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Friday, 7 July, 2000, 04:20 GMT
Call for World Cup revote
The victorious German delegation at the vote in Zurich
The victorious German delegation at the vote in Zurich
Football's governing body is facing calls for a revote on the 2006 World Cup after bribery allegations following the successful German bid to host the tournament.

Fifa has dismissed as a hoax an apparent attempt to bribe delegates ahead of Thursday's vote in Zurich.

But Danny Jordaan, the leader of the South African bid which had been the favourite to win, said he was reserving judgement on the matter.

And Zola Zinwar, South Africa's national team manager, is demanding a re-vote and a police investigation.

Mystery letter

A letter purporting to offer gifts from the organisers of the German bid was pushed under the doors of delegates' hotel rooms in Zurich before the votes were cast.

But Fifa officials say it had no influence on the committee's decision.

Jack Warner, the Trinidad representative on Fifa's executive committee, confirmed to BBC News 24 that he and several of his colleagues woke up on Thursday morning to find letters pushed under the doors of their hotel rooms.

He revealed the letters claimed to be from someone supporting the German campaign and offered a cash gift in return for their support in the crucial vote.

Mr Warner said he and the other delegates believed the letter to be a hoax, but added that the matter was discussed ahead of the final ballot and that Fifa president Sepp Blatter was upset and very angry at the news.


Germany beat South Africa by one vote for the right to host the prestigious tournament.

Alec McGivan, head of England's bidding team, said of the letters: "We will be waiting to see if there is more evidence, and if there is we shall respond to it."

It has also been revealed that Mr Jordaan had been told to return to Zurich in the light of the revelations.

Franz Beckenbauer and Danny Jordaan
His country's president Thabo Mbeki had earlier declared the decision as a "tragedy for Africa."

Mbeki lamented the fact that South Africa's bid had not "convinced the majority on the FIFA executive that Africa's time had come".

"Of course the disappointment we're experiencing is a setback to our efforts at gaining the recognition that Africa deserves in the international sporting community," he continued.

"We are confident that our bid was sound in all respects but a few of the final arbiters, from their unique vantage point, clearly had their own view different from ours."

Concern has also been raised about the New Zealand delegate Charles Dempsey, whose abstention from the final round of voting handed the Germans victory.

While no suggestion has been made that Mr Dempsey was influenced by any alleged bribes, there has been surprise in his country at the decision.

The New Zealand minister of sport, Trevor Mallard, described it as "distressing and embarrassing".

The chief executive of Soccer New Zealand, Bill McGowan, said there was a clear decision that the Oceania Confederation would support South Africa's bid for the World Cup once England dropped out.

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