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US PGA day two as it happened

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By Ben Dirs

0044: -5 Dufner, Bradley -4 Verplank, Senden, Points, Furyk, Jobe
That's course management for you - Verplank rolls in his birdie putt at 18 after laying up and he heads into the weekend just one off the lead... right, Jobe made par at 17, and I'm going to leave you as he heads down 18 - moving day tomorrow, let's hope there's a few Europeans heading north up the leaderboard. Night...

0042: -5 Dufner, Bradley -4 Verplank, Senden, Points, Furyk, Jobe
Jerry Kelly putting across the green for birdie at 18 - just too much borrow, but he's kept it together today despite not playing that well, in with a 73 for -2 overall. Tiger has been beaten by five club pros - 20 of them qualify each year - which is a mark of how poorly he played, which is no disrespect to the club pros. Mike Small, by the way, is the only club pro to make the cut, right on the mark at +4.

0036: -5 Dufner, Bradley -4 Verplank, Senden, Points, Furyk, Jobe
Verplank with the ball below his feet and he clips out a seven iron onto the fairway, he trusts he can get close with his wedge. Jerry Kelly is going to give it some humpy, though, and he's just carried it. Back to Jobe on 17 - he cosies his birdie putt up to the hole, should make par from there. Verplank plonks his approach to within 10 feet at 18, knee-knocker for par...

0029: -5 Dufner, Bradley -4 Verplank, Senden, Points, Furyk, Jobe
Verplank sprays his tee shot right at 18 and he'll have to lay-up from there, no chance of gunning for it. Brandt Jobe has two to play, he's one off the lead...

0023: -5 Dufner, Bradley -4 Verplank, Senden, Points, Furyk, Jobe
Not many out there now as Verplank strolls onto the 18th tee - he doesn't hit it far, he may decide to lay up instead of going for it in two. Jimenez recovered well down the back nine, the Spaniard in with a 73 for +2 overall, he's not out of this yet.

0020: -5 Dufner, Bradley -4 Verplank, Senden, Points, Furyk, Jobe
Jobe for birdie at 16... in it goes, really rattled that home, he's back to four under. Casey for birdie on 18, and it would be only the 10th of the day - didn't hit it, but he rolls in the par putt and will at least be around this weekend. Stricker in with a 74 after that bogey on 18 and he finishes the day on three under.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods: "I think it's a step back in the sense that I didn't make the cut and I'm not contending in the tournament, but it's a giant leap forward in the fact that I played two straight weeks, healthy. I showed signs that I can hit the ball exactly how I know I can. Unfortunately I just didn't do it enough times."

0015: -5 Dufner, Bradley -4 Verplank, Senden, Points, Stricker, Furyk
Verplank's middled that tee shot at 17, good chance of a two. Shadows fingering their way across the course now as the late starters make their way down the stretch and here's Stricker into the 18th from the drop-zone, safely on in four...

0011: -5 Dufner, Bradley -4 Verplank, Senden, Points, Stricker, Furyk
Shot gone for Verplank at 16 and then there were two - Dufner and Bradley standing tallest. Both Molinaris will be here at the weekend, which is nice, we wouldn't want them falling out - Francesco carded a 71 today and is +3, Edoardo carded a 69 and is right on the cut at +4. Here's Casey - bunker off the tee, but he's got to go for it... tremendous shot, skimmed it off the top and straight into the middle of the green. Massive. Stricker's got a pretty good lie, too, and he'll have a stab at it... decent contact, but not decent enough, it's gone for a swim...

0003: -5 Verplank, Dufner, Bradley -4 Senden, Points, Stricker, Furyk
Stricker for par from a few feet at 17 and he rattles it in to stay atop the leaderboard alongside three others. Casey pops in for par. Jobe with a tester for par at the monster 15th and he drops back to -3, but the top of that leaderboard is nothing but red, white and blue. Furyk tore through the more difficult back nine in 31 blows - a round of 65, he's one off the lead.

