but fails to come out in time to retake the lead - that honour is handed to Montoya.

Lap 23: Hakkinen stays less than 0.5 seconds behind new leader Montoya.

Lap 24: Button makes a 8.5 second pit-stop.

Lap 25: The gap between Montoya and third-placed Schumacher grows to over seven seconds.

Lap 26: Jordan's Heinz-Harald Frentzen makes a 9.2 second stop after coming in from sixth place. Montoya comes into the pits and takes a 8.2 second stop handing Hakkinen the lead, with the Colombian dropping back to fifth.

Lap 27: BAR's Jacques Villeneuve, in sixth, is being chased down by Raikkonen. Hakkinen sets the fastest lap of the race. Montoya is still in fifth.

Lap 29: Fourth-placed Ralf Schumacher tries to keep Montoya at bay, as the Colombian closes in to less than a second away.

Lap 30: Michael Schumacher is cruising along - 19 seconds ahead of the third-placed Barrichello and 11 behind leader Hakkinen.

Lap 31: Villeneuve comes into the pits from sixth place. The BAR makes an 11 second stop.

Lap 34: Hakkinen sets the fastest lap of the race.

Lap 35: Fourth-placed Ralf Schumacher comes into the pits and makes a 12-second stop. The German comes back into the race in sixth position.

Lap 36: Barrichello the Brazilian is being challenged for third by fellow South American Montoya.

Lap 37: Ralf Schumacher exits the race because of a technical problem. The gap between first-placed Hakkinen and third-placed Barrichello is 37 seconds.

Lap 38: Hakkinen makes his pit stop and is closely followed by Ferrari's Schumacher. Hakkinen retains his lead as Barrichello moves into second with Montoya just over 0.5 seconds behind the Brazilian.

Lap 41: Button comes into the pits and makes a 10-second stop.

Lap 42: Montoya makes a 10.9 second-stop.

Lap 43: Barrichello makes an 8.5 second stop. Schumacher is 22 seconds behind leader Hakkinen.

Lap 44: Hakkinen leads, Schumacher is second, Barrichello is third with Montoya in fourth and Raikkonen a further.

Lap 45: Irvine brings his Jaguar into the pits from ninth spot and makes a 7.5-second stop.

Lap 49: Schumacher is crusing around 0.5 seconds slower than Hakkinen. The German is 24 seconds ahead of his team-mate Barrichello. Montoya is is fourth.

Lap 51: Barrichello is eight seconds ahead of Montoya in fourth.

Lap 53: Fifth-placed Raikkonen is seven seconds ahead Sauber team-mate Nick Heidfeld.

Lap 54: Hakkinen looks like winning his first GP since the Hungarian Grand Prix last year. Schumacher is 30 seconds behind the McLaren Mercedes.

Lap 58: Hakkinen leads with Schumacher in second. Barrichello is third followed by Montoya, Raikkonen and Heidfeld.

Final lap: Hakkinen wins his first ever British Grand Prix. Schumacher feels content with second - more so after Coulthard's early departure. Barrichello claims third spot for Ferrari.

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