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  Sunday, 25 February, 2001, 23:04 GMT
Your Tributes to 'The Don'
Australian cricket legend Don Bradman died after a brief illness, at his home in Adelaide. Tributes have been flooding in from cricket's biggest names around the world.

But what tribute would you like to give to 'The Don'?

Do you have memories of seeing him play?

Or perhaps you have had the pleasure of meeting cricket's greatest legend.


Don Bradman was best know for his prowess with a cricket bat, scoring a massive 6,996 runs during his Test career.

Although this total has since been surpassed, Bradman rewrote the history books with a batting average of 99.94, over 52 Test matches.

No other cricketer has even come close. Bradman was only 4 runs away from averaging 100, when he picked up his bat for the last time in England in 1948, but was bowled for a duck.

Knighted in 1949, Sir Donald moved on to become chairman of Australia's cricket selectors and a respected writer on cricket.

'The Don' died at home on Sunday, at the age of 92.

What are your memories of The Don?

Tell your thoughts as we say goodbye to one of the world's greatest sporting heroes.


As a cricketer Sir Donald Bradman embodied all that was wholesome
Sham Samaroo, USA
The Heavens now have the privilege of sharing what we have been blessed with, here on earth, for the last 92 years. As a cricketer Sir Donald Bradman embodied all that was wholesome and pure in this most wonderful of sports. But, more than that, he has been an example of human kindness, honesty, integrity and virtue. May the Angels not be too tired retrieving balls from the boundary. Rest in Peace, Dear Sir.
Sham Samaroo, New York, USA

The impact that 'The Don' had on Australia's psyche during the 1930's Depression and post-WW2 years was significant. His legendary performances with the bat, as Australian captain of the 1948 'Invincibles', and as a great cricket administrator will never be forgotten, for these achievements have influenced and defined our nation's culture. We mourn for The Don - a gentleman who represented all that is good in cricket.
Mark, Australia

What an indelible sporting memory it is for me to have been privileged, at the age of 12, to have seen Don Bradman leading his great 1948 touring side against Yorkshire, at Bramall Lane, Sheffield. There have been other great sporting legends from around the world but who else set standards of achievement and sportsmanship that have towered over others for more than 50 years? Don Bradman was unique and fully deserving of the universal tributes paid to him this week.
David Shail, England

'Simply the best'. If a thousand cricket pundits were to be asked to pick their all time best world eleven, Sir Don's name would be first on every sheet. I doubt if any other person in any other sport could be accorded a similar tribute.
Ian Bazely, England

We have indeed lost the greatest Australian
Ray Nolan, Australia
Sir Donald Bradman was probably the first Australian to really become the best in his chosen field, he showed to Australians that we could be the best at whatever we wanted to be. I think he helped Australians overcome the 'cultural cringe' where we often thought we could never be as good, or on the same level as more 'established' nations. He did this at a time where our country was going through some very difficult times. This and the fact that he came across as such a humble and 'normal' man, made him all the more respected. I think we have indeed lost the greatest Australian.
Ray Nolan, Adelaide, SA, Australia.

Rare are people who win the hearts of not only their countrymen but also their rivals. His loss is felt not only by the Australians but also by millions across the world. We hope Sir Don's game always retains its essence as a gentleman's game.
Avaneesh Singh, India

If the Don had been a footballer he would have scored a hat trick in every international he played in. He is above Pele and any other sportsman in terms of pure genius.
Nick Robinson, UK

I never saw the man play, and never met him. But he was the greatest influence on my cricketing life. He was by far the greatest cricketer ever!
Alistair Goddard, England

He is above Pele and any other sportsman in terms of pure genius
Nick Robinson, UK
His performances at the crease, coupled with his immaculate behaviour, humility and belief in sportsmanship, means that his death is not just a loss to cricket aficionados but also to all sports fans. May he rest in peace.
Winston, Singapore

There are really only two words that can be said of Sir Donald's contribution to our Nation - "Thank you"
M Hawkins, Australia

Sir Don shall always be remembered as the worlds most exiting batsman, even though I am 10,I looked up to him and think he is the world's best batsman and gentlemen. I shall always think of Sir Don as the greatest cricketer of all time.
Tom Ingram, Hong Kong

He lived just a kilometre away and I knew so little about him, but today myself and the rest of the world looked back on the Don's life and paid tribute to him. RIP Sir Don
Catherine Ryan, Adelaide, Australia

The greatest cricketer of all time
Tom Ingram, Hong Kong
I've heard many tributes to Sir Donald in the last few hours. But one of the most touching is the affection people have shown on this website. We have managed to put aside our petty rivalries and yes, the xenophobia sometimes seen in international sport, to pay our respects. Well done everyone and the Don would have approved.
Warren Green, Australia

I heard a story earlier today about how The Don received a letter from a young fan which said, among other things, that the fan was about to go to business school. Totally unannounced, The Don turned up at his fan's doorstep with an armful of old business books which he thought may be of use.