2358: -5 Verplank, Dufner, Bradley, Senden -4 Points, Jobe, Stricker, Furyk
Stricker at 17 and, like just about everyone else, he tugs his tee shot left. Tiger confirms he won't be playing again until November, which presumably means he won't be playing in his own tournament. Casey for birdie at 17, he could do with this, but it's a longun... misses just right and he needs a par down the last to make the weekend. Furyk from the fringe and into the guts of the 18th. Verplank plays out sideways onto the fairway at 16, he's struggling to keep those wheels on down the stretch.

2353: -5 Verplank, Dufner, Bradley, Senden -4 Points, Jobe, Stricker, Furyk
Poulter putting through fringe and shadows on 18 - just short but it's a round of 68 and he's in with a chance heading into the weekend. Paul Casey of England is battling to make the cut - a birdie at 16 has helped but he's still got two beastly holes to come. One false move, and he's gone. Denmark's Thomas Bjorn birdies 17 to get back to +4 and requires par at the last to make the weekend.

2348: -5 Verplank, Dufner, Bradley, Senden -4 Points, Jobe, Stricker, Furyk
Jimenez has hit turbulence heading down the backward nine - doubles at 13 and 14 and another one gone at 15 and he's gone tumbling down to three over. Verplank very nearly splashes in 15 and here's Senden with a long-range birdie attempt for the outright lead at nine, his 18th, but it races several feet by.

2343: -5 Verplank, Dufner, Bradley, Senden -4 Points, Jobe, Stricker, Furyk
John Senden of Australia birdied the eighth, his 17th, to join that group on five under and Jim Furyk splashes in at the par-three 17th to move to four under.

Tiger Woods
2340: -5 Verplank, Dufner, Bradley, Senden -4 Points, Jobe, Stricker
Luke Donald, the world number one, is in with a 71 and is within striking distance on +1 heading into the weekend. Verplank is making a real dog's dinner of the 14th - a duff into a bunker and that's a shot gone, he drops back into a tie of the lead with Bradley and Dufner. Only nine birdies all day at 18 and Love is in with a 71 for one under overall. Harrington with a slippery three-footer for par on 18 and he makes it - two over, not out of this yet. And here's Tiger for bogey - in it goes, but there's no escaping that was a mess of a 73. Is that a smile or a grimace? Difficult to tell.

Rory McIlroy
US Open champion Rory McIlroy: "Yesterday there were a couple of points where I thought it might have been better to walk in, but I wanted to play through and I felt like I'm hitting the ball OK. I feel as if I can make birdies out there. If I don't think I could contend I probably wouldn't be playing."

2330:-6 Verplank -5 Dufner, Bradley -4 Points, Jobe, Senden, Stricker
Donald attempting to get up and down at 18 but he's left himself with plenty of work to do to make par. First sighting of Padraig today - three wood into the brutal 18th green, 233 yards to go, and he just carries the drink. Love with four iron and that is a bona fide peach. Tiger, meanwhile, is caught in a trap - and he can't walk out, even if he wanted to. Despite the encouraging noises from the galleries, he finds the lake with his second.

2319:-6 Verplank -5 Dufner, Bradley -4 Points, Jobe, Senden, Stricker
Apologies, Stricker actually dropped another shot at 14 to drop back to -4. Stricker on the par-three 15th and he, too, yanks it left, away from the water. Love three putts 16 and drops back to -2. Furyk's missed a couple of very makeable putts today but all in all it's been a punchy old round - four birdies going out, six straight pars coming back and he's three under overall.

2314:-6 Verplank -5 Dufner, Bradley, Stricker -4 Points, Jobe, Senden
Ross Fisher makes five at the last and is in with a 69 for level par overall. Mickelson with his second at the last and he's tugged one short into the wet stuff - right club, wrong connection. Mickelson's fourth is safely on but he's got a nasty 15-footer for bogey. Stricker up the hill for birdie at 14 but it stays left and he stays five under. Poulter with his second into the 16th, he's two under today, and that's a pretty good effort. Two shots gone for Mickelson at the last, he's over par at the halfway stage.

