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banner Wednesday, 11 July, 2001, 01:39 GMT 02:39 UK
Goran comes home to hero's welcome
Ivanisevic acknowledges the crowds who thronged Split
An incredible homecoming for the new Wimbledon champion

The 100,000 strong crowd had an evening they would never forget
Around 100,000 people came out to welcome the Wimbledon champion home

Croatian photographer Fjodor Klaric gets his head autographed
An autograph on the bald head of Croatian photographer Fjodor Klaric

Bodyguards are needed to bring Goran through the enthusiastic crowds
Goran is surrounded by bodyguards as he makes his way to the stage

Goran and Croatian NBA star Toni Kukoc
Croatia's NBA star Toni Kukoc adds his congratulations

Ivanisevic wears the jersey of his late friend Drazan Petrovic
The new Wimbledon champion strips down to his underpants

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