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US PGA Championship day four as it happened

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By Ben Dirs

0114: Right then, that's about all I have to say. Not the most glamorous major I've ever seen but if the glamour boys don't turn up, that's their problem. Beforehand it was all about Tiger and McIlroy - Tiger walked the talk but couldn't walk the walk, McIlroy's challege was effectively over after only three holes. Donald and Westwood flattered to deceive again, and so it was left to the yeomen of the PGA Tour to take the limelight. Bradley versus Dufner in a play-off for the final major of the year - who would have thought it? But you just watch, this kid Bradley might just do more great things. Night...

0102: It takes a few minutes, but the enormity of what he's just achieved eventually hits home - Bradley, in his rookie season, in his first major championship, has brought home the bacon for the American fans, that's the first US victory since Phil Mickelson at last year's Masters. Rumours of the death of American golf have apparently been greatly exaggerated - you couldn't move for red, white and blue at the top of the leaderboard for all four days. We'll look back on this as one of the great major victories - triple bogey on 15 followed by two straight birdies, this man has got plenty of dog in him.

0054: PLAY-OFF - Dufner (level) v Bradley (-1)
Bradley's birdie effort grazes the cup left, trickles a foot by, but he rattles in the return to win the tournament... Keegan Bradley wins the 2011 US PGA Championship.

0053: PLAY-OFF - Dufner (level) v Bradley (-1)
Old school! The fans break loose from behind the ropes and get a better look of things from across the lake. Here's Dufner, pacing slowly around the green, before settling and sending his ball on its way... well done my son, that's a cracking effort for birdie to get back to level. Bradley has two putts to win it...

0051: PLAY-OFF - Dufner (+1) v Bradley (-1)
Bradley would only be the third man to win in his first appearance in a major, after Ben Curtis and some chap whose name escapes me back in 1913. Cynics will no doubt paint him as another 'faceless' major champion, but he looks like he could go on to do more great things...

0048: PLAY-OFF - Dufner (+1) v Bradley (-1)
Keegan Bradley, I should point out, would be the first man to win a major using a long putter. Dufner looks shattered, weaving his way down the fairway before coming to a halt and clamping his hands to his knees. Bradley looks the man far more likely and here he is with six iron over the water - deary me, he likes cutting things fine, this lad, and he's got some cojones on him, makes the carry by inches and that looks to be that, whatever Dufner manages to conjure. Great shot, almost a carbon copy...

0043: PLAY-OFF - Dufner (+1) v Bradley (-1)
You have to think the best play for Bradley would be to slap it down there and lay it up - no brainer, surely? There have been only two birdies on this hole all day, and he's got a two shot lead. Let's see what happens - fairway metal and that's pretty much perfect, down the left, cutting the hole down to size. Here's our man Dufner - driver for the big man, and he races his ball by that of Bradley, he should make it over from there.

0039: PLAY-OFF - Dufner (+1) v Bradley (-1)
Another shot gone for Dufner - not a bad effort, but it skims the cup to the left. Par for Bradley, his ball nibbling an inch to the right and toppling into the middle - Bradley takes a two-shot lead into the final hole, the treacherous par-four 18th.

0036: PLAY-OFF - Dufner (level) v Bradley (-1)
Who knew watching Keegan Bradley versus Jason Dufner in a play-off could be so exciting? Bit punchy from Dufner, and he's tugged it well left - good luck with the saver coming back. If Bradley can hole this, he could carry a three-shot lead into the final hole... right of the cup, and that's five feet by...

0031: PLAY-OFF - Dufner (level) v Bradley (-1)
Bradley's sole win on the PGA Tour was via a play-off - the Byron Nelson in May, when he beat golf's Prince of Style Ryan Palmer. Here is Bradley on tee at 17 - par three, 160 yards, eight iron... dicing with death but that is absolutely inch perfect, just carried the drink, another makeable birdie putt. Dufner doesn't muck about - seven iron, pretty good effort, but he's got a dirty great putt across the dancefloor for birdie...

0026: PLAY-OFF - Dufner (level) v Bradley (-1)
Dufner to putt first - that was a horrible little poke, straight left off the face. No mistake from Bradley, he steals an early march...

0022: PLAY-OFF - Dufner v Bradley
Dufner to hit first - about 205 in, and he very nearly holes it! What a shot that is, six feet for birdie coming back downhill. Is he bothered? Course not. Bradley with eight iron - and he's got inside him! Would you credit it, they're putting on a fireworks display. Ignore that 'AS' thingy, it's not really relevant, they're not playing matchplay... it's been a long, long weekend...

0016: PLAY-OFF - Dufner AS Bradley
If they remain tied after the three holes, it then goes to sudden death, and the 10th hole comes into play. Here's Dufner on tee at 16 - not bad at all, about as middle as you can get. Bradley's isn't bad either, no-one's blinked yet...

