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BBC Sport's Peter Slater
"Adrian Newey's a man with an awful lot of explaining to do"
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Jaguar boss Bobby Rahal
"It's just unfortunate that it's come to this"
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banner Friday, 8 June, 2001, 14:15 GMT 15:15 UK
McLaren confident of Newey victory
Jaguar boss Bobby Rahal and McLaren technical director Adrian Newey, copyright LAT Photographic
Bobby Rahal and Adrian Newey in happier times
McLaren are confident of winning the next round of their battle with Jaguar over the services of star designer Adrian Newey.

The Jaguar Formula One team issued on Thursday a High Court injunction in an attempt to prevent McLaren employing Newey after the end of his current contract, which runs out at the end of July 2002.

But McLaren have responded by issuing a statement saying that Jaguar's claims are misleading. They said that the injunction only stood until next Tuesday, when the next court hearing takes place.

"Jaguar Racing has obtained a 'without notice' injunction, which applies only until Tuesday 12th June 2001 when there will be a further hearing at which McLaren will be represented for the first time," the McLaren statement said.

It's not being a jilted lover or anything like that, this is not an emotional thing
  Bobby Rahal
Jaguar F1 boss

"The lawyers acting for Jaguar Racing had previously established contact with those acting for McLaren but unusually chose not to inform them of their intentions or invite their contribution before the judge.

"The statement issued by Jaguar Racing implies that the injunction prevents Adrian Newey from continuing in the employment of McLaren International after 31st July 2002 under a contract already signed.

"This is inaccurate. In fact the injunction granted only prevents McLaren entering into a new or further agreement with Adrian Newey before Tuesday 12th June 2001 and has no effect on the existing extension.

"The team is confident that when the facts of the case are heard on Tuesday, the injunction will be lifted."

Newey last week signed a contract to join Jaguar in August next year, but then decided to stay with McLaren a matter of hours after Jaguar announced their coup.

A Jaguar statement said: "The terms of this injunction restrain McLaren International from entering into or continuing any contract of employment with Adrian Newey post 31 July 2002."


As the dispute between the teams rumbles on, Jaguar boss Bobby Rahal has accused his opposite number at McLaren of hypocrisy.

Rahal used words spoken by McLaren boss Ron Dennis in Austria last month to telling effect in supporting his own point of view and undermining his rival's position.

Rahal reminded a news conference of Dennis' views when he was discussing Toyota's swoop for Minardi technical director Gustav Brunner.

"There's an interesting quote here from Ron," Rahal said.

McLaren boss Ron Dennis
Dennis worked wonders to persuade Newey to change his mind
"'It does not matter how big a company is or whether it is an employer or an employee, when you enter into a contract agreement or an agreement that is effectively a contract, they should honour it unless the parties agree to end it or change it.'

"I really couldn't agree more with that."

Jaguar insist that Newey signed a legally binding contract with them and Rahal said their legal team were pursuing all options available to them.

However, it is considered unlikely that they can win the case, as it is difficult to force people to do a job they do not want to do.

Rahal worked with Newey in Cart racing in the United States. He won the Indy 500 with him in 1986, and counted him as a personal friend as well as future colleague.

"Friendship is always based on trust and good faith and obviously I personally feel that both have been severely damaged in this situation," said the American.

"But it's not being a jilted lover or anything like that, this is not an emotional thing. I'm a big boy, and life has all these kinds of things, ups and downs.

"Sure it's a disappointment from a personal sense but that's just part of life and you go on."

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