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Live - US PGA Championship third round

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By Ben Dirs

0015: -7 Steele, Dufner -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker -3 Hansen, Points
Dufner's birdie attempt curls right too soon but that will be a par for a share of the overnight lead. Keegan Bradley from 10 feet and that was straight right off the face and he'll be playing the final round alongside Scott Verplank. No US win in a major since Phil Mickelson at the Masters in 2010 - it's looking like that streak will be snapped tomorrow. Let's call that an absorbing day of golf. Night.

0007: -7 Steele, Dufner -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker
Brendan Steele and Bradley Keegan, by the way, are both proteges of Phil Mickelson and are both playing in their maiden US PGA. Only two men out on the course now, Dufner and Bradley. Bradley to play his approach first... big shot this, five iron, and what a shot that is, just carries and a hop and a skip up to the hole. Dufner's is even better, no signs of nerves there.

2359: -7 Steele, Dufner -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker
Furyk makes that knee-knocker on 18 but it's a double, nevertheless, and he let five shots go in the last five holes, which is something of a shame. Keegan Bradley squirts his birdie attempt past the hole at 17 and here's Dufner with a chance to take to outright lead... had a look in the side door but decided not to pop in.

2354: -7 Steele, Dufner -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker
Smashing tee shot from Dufner at 17, another birdie chance to snatch the outright lead. Here are a couple of famous Jason Dufner quotations I've dredged up on Google: "It was a nice way to finish the round. The weather was really bad this morning so I'm just glad to get off the course with a good round." And: "That was a nice way to finish. It's a difficult par-three and the wind was pretty hard to gauge and to be honest I was kind of guessing at what club to hit." Verplank with another one-putt green on 18 - great finish after that duffed tee shot, he's home in 32 and two off the lead.

2348: -7 Steele, Dufner -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker
Unbelievable scenes on the 18th - Furyk, having driven into the water, hits his third more liquid from the drop-zone. He then comes over all Basil Fawlty, dropping to his haunches and wrapping his head in his hands. Meltdown at the Atlanta Athletic. Here he goes again - fifth shot, from the drop-zone, and this time he's all over the pin, he's left himself a six-footer for double bogey.

Jason Dufner
2344: -7 Steele, Dufner -6 Bradley -5 Verplank -4 Stricker
Furyk sprays his drive into the drink at 18, it's all gone wrong for the old fox down the back straight - when he wanted to move up a gear, he ended up stalling. Steele for par across 18 - short, but he's in with a very commendable 66 and leads on seven under. Dufner drains his second successive birdie on 16 and joins Steele atop the leaderboard.

2339: -8 Steele -6 Bradley, Dufner -5 Verplank -4 Stricker, Points
Verplank gets right back in the mix, slamming home a long-range birdie putt at 17 - the hole rather got in the way there. Stricker holes a tester on 18 and is in with a 69 - he's three off leader Steele. Verplank muffs his tee shot on 18, skewing into the fairway bunker to the right.

Andrew Cotter
BBC Sport golf commentator Andrew Cotter: "What are the thoughts out there on this USPGA? Need some talking points on 5 live Sports Extra just now. Please help. Please..."

2330: -8 Steele -6 Bradley, Dufner -4 Stricker, Verplank, Points
Stricker lays up at 18 but it's a well-directed lay-up and he takes advantage with his third, he should make par from there. Steele has 230 yards to go on 18 and it looks like he's going to do the sensible thing and lay up from the bunker. He does, and that's a pretty good outcome.

2330: -8 Steele -6 Bradley, Dufner -4 Stricker, Verplank, Points
Dufner dropped a shot at 14 but he's just rattled in a birdie to get back to six under and a tie for second. Bradley with a fine saver on 15 to stay six under. Verplank makes birdie at 16, he's back into that group on four under.