0011: PLAY-OFF - Dufner v Bradley
Dufner and Bradley make their way to the 16th tee and you feel the latter holds the aces - hits it significantly longer, is pumped after barging his way into the play-off and has experience of winning on tour this year. Dufner, meanwhile, lost a play-off earlier this season at the Phoenix Open.

0002: -8 Bradley (18), Dufner (18) -7 Hansen (18) -5 Karlsson (18), Toms (18), Verplank (18)
In it goes - in truth, that was barely two feet, and who would have predicted this? Not even Nostradamus on a good day - it's rookie Keegan Bradley, with only one win on the PGA Tour to his name, versus Jason Dufner, a journeyman pro who's never won at all. Three-hole play-off, 16, 17 and 18 - Dufner the ice, Bradley the fire, if it was a boxing match, they'd dub it Fire and Ice. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic... sorry...

2358: -8 Bradley (18), Dufner (17) -7 Hansen (18) -5 Karlsson (18), Toms (18), Verplank (18)
... Dufner's effort goes close, but no cigar, and he's got a three-footer to force a play-off...

2356: -8 Bradley (18), Dufner (17) -7 Hansen (18) -5 Karlsson (18), Toms (18), Verplank (18)
Brendan Steele found the lake with his second on 18 and Dufner could do without that little delay right now. Bradley has got his feet up - card all checked, all he can do now is watch and (secretly) hope Dufner misses this monster birdie putt...

2352: -8 Bradley (18), Dufner (17) -7 Hansen (18) -5 Karlsson (18), Toms (18), Verplank (18)
Dufner gets the adrenalin pumping through those arms of his and slaps his second onto the dancefloor at 18. Big old putt to win the thing, looks like we've got ourselves a three-hole play-off - unless, unless...

2349: -8 Bradley (18), Dufner (17) -7 Hansen (18) -5 Karlsson (18), Toms (18), Verplank (18)
Dufner on 18 - crackerjack shot, no laying up from there, surely. Bradley from long range at 18 - magnificent effort, cosied up to within a couple of feet, taps it in, round of 68, eight under, Dufner needs a par. Bradley skips around the green like a new-born foal, all gangly legs and arms, big smile on his face, though, which is nice to see. Verplank's birdie effort comes up short, but that's a fine effort from the old guy, he finishes five under and tied for fourth. That's his first ever top-five finish in a major.

2342: -8 Bradley, Dufner -7 Hansen -5 Karlsson, Toms, Verplank
Hansen for birdie at 18... great effort from the Dane but doesn't borrow enough. In with a 66 for seven under overall, he's our clubhouse leader. Verplank, by the way, doubled 17 to drop back to five under. Bradley sticks his second on 18 to within 20 feet, and almost simultaneously Dufner races his birdie putt miles by back on 17. Things could be about to change at the top... shot gone for Dufner, that's three in row - and we have a tie for the lead...

2336: -9 Dufner -8 Bradley -7 Verplank, Hansen
Bradley takes three wood off the tee at 18 - safe, but he's got a brutal second to make the green...

2335: -9 Dufner -8 Bradley -7 Verplank, Hansen
Difficult to tell if that vacant look on Dufner's face equals cool or haunted - we might be about to find out. Hansen pings his second across the waves on 18, a chance to grab a share of second for the Dane. Seven iron for Dufner, strongish old breeze, and he just makes the carry. A rare smile, but still not giving away much...

2332: -9 Dufner -8 Bradley -7 Verplank, Hansen
Dufner hasn't got this tied up by any means - water to negotiate on 17 and 18 and Bradley's just poured in a 30-odd footer on 17 to get to eight under, one adrift. This is getting interesting - Dufner will have heard those cheers, and now he's got to tee it up on 17 and keep those knees from knocking.

2328: -9 Dufner -7 Verplank, Bradley, Hansen
Scotty, Scotty, Scotty... Verplank, after the high of that splash in on 16, plonks his tee shot into the drink at 17. Keegan safely on, however. Hansen with his tee shot at the last and that's a tremendous blow, he should have no problems popping it on from there. Dufner's bunker escape at 16 is a little longer than he would have liked and he's got a snakey one coming back... misses left but makes it coming back, just one shot gone. Toms, winner on this stretch in 2001, in with a 67 and currently tied for fifth.

2322: -10 Dufner -7 Verplank, Bradley, Hansen
Dufner with 197 to the pin and he's going with four iron, breeze against... leaks it right, but he should have no problem escaping that bunker. Hansen with a rare two on 17 to move into a tie for second.

2320: -10 Dufner -7 Verplank, Bradley -6 Hansen
Dufner slaps his drive down the middle on 16. Someone's done something pretty special, that sounds like a hole in one cheer... Karlsson finishes with three bogeys for a 67 and falls out of that tie for second on six under. Adam Scott, winner in Ohio last week, is in with a 68 for four under overall. Here's Bradley for birdie on 16 - nails it, back to -7 he goes. Verplank splashes out at 16 to join him! Lovely stuff from the old stager.

