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banner Thursday, 28 June, 2001, 18:16 GMT 19:16 UK
Davenport's family hint
Lindsay Davenport
Davenport (left) may be feeling a bit 'clucky'
By BBC Sport Online's Steve Cresswell at Wimbledon

Lindsay Davenport has admitted that she is already looking beyond tennis and considering starting a family in the not too distant future.

Within moments of announcing how pleased she was with her second round performance at the post-match press conference, Davenport was revealing her future life plans.

"Right now I'm looking at after this year to have three more years which will make me 28 and then I'll go from there. I'd be surprised if I was playing at 30," admitted Davenport.

I'd like to have kids at a young age
  Lindsay Davenport
"I would like to move on and do other things. I'd like to have kids at a young age. I don't want to be at an older age having them, trying to enjoy them."

The 1999 Wimbledon champion, has been on the professional Tour for eight years and believes the pressures on the young female stars makes it increasingly difficult for them to continue in to their 30s.

"Men play until their 40s in half the sports. Women, you very rarely see that, especially in tennis. Steffi (Graf) was I think in her late 20s, Sabatini in her mid 20s.

"People might laugh and say, "You're only 25, 26." They definitely have not gone through stuff at 14, 15 that the women's tennis players do."

Looking at her own hopes in this year's tournament, Davenport is delighted with the way she has returned since her three month break due to injury.

She won at Eastbourne and Davenport believes her time away from the game may even have helped her.

"It hasn't hurt me yet. I'm feeling really good out there, very excited to be playing, very focused, and have been very calm so far."

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