2325: -8 Steele -6 Dufner, Bradley -5 Senden -4 Stricker, Points
Steele for birdie from long range at 17 and that's another fine effort - five under today, despite a double bogey. Andres Hansen of Denmark shaves the cup with his birdie attempt, he's the highest European on three under.

Lee Westwood
2321: -8 Steele -6 Dufner, Bradley -4 Stricker, Senden
Bogey for Senden at 14, he falls to -4 to join Steve Stricker in a tie for fourth. "I've had enough of this," says Lee Westwood after his round, he looks deeply, deeply frustrated. "I only hit one bad shot all day," he adds, but it's all about that flat stick. Scott for birdie on 18 - good effort, cosied up, in for a round of 70 and he's seven off the lead.

2316: -8 Steele -6 Dufner, Bradley -5 Senden -4 Stricker, Points
Dufner with his second at 14 - middle of the fairway, all over the flag and it sticks on the back fringe. A five for Furyk on the par-three 15th, yet another old pro being fed to the threshing machine that is this closing stretch. Brendan Steele makes a tester at 16 to remain two strokes clear of the field, Dufner doesn't borrow enough at 14 and leaves himself a horrible one coming back for par.

2309: -8 Steele -6 Dufner, Bradley -5 Furyk, Senden -4 Stricker, Points
Westwood putting down the slop on 18, through his shadow, but he borrows too much. A round of 70 for the world number two, the befuddled shake of the head says it all, it should have been so much better. Stricker makes par at 16 to stay four under. Dufner's got a serious waggle on him, I'll give him that, and he spangles his drive down the middle at 14.

2302: -8 Steele -6 Dufner, Bradley -5 Furyk, Senden -4 Stricker, Points
Furyk missed that putt coming back at 14, he drops back to -5. Bradley, meanwhile, misses a very makeable birdie putt at 13 and remains two off the lead. Furyk's wheels come off on the 15th, he cuts one into the drink right of the green.

2256: -8 Steele -6 Dufner, Bradley -5 Furyk, Senden -4 Stricker, Points
Brendan Steele on the par-three 15th and he safely parachutes in. Furyk out of a fairway trap on 14 and that's a pretty neat shot into the heart of the green. Veteran Aussie Senden has birdied 13 as well as 12 to move up to five under. Furyk races his birdie putt by the hole at 14, he's got a thug of a putt coming back.

Andrew Cotter
BBC golf commentator Andrew Cotter on 5 live: "After the 13th it's time to hang on at the Atlanta Athletic Club. If any of these leaders can get through the last four or five holes unscathed they'll make a move on the field."

2249: -8 Steele -6 Furyk, Dufner, Bradley -4 Stricker, Senden
Brendan Steele bends one in at 14 to grab the outright lead. Dufner left himself a five-footer for par at the par-five 12th... tugged it. If you are going to play safe... Bradley makes his birdie and joins his playing partner on six under and two off the lead. John Senden of Australia made birdie at 12 to join Stricker on four under, he's level par today.

2242: -7 Dufner, Steele -6 Furyk -5 Bradley -4 Stricker
Simon Dyson of England in with a one-over 71, and he's hanging in there on +1. Furyk makes birdie on the par-four 13th and he's now one off the lead. Dufner safely on in three at the par-five 12th. Shot gone for Adam Scott of Australia on 15 and he's back to -2.

2239: -7 Dufner, Steele -5 Furyk, Bradley -4 Stricker
Steele with the chance to grab the outright lead at 14 but that got caught in his pinny. Westwood makes a tester on 15 to stop the rot. Furyk putting for eagle on 13 and that's a pretty good effort and he should get to within one of the lead. Dufner laying up at the par-five 12th, Bradley won't muck about though, he's only got 200 yards. Six iron from Keegan and he's safely on in two and should make at least birdie.

Luke Donald
World number one Luke Donald: "I had something really good going there and kind of threw it away. I'm trying to stay positive but I am angry. I might punish myself in the gym. I was in a great position at four under and thought maybe I could even grab an extra birdie, get to fiveunder. That could be leading by the end of the day. I gave myself some good opportunities. It's just a shame to waste it like I did at the end."