2308:-6 Verplank -5 Dufner, Stricker, Bradley -4 Points, Jobe, Senden
Keegan Bradley, in case he's a new one on you, won the Byron Nelson last year and played some pretty good golf at last week's WGC event in Ohio. There'll be no Scots here at the weekend, Martin Laird and Stephen Gallacher are both beyond the cut.

2305:-6 Verplank -5 Dufner, Stricker, Bradley -4 Points, Jobe, Senden
Shot gone for Love III at 16, he drops back to -2. Fisher in a world of pain on the dastardly 18th - doing the hokey-cokey in a green-side bunker and he leaves his escape in there. Angel Cabrera misses a birdie attempt at 18, that will cost him the weekend.

2302:-6 Verplank -5 Dufner, Stricker, Bradley -4 Points, Jobe, Senden
Verplank with an eagle attempt at the par-five 12th but he slides it a couple of inches to the left. Jerry Kelly for birdie at 12 but that was right off the club face, he stays two off the lead. Luke Donald parachutes into the heart of the par-three 17th, Verplank rolls in a five-footer at 12 to grab the outright lead. Keegan Bradley now with a long-ranger at 16 - in it goes, he moves to -5. I've honestly never seen a more US PGA leaderboard than this one...

2257:-5 Dufner, Verplank, Stricker -4 Points, Bradley, Jobe, Senden
Putts flying in all over the place - Mickelson makes a monster disappear on 17, he's bang in the mix on one under. John Senden of Australia joins that gaggle on four under courtesy of a birdie at five. Tiger's stringing some pearls together with the pressure off - birdies at 13 and 15 and that's a peach into the 16th to offer up another chance.

2254:-5 Dufner, Verplank, Stricker -4 Points, Jobe
Dufner's second into the ninth, his final hole, and it's a very reasonable effort. Scott from the drop-zone at 18 and he sticks it to within 10 feet, up the hill. Jimenez now for bogey from the front of the 13th... nibbles right, the Spaniard back to -1. Scott for bogey at 18 and it doesn't fancy it - not quite a card-wrecker, the Aussie in with a round of 69 for -2 overall. Stricker has a chance to regain the outright lead on 13 but pushes his birdie effort. Jason Dufner in with a 65, the lowest round of the day, and he's elbowed into a share of the lead on five under.

2247:-5 Verplank, Stricker -4 Scott, Points, Jobe, Dufner
The field has really concertinad today and as many as 40 players could win this going into the weekend. Is that a smile? Almost imperceptible, but I think I saw one as Woods bends in a big, swinging birdie putt at 15. Scott had a sudden rush of blood to the head at the last, he's plopped his approach into the drink - could be a card-wrecker. That's an absolute choker for the colossal-hitting Gary Woodland at the last - triple-bogey and he finishes with a 70 to go with his level-par score of yesterday.

2237:-5 Verplank, Stricker -4 Scott, Points, Jobe, Dufner
Stricker laid up at 12 but he buries the birdie attempt to regain a share of the lead. Furyk misses another short-range chance at 13, here's Fisher at the par-three 17th and he's stiffed it to within 10 feet of the pin.

2229:-5 Verplank -4 Scott, Stricker, Points, Jobe, Dufner
Furyk from four feet for birdie at 12 and he's prodded it wide. Scott with his second at 17 and that's a neat little pitch and run to within a few feet. Mickelson makes par at 15 after that pushed tee shot. Fisher splashes out at 16, should make that up and down to stay one under. Donald not making much disappear today but he's hanging around - birdie attempt stays high at 15, I think, although I can't be sure, the leaderboard's gone down again...

2215:-5 Verplank -4 Scott, Stricker, Points, Jobe, Dufner
Jimenez is still trucking - one under today through 10, two under overall. Scott's second into 16 is pretty decent, he'll be putting from the back fringe. Mickelson on tee at 15, he too is scared of the drink and pushes his ball into the left-hand bunker. Brandt Jobe doesn't hit his birdie putt at nine and he stays four under. Shot gone for Fisher at 15, but he remains in the red.

