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banner Friday, 23 March, 2001, 08:57 GMT
Putting pen to paper
Justin Langer and Matthew Hayden on the morning after their defeat by India in the third Test
The morning after: Langer and Matthew Hayden
Australian batsman Justin Langer turns to verse to try and motivate his side.

You might be interested to know that the team has amongst it a number of budding poets.

Poets, I hear you say!

Every morning, before the start of a day's play, one player shares with the team a poem he has written about the proceedings for the upcoming day.

This motivation, and at times comedy session, helps focus our attentions to the job at hand.

Initiated by our former fitness advisor David Misson, the daily poems have become a part of the routine of the Aussie cricket team.

This morning, before one of the biggest days of my career, I was asked to provide the boys with some motivation.

This is what I recited:

Having a Go

"Regardless of what they are chasing
There's something I would like to say:
We are the Australian cricket team
And the Champions we are going to stay.

Australia gather on the Chennai pitch after defeat in the third Test
Australia look on as India celebrate
It's going to take some heart and guts
And a real tough day of play,
But here's our chance to show ourselves
The real Gallipoli Way.

Lets fight like wounded tigers
Because it all comes down to this.
I'd love to see our spinners
Getting the ball to jump and turn and hiss.

There is only one Warney;
There's only one McGrath;
And with these two leading us today
We'll come up trumps by far.

With Funky due and Diz on fire,
There's only one thing I more admire
And that's me and my mates in sweat and dust
Doing the job without much fuss.

Pit bull terriers fight to the death;
Baggy green warriors let's give it our best.
Winning in India is why we are here;
Let's celebrate tonight with a hug and a beer"

Sachin Tendulkar celebrates victory in Chennai
Sachin Tendulkar leads the Indian celebrations
Now I am no Rupert McCall, but I can say the feeling within the changing room before the first ball was delivered was electric.

We knew there was so much to play for today and while we missed out by two wickets, I was so proud to be a part of the Australian cricket team.

Everyone committed everything they had, a 100% effort for the whole day, and I think it would be fair to say we all walked off the field disappointed and exhausted but also proud of the fight we had given.

For now, it is time to reminisce on an incredible Test series here in India.

When I find the energy, I will share with you the emotions, of what it feels like to fall short of the illusive ambition of defeating India on their home soil.

From Chennai,

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