2227: -7 Dufner, Steele -5 Furyk, Bradley -4 Stricker
Dufner has hit his last 15 greens, which is probably down to the fact he's been hitting the fairways from the tee. Verplank tugs his par putt left at the par-five 12th and he falls out of that group on four under. Furyk, meanwhile, jumps to five under, recovering from bogey at 11 to make birdie at 12. Here's Westwood with a long-range birdie effort on 15 - timid, the Englishman struggling to hold it together.

Lee Westwood
2222: -7 Dufner, Steele -5 Bradley -4 Stricker, Furyk, Verplank
What know we of our leaders? Brendan Steele is from California, is 28 and won the Texas Open in April, so he's no mug. Jason Dufner is from Cleveland, Ohio, is 34 and has never won on the PGA Tour - the closest he got was losing a play-off to Mark Wilson at this year's Phoenix Open. Two shots gone for Westwood at 14 - misses a short one, back to -1 and six off the lead.

2217: -7 Dufner, Steele -5 Bradley -4 Stricker, Furyk, Verplank
Dufner very nearly curls in that birdie effort at 10 but stays -7, and he's joined by Brendan Steele, who picks up a shot at the par-five 12th. Shot gone for Furyk at 11, he drops back to three off the leaders. Westwood doesn't make that 30-footer, he drops back to -2. The mercury nudging 100 in Atlanta, but it's not hot enough to melt Steele... or Dufner... sorry, so many 'unheralded' Americans...

Jason Dufner
2212: -7 Dufner -6 Steele -5 Furyk, Bradley -4 Stricker
Westwood tugs his second left onto a path at 14 and the ball ricochets off a spectator and runs 40m back down the hill. Dufner made a birdie at nine for an outward nine of 33 and he's grabbed the outright lead on seven under. Here he is out of the semi-rough on 10 - bang in the middle of the green. Westwood all over the pin with his third at 14 but he's got a 30-footer down the hill for par.

2209: -6 Dufner, Steele -5 Furyk, Bradley -4 Stricker
Westwood with a safe, solid par at 13, he stays three under. Lots of errant driving this week, not sure why, hasn't been a lick of wind. Bradley misses just left with his birdie putt at nine and here's Verplank straight at the pin at 11 - dreadful start, but he's back to -3 courtesy of birdies at five and 10. DA Points gets back to -3, too, the American holing a biggun at the 10th. Birdie for Stricker at 12, he's back to founr under and two off the lead. Verplank buries that three-footer at 11 and is back to four under. Dufner, by the way, hasn't played a Saturday since May.

2158: -6 Dufner, Steele -5 Furyk, Bradley -3 Westwood, Hansen, Senden, Stricker
Bradley into the ninth and that's pretty safe, and Dufner follows him on. Apologies, Scott actually escaped with a par at 12, despite getting wet, and stays two under and right in the mix.

2153: -6 Dufner, Steele -5 Furyk, Bradley -3 Westwood, Hansen, Senden, Stricker
Dyson can't make the most of that doozy of a tee shot at 15, here's Bradley for birdie at the eighth - cosies up, he'll stay -5. Par at eight for Dufner, he retains a share of the lead. Pretty relaxed, this boy, I've seen far more tension over at my local municipal. Scott's wheels have come off - water with his second at 12, he's in freefall. Karlsson in with a 67 - 32 on the dastardly back nine - and the Swede is two under for the week. DA Points is three over through eight and back to one under...

BBC Radio 5 Live
US Open champion Rory McIlroy: "It's been a frustrating week since what happened on Thursday, just not really being able to play my best. I felt as if I did OK to make the cut and it would have been nice to shoot a decent score today. But I've just got to do my best tomorrow and then have a few weeks off. I'll just rest and not pick up a club and be ready to go in Switzerland in a few weeks. I felt quite comfortable on the tee, but on the fairways and in the rough the wrist bothered me a bit. But it has been on the greens where I've not been good this week."

