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banner Monday, 2 April, 2001, 16:29 GMT 17:29 UK
Past winners Masters gallery

Ben Crenshaw puts on the Green Jacket presented by Jose Maria Olazabal
Ben Crenshaw celebrates his second Masters title in 1995 - and how he enjoyed it.

Ben Crenshaw and Nick Faldo
It's Crenshaw's turn to give the jacket onto Nick Faldo, who won his third Masters title in 1996

Nick Faldo presents Tiger Woods with the jacket
Tiger Woods wins his first Major title with the Masters in 1997 - the youngest champion ever at 21-years-old

Tiger Woods presents 1998 Masters champion Mark O'Meara with the Green Jacket
The Jacket stays on an American back as Mark O'Meara wins by one stroke in 1998

Jose Maria Olazabal shakes hands with Mark O'Meara
Jose Maria Olazabal takes the title back to Spain in 1999 after a hard-fought battle on the last day

Olazabal puts the jacket on the back of Vijay Singh
Fiji win its first Major golf title thanks to Vijay Singh's victory in 2000

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