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  Monday, 7 May, 2001, 21:31 GMT 22:31 UK
Framewatch: O'Sullivan v Higgins
Ronnie O'Sullivan lines up a pot in the final
Ronnie O'Sullivan was in front all the way
Ronnie O'Sullivan defeats John Higgins to win the World Snooker Championship final for the first time.

Final score: Higgins 14-18 O'Sullivan
Frame-by-frame action (scroll down for earlier sessions)

Frame 32: Higgins puts together a break of 45 but once again an error allows O'Sullivan back to the table.

He hits back with an ice-cool break of 80 to become the first Englishman to win the title for 10 years.

Higgins 14-18 O'Sullivan. (45-80 {80})

Frame 31: O'Sullivan misses a simple a simple red in the middle right which would have left Higgins needing two snookers to stay in the match.

Higgins holds his nerve to take the frame and somehow keep his slender championship hopes alive.

Higgins 14-17 O'Sullivan (71-69 {65})

Frame 30: Higgins should have taken the frame in a single visit, but instead leaves the door open for O'Sullivan who makes a winning clearance of 68.

The turning point of the frame came when Higgins, at 60-0 up with 83 remaining, misses an easy red into the bottom right.

Instead of seeing his lead cut to just two, O'Sullivan moves to within one frame of his first World Championship title.

Higgins 13-17 O'Sullivan (60-83)

Ronnie O'Sullivan
Ronnie: Not to be denied this time

Frame 29: Higgins comes back from the interval refreshed and, after trading early mistakes, takes just six minutes to rattle up a winning break of 87.

Higgins 13-16 O'Sullivan (101-5 {87})

Frame 28: The spring has gone from Higgins' step but O'Sullivan is still blowing cold as well as hot.

With the frame scores still in single figures, O'Sullivan misses a relatively simple red, splitting the previously unfavourable balls nicely for his opponent.

Higgins pulls it together to take the frame with a break of 62 and go into the mid-session interval four frames behind.

Higgins 12-16 O'Sullivan (67-8 {62})

Frame 27: O'Sullivan misses an easy long red early in the frame to give the initiative to Higgins.

The Scotsman's daredevil approach sees him scramble his way to a break of 43.

But a careless safety shot lets O'Sullivan back in and the Englishman cleans up with a break of 78 to pinch the frame.

Higgins 11-16 O'Sullivan (43-78 {78})

Frame 26: O'Sullivan races into a 39-0 lead with mini-breaks of 22 and 16.

Higgins throws away any chance of getting back into the frame when he makes a mess of a tricky red into the middle pocket.

O'Sullivan brings Higgins's four-frame winning run to an end rifling a long pot to the bottom left.

Higgins 11-15 O'Sullivan (0-68)

Frame 25: After a nervy start from both players, Higgins puts together a solid break of 50 to put himself in the driving seat.

He pots a long red to the bottom right to take the frame and close the gap to three for the first time since frame 15.

Higgins 11-14 O'Sullivan (68-19 {50})

Frame 24: John Higgins, confidence high from winning the last two frames, produces an exemplary display.

He is on for a potential 141, but misses a difficult red at 98, but takes the frame to trail by four frames.

Higgins 10-14 O'Sullivan (98-0)

Frame 23: Like the last frame, mistakes are made at important periods.

But Higgins capitalises on a tight green missed by O'Sullivan to hit a break of 65 to reduce the deficit to five frames.

Higgins 9-14 O'Sullivan (67-21)

Frame 22: The frame is characterised by a series of rare errors from both men, who miss easy pots at crucial stages.

A clever snooker behind the pink gives Higgins the chance to wrap the frame up - but not without a major slice of luck.

He attempts to double an awkward green into the left-hand middle pocket, but manages an unintentional treble into the opposite pocket to win his first frame in four.

Higgins 8-14 O'Sullivan (65-33)

Frame 21: A missed long red from Higgins gives O'Sullivan the opportunity to rack up a break of 47.

He snookers himself attempting to reach an errand red at the top of the table, forcing him to play safe.