2146: -6 Dufner, Steele -5 Furyk, Bradley -3 Karlsson, Westwood, Senden, Stricker, Points
Bradley with a fine effort from a fairway bunker at eight, Westwood's birdie putt at 12 starts right and stays right, the world number two remains three under. Brendon de Jonge of Zimbabwe hasn't fallen by the wayside, he's one under through 15 and one under overall.

2142: -6 Dufner, Steele -5 Furyk, Bradley -3 Karlsson, Westwood, Senden, Stricker, Points
Westwood with a little dink down the hill at 12 - duffed it slightly but it was a worker. Anders Hansen moves to three under with a long-ranger at 10, Senden back into that pack at three under after bogey at eight. Dyson at the par-three 15th, which is playing 223 yards today, and that's some shot, he'll have an eight-footer for birdie.

2140: -6 Dufner, Steele -5 Furyk, Bradley -4 Senden -3 Karlsson, Westwood, Stricker, Points
Westwood with his second at 12 - four iron, bit punchy, leaves an up and downer from the fringe. Masters champion Charl Schwartzel is in with a 66 and is only four off the lead. Hansen of Denmark is out in 36 and two under overall, Garcia makes his par at the last and is back to level par for the tournament. Another shot gone for Dyson at 14, back to level par he goes, as Steele rams home his birdie at 10 to join Dufnet atop the leaderboard.

2136: -6 Dufner -5 Steele, Furyk, Bradley -4 Senden -3 Karlsson, Westwood, Stricker, Points
Bradley at seven... good iron into the heart. Brendan Steele to tie the lead on nine but his ball is afraid of the dark and refuses to fall. No player has ever won a major using a long stick on the greens, but there are plenty of men on that leaderboard using exactly that - and not just old boys, either. Here's Keegan Bradley with the belly putter on seven and his birdie putt stays high... and he misses the par putt coming back, just as Dufner nails his birdie - all change at the top.

2128: -6 Bradley -5 Steele, Furyk, Dufner -4 Senden -3 Karlsson, Westwood, Stricker, Points
Shot gone for Dyson of England at 13, he's back to -1. However, the Yorkshireman is looking very much at home in the majors nowadays. Westwood now for birdie on 11 - misread, but that'll be par. Two birdies at 12 and 13 for Ross Fisher gets his round back on track, the Englishman had a rocky start but he's back to +2.

2123: -6 Bradley -5 Steele, Furyk, Dufner -4 Senden -3 Karlsson, Westwood, Stricker, Points
'Big-Hitting' Gary Woodland (he should make that official, like Marvelous Marvin Hagler) makes birdie at 13 to get to two under. Here's Westwood with wedge into 11 and that's all over the stick, chance of another birdie to get to four under. Dufner with a longun to take the outright lead - doesn't hit it, he stays -5 through six. Garcia back to level for the week courtesy of that birdie at 17. Robert Karlsson makes his fourth birdie in the last seven holes, he's three under all of a sudden with three to play. Scott three-putted from six feet at nine and he's come up well short with his birdie attempt at 10. Keegan Bradley, who started with a double, has just rattled in a monster at six to grab the outright lead - you might not have heard of him, he's a rookie, but he's on on tour this year.

2116: -5 Steele, Furyk, Dufner, Bradley -4 Senden -3 Westwood Stricker, Points
Many thanks Hodgo, Ben Dirs rejoins you as Lee Westwood rolls in a birdie at 10 to move to -3. Mickelson blows one at the last and cards a 69 for level par overall. Shot gone for Scott at nine, he's out in 35 and -2 for the week. Four-way tie at the top, Brendan Steele holes one from across the green at eight after that double at the seventh. Crackerjack from Garcia at 17, stiffs it to within a few feet.

