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banner Monday, 13 August, 2001, 09:33 GMT 10:33 UK
Farewell Edmonton 2001
Tatyana Lebedeva, Trevor Misapeka and Paula Radcliffe at the 2001 Edmonton world athletics
Highs and lows at the world athletics in Edmonton
By BBC Sport Online's Tom Fordyce in Edmonton

Best urban myth
Two Canadians are watching the men's discus. After one tremendous throw, the figure 67.3 comes up on the giant scoreboard. "What does that mean?" one asks his buddy. "I guess that's the mark for artistic impression," says the other.

Lowest Blow
The cowardly attack on Edmonton 2001 mascots Tracker and Fielder by a man wielding a hockey stick. You might find seven-foot high purple animals scary. But you can walk away, you know.

Finest effort
Trevor Misapeka's devastating performance in the 100m heats. Never before has a 21-stone American Samoan running 14.28 seconds given so many people so much pleasure.

Ugliest display
How can you choose between the opening and closing ceremonies? Not even Seiko's space-age timing or photo-finish equipment could separate these two acts of thespian vandalism.

Best throw
The splendid effort of marathon runner Ahmed Adam Saleh, who crossed the finish line and promptly threw his guts up everywhere. France's Larbi Zeroual, finishing just behind, was too shattered to look up and promptly walked right through Saleh's chunky welcome mat.

Worst haircut
Tatyana Lebedeva might have won triple jump gold. But her horror haircut, a cross between Alice Nutter of Chumbawumba and an accident in the Dulux factory, won her no prizes.

Best case of mistaken identity
Volunteer Irene Schuenemann, asking for Michael Johnson's autograph at the airport, then writing next to it 'Ben Johnson'.

Most laughable quote
Olga Yegorova's news conference, after her 5,000m win was greeted with boos from around the stadium. "Why did you not do a lap of honour?" she was asked. "I forgot," she replied, without a flicker of shame.

Biggest disaster
Britain might have thrown away a medal chance by getting disqualified from the 4x100m relay. But Canada joined Sweden in 1995 as the only World Championship hosts in history to fail to win a single medal.

Least surprising statistic
There were more performance-enhancing drugs going down than at an all-night rave. No, I can't prove that in court. But can you prove me wrong?

Best home-made banner
Paula Radcliffe's cardboard sign, which read 'EPO cheats out'; the finest in that category since Andrew Castle's 'Say no the Poll Tax' in 1990.

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