2316: -10 Dufner -6 Karlsson, Verplank, Bradley, Hansen
Bradley marmalises his tee shot down the middle on 16 and he's got barely 150 yards into the green - crackerjack effort, eight-footer for birdie. Karlsson found sand with his tee shot on 18 and is only able to hack out with his second. Hansen on 17 - you have to think he needs an ace. Not quite, but pretty good, a chance too grab outright second. Karlsson safely on in three on 18...

Jason Dufner
2313: -10 Dufner -6 Karlsson, Verplank, Bradley, Hansen
Real breeze getting up now, flags being buffeted outside the clubhouse. Dufner down the slope on 15 - what a putt that is, give the man his dues, there's nothing wrong with his ticker - four up with three to play, and they're dropping like flies up ahead of him.

2310: -11 Dufner -6 Karlsson, Verplank, Bradley, Hansen
As is often the case in the final stages of a major, no-one seems to want to win it - Hansen misses a five-footer on 16 to drop back to that group on six under, Dufner sticks his third to within 10 feet, it looks as if no major damage has been done.

2306: -11 Dufner -7 Hansen -6 Karlsson, Verplank, Bradley
It's a triple for Bradley on 15, tyres shredded, his race is run. Dufner on tee at 15 - waggle, waggle, waggle - WET! Perhaps it's time to fear the waggle no longer...

Jason Dufner
2304: -11 Dufner -9 Bradley -7 Hansen -6 Karlsson, Verplank
Dufner with that 20-footer for birdie on 14 and he cosies it up to within a couple of feet. Bradley chops on at 15... through the green and in the drink - that's Keegan gone, and he looked insanely nervous back on the tee. Bradley has to go back down the fairway to the drop-zone and here's his fourth shot... it's a goodun, very nearly sticks it in. Karlsson leaks another one on 17, they're beginning to give Dufner an armchair ride up front. Toms lets a shot go at 16, we've got ourselves another first-time major winner...

2254: -11 Dufner -9 Bradley -7 Karlsson, Hansen -6 Toms, Verplank
Dufner is like a ruddy machine - another arrow-like approach at 14, another birdie chance. Bradley on the par-three 15th - tugs it left onto the fringe, he'll have a tickly little chip down towards the hole. Karlsson on 17... eight iron, decent enough, but decent enough isn't enough...

2251: -11 Dufner -9 Bradley -7 Karlsson, Hansen -6 Toms, Verplank
Bit of bad weather making its way in, but we should escape it, it's still looking pretty as a picture at the Atlanta Athletic Club. Karlsson missed that monster coming back, although it was a brave old effort, and he's now four adrift of Dufner heading into the sharpest teeth on the course. Bradley doesn't hit his birdie putt on 14, Hansen makes his saver on 15 to stay four off the lead. Fear the waggle of Dufner, fear the waggle...

2248: -11 Dufner -9 Bradley -8 Karlsson -7 Hansen -6 Toms, Verplank
Many thanks Hodgo, Ben Dirs to take you through to the close - manually refresh and you'll see my name at the top. That could be Karlsson's hopes gone - over-cooked his approach at 16 and has skated all the way through the green coming back. Hansen with a fine birdie attempt on 15, he should save par from there to stay four off the lead. You have to think, however, that it's going to take a Dufner blow-up from here for anyone else to win it.

2243: -11 Dufner -9 Bradley -8 Karlsson -7 Hansen -6 Toms, Verplank -5 Steele
Dufner does it again. The guy can't miss. He rolls in another birdie on 13 to get to 11 under. He missed four cuts in a row coming into this week, but he's found something from somewhere.

2235: -10 Dufner -9 Bradley -8 Karlsson -7 Hansen -6 Toms Verplank -4 Scott, Points
Here's a bit of Lee Westwood after another major slips away: "I played lovely again, it's just one of those things. I missed twice inside six feet in the first five holes which is not great when you're trying to get off to a quick start."

2228: -10 Dufner -9 Bradley -8 Karlsson -7 Hansen -6 Toms Verplank -4 Scott, Points
Lee Westwood slides in his bogey putt on 18 to end with a 68 for three under overall, currently a share of sixth. Dufner, meanwhile, is unstoppable and drains his 12ft birdie putt after being seemingly in trouble on the long 12th to get to 10 under.

RWright0007 on Twitter: "If Lee Westwood could putt like Ben Crenshaw he would be 10 clear and have 6 majors in the bag!!"

Lee Westwood
2225: -9 Dufner, Bradley -8 Karlsson -7 Hansen -6 Toms, Verplank -4 Scott, Westwood, Points, Donald
Dufner fires his second way through the green on 12. Hansen comes up agonisingly short with long birdie putt on 13. Westwood plays up from the drop zone on 18 and sticks it to about 15ft. Has an air of resignation on his face. Another near miss.