By Rob Hodgetts

2108: -5 Dufner -4 Steele, Senden, Bradley, Furyk
Jim Furyk, wielding a belly putter, edges to four under with a birdie on the sixth. Brendan Steele drops two at the seventh to slip back to four under.

2100: Luke Donald hits from the drop zone to about six feet and drains the putt for a double bogey to card 68 and go into the final day at one under. Simon Dyson gets some reward after four pars following the double on 6 with a birdie on 11 to get back to -1.

2055: -6 Steele -5 Dufner -4 Senden, Bradley -3 Donald, Stricker, Scott, Furk, Jobe, Hansen, Points
Steele birdies the sixth to take the outright lead. Donald, after a good lay-up from a fairway bunker on 18, sticks it in the wet stuff.

2045: Stricker drops back with a bogey on the sixth after some tree/sand trouble, while Keegan Bradley grabs a shot back at the third to get back to four under. Senden, by the way, bogeyed the third and is four under.

2039: Stricker in trouble on six, playing his third out of the trees. The balls scoots up and into the bunker behind the green. Donald's chip from the fringe on 17 ends a touch short. He rams in the par putt, though, to stay three under, two back. Dufner has a 10ft birdie chance to take outright lead on the third but leaves it short.

2034: Donald playing with fire on the par-three 17th but the ball just hangs on the green with the water looming. Brendan Steele birdies the fifth to get back into a share of the lead.

2029: Stricker birdies the fifth and is back in the joint lead at five under. Mickelson misses par putt on 15 and slips back to one under. Donald also misses par putt on 16 and slides to three under. Westwood misses birdie putt on 7.

2026: Lee Westwood slots in a decent one on six to stay at two under. Mickelson in trouble in sand on 15. Donald splashes from a bunker but can only get to about 18ft on 16. PS Jason Dufner has a very pronounced waggle before hitting his ball. Just thought you might want to know.

2019:-5 Dufner, Senden -4 Donald, Stricker, Verplank, Points, Steele
Keegan Bradley does not like that after a double bogey on the first to drop to three under. Dufner pars to stay in the lead with Senden. Westwood birdies the fifth to get to two under.

2013:-5 Bradley, Dufner, Senden -4 Donald, Verplank, Points, Steele
Donald shouts "Go, go" at his tee shot on the short 15th. It does, too and lands about 10ft away. Misses the birdie though.

2007:-5 Bradley, Dufner, Senden -4 Donald, Stricker, Verplank, Points, Steele
Aussie John Senden birdies the first to join Dufner and Bradley at the top. What do we think will be leading at the end? What score would a Dufner take right now? Intrigue building.

2001: Cheers Ben, evening all. And here go co-leaders Jason Dufner and Keegan Bradley off the first. Dufner, a smooth swing, finds the short stuff, Bradley, a touch more agricultural, catches sand. Way up ahead, Luke Donald birdies the 14th to get to four under, just one off the lead. This could shape into a cracking tussle. Especially as Mickelson makes a good par save on 13 to stay two under.

By Ben Dirs

1959:-5 Bradley, Dufner -4 Stricker, Furyk, Verplank, Points, Senden, Steele
Chocs away for DA Points and John Senden, which leaves only joint leaders Bradley and Dufner to play. Brendan Steele of the United States birdies the second to join that gaggle on four under. Mickelson sends caddie 'Bones' scrabbling under the stands to retrieve his ball before skimming his recovery over the green.

BBC Sport golf correspondent Iain Carter: "In the last five pairings there are four players ranked outside top 100 in world: Bradley, Points, Steele & Jobe. Also Senden 92 & Verplank 87."