The Don was more than an Aussie icon. He was more than the embodiment of Australian culture. He was part of the soul of this nation.
Wayne A, Australia

He was an inspiration to my father sixty years ago, to me over the past forty years and to my children since then. We thank God for giving us Don Bradman.
John, Australia

I enjoy cricket but not fanatically like many of my countrymen. Therefore I never imagined that I'd feel a sense of loss over an individual who I've never met nor seen play. But on hearing the news of Sir Donald Bradman's death this morning, that is exactly what I felt. More than anything else, this confirms to me the greatness of the man - the very real impact he had on the collective consciousness of all Australians.
Simon Craft, Japan

Holding back the tears was impossible
Dion Pittendreigh, Australia
As a broadcaster on the ABC I had to release the death of "The Don" on my breakfast show. In all my years working in radio it was the first time "I lost it" on-air. Holding back the tears was impossible
Dion Pittendreigh, Australia

In a nation that lacks a relevant monarch, or significant political head, Sir Donald Bradman filled the void of role model for over 70 years. The fact that youngsters today revere him more than any current sportsman just goes to highlight the esteem he is held in, and for all the right reasons.

As the Prime Minister said, for one man's death to be so heavily mourned in a nation, as a momentous day in Australia's history, says wonders for the man himself.
Andrew Chapman, Australia

It's the saddest moment for millions across the globe. Never again will anyone if his stature be born to lift cricket to it pinnacle. But his memories will remain in our heart. May his soul rest in peace.
Sunil, India

It would be truly wonderful to be able to time-travel and watch him play
Stephen Kear, Colombia
I was born in 1951, three years after Bradman's final and triumphant tour of England. Like all aspiring young cricketers of the time, I was often told of 'The Don's' achievements by my father and grandfather. It would be truly wonderful to be able to time-travel and watch him play. Three things impress me most about his career - his unwavering concentration for long periods, the incredible speed with which he scored runs, and most of all, his enduring modesty which made him beloved by generations of sports fans.
Stephen Kear, Colombia

There can be no more fitting tribute to 'The Don', than a oath, by all practitioners of the game, that they will clean up the game. Haven't they pained the legend enough in his lifetime? Forcing him to witness all the crimes that were committed under the guise of cricket. The need of the day is to revive the spirit of 'The Don'. 'The Don' has left us with happy memories and it is our obligation to keep cricket as a game of happy memories and not a pastime of crooks.
Omer Bin Abdullah, USA

I remember getting up early one morning in 1946 to hear the BBC cricket commentary on Australia vs. England. Both Bradman & Barnes scored 234 each! I was in despair. He was definitely the greatest batsman of all time. Sir Donald, thanks for all the wonderful memories & may you rest in peace somewhere not too far from the Sydney Cricket Ground and Lords.
Rob Murray, Canada

Don Bradman was a ray of light in an era when times where hard. He sold out grounds as the people wanted to see him. He continues to be a ray of light and even will be more so after his passing. The Don, will never be surpassed.
Mike Smith, Sydney, Australia

Few of us knew him, but we all love him
Paul, Australia
If you were to take every Test batsman from every era of the game, the Don's average is still some 40 runs better than the next man. Almost 7,000 runs including 29 centuries at 99.94. He could bat! But he means more to us than that. He was humble and gracious. He never sold himself or his name for anything but cricket. He gave himself to the game and to the nation. Few of us knew him, but we all love him. His memory will continue to inspire us in this generation and in those that follow. Thank you Don Bradman.
Paul, Australia

Without a doubt the greatest batsman ever. The impact he made on the identity of a new modern nation was incredible. 'The Don', managed to give many Australians a sense of direction - especially in the days of the 1930's depression and post WW2. Many people including current players could today learn from 'The Don's' attitude on and off the field. You live in our hearts and minds.
Robert McLoughlin, Australia

It's a sad, sad day. We have been waiting for the inevitable and it came last night. The greatest cricketer of all time and, quite possibly, the greatest Australian ever - he will be missed. Don Bradman - The Don - The Greatest
Damian Smith, Australia