2211:-5 Verplank -4 Scott, Stricker, Points, Jobe, Dufner
Dufner with a double-breaker at six - if he'd hit that, he would have grabbed a share of the lead. But he didn't, so he didn't.

2208:-5 Verplank -4 Scott, Stricker, Points, Jobe, Dufner
Donald with a heat-seeker of an approach into the 372-yard 13th, birdie chance for the world number one. Two doubles on the spin for Tiger, it's a little bit weird watching him play like this - perhaps the worst aspect is he looks like he really doesn't want to be out there, and I've never seen that before. Fisher on the par-five 15th, playing 236 yards today, and he tugs it left into a trap. Mickelson sets his birdie effort on its way downhill at 14 - turns away, does a bit of gardening, before trotting after it and watching it miss by a couple of inches.

2157:-5 Verplank -4 Scott, Stricker, Points, Jobe, Dufner
Scott dropped a shot at 14 to fall back into a tie for second. Here's our leader Verplank from long range at nine and that's a pretty good birdie attempt. Jason Dufner eagles five, his 14th, and he joins hat group on four under. Scott spread-eagled in a green-side bunker at 15 but that's a fine escape. Ross Fisher remains -2 after making par at 14, Verplank makes his par putt... oh dear, back to -5 he goes, a very nervy effort from all of five feet.

2157:-6 Verplank -4 Scott, Stricker, Points, Jobe
The unheralded Keegan Bradley is four under through 10 and right in it at -3. Woods bends his tee shot into some nonsense at 12, bunts it back onto the fairway, before playing a remarkable shot - he collapses into the down-swing and the ball goes staight left off the face and deep into some forest. Extraordinary to see, it's like watching Picasso knocking out a child's drawing you'd stick up on the fridge.

2146:-6 Verplank -5 Scott -4 Stricker, Points, Jobe
Quiros has splattered his drive 370 yards down the 12th, that's quite shocking in its massiveness. We think Donald has found the drink with his approach, as we watch Stricker's meltdown continue - often called the best putter in the world, he's missed another saver at nine to drop out of the lead. Verplank with a slippery right-to-lefter at eight and it's bang in the middle - he's now the outright leader. You know I said Donald found drink? He didn't, it ricocheted off the concrete lip and he's just played a magnificent bunker escape. Big smile, big break. Manassero makes a birdie putt disappear from the front of the 14th, he gets back to -2.

Phil Mickelson
2139:-5 Stricker, Scott, Verplank -4 Points, Jobe
Jimenez rocking and rolling down the front nine - birdie at eight, he's two under. Scott now on 14 - Big Dog, straight into the bunker. Mickelson snaps that run of 11 straight pars with a 12-foot birdie putt on 12 - he's only five off the lead. Verplank on eight and that's very nice, he's left himself a 10-footer for birdie and the outright lead. Scott's on the down-slope in that bunker and he fizzes his escape short into the pine needles.

2136:-5 Stricker, Scott, Verplank -4 Points, Jobe
Stricker bombs one down the ninthand it's missed its target, fairway left. Jerry Kelly misses a sitter at seven to drop out of that tie for second. Manassero tries to feather one in at 13 but he borrows an inch too much - he dropped one at 12, by the way, and is -1. Woods found sand again off tee at 11 - before bending his second into more of the white stuff. By the end of this round, he might have devolved into a meercat. Make that a fish, he's splashed through the green and into the lake. Gruesome viewing - unless you're not a Tiger fan, of course...

2128:-5 Stricker, Scott, Verplank -4 Points, Kelly, Jobe
Scott Verplank landed another birdie at six to join Adam Scott on five under and one behind leader Stricker. Scratch that, Stricker pokes his par putt left of the cup at eight and we have a three-way tie atop the leaderboard. I think Adam Scott broke into Stricker's locker overnight and stole his putting mojo. Furyk motoring today and making some putts disappear with the belly putter - birdie at nine, he's now three under.

2124: Poulter of England for birdie at nine - drains it from 12 feet, turns in 34, two inside the projected cut. Woods' wedge shot into the 10th was pretty ordinary and he leaves his birdie putt left - he's got some serious graft to do to make the cut. Fisher, birdie at 11, he goes to two under and four off the lead.