1954:-5 Bradley, Dufner -4 Stricker, Furyk, Verplank, Points, Senden
Jimenez in with a 72, he's probably out of this now, but there's Schwartzel getting to two under courtesy of birdie at 15. Adam Scott buries a long one at three to get to three under. Things falling apart for Ross Fisher, another one gone at eight, he's back to +3. Westwood hoovers up a par at four, he stays one under. Strength of 10 men from Mickelson on tee at the 13th, he splattered that into the gallery back left.

1945:-5 Bradley, Dufner -4 Stricker, Furyk, Verplank, Points, Senden
Garcia, second into the 10th, stiffed it to within six feet. Westwood now for birdie at three... too much borrow, he stays -1. Stricker skims one out of the right bunker at two and it's a double-sander. Furyk on tee now, he's playing with Scott Verplank. Furyk, a 16-time winner on the PGA Tour, yanks his tee shot to the left. Oklahoma's Verplank laces his drive down the middle... Westwood at the par-three fourth, and that's a pretty ordinary tee shot. Garcia makes that birdie putt disappear at 10, the Spaniard back to +1. Mickelson's eagle effort at 12 ducks right but he pops that in to get to -2, just three off the lead.

BBC Sport golf correspondent Iain Carter: "Just called Keegan Bradley Bradley Keegan on 5 live. This will happen a lot. I would LOVE IT if it doesn't."

1934:-5 Bradley, Dufner -4 Stricker, Furyk, Verplank, Points, Senden
Stricker for birdie at the first, from 15 feet, and in it goes, he's back into a tie for second. Westwood with a nine iron into the third and that's safe enough. Nicky Watney putting something together - a third birdie at 12, he's in the red.

Lee Westwood
1930:-5 Bradley, Dufner -4 Furyk, Verplank, Points, Senden
That's some shot from Garcia, shot of the day for me - soft, soft hands, out of the sand, little skip through the fringe and to within a few feet of the cup. Mickelson's long-ranger at 11 comes up a couple of inches short but he stays -1. Luke Donald right at the stick at the par-five 12th, he could get to three under from there.

1926:-5 Bradley, Dufner -4 Furyk, Verplank, Points, Senden
Ross Fisher has come stumbling out of the blocks - three shots gone in the first six holes, he's back to three over. Garcia into the ninth after a dropped shot at eight and he's tugged that into a green-side bunker. Westwood with a knee-knocker from four feet out - in it goes, that's two straight pars. Stricker up and running and that's a beauty straight at the stick at the first. Jobe playing with Stricker and he's come up just short of the green.

1922:-5 Bradley, Dufner -4 Furyk, Verplank, Points, Senden
Westwood tugs his drive at the second into trees left and this is not very clever... good shot, skims one out to within a few feet of the front. Donald from three feet at 11 and he rams it home to stay two under. Kuchar makes birdie at 13 to go with birdie at 12, the American now also two under. Fowler makes triple at the last - his second of the round - but still cards a 75. Poulter on 17... nearly an ace! Two more rolls and it would have been in, the Englishman back to +2.

1916:-5 Bradley, Dufner -4 Furyk, Verplank, Points, Senden
Garcia has opened up with seven straight pars, Simon Dyson has come haring out of the traps - birdies at two and four, he's now two under. McIlroy with a sweet approach at 18 and that's a rare birdie at the last - 74 today for +7 overall. Francesco Molinari finished with a 67 today and is level par heading into the final day. Shots blown down the stretch, but he'll have taken that at the start of the day.

1912:-5 Bradley, Dufner -4 Furyk, Verplank, Points, Senden
Westwood with his second into the par-four first. Right on target to set up a birdie chance. Schwartzel makes another birdie at 12 to get into the red and here's Westwood with his birdie putt at one... 12 foot out, leaves it just right. Mickelson out in 33 - birdies on six, eight and nine he's -1. Adam Scott with three wood off the first and that's right where he wants it...