2220: -9 Dufner, Bradley -8 Karlsson -7 Hansen -6 Toms, Verplank -4 Scott, Westwood, Points, Donald
Someone was going to do it and I had a funny feeling...Lee Westwood hits from the bunker on 18 - straight into the drink. That is what's known as a watery-grave. Donald misses with his birdie chance on 17. The Englishmen are done. Scott Verplank's not, though, and eagles 12 to get to six under, as does Keegan Bradley to join Jason Dufner in the lead at nine under.

2216: -9 Dufner -8 Karlsson -7 Bradley, Hansen -6 Toms -5 Verplank -4 Scott, Westwood, Points, Donald
Ok, Ben's taking five. I'll be your eyes and ears for the next few holes. Luke Donald hits into the heart of the green on the short 17th - a birdie chance there, but you feel he needs two more to give them something to think about.

By Ben Dirs

2214: -9 Dufner -8 Karlsson -7 Bradley, Hansen -6 Toms -5 Verplank -4 Scott, Westwood, Points, Donald
Hansen makes that birdie putt at 12 and is one closer to leader Dufner, who was last seen rolling his birdie putt by on 11. He makes his par putt coming back. Toms with his second to 13 and he's all over the pin - he's the only former major winner anywhere near the top of the leaderboard, he won this thing on the same course in 2001... Rob Hodgetts is going to have an half hour stint... Toms made that 12-footer, he's on the prowl...

2208: -9 Dufner -8 Karlsson -7 Bradley -6 Hansen -5 Verplank, Toms -4 Scott, Westwood, Points, Donald
Westwood for two on 17... doesn't come back, surely that's his hopes up in smoke. Donald makes his saver at 16 to remain -4. Here's Hansen on 12... 20 feet, but timid, but should pop that in for par. Dan (see below) - tell your wife golf is special because it isn't shopping or DIY...

Dan, Crewkerne, via text on 81111: "HELP - I reckon I can get the wife to read about 10 words before she loses interest and calls me sad for liking golf - so in 10 words, what is so special about golf/why should she get involved?! Many thanks."

2204: -9 Dufner -8 Karlsson -7 Bradley -6 Hansen -5 Verplank, Toms -4 Scott, Westwood, Points, Donald
Westwood at the short par-three 17th - safe as houses, but he's needs more than safe, he needs Hollywood right now. Keegan Bradley very nearly pours in a colossal putt at 11 but it's motoring and skips over the old cellophane bridge. Hansen into the 12th, I do believe that's an eagle chance to join fellow Scandinavian Karlsson on eight under. Dufner right into the heart on 11...

2200: -9 Dufner -8 Karlsson -7 Bradley -6 Hansen -5 Verplank, Toms -4 Scott, Westwood, Points, Donald
Dufner missed that birdie chance on 10 - had that gone it, it could have been goodnight Charlie for everyone else. Westwood's long-range birdie effort on 16 curls left, he's running out of chances. Karlsson hitting it like a dream - he parachutes into 13 and has a 15-footer to join Dufner atop the leaderboard. Dufner on the 469-yard, par four 11th - waggle, waggle, waggle with his three wood and then he sends it on its way. Not sure anything's going to knock this boy out of his groove, he's cool as they come.

Iain Carter
BBC golf correspondent Iain Carter on 5 live: "I sense that players like Lee Westwood, Luke Donald, Ian Poulter, Paul Casey, who have had every success in their careers, that they and the media build up majors much more so than is the case for the US players. It seems to me it's easier for them to treat this as another event than it is for us this side of the pond."

2151: -9 Dufner -8 Karlsson -7 Bradley -5 Hansen, Verplank, Toms -4 Scott, Westwood, Points, Donald
Toms with birdie at 11, he moves to five under, and he's got the very birdieable 12th to come. Westwood now at 16 - all over the stick but it's punchy, he's got a slippery one coming back. Dufner pushes his tee shot right on 10 but no great dramas. Karlsson with a heat-seeking iron into the 12th, the Swede has got an eight-footer for eagle. Hansen makes a lungun disappear on 11, the Dane moves to -6... firecrackers going off all over the course now. Bradley letting things slip - three-footer for a bird on 10 but he dinks it left. Karlsson for eagle - BOOM, BADDA-BING! The Swede to within one of the lead. Donald rolls in for bogey on 15...

Luke Donald
2145: -9 Dufner -7 Bradley -6 Karlsson -5 Hansen, Donald, Verplank -4 Scott, Westwood, Points, Toms
Dufner for a three-shot lead on nine - misses left, slight misread. Bye, bye Luke - you knew where that ball was heading as soon as he hit it, it was the smile that told you. Wet with his tee shot at 15, another major charge fizzles out. The sad part is, he very nearly holes his third.

