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Ireland's Joe Swail
"I just didn't want him to beat me"
 real 56k

Defeated Mark Williams
"In a way I've been playing awful all year"
 real 56k

banner Saturday, 28 April, 2001, 12:16 GMT 13:16 UK
Swail surprise for Williams
Swail stuns the crucible
Swail has the highest tournament break so far with 140
In surely the most exciting game of the tournament so far comeback king Joe Swail produced the performance of his career to knock out defending champion Mark Williams with a thrilling 13-12 victory.

Williams led 10-6 overnight against Swail, after a below par performance on their first day of play.

Williams suffering from a heavy cold, struggled to produce his previous form but looked to be in control as he led Swail 8-3 at one stage.

Swail refused to allow Williams to intimidate him.

Swail came from behind to beat Sean Storey in the previous round and is earning himself a reputation for causing upsets.

He deserved it. I just did not play well
  Mark Williams

A fluked red by Swail in the 20th frame, the highest tournament break so far of 140 in the 21st and a 58 break in the next left the scores at 11-11.

A 147 in the next frame would have been taking the fairytale script a bit too far, but he was clearly going for it after potting six reds and blacks.

The thought of 147,000 proved his downfall, however, as he missed the next red.

Swail's missed red helped Williams to a lead of 12-13 but it was to no avail.

After losing the epic contest, the Welshman confirmed: "He deserved it. I just did not play well.

"I have been working really hard on my game all year but next season I am just going to play two or three times a week for two hours a day.

"There are no excuses. Perhaps I have been trying too hard."

Second round score: (best of 25 frames)

J Swail (NI) beat M Williams (Wal)

59-13 60-71 82-46 (55) 69-1 (69) 23-71 (51) 87-0 55-17 34-69 29-67 39-60 1-101 (101) 61-3 57-23 56-12 18-74 30-57 92-5 29-75 77-48 (77) 66-65 140-0 (140) 81-40 (58) 55-71 91-0 (91) 65-11 (55)

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