2116: Scott slashes out from the pine needles at 12 and back onto the short stuff. Woods on 10, three wood, pings one down the middle. Magnificent third from Scott at 12, he's stiffed that to within three inches. Jerry Kelly for birdie at six but that's a bit pumpy, right through the break. In for birdie for Scott, he's moved to -5 and outright second. Stricker on eight and he's got a bit punchy with that, he's gone right over the back.

2109: Scott Verplank, One Of The Shortest Hitters On The PGA Tour (TM), is now four under after a birdie at five. Here's Woods at nine and that's vintage, ramrod straight from 10 feet - two in a row, out in 35. Brendon de Jonge at the fourth for birdie - the burly Zimmer moves to -2. Love bends a long one in at nine and the 47-year-old stays three under.

2102: Mickelson for birdie at 10... good enough, but not in the cup... Furyk has picked up another one to move to -2. Ross Fisher of Wentworth with his second at 11 and that's a doozy, he'll have a six-footer to get to within four of the lead. Padraig Harrington is level through eight - +3, battling to make the weekend.

2056: Eighty-two players currently on +4 and under, not looking great for the +5s, which includes defending champion Kaymer and English duo Paul Casey and Justin Rose. Woods finally makes a birdie putt disappear at eight, he's back to +8. Mickelson has posted nine straight pars and he's a little enthusiastic with his tee shot at 10. Shot gone for Love at eight, he's back to three under. Scott for par from six feet at 11 and he remains -4. Stricker comes back to the field, par putt missed from eight feet, once again he leads by only two.

2051: Stricker on six, out of a fairway trap - TOPPED IT! Lovely stuff. Love from long range at eight and that's a bit spicy, he'll have a tester coming back. Quiros has spangled his drive 340 yards down the ninth, outgunning playing partner Donald by 40 yards. Then again, Donald wasn't in a bunker and he sticks his second to within 15 feet. That birdie putt looked good all the way but grazes the hole to the left and the world number one stays two over.

Tiger Woods
2047: Here's Tiger at eight - FAIRWAY! A cry of "whoo-ha!" from someone in the gallery, although probably not Al Pacino. Stricker rolls in his birdie putt at five, he re-opens his three-shot lead. Jim Furyk piecing a decent round together, birdies at one and five, the former US Open champion into the red. Rickie Fowler in with a 69 today, he'll be around at the weekend. News of Ryo Ishikawa - the poor man was a bit green around the gills yesterday and shot an 85, but he's one over through 10 today, which shows he's got plenty of spunk.

2040: Stricker for eagle from miles out on the par-five fifth - leaves it well short coming uphill, very un-Stricker. Woods slides his par putt by at seven and he's still got some work to do. The mercury up to 93F in Atlanta, sounds like a ruddy broiling nightmare. Manassero at 10, birdie putt from 25 feet - good effort, he stays -2, just four off the lead. London's Brian Davis, a man who knows his way round an American parkland, is level today through six and one under for the week.

2035: Many thanks Hodgo, Ben Dirs back in the seat as Luke Donald sends in his approach at eight - good enough. Fellow Englishman Ross Fisher is putting a decent round together, the willowy one is two under through eight and one under overall. Spain's Miguel Angel Jimenez bogeys the par-three fourth to drop back to level. Adam Scott with his second at 10 - wedge, and he's safely on. Love for birdie at the par-three seventh after a crackerjack approach - straight down the pipe, he grabs a share of second on four under. Stricker's let one go - bogey at three, he now leads by two.

By Rob Hodgetts

2020: Aussie John Senden is hot on the heels of countryman Adam Scott (-4) and climbs to four under with a birdie at 14, his fifth. Jerry Kelly bogeys the second so Stricker leads by two at six under. Matteo Manassero, meanwhile, misses a birdie by a fraction on eight but pouches another par to stay two under. Luke Donald is still toiling at two over but saves himself with a honey of a chip from the off the green on the seventh to make par. And with that, Ben Dirs will nestle back into the text comm hot seat.