2140: -9 Dufner -7 Bradley -6 Karlsson -5 Hansen, Donald, Verplank -4 Scott, Westwood, Points, Toms
Dufner leads by two after Bradley makes bogey on nine. Dufner now, into nine, and what a shot that is, to within 10 feet below the hole. Scott now, for birdie on 12, but he tugs it left to remain four under. Westwood for birdie at 15... 40-footer, pretty good weight, but skates left-to-right and the Englishman stays five off the lead.

2136: -9 Dufner -8 Bradley -6 Karlsson -5 Hansen, Donald, Verplank -4 Scott, Westwood, Points, Toms
Dufner on eight - MAKES IT! What a moment, he moves to nine under. Not sure he knows where he is - it's the final day of a major, big fella, and you're winning! No? Can't be bothered... Bradley muffs his bunker shot on nine, could be a shot gone there. Here he is again... flashes his long-ranger by, and he's got a nasty one coming back. Hansen is in all the way at 10... but he hasn't hit it. Donald makes tap-in par at 14, but the last four holes is where the turbulence sets in...

2127: -8 Dufner, Bradley -6 Karlsson -5 Hansen, Donald, Verplank -4 Scott, Westwood, Points, Toms
Dufner just carries the bunker at eight but he's got a monster for birdie. Here's Garcia into 18... short and wet, great shame that. I think we might see that a few more times this evening, this is what you might term a Hollywood final hole.

2124: -8 Dufner, Bradley -6 Karlsson -5 Hansen, Donald, Verplank -4 Scott, Westwood, Points, Toms
Donald now to get to six under... shaves it just right on 13, he's about to enter the valley of sin... our coverage has just kicked off on 5 live, Iain Carter and Andrew Cotter our men in the middle of the melee. Keegan Bradley joins Dufner on eight under with birdie at eight... lots of broad smiles out there, here's Hansen beaming from ear to ear as his long-ranger just misses the mark on 10. The Dane still right in this, too. Toms with a heat-seeking iron into the 10th, Westwood pours in his five-footer for par on 14...

2117: -8 Dufner -7 Bradley -6 Karlsson -5 Hansen, Donald, Verplank -4 Scott, Steele, Westwood, Points, Toms
Sergio very nearly aces the 17th - pop that in, which he should, and he's three under. Kevin Na is our clubhouse leader - a round of 67 today for two under overall. From simmering away on a low light all of a sudden we've got a proper pot-boiler as the year's final major enters its final stages, this is what it's all about. Dufner up the slope at seven, about four foot to go. Karlsson for birdie on 10... makes it from eight feet, he's now six under and looking quite likely... Dufner remains eight under...

Luke Donald
Jason Dufner
2110: -8 Dufner -7 Bradley -5 Hansen, Donald, Verplank -4 Karlsson, Scott, Steele, Westwood, Points, Toms
Nice one Sergio, birdie at 16 from 10 feet and the Spaniard is back to two under. Scott moves to four under - he let one go at nine - with a long-ranger at 10 and Dufner has just snatched the outright lead with a birdie at six. Donald makes a tap-in birdie on the 12th, he's now five under - but still three off the lead. Westwood across the short stuff at 13 - good effort, should make a safe par. DA Points joins the gaggle at four under, a lot of punchy players out there. One of them in former champion David Toms - tap-in birdie at nine, he's out in 33 and right in the mixer.

2106: -7 Dufner, Bradley -6 Verplank -5 Hansen -4 Karlsson, Donald, Scott, Steele, Westwood
Here's Karlsson with his second to the ninth - I haven't mentioned the Swede much, but he's swinging it like honey off a spoon, and that's a doozy. Karlsson, 20th in the world, leaves his slippery putt just left of the cup, he stays four under. Verplank on the par-three seventh and he's safely on the dancefloor. Donald right at the pin at 12, he could get something out of this hole. Bradley for birdie on seven - gives that a chance, real knee-knocker coming back.

Lee Westwood
2058: -7 Dufner, Bradley -5 Hansen, Verplank -4 Karlsson, Donald, Scott, Steele, Westwood
Westwood from 15 feet for eagle at 12... it's in, it's in...NOOO! Curls left too soon but that's a birdie and he's in that group on four under. Three birdies and no bogeys today, and that's the kind of golf that could win this. Verplank pushes his par putt wide at the short par-four sixth, he drops back to -5. Bradley misses the chance to snatch the outright lead, his birdie effort at six shaves the cup left. Hotting up in Atlanta, as if it could get any hotter...

2053: -7 Dufner, Bradley -6 Verplank -5 Hansen -4 Karlsson, Donald, Scott, Steele
All of a sudden, it's getting veeery twitchy out there and everyone's making mistakes - Dufner leaves his bunker escape in the sand at the fifth and his fourth isn't much cop either. Verplank's got the adrenalin pumping - he very nearly sprays a bunker escape into the water at six and he's very heavy-handed coming back. Dufner makes par, but it will feel like a shot dropped...

