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banner Friday, 2 March, 2001, 22:58 GMT
Frentzen's F1 cheating claim
Heinz-Harald Frentzen training in Melbourne
Frentzen will be looking for a good start in Melbourne
German Formula One driver Heinz-Harald Frentzen claims technical cheating is both rampant and easy to conceal in the sport.

"Cheating in Formula One is the easiest thing in the world," he told a German newspaper.

"And FIA (International Automobile Association) knows it," the Jordan driver added.

Frentzen made the claim in response to a question about whether drivers were contravening rules by secretly using computerised traction control software.

Traction control, currently banned, is to be reintroduced from the Spanish Grand Prix in late April amid acknowledgement that the FIA cannot effectively police its misuse.

"There are simply things in the software area that can't be controlled. There are programmes that can erase themselves," he said. He made his comments ahead of Sunday's Australian Grand Prix, which starts this year's F1 season

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