1901:-5 Bradley, Dufner -4 Furyk, Verplank, Points, Senden
Fowler does a McIlroy at 17 - another ricochet off the kerb - but he races his birdie putt by. Mickelson really does have all his guns blazing - a crackerjack approach at eight, that should be another birdie. Masters champion Charl Schwartzel two under through 11 and back to level. Jerry Kelly and Lee Westwood on tee - Kelly finds the fairway with his drive, England's world number two gets a break, skimming some branches and coming to rest on the fairway.

1854:-5 Bradley, Dufner -4 Furyk, Verplank, Points, Senden
Mickelson getting something going - he makes that birdie effort at seven and is now just five off the lead. Donald still grinding away - another pin-point iron into nine and he's got that from 10 feet to get to two under. That was only the second birdie on 18 today from Toms, it's still proving to be a thug of a hole. Donald makes it, out in 32.

1849:-5 Bradley, Dufner -4 Furyk, Verplank, Points, Senden
Rory McIlroy with a huge slice of luck at 17 - his tee shot ricochets off the kerb of the lake and finishes 10 feet from the hole. Mickelson slashing out from rough at seven, chance of a birdie. Dyson of England into the red with a 20-footer at the second, the stringy Matt Kuchar is two under after 11 and back to level overall. Toms for an unlikely birdie on 18 - not many of those on this hole - and he makes it from 20 feet. The 2001 champion in with a 65 for -1 overall.

1843:-5 Bradley, Dufner -4 Furyk, Verplank, Points, Senden
Sergio for birdie five but he leaves it low. Mickelson with a cry of "Fore!" off tee at seven, snap hook off the tee. Francesco on 17 - doesn't hit his birdie putt, leaves it three feet short. Makes the par, stays one under. Donald for birdie on eight - fine effort, but not enough borrow. Hunter Mahan in with a 66, and Miguel Angel is putting a very handy round together - eagle at 12, birdie at 13, level par through 15.

1837:-5 Bradley, Dufner -4 Furyk, Verplank, Points, Senden
Francesco on 17 and that's right at the pin, which is positioned barely five yards over the drink. Luke Donald drawing one into the eighth and that skips safely onto the dancefloor. David Toms putting a fine back nine together - four under with one to play, four off the lead. Ben Crane, too, is four under heading to the 18th, and also one under overall.

1830:-5 Bradley, Dufner -4 Furyk, Verplank, Points, Senden
Ross Fisher of England - good day for him yesterday - is out and about and he's bogeyed the first to drop back to +1. Mickelson made the longun disappear at six to get back to +1 - he's still a threat. Not a bad tee shot at seven, either. Francesco lets a shot go at 16 to fall back to -1, here's Rory with a silky iron shot into 17. Sergio at the par-five fifth and that leaves him a 15-footer for birdie.

1825:-5 Bradley, Dufner -4 Furyk, Verplank, Points, Senden
KJ Choi of Korea has been under the radar all week but he isn't out of this yet - bogey at 16, but he's only +1 overall. Garcia laces one down the fifth and his ball kicks left into that scrubby rough. Hunter Mahan of the United States sharpening those elbows - six birdies today in a round of 66 and he's only five off the lead as it stands.

1822:-5 Bradley, Dufner -4 Furyk, Verplank, Points, Senden
Young Manassero of Italy into the guts of the 10th green and here's Donald on the par-three seventh - safe as houses, pin tight left. Garcia makes 'one of those' to save par on the fourth, former champion Toms misses 'one of those' to fall back to three under for the day and one under overall. Mickelson, the world number six, with his second at six - chance of a birdie from 20-odd feet. McIlroy leaves his bogey putt a couple of inches left on 15, he may well decide to give tomorrow a miss.

1817:-5 Bradley, Dufner -4 Furyk, Verplank, Points, Senden
Davis for birdie at 10... shaves the cup right, he stays level. Paul Casey of England is in with a 78, he's propping up the leaderboard on 12 over. Three birdies on the spin for world number one Luke Donald, he's not out of this yet by any means. His birdie putt at six comes up short but he's one under overall and only four off the lead.

