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Wednesday, 22 November, 2000, 13:18 GMT
Alesi: Technology overriding talent
Jean Alesi: Not a good season with Prost
Jean Alesi: Not a good season with Prost
Technological advances in Formula One are making driver skills virtually redundant, according to Prost driver Jean Alesi.

The Frenchman, who failed to score a single point in 17 races last season, believed the technological enhancements were to the detriment of young and talented drivers.

He said: "What I'm really sad about is that there is a lot less space for the driver now.

"We're often asked how much of the impact is the cars and how much the drivers. I don't want to say the driver is not important anymore, but it's very close.

"Sometimes I drive the car and I can't believe it. You cannot do anything.


"It's impossible. Because after one lap you understand your level and it's finished.

"That's it for the weekend. It was not like that in 1989."

The FIA are expected to re-introduce traction control at a meeting next month after it received overwhelming support from the teams.

Traction control, a device which reduces wheelspin and improves grip at race starts, was banned in 1993 over concerns it was making driving easier and penalising talented drivers.

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