His greatest achievement was his humility and grace as a man
Greg, Australia
He holds a special place in Australia's collective psyche. I once read a statistical analysis of his feats with the bat. The author, a renowned mathematician, concluded that statistically speaking, he was not only the greatest batsman ever, but probably the greatest sportsman ever - he was that far ahead of the pack. His deeds are unlikely to be matched. But his greatest achievement was his humility and grace as a man, despite the enormity of his batting achievements. He will be missed by all Australians and followers of sport the world over.
Greg, Australia

I cannot find a way to describe his loss to the game of cricket and sports in general. I hope the coming Australia - India series is played without a single word of sledging as that would be a great tribute to 'The Don' for he would have loved seeing it as he himself was a true gentleman. He himself said it a few years ago that he would like to be remembered as a person with high integrity and as a gentleman.
Eswar Vemulapalli, India

I'm shattered. I don't think anyone can truly explain what Bradman represents to Australians. He means more to this country than any one man ever has or ever will. More than just the greatest batsman, 'The Don' represents everything we all aspire to be. Gifted yet humble, passionate and selfless. He gave more to us and the game than merely his brilliance on the field. May his memory continue to inspire us all to strive for what's good in sport and good in life.
Daryl, Australia

The loss of Sir D. Bradman is not only felt in Australia but in the hearts of millions of people
Sashi, India
It looks like 'the end of the era' in the cricketing world. The loss of Sir D. Bradman is not only felt in Australia but in the hearts of millions of people who know cricket anywhere in the world. He was a living legend, something that can never happen in the world again. The world will miss you Don.
Sashi, India

Cricket will never again see a legend like him. Bradman will be known as long as cricket is known.
Prakash, USA

I haven't seen Sir Don Bradman play, but looking at his figures I think I have missed something in life. May his soul rest in peace.
Jamil David, India

A man so far ahead of his contemporaries, his feats almost defy description. His average was DOUBLE the figure (50) that separates the truly world class batsmen from the merely great. In hundreds of years men will still speak in reverent tones about 'The Don'.
David Mentz, UK

We shall not see his like again
Michael Elam, USA
Very rarely do you find such graciousness intermingle with greatness in an individual. More amazing than his prowess is the way that he carried himself off of the pitch and handled his fame. We shall not see his like again.
Michael Elam, USA

I never saw the man play except on old grainy footage from the 30s and it was hard to appreciate just how good he was. Then, I saw a piece of footage from Pathe showing him practising hitting a golf ball with a cricket stump at a wall, and hitting it again on the rebound and again and again. His eye and timing were truly unbelievable. In this day and age, with players regularly playing almost double the amount of tests that Bradman did (and hence having more chance of getting out) his feats, particularly his average will be unsurpassed. It's unlikely we will ever see a more gifted cricketer. He will be missed.
Matt Laycock, England

Truly a great...a legend! I grew up in the era of the Chapels, the Botham, and the Boycott et al. But Bradman is a name I have come to associate with excellence in cricket!
Mark Cranmer, UK

Words are not enough. In cricket Don Bradman had no peer and never will. In sport and life, a superb role model.
Rene Pedersen, Australia

My biggest regret is being born 30 years too late
Michael Green, England
My biggest regret is being born 30 years too late. I never saw the great man play, in the flesh, but I have seen much footage of him. I also got an autograph from him several years ago, just after he got out of hospital. There are certain more younger and more able bodied cricketers around today, who do not even take the time to reply. A real gentleman and a true great. He will be sorely missed by all.
Michael Green, England

Sad day for cricket. He was the greatest... may his soul rest in peace.
Abhijit Jere, USA

What a legend. There will never be a better player. His statistics speak for themselves...973 in 8 innings on the 1930 tour, including 309 in a day! Mark Taylor declared rather than surpassed the Don's highest Test score. 99.94 average. Let's hope that all he believed in for the game doesn't die with him. RIP
Andy, UK

Not just the greatest batsman the world ever saw, but an Aussie legend. The game in this country will never be the same. God bless Sir Don
Philip Bugeja, Australia

BBC Sport's Neil Bennett
"Bradman was efficient and relentless"
BBC News 24
Charts Bradman's career
Former Australian captain Richie Benaud
"His contribution to world cricket was immense"
Former Australian captain Bill Brown
"He was a great Australian"
Former England chairman of selectors Alec Bedser
"He was the best"
Former England Test bowler Fred Trueman
"He's probably the greastest batsman that ever lived"
Australian Prime Minister John Howard
"I want to expresss the grestest sympathy on behalf of the entire nation"
Sir Donald Bradman dies aged 92

Cricket's loss

A legend mourned

A life at the crease



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