2053: -7 Dufner, Bradley -6 Verplank -5 Hansen -4 Karlsson, Donald, Scott, Steele
Donald from sand on 11 and he's into the heart of the green. Here he is with a long-ranger for birdie... decent effort, he should make par. Lee Boy with a pearler of an iron into the 12th, he needs something, he needs something... Keegan Bradley chose to lay-up at the sixth but that's a sweet little pitch. Shot gone for Steele at five, Donald makes par...

2048: -7 Dufner, Bradley -6 Verplank -5 Steele, Hansen -4 Karlsson, Donald, Scott
We are going to have some fun and games down the last today - 507 yards, bunkers to the right of you, water to the left, a horror show of a second into the green. Good luck Charlie... Steele with his second at five and he's pushed that right into some shrubbery. Dufner with that waggle of his and he leaks his second right as well, into a bunker. Verplank with three wood off the sixth - not many fairways being hit, he's pushed that right...

Luke Donald
2041: -7 Dufner, Bradley -6 Verplank -5 Steele -5 Hansen -4 Karlsson, Donald, Scott
Here's the world number one, putting for birdie on 10 - and this is Ben Dirs, by the way... BOOM! A 15-footer, it ducks in the tradesman's and Donald moves to within three of the lead. Bradley with his third out of the sand at five and that's a peach, short of the hole. Steele bombs one down the fifth - first cut, but he should be OK. Garcia downhill at 14, like putting on ice - double-breaker, manages to bring it up short. Hansen going for it at six... crackerjack, skips onto the front and that gives him an eagle chance. Scott makes birdie at eight, he's now four under - who insinuated this was boring? Bradley back to seven under and a share of the lead...

By Rob Hodgetts

2035: -7 Dufner -6 Bradley, Verplank -5 Steele -4 Hansen, Karlsson -3 Scott, Donald, Watney, Schwartzel, Westwood
Westwood fires a great approach into 11. And from 12ft he....shaves the cup on the right. Golden chance gone begging there. Dufner leaves himself work to do for par on four but calmly rolls it in. Steele misses his par putt on the fourth.

Pengumile on Twitter: "Lee v Luke - who will overhaul who in the last moments of the tournament? I see a runners up spot for one of them, maybe more... "

2030: -7 Dufner -6 Bradley, Steele, Verplank -4 Hansen, Karlsson -3 Scott, Donald, Watney, Senden, Westwood
Senden birdies seven to get to three under, Schwartzel finds water on the sixth to go in the opposite direction, back to two under.

Lee Westwood
2025: -7 Dufner -6 Bradley, Steele, Verplank -4 Hansen, Karlsson -3 Scott, Karlsson, Donald, Watney, Schwartzel, Westwood
Get in the hole. Westwood finally makes a birdie putt on the 10th to edge to three under. Donald bags another par on the ninth.

2020: -7 Dufner -6 Bradley, Steele, Verplank -4 Hansen -3 Points, Scott, Karlsson, Donald, Watney, Schwartzel
Good spot from @KillieMad on Twitter. Ricky Barnes fires five birdies in a row from the fourth and then amasses a quadruple-bogey eight on the 18th to end seven over.

2014: -7 Dufner -6 Bradley, Steele, Verplank -4 Hansen -3 Points, Scott, Karlsson, Donald, Watney, Schwartzel
Donald from 15ft for birdie on the eighth...and he pushes it wide right. Garcia drops a shot at the 12th to drop to one under. Schwartzel birdies five to get to three under, Stricker drops two on the fourth to slip back to two under.

2008: Garcia sticks one in the drink on 12. Westwood has 20ft putt for birdie at nine - slips by on the left, though. Taps in to stay two under.

BBC 5 live golf correspondent Iain Carter: "I agree with @TheSirNickFaldo that -5 will be a useful target to post, sit back and watch closing carnage."

2000: -7 Dufner, Bradley -6 Steele, Verplank -4 Stricker, Hansen -3 Points, Scott, Karlsson, Donald, Watney
Verplank birdies the 520-yard second to climb to six under. Donald leaves his long birdie putt on seven agonisingly short. Anders Hansen drains a good one for birdie on the third to climb to four under. Scott up to three under with birdie on the fifth.

1955: -7 Dufner, Bradley -6 Steele -5 Verplank -4 Stricker -3 Points, Hansen, Karlsson, Donald, Watney
It's beginning to get spicy. Steele bogeys the first to drop back to six under, Westwood birdies eight to go two under. Karlsson gets to three under at four.

Luke Donald
1951: Trevor Immelman and Gary Woodland both up to two under with birdies on the 12th. Mickelson just can't get it going and drops one at the 10th to slip back to one under. Donald from the right bunker on six and he splashes to a couple of feet. That will be a birdie to get the world number one to three under. Game on.

