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  Thursday, 25 January, 2001, 11:31 GMT
Agassi v Rafter: Game-by-game
Pat Rafter
Rafter is in his first semi-final on home territory
Game-by-game analysis as defending champion Andre Agassi beats Pat Rafter 7-5 2-6 6-7 (5-7) 6-2 6-3 in the semi-final of the Australian Open.

Latest set at the top - click refresh for updates and scroll down for earlier action

Fifth set

Rafter receives some more treatment before coming out for the decider. He strikes two powerful winners but Agassi holds.
Agassi 1-0 Rafter

Rafter's problems with cramp are plainly evident but the quality of his volleying helps him hold serve.
Agassi 1-1 Rafter

Agassi easily holds with Rafter's problems being highlighted by his lack of chasing down.
Agassi 2-1 Rafter

The gutsy Rafter goes 30-40 down after two failed volley attempts and loses the first break point.
Agassi 3-1 Rafter

Agassi holds to love against an opponent putting up little resistence.
Agassi 4-1 Rafter

A 21st ace at 30-30 helps Rafter win his service game after being taken to deuce.
Agassi 4-2 Rafter

Agassi has little trouble in moving to within one game of a third Australian Open final.
Agassi 5-2 Rafter

Rafter's reserves see him hold serve as he looks to put in one last ditch effort.
Agassi 5-3 Rafter

It proves fruitless as Agassi takes the match with a service game to love.
Agassi 6-3 Rafter

Fourth set

Both players return from an extended interval before Agassi serves out a comfortable game. Rafter asks for the trainer at the turn-around.
Agassi 1-0 Rafter

Rafter does not seem troubled as he hold his serve with ease.
Agassi 1-1 Rafter

The server is on top in this set as Agassi loses just one point.
Agassi 2-1 Rafter

Following attention from the trainer, Rafter goes 15-40 but the quality of the Australian's serving takes him to deuce. But Rafter cannot stop Agassi taking a third break point.
Agassi 3-1 Rafter

Agassi consolidates his advantage by confidently holding serve.
Agassi 4-1 Rafter

Rafter is looking increasingly tired and, even though Agassi is looking to seize on his exhaustion, the Australian holds serve.
Agassi 4-2 Rafter

Rafter makes no impression on Agassi's serve.
Agassi 5-2 Rafter

Rafter's suffering looks to be worsening as he puts up little resistance in losing his serve and the fourth set.
Agassi 6-2 Rafter


Agassi's return goes into the net. 0-1

Agassi levels before taking the lead with an ace. 2-1

A 20th Rafter ace levels and then Agassi strokes into the net. 2-3

A Rafter forehand goes into the net. 3-3

Rafter fails with a return of serve.4-3

Agassi then fails to return a Rafter first serve. 4-4

A serve-volley point puts Rafter ahead.4-5

Rafter the achieves a mini-break and two set points when Agassi finds the net.4-6

Rafter is long with a return of serve.5-6

He takes the set on his serve when Agassi fails to keep a return in play.5-7

Third set

Rafter is showing no signs of easing up as he takes the opening game on serve.
Agassi 0-1 Rafter

Two powerful returns put Rafter 15-30 ahead on his way to taking Agassi to deuce. But Agassi handles the pressure and holds.
Agassi 1-1 Rafter

Rafter goes 15-40 down and Rafter shows his resolve by taking the game to deuce with two aces on the trot. Another ace on advantage gives him the game.
Agassi 1-2 Rafter

Agassi comfotably holds serve as he starts to come back into the match.
Agassi 2-2 Rafter

A double fault puts Rafter 15-30 down but the Australian responds with an ace on his way to claiming the game.
Agassi 2-3 Rafter

Agassi gifts Rafter the first point after a double fault but that is the only point he loses in levelling.
Agassi 3-3 Rafter

Rafter is similary comfortable as he holds his serve.
Agassi 3-4 Rafter

Agassi lets a return of serve go and it falls in as Rafter takes the score to deuce after being 40-15 down. But Agassi safely negotiates the game.
Agassi 4-4 Rafter

A rafter double fault puts him 15-30 down before two successive aces get him out of trouble.
Agassi 4-5 Rafter

Serving to save the set, Agassi wins the game to love.
Agassi 5-5 Rafter

Rafter increases his ace count on the way to powerfully holding serve.
Agassi 5-6 Rafter

The accuracy of Agassi's ground strokes help him take the set into a tie-break.
Agassi 6-6 Rafter

Second set

Rafter is taken to deuce after a cross-court Agassi backhand but holds serve.
Agassi 0-1 Rafter

A second serve at 30-30 helps Rafter to his first break point which he fails to take with a narrowly long forehand return. Rafter makes a determined effort to break but Agassi holds on.
Agassi 1-1 Rafter

R after then loses just one point after an authoritative service game.
Agassi 1-2 Rafter

Rafter continues to pressure the Agassi serve and moves 0-40 up and takes the first of three break points courtesy of a double fault by the American.
Agassi 1-3 Rafter

Rafter consolidates his break by holding serve as he is now playing with more aggression.
Agassi 1-4 Rafter

After losing his last service game, Agassi holds to love.
Agassi 2-4 Rafter

Rafter responds with an equally emphatic service game as he loses just one point.
Agassi 2-5 Rafter

A fortunate return by the now dominant Rafter gives him set point only for Agassi to serve an ace. But Rafter eans another set point and takes it with a spectacular cross-court forehand at full stretch.
Agassi 2-6 Rafter

First set:

Rafter opens the serving and starts with a double fault before two successive aces. An Agassi pass down the line helps take the score to deuce but Rafter closes out the game.
Agassi 0-1 Rafter

Agassi has a more comfortable first service game as he levels.
Agassi 1-1 Rafter

A scorching cross-court pass by Agassi is the only point he wins as Rafter takes his ace tally to six.
Agassi 1-2 Rafter

Rafter wins a length rally with an perfectly executed lob to take the score to 15-15. He then shows his disappointment at a line call before Agassi loses just one point on his serve.
Agassi 2-2 Rafter

Agassi takes an awkward-looking fall but is okay. He gets up to level at 30-30 courtesy of two forehand shots but Rafter safely negotiates any danger.
Agassi 2-3 Rafter

Rafter is failing to have much impact on the Agassi serve as the American again takes the game with ease.
Agassi 3-3 Rafter

Rafter serves his second double fault which brings Agassi level on 30-30. Agassi is then surprisingly long with a forehand and Rafter moves back in front.
Agassi 3-4 Rafter

A winning lob give Rafter the first point on Agassi's serve but the American levels. He is taken to deuce but claims the game.
Agassi 4-4 Rafter

Agassi takes the score to 30-40 to earn the first break point of the match. Rafter responds to take the score to deuce and comes through another break point to hold serve.
Agassi 4-5 Rafter

Serving to save the set, Agassi takes the game from 40-30 up.
Agassi 5-5 Rafter

The first break of serve. Agassi wins the first point and then Rafter serves a double fault in going 30-40 down. A third break point for Agassi, he takes it after a Rafter half-volley is long.
Agassi 6-5 Rafter

Agassi hold serve to love in claiming the first set.
Agassi 7-5 Rafter

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