But O'Sullivan's confidence is sky-high and he manages to win the frame with a break of 86 to take a seven frame lead.

It is the third consecutive frame Higgins has failed to pot a single ball.

Higgins 7-14 O'Sullivan (0-133 {86})

Frame 20: With the black tight against the cushion at the wrong end of the table, O'Sullivan has to make do with the blue and the pink at the business end.
John Higgins reflects at The Crucible
Higgins could only watch O'Sullivan dominate

But that does not stop the season's leading player from building yet another huge break of 85.

It leaves Higgins with more than a mountain to climb at the mid-session interval.

Higgins 7-13 O'Sullivan (0-85 {85})

Frame 19: After an opening stalemate the players ask for a re-rack.

Higgins fails to make the cueball safe after making contact with a long red.

O'Sullivan looks in imperious form and clears with a 139.

Higgins 7-12 O'Sullivan (0-139)

Frame 18: Higgins, after giving away an early foul, is allowed back at the table by O'Sullivan.

The Scot, trying to recover from a relatively poor start to the match, shows the form he displayed in winning the 1999 World Championship by scoring a 65 break.

Higgins 7-11 O'Sullivan (78-12)

Frame 17:

Higgins makes 20 before poor positioning prevents him from building upon his break.

After another impressive safety battle from both players - O'Sullivan pots a loose red in the bottom-left corner.

The remainder of the balls are well spaced for the Chigwell player to clear to the pink for a break of 81.

Higgins 6-11 O'Sullivan (26-81)

Frame 16: O'Sullivan gets his four-frame advantage back as he piles on a break of 92.

Higgins 6-10 O'Sullivan (0-99)

Frame 15: Higgins finds his angles early in the frame and manages a difficult shot on 37 when he splits the four reds that remain in a cluster.

Higgins' response continues and he goes on to produce a frame-winning break of 107.

Higgins 6-9 O'Sullivan (108-22)

Frame 14: A 100-break seals another frame for O'Sullivan. A fine use of back spin breaks the reds after he pots the black early in the game.

The ton is the ace frame-maker's first of the final.

Higgins 5-9 O'Sullivan (12-100)

Ronnie O'Sullivan stretches for a shot
O'Sullivan was in superb form early on
Frame 13: Higgins misses a long red to let in O'Sullivan. A long red is the highlight of O'Sullivan's 99 break as the player refuses to be put off by a mobile phone ringing in the Crucible audience.

An audacious double on the blue fails to come off but O'Sullivan has already wrapped up the frame.

Higgins 5-8 O'Sullivan (0-99)

Frame 12: O'Sullivan finds the fast table frustrating as he builds his break but manages to finely cut the brown to nestle into the reds.

He pulls out of trouble with a high bridge before using the rest to sink the black. On 45 his luck runs out as he attempts to cut a red into the middle pocket.

Higgins pulls to within 13 points of O'Sullivan but fails to cut the yellow in with the red covering part of the pocket.

He does get another chance after an O'Sullivan miss and shows a steady nerve to pot a difficult green and go on to win the frame by 18 points ahead of the mid-session interval.

Higgins 5-7 O'Sullivan (68-50)

Frame 11: Higgins starts with a 38-break and looks for an ideal to chance to wrap up the frame but O'Sullivan is not playing ball.

Higgins puts the ball into the middle pocket and then sinks the blue to set up an unassailable lead. Higgins makes hard work of the frame and over-cuts a green as he defends a 51-point lead.

Another red leaves for Higgins leaves O'Sullivan needing snookers. O'Sullivan concedes frame.

Higgins 4-7 O'Sullivan (53-2)

Frame 10: O'Sullivan struggles to get into the frame in a tactical battle between the two.

The Englishman pulls ahead in a low-scoring game before Higgins concedes.

Higgins 3-7 O'Sullivan (36-49)

Ronnie O'Sullivan in action
Ronnie O'Sullivan in action

Frame 9: A cagey start to the first frame of the evening session but Higgins gets into his stride with a 60 break to put O'Sullivan on the back-foot.