1814: Ryan Palmer with a two at the fourth to climb back to +1, Fransesco Molinari makes a fine saver to remain five under for the day through 15 holes. Mickelson for birdie at the fifth, poor pitch and a total misread once on the green. Rory at the par-three 15th... that's wet...

1811: Hello! Many thanks Hodgo, Ben Dirs in the hotseat now - from the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff to the more sedate goings on at Atlanta Athletic Club, just as Jimenez rolls in a birdie putt at 12 to go back to +1. Brian Davis of London with a peach into the 10th - he's two under today and back to level.

By Rob Hodgetts

1800: Lee Westwood is determined to stick with his new approach. "I'm just going to freewheel and see what happens," he says. The 38-year-old has had five top threes in his last eight majors, which is no mean feat. But he is desperate for that "W" and willing to try anything. He tees off at 1900 BST. And with that, here's Ben Dirs to guide you through the next couple of hours.

1753: Former champion David Toms, wearing a pair of check strides that no 44-year-old should attempt unless on a golf course, chips in on 14 for a run of eagle, birdie, birdie to rocket to one under. He holed a fairway wood on his way to that 2001 victory, too. So he's got that going for him. Which is nice.

1749: Luke Donald laughs in the face of his early bogey with back-to-back birds on three and four to nudge to one over.

1742: Funny man Ben Crane, he of the amusing YouTube videos and founder member of the Golf Boys , is also on the march - four under after 13 and up to one under for the event.

1737: If anyone on the course wants inspiration, they need look no further than Franny Molinari, who is now five under for the day after 12, now up to two under overall.

1735: Luke Donald has tripped up early on with a bogey at the second to slip back to two over. But bounces back with a birdie at the third to cancel it out. As you were.

1732: The US PGA always features a number of American club pros and making his mark right now is sole survivor Mike Small, the 45-year-old head coach at the University of Illinois. A birdie at 12 takes him to one under for the day, three over for the tournament. That's still seven better than 14-time major champion Tiger Woods, who is currently cutting the lawn/washing the car.

1728: And there's an Englishman making a move...yep, it's Londoner Brian Davis, a former columnist in these parts and a very nice man. Two birdies in his first five holes lift Brian up to level par for the tournament.

1725: Francesco Molinari up to four under for the day through 10, now one under and just four off the lead. Picking an end-of-round leader right now is just like chucking the balls up in the air and seeing where they come down.

1720: Phil Mickelson sets off up the first hoping to make amends for his double bogey via the water on 18 on Friday which dropped him back to level par. Lefty was on a good run and making a good case for a fifth major until that point. Long way to go, though. Plenty of golf left. Still to come are Simon Dyson (1820 BST), Lee Westwood (1900 BST), Steve Stricker (1920 BST), Jim Furyk (1940 BST) and then the final pair of Jason Dufner and Keegan Bradley at 2000 BST.

1712: Ian Poulter and Padraig Harrington are also finding life difficult under the searing Georgia sun in Atlanta. Poulter is four over through seven for +6 and Harrington two over after five for +4.

1707: Of course, there's bogeys out there too. And no sooner do I talk him up than Rickie Fowler makes three of them on the same hole - a triple-bogey seven on the eighth to slide back to where he came from. Rory McIlroy, who has spent plenty of time in Fowler's company this year at the Masters and Open, is toiling, too. The US Open champion began with a double and has dropped three more shots for five over after nine , that's eight over for the tournament. England's Paul Casey, playing on his own as the first man out, is home with a 78 to end 12 over.

1700: Hello, team. Feeling sharp? Lush. Let's get into the golf, then. Moving Day at the US PGA and there's all to play for. Sixteen players within four of the lead and there's birdies out there. Ben Crane, Francesco Molinari and Rickie Fowler are all three under for the day and up to level par, that's just five off the lead and there's nine others on the same mark, including England's Simon Dyson and Ross Fisher.

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