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banner Friday, 15 June, 2001, 23:31 GMT 00:31 UK
The Hills racing dynasty
Michael (l) and Richard Hills: Twin winners
Michael (l) and Richard Hills: Twin winners
By BBC Sport Online's Frank Keogh

One family are assured of a double at any big race meeting in the UK - the Hills.

As far as racing dynasties go, they take some beating.

Trainer Barry, who had four unplaced runners in the Derby at Epsom earlier this month, leads the team.

His son John is also a trainer and John's twin brothers Michael and Richard are among the country's leading riders.

Richard likes his horses somewhere near the pace, that has been ingrained in Richard. Michael tends to stay off the pace
  John Hills
Apart from their silks, it is difficult to tell the brotherly jockeys apart.

But John has revealed he knows which is which, even if his father - whose horse Mr Combustible is said to be named after him - might make the odd blunder.

"I know the difference between the two. I've never made a mistake, but father's made plenty," chuckled John.

When asked to pick which of his brothers is best in the saddle, John struggles.

"They are quite different," said John, of his riding siblings.

"I always think the best one is the one who's having the best run at the moment.

"They are both good, and both make cock-ups the same as everybody else.

"Richard likes his horses somewhere near the pace, that has been ingrained in Richard.

"Michael tends to stay off the pace."

Whichever policy is employed to best effect at Royal Ascot, it is likely the Hills will be alive with the sound of celebrations.

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