The Essex Exocet begins his fight-back with a break of 49 but still needs a snooker with the blue, pink and black remaining.

Higgins sinks the blue and wins the frame to reduce the arrears.

Higgins 3-6 O'Sullivan (72-49)

Frame 8: Ronnie O'Sullivan goes into the interval 6-2 up after a break of 70 to emphasise his superiority over a tired-looking John Higgins.

Higgins 2-6 O'Sullivan (0-71)

Frame 7: Higgins's clearance looks to have inspired O'Sullivan to build a high break of his own.

But with a break of 48 under his belt he misses a blue into the middle pocket and gives Higgins the chance to hit back.

However, Higgins loses control of the cue ball on a red after going to the baulk end to pot the green and his break of 28 comes to an end.

O'Sullivan shows his expertise using the rest and clears up with a 42 break.

Higgins 2-5 O'Sullivan (28-90)

Frame 6: Higgins at last shows his Championship form with a steady but well-executed break of 135 - the highest of this year's final so far - to reduce the deficit.

It begins with a wonderful red and illustrates the Scotsman's tenacity as he shows the control that he had been lacking.

Higgins 2-4 O'Sullivan (135-0)

Frame 5: The mid-session interval looks to have affected both players as both miss early reds but the cue ball acts kindly for the two finalists.

Higgins gets the first red and then a green but still lacks the cue ball control that had been so evident in earlier games.

The catalogue of errors continues as O'Sullivan misses an easy pink and both players miss potable reds in the longest frame of the final so far.

Neither can build a decent break but O'Sullivan gives himself the perfect opportunity after potting a very good red into the centre of the pocket for a 34 break and the fifth frame.

Higgins 1-4 O'Sullivan (47-56)

John Higgins made vital errors
John Higgins made vital errors

Frame 4: The Rocket makes a break of 47 and finishes with a safety shot.

Higgins still struggling to get into his stride gives O'Sullivan a half-chance with a long red and O'Sullivan produces the pot of the match so far and sets up a snooker.

The Scotsman makes an error and hits the black from behind the yellow. O'Sullivan gets seven points - and is back in again. In 42 minutes the first four frames are over and it's the first interval of the final.

Higgins 1-3 O'Sullivan (0-79)

Frame 3: O'Sullivan itching to get on the table as Higgins misses a long red. The Crucible rings out in applause as he splits the reds after potting the black on 37 points.

The 25-year-old's break ends on 81 and Higgins concedes the frame after just seven minutes.

Higgins 1-2 O'Sullivan (0-81)

Frame 2: Higgins undaunted in the second frame but makes a careless mistake while on a break of 47.

O'Sullivan goes for a red in the middle pocket but his shot canons off another red to bring Higgins back on to the table. A good red into the middle pocket puts Higgins 62 ahead with 75 remaining on the table.

Higgins stays in full control of the cue ball and after a break of 45, O'Sullivan concedes the frame.

Higgins 1-1 O'Sullivan (92-0)

Frame 1: After three safety shots a mistake by O'Sullivan lets in Higgins, who settles his nerves with a break of 37. However, the cue ball goes in off into the middle pocket as he attempts to pot a red.

It is all the encouragement the Englishman needs as he goes on to produce a break of 88 to clinch the first frame in just 12 minutes.

Higgins 0-1 O'Sullivan (41-92).

Frames scores in full. Higgins scores first.

First session: 41-92 (88) 92-0 0-81 (81) 0-79 47-56 135-0 (135) 28-90 0-71 (70)

Second session: 72-49 (60) 36-49 53-2 68-50 0-99 (99) 12-100 (100) 108-22 (107) 0-99 (99)

Third session: 26-81 (81) 78-12 (65) 0-139 (139) 0-85 (85) 0-133 (86) 65-33 67-21 (65) 98-0 (98)

Fourth session: 68-19 (50), 0-68, 43-78 (78), 67-8 (62), 101-5 (87), 60-83, 71-69 (65), 45-80 (80).

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