1944: -7 Dufner, Steele, Bradley -5 Verplank, Stricker -3 Points, Hansen
And we have a three-way tie for the lead - Keegan Bradley birdies the first to get to seven under. He hooks his drive off the 2nd, mind.

1938: Sergio Garcia shaves the cup with his birdie chance on 10 to stay two under. Westwood on seven and a birdie putt from 20-odd feet...but it slides past on the left. Benj_Greenhalgh on Twitter: "Westwood would be walking this if he could putt. Thrown away 2 in 5 holes already today and countless this week."

1932: -7 Dufner, Steele -6 Bradley -5 Verplank, Stricker -3 Points, Hansen
Mickelson reaches the turn in 33 for two under and five off the lead. Back on the 1st, Keegan Bradley and Scott Verplank get under way in the penultimate group. Up on the green, Stricker opens with a birdie to get to five under. Westwood hits his third from the drop zone to about 15ft and makes the par putt. Donald misses with his birdie putt from about 18ft on the fifth.

1926: Westwood's drive on the short 6th takes a viscous bounce off the camber and scampers into the lake to the left of the fairway and green.

1920: On the 1st tee, the 44-year-old Steve Stricker gets under way with Dane Anders Hansen. Up on the 9th Sergio Garcia grabs a shot back to climb to two under.

Lee Westwood
1918: Good approach from Westwood on the long fifth. Distinct birdie opportunity there. But his putting woes continue - he pulls it left from about five feet and stands looking at the hole in frustration. Mickelson misses birdie chance on eight to stay two under.

Luke Donald
1912: -7 Dufner, Steele -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker -3 Points, Hansen
Luke Donald's short game comes up trumps again as he sinks one from off the green on the third for a birdie to get to two under.

1910: -7 Dufner, Steele -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker -3 Points, Hansen
Hello, team. Feeling sharp? Nice. Turns out Donald's putt on the second was only for par so he stays one under. Ryan Palmer edges to two under with back-to-back birds on six and seven. Allenby, who was rocking along, drops a shot at the 15th to slide back to four under for the day, one under overall. And Hunter Mahan sinks a 15fter for eagle on 5 to get to -2.

By Ben Dirs

Phil Mickelson
1901: -7 Dufner, Steele -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker -3 Points, Hansen
Woodland three under through nine, Mickelson moves to two under with a five-footer for birdie on six. Charles Howell III back to level, the American three under through 14, and teenage Italian Manassero is two under today through 13 and +1 overall. I'm going to take a bit of a break, I'll leave it to Rob Hodgetts to chart the charges of Garcia, Mickelson and Donald - birdie at two for the world number one, he leaps into the red.

Luke Donald
1853: -7 Dufner, Steele -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker -3 Points, Hansen
Sergio pours in a second straight birdie at six and he's got time to get something going here, only five off the leaders. Allenby five under today and he very nearly makes it six under but slides his birdie effort a couple of inches by on 14 - he's two under for the week. Things getting more interesting... a little bit... another Aussie, Adam Scott, ready to fly - in that right-hand bunker, like so many before him. Westwood for birdie at three and he's raced it eight feet by... Mickelson with his second from the white stuff at six - very nearly sticks it in, and he should make birdie. Garcia cosies his birdie putt up towards the cup at seven, he stays two under.

Luke Donald
1845: -7 Dufner, Steele -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker -3 Points, Hansen
Great recovery from Donald at the first but he over-borrows by a couple of inches with his birde putt. Mickelson makes that birdie on five to get into the red, Garcia splashes out to within six feet at six to give himself a chance of a second birdie on the spin. Donald makes that three-footer for an opening par - a platform, at least...

1840: -7 Dufner, Steele -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker -3 Points, Hansen
Oh boy, Westwood missed that six-footer on two by a couple of inches, that's not a good sign. Woodland into the eighth and this chap's got touch as well as brawn, that's a sweet, sweet pitch and he should move to within five off the lead. Mickelson down the hill at five but he leaves his eagle effort five feet short.

Phil Mickelson
1835: -7 Dufner, Steele -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker -3 Points, Hansen
Garcia picks up a shot at five to get to one under and Mickelson has pulled out two gigantic hits to make the back of the green on the same hole - eagle putt coming up, and boy do we need it...

1833: -7 Dufner, Steele -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker -3 Points, Hansen
Not the start Luke would have spent last night dreaming of - a squirt right into a fairway trap. Bubba out in 32! Sweet birdie putt on nine, that one went both ways. Allenby of Australia goes to two under par courtesy of birdies at 12 and 13. Westwood with eight iron into the second and that's a veeeery makeable birdie putt from eight feet.

1829: -7 Dufner, Steele -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker -3 Points, Hansen
Westwood's birdie putt is decent enough but curls just too soon. Breeze has picked up a little on day four and here's Garcia chopping out down the fifth. Mickelson lets rip down the fifth, better... here comes Luke Donald making his way to the first tee, the Englishman really needs a spunky start. Garcia gives himself a chance of a birdie with a pearl of a pitch at the fifth.