2015: Simon Dyson blamed a recurrence of a back injury after falling away. The Englishman was in a share of fourth at -3 after seven but fell back to level par with a 72. "I started off really nice and then my back went on eight," he said. "I've been suffering. It's just really painful and I didn't really commit to many drives after that. You would think with the heat that it would loosen it up, but it doesn't. I'm just going to rest it and have a nice hot bath."

2005: Woods can't get up and down from the sand and bogeys the fifth to slip back to eight over. Weekend plans unlikely to involve trying to win a fifth US PGA title. Steve Stricker drops a shot at the third and is back to six under, just one ahead of Jerry Kelly.

2000: Tiger Woods misses the fifth fairway and then dumps his third over the back into the sand behind the green. Adam Scott pars six and seven to remain four under and is now tied third.

1945: Italian 18-year-old Matteo Manassero sinks his sixth par in a row from the first to stay at two under overall in a tie for seventh. Venezuela's Jhonattan Vegas is also right in the hunt with a 68 to end two under. Tiger Woods, meanwhile, hits a slightly sloppy seven iron onto the left edge of the green on the short par-three fourth and leaves his birdie putt short.

Tiger Woods
1940: Tiger Woods makes a third straight par to start but with the cut likely to come at about four over he is likely to need to shoot no worse than 67 today.

1935: Rory McIlroy's thoughts on his wrist after a second-round 73: "It was probably tougher mentally more than anything else, trying to get it out of your mind. If it wasn't a major, I probably would have stopped yesterday."

1930: Defending champion Martin Kaymer cards 73 and is in danger of missing the cut at five over: "I hit every green in regulation on the back nine and I just made one putt and it was on the last hole. I was in good position, but it didn't happen. It was a frustrating day. I just tried to keep fighting until the end because you never know what's going to happen."

1925: Amazing what the effect can be of having a different man lugging your clubs around. Adam Scott, fresh off last week's WGC win with Tiger Woods's ex-caddie Steve Williams on the bag, makes another move with three birdies in his first five holes to climb to three under.

1920: Leader Steve Stricker (-7), the 44-year-old world number five, is up and running off the first, playing with England's Paul Casey (+2) and Spain's Miguel Angel Jimenez (-1).

1915: Evening, team. Let me guide you through the next spell of US PGA action from the sweltering Atlanta Athletic Club. First up, Luke Donald double bogeys the second after a wayward drive to slip back to two under. Tiger Woods is also in trouble in the group behind and has to blast out from trees. Has the feel of a defining tournament for Woods in this stage of his career.

By Ben Dirs

1908: Luke with his third at the second and he's come up short. Tiger is all over the oche - they've got this very clever Tee Tracker technology on the telly and it shows exactly what happened to Woods' ball there, a nasty old fade into the gallery. Mickelson out of some nonsense at the third - old Leftie has come over all Seve, that's magnificent, straight into the heart of the green. DA Points lets a shot go at the last but he's in with a three-under 67 for four under overall, three off the lead. Righto, I'm off for a break, here's Old Rob Hodgetts for a stint.

1903: Woods is in another ruddy bunker - and that's a pretty ordinary escape. Fifteen-footer for par and he's only gone and drained it, a curly one from right to left. Big moment, that. Scott with seven iron at four and he's six inches away from sticking it straight in. Martin laird of Scotland, one of only two Scots in the field, is out and about and he's parred the first two holes to remain +3. Justin Rose adds a 74 to his first-round 71 and is five over - who knows, may still make the weekend...

Tiger Woods
1855: Westwood's birdie effort slides by at the last but he pops in for a 68 and one under overall. Adam Scott is tearing the front nine a new hole - two monster putts drained with that long stick of his and he's back to -3 and four off the lead. Safe par at the first for England's world number one Luke Donald.

