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  Monday, 9 July, 2001, 10:46 GMT 11:46 UK
Gamewatch: Ivanisevic v Rafter
Game-by-game coverage of Goran Ivanisevic's thrilling five-set victory over Pat Rafter in the Wimbledon men's singles final.

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Result: Ivanisevic 6-3 3-6 6-3 2-6 9-7 Rafter.

Fifth set

Ivanisevic wins the Wimbledon title after a fittingly thrilling final game. He squanders his first two match-points with double faults and the third is lost to a superb top-spin lob from Rafter. But at his fourth attempt he strikes a searing serve that Rafter can only hit into the net.
Ivanisevic 9-7 Rafter.

The match takes a dramatic and possibly decisive turn as Ivanisevic achieves the first break of the fifth set. He wins the game with a cross-court forehand past the advancing Rafter.
Ivanisevic 8-7 Rafter.

Ivanisevic comes back from the brink of defeat. He goes 0-30 down after netting a forehand volley and then being passed by Rafter. But he claws his way back and wins the game with an ace.
Ivanisevic 7-7 Rafter.

A thrilling deciding set continues to go with serve as Australian Rafter holds comfortably.
Ivanisevic 6-7 Rafter.

Rafter is not given a chance as Ivanisevic continues to serve majestically. The Croat holds to 15 to keep the match alive.
Ivanisevic 6-6 Rafter.

A sensational game. Rafter hits two audacious drop-volleys to move from 15-30 to 40-30. He then double-faults but serves powerfully to win the next two points and the game.
Ivanisevic 5-6 Rafter.

Courageous Ivanisevic holds serve to 15 to stay in the match.
Ivanisevic 5-5 Rafter.

The game starts with two fabulous return winners from Ivanisevic. Rafter comes back to win the next four points with a combination of strong serving and emphatic volleying.
Ivanisevic 4-5 Rafter.

Ivanisevic restores parity by holding his serve to 15. He wins the game with an accurate forehand drive past the on-rushing Rafter.
Ivanisevic 4-4 Rafter.

An incisive volley at 40-15 wins the game for Rafter after he served two aces.
Ivanisevic 3-4 Rafter.

Ivanisevic again holds to love. In so doing he serves his 207th ace of the championship, a new Wimbledon record.
Ivanisevic 3-3 Rafter.

The deciding set continues to go with serve as Rafter holds thanks to some deep and penetrative deliveries.
Ivanisevic 2-3 Rafter.

Ivanisevic wins his serve to love courtesy of more sensational serving.
Ivanisevic 2-2 Rafter.

Composed Rafter holds his serve to 15, forcing Ivanisevic to play catch-up. The atmosphere on Centre Court is tumultuous.
Ivanisevic 1-2 Rafter.

The searing, left-handed serve of Ivanisevic is again his saviour as he holds in a tense deuce game.
Ivanisevic 1-1 Rafter.

Rafter holds serve to 15 and Ivanisevic is still struggling to regain his composure.
Ivanisevic 0-1 Rafter.

Fourth set

A steered forehand pass after an exciting rally earns Rafter the fourth set. He now appears to be in control of the match and Ivanisevic seems unsettled by his earlier outburst.
Ivanisevic 6-3 3-6 6-3 2-6 Rafter.

Rafter keeps calm in the electric atmosphere to hold serve.
Ivanisevic 6-3 3-6 6-3 2-5 Rafter.

The match reaches a crescendo as Rafter breaks Ivanisevic's serve. Facing a break-point at advantage Rafter, Ivanisevic is foot-faulted as he serves a winner. The Croat's second serve "ace" is then called out and he erupts, throwing his racket, kicking the net and then swearing at the umpire.
Ivanisevic 6-3 3-6 6-3 2-4 Rafter.

The set continues to go with serve as Rafter wins the game to love.
Ivanisevic 6-3 3-6 6-3 2-3 Rafter.

Another splendid service game from Ivanisevic. He serves his 14th ace of the match and 200th of the tournament at 15-15 and wins the next three points with some excellent shots.
Ivanisevic 6-3 3-6 6-3 2-2 Rafter.

Rafter comes back from 15-30 down to win the next three points and hold serve.
Ivanisevic 6-3 3-6 6-3 1-2 Rafter.

Fantastic serving from Ivanisevic sees him hold to 15. He delights the crowd by playing a shot through his legs at 40-0, even though he loses the point when Rafter passes him with the next shot.
Ivanisevic 6-3 3-6 6-3 1-2 Rafter.

Rafter holds serve to 30.
Ivanisevic 6-3 3-6 6-3 0-1 Rafter.

Third set

Defiant Ivanisevic holds serve despite some inspired play from Rafter. The Croat goes 40-15 up in the game, but Rafter saves two set-points with a running backhand volley and a fantastic backhand pass. However, Ivanisevic comes up with two service winners to win the set.
Ivanisevic 6-3 3-6 6-3 Rafter.

