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banner Saturday, 5 May, 2001, 21:04 GMT 22:04 UK
Retirement? Not yet
Davis still loves competing
Davis still loves competing
BBC Sport Online columnist Steve Davis laughs off talk of retirement.

My switch from the players' lounge to the pundits chair has prompted a great deal of questions about how long I will remain playing the game.

Like any other professional who wants to do well, I am anxious to play for as long as I can maintain a decent standard of play.

Admittedly, it is frustrating not being able to play the game to the same standard as I used to but so long as I can compete with players in the top 32, there is no point calling time on my career.

Perhaps if I begin to lose in the first round of every competition next season I will have a rethink about my future plans.

But for the minute at least, I would like to think the circuit is stuck with me for a few more years.


John Parrott, who also does a lot of media work, is always being accused of spending too much time in the studio and not enough on his snooker.

But Parrott still loves the game and has confessed that, despite dropping out of the top 16, he will continue to play for another two years.

In contrast, I have seen other former playing colleagues of mine drop out of the game such as Cliff Thorburn, Alex Higgins and Tony Meo - and all three have taken very different avenues.

Thorburn is trying to promote the game in Canada, Higgins is sadly very unwell and Meo is enjoying life out of snooker.

As happy as Meo is, I can't envisage me taking the same route as him. I am passionate about the game and will look to further my involvement with the media.

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