The sun is out
The sun is out
1822: -7 Dufner, Steele -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker -3 Points, Hansen
Sergio makes that par to stay level and here's Mickelson on tee - bit of a chat with caddie 'Bones' about which club to take and he does the old switcheroo. Good decision, that's a doozy. Shame about the putt, he's smouldering when we want him to be aflame.

1814: -7 Dufner, Steele -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker -3 Points, Hansen
England's world number two Lee Westwood about to let rip, here's Garcia tip-toeing onto the par-three fourth. De Jonge of Harare, Zimbabwe slaps his tee shot down the middle on one and Lee Boy follows him down there. A lot of timber in that pairing. Garcia putting across the fourth but he leaves that birdie low.

1804: -7 Dufner, Steele -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker -3 Points, Hansen
Mickelson gets up and down on the second for par before splattering his drive down the third. Not a great strike but he gets a break and he scoots back onto the short stuff. Bubba's birdie effort stays up - just - at seven and he stays level par. Furyk kicks off where he left off yesterday with an iffy drive down the first. Dyson on 17 - that's sandy.

Rory McIlroy
1755: -7 Dufner, Steele -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker -3 Points, Hansen
Bubba trucking along nicely, birdies at five and six and the punchy left-hander is back to level. McIlroy in with a 74, I believe, he'll rue that rush of blood to the head at the third on day one, whatever he might say in public. Saying that, you can talk all you like about that busted wrist, but his putting wasn't much cop either.

1752: -7 Dufner, Steele -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker -3 Points, Hansen Luke Donald on the range - he'd still be in this if it wasn't for that malfunction on the 18th last night. Ah well... Dyson for birdie on five... stays +2. Crackerjack approach from McIlroy at 18, he could finish with a birdie at least. Francesco Molinari of Italy on tee and he, too, could have been right in this if it wasn't for a stumble down the stretch last night. He's safely away, as is playing partner Alex Noren of Sweden. Mickelson is going to need some magic at two, he's tugged his approach well left from a bunker.

1746: -7 Dufner, Steele -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker -3 Points, Hansen Mickelson clears the trees and finds the dancefloor with his sweeping second at the first but doesn't hit his birdie putt - he stays level. It's another roister-doister of a day in Atlanta, it hasn't dipped below 90F all week. Scott Verplank is playing in his 63rd major championship this week - he's come close a couple of times, tied seventh on three occasions, including 10 years ago on this stretch.

1741: -7 Dufner, Steele -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker -3 Points, Hansen One player I thought might make a move this weekend was KJ Choi of Korea, but he's one over after four today and +4 overall. Young American Rickie Fowler, heavily-tipped this week, is in with a 68 today. Miguel Angel Jimenez fading rather down the stretch, the 47-year-old two over through 11 and six over for the week.

1736: -7 Dufner, Steele -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker -3 Points, Hansen Mickelson's not fannying about, and I wouldn't want him to - big stick off the first and he's pummelled that down there, but not the ideal angle in. 'Big Hitting' Gary Woodland is getting something together - long-range birdie at two, more to his game than humpty off the tee, he's into the red. Ikeda out in 31 but he's let one go at 10...

1729: Phil Mickelson has arrived - a charge from 'Leftie' would be just the tonic, hopefully he can chuck a grenade into the leaderboard. Ross Fisher quickened the pulse slightly during his second round before fading. Here is the Englishman on 17 and that's a peach of a tee shot - the Wentworth man is one under today but +5 overall.

1723: Sergio on tee, good to see the Spaniard playing some handy golf this week. But he's going to have to do something seriously serious if he's going to have any chance of winning this thing - a 63 might do it. Three wood off the first and he's found a trap. Bubba Watson for birdie on four - not going to lie to you, I thought he missed the cut - and he leaves it high to stay +2.

1715: An early mover today is Japan's Yuta Ikeda - he's three under through eight and level overall. Yorkshire's Simon Dyson is out and about and remains +1 after two, and 18-year-old Matteo Manassero is having a good week, he's one under after seven and +2 for the week. US Open champion Rory McIlroy, still battling that gammy wrist, is nearing the end of his round, he's four over for his round after 14 holes. Paul Casey of England in with a 72 for +14 overall, only 2003 champion Shaun Micheel is below him.

1703: Right, when Steve Stricker is the glamour name on the leaderboard, you know there have been more gripping majors down the years. But let's not denigrate the talent on display - they may not be big names to us, but there is plenty of talent and form on display. Of our front-runners, Brendan Steele, Keegan Bradley and DA Points have all won on tour this year, Jason Dufner has lost a play-off, Scott Verplank is a five-time winner and Denmark's Anders Hansen is a three-time winner on the European Tour. Excited now?

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