Rafter holds serve to 30, making sure that Ivanisevic will have to serve for the set. The Croatian again hits some excellent returns, but Rafter responds with some inspired play at the net.
Ivanisevic 6-3 3-6 5-3 Rafter.

An emphatic service game underlines Ivanisevic's advantage. The Croatian holds serve to love.
Ivanisevic 6-3 3-6 5-2 Rafter.

A mis-hit backhand return from Ivanisevic goes high and Rafter mysteriously elects to leave the ball. It falls inside the baseline and enables Ivanisevic to break serve.
Ivanisevic 6-3 3-6 4-2 Rafter.

Ivanisevic appears to be inspired again. He holds serve, winning the game with a powerful backhand volley.
Ivanisevic 6-3 3-6 3-2 Rafter.

The Croatian plays some excellent returns, but is unable to stop Rafter holding serve. The Australian strikes one of the best volleys of the match during the game - a deft, angled backhand effort.
Ivanisevic 6-3 3-6 2-2 Rafter.

Ivanisevic wins the game with his 10th ace of the match. But worryingly for his fans, he receives treatment on his shoulder at the change-over.
Ivanisevic 6-3 3-6 2-1 Rafter.

Rafter is taken to 30-30 on his serve in one of the most entertaining games of the match so far. But he hits a superb lungeing forehand volley and then an ace to win the game.
Ivanisevic 6-3 3-6 1-1 Rafter.

Ivanisevic wins the first game of the third set with a solid service game.
Ivanisevic 6-3 3-6 1-0 Rafter.

Second set

The second set is Rafter's after an emphatic service game from the Australian. He serves out to love and is starting to look very confident.
Ivanisevic 6-3 3-6 Rafter.

Ivanisevic survives two set points to hold his serve. He hits two double-faults (his sixth and seventh of the match) but wins the game with an ace.
Ivanisevic 6-3 3-5 Rafter.

Rafter maintains the advantage of his earlier break by winning his serve to 15.
Ivanisevic 6-3 2-5 Rafter.

Croatian Ivanisevic wins his serve to the loss of just one point.
Ivanisevic 6-3 2-4 Rafter.

Rafter comfortably holds his serve to maintain his advantage in the second set.
Ivanisevic 6-3 1-4 Rafter.

Ivanisevic breaks his duck in the second set by holding his serve to 30.
Ivanisevic 6-3 1-3 Rafter.

The break is emphasised as Rafter holds his serve. Ivanisevic hits some good returns, but the Australian is again solid on the volley.
Ivanisevic 6-3 0-2 Rafter.

The huge Australian contingent in the crowd go wild as Rafter breaks the Ivanisevic serve for the first time. The Croatian hardly helps himself by serving two double-faults, but Rafter wins the game with a tremendous running forehand pass.
Ivanisevic 6-3 0-2 Rafter.

Rafter, who looked nervous in the first set, wins the opening game of the second. He hits one particularly memorable forehand volley, taken stretching out to his left.
Ivanisevic 6-3 0-1 Rafter.

First set

Ivanisevic wins the set on his first set-point after again serving superbly.
Ivanisevic 6-3 Rafter.

Solid serving and volleying from Rafter see him win the game to 15.
Ivanisevic 5-3 Rafter.

Ivanisevic wins despite being taken to deuce after serving his first double fault of the match. The final point is spectacular. Ivanisevic hits a wrong-footing volley and Rafter acrobatically dives to send up a lob before the Croatian strikes a winning smash.
Ivanisevic 5-2 Rafter.

Rafter wins his serve comfortably thanks to some strong serving.
Ivanisevic 4-2 Rafter.

Returning Rafter wins a couple of impressive points - one with an imperious lob. But Ivanisevic merely cranks up his serve and wins the game to 30.
Ivanisevic 4-1 Rafter.

Rafter wins his first game of the match, for the loss of just one point. But Ivanisevic again tests him with some penetrating returns.
Ivanisevic 3-1 Rafter.

Ivanisevic seems to have settled better than his opponent and wins his serve to love.
Ivanisevic 3-0 Rafter.

An epic game ends with Rafter being broken. The Australian's serving is shaky and Ivanisevic capitalises with some powerful returns. He finally wins the game on his third break-point.
Ivanisevic 2-0 Rafter.

Ivanisevic elects to serve after winning the toss and wins the first game with the help of three service winners. But Rafter looks sharp and gains two points with excellent passing shots.
Ivanisevic 1-0 Rafter.


Croatia's Goran Ivanisevic and Australian Pat Rafter line up for the first Wimbledon men's singles final to start on a Monday.

There is a fantastic atmosphere on Centre Court, with 14,000 fans taking their seats after queueing up overnight.

A great match is in store. Charismatic Ivanisevic is aiming to win the Wimbledon title in his fourth final and he is the first wild card to make it through to the final.

Popular Rafter is hoping to go one better than last year, when he was runner-up to Pete Sampras.

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