1851: Graeme McDowell is having something of a shocker - four over yesterday, five over so far today, he won't be around this weekend. Fellow Northern Irishman and Open champion Darren Clarke carded a 76 today for +14 overall, while two-time major winner Jose Maria Olazabal has returned matching 78s for +16. He hasn't played much golf recently, it's just good to see him back. Here's Davis Love, playing in his 25th PGA, and he laces one down the middle of the first. Love is playing with Tiger Woods - three wood for the former world number one and he leaks it right into a bunker. Here's Padraig, champion in 2008, and he's just short of the same trap. That's 13 bunkers in the last 19 holes for Tiger - or should I say Lawrence of Arabia? No? OK then...

1843: Garcia in with a 69 - add that to his first-round 72 and that makes him one over. DA Points with six iron down the hill at the par-three 17th - off the front. Mickelson makes par at the first to stay +1. Luke Donald is under way - here's the world number one with his second at the first, 70 yards behind playing partner Quiros, and he's safely on in two. Lee Westwood with a lovely bunker escape at his last, he'll have a chance for a three.

1838: Adam Scott very nearly drains another monster at the second but forgets to hit it. Westwood leaves his par putt left at the eighth to drop back to one under. Manassero's long-ranger squirts right at the final moment and he stays level. Here's the first sighting of Tiger on the putting green - we were just discussing in the office, what if he never gets it back? Surely he won't just keep turning up? It's all a bit odd at the moment, the focus remains on him yet he's playing pretty ordinary golf. Anyway, just thinking...

1833: Westwood smashing his way down the front (his back) nine - four birdies, and two bogeys, as he climbs to -2 with two to play. Kevin Na of the United States is also making his move, three birdies and no dropped shots through 13, he's one under overall - buckle up, though, Kevin, you're about to enter the dead zone...

1829: Anders Hansen of Denmark follows up his first-round 68 with a 69 to be right in the mixer going into the weekend. Here's 'Leftie' on tee and he slaps his tee shot straight down the middle. Schwartzel for par at the last but it slides by and that's a pair of 71s for the Masters champion. McIlroy with a good four and he's carded a 70 and a 73 - shakes hands with the right hand, which is good to see. DA Points now putting for birdie at 16 - just left, but he remains two of the lead.

1820: Manassero opens up with a par while playing partner Adam Scott, winner in Ohio last week, pulls out the old broomstick and rattles in a long-range birdie to get to two under. Westwood makes birdies at four and five and is back in the red with three to play. Rory is manning it out - +3 overall with one to play, he laughs in the face of gammy wrists.

1813: Apologies, there's not a great deal I can tell you at the moment... saying that, here's Westwood on the seventh, his 16th, and that's a peach into the heart of the green. Unfortunately, I don't know what he's on, as the leaderboard is now about five holes behind real time. I do hear, however, that DA Points is now two off the lead on five under par.

1808: Right, as it stands I have no pictures and the scoreboard's broken, which is a bit of a choker to be honest. I found 10p once...

1754: Shaun Micheel, champion in 2003, was making plenty of positive noises after a very encouraging first round 66 - but not much has gone right today. Actually, he did card an eagle at the fifth, but he's also made six bogeys and two double bogeys and is seven over for his round. Defending champion Martin Kaymer might not be around at the weekend at this rate - he's six over for the tournament with four to play, although that cut line is likely to rise and rise as the day goes on.

1746: Jason Day had threatened to take the tournament by the jaffers today - three birdies in his first six holes got him to two under, but a birdie at 17 was sandwiched by doubles at 16 and 18 and a bogey at one and the Aussie phenom is back to +2. Rickie Fowler, much fancied this week, is one under today with four to play and +3 overall. Struggled to keep things together yesterday, +3 at the end of play might not be bad at all.

1740: Italian teenager Matteo Manassero is out in about 25 minutes - he carded a very commendable (if that's not too patronising, it wasn't mean to be) 68 yesterday. Compatriot Francesco Molinari is one under through 10 today and one over for the tournament. I'll have pictures in about 20 minutes so won't be so boring...

1736: It was never likely to be a good week for Darren Clarke after his extensive Open celebrations - and it hasn't been. The Norther Irishman has just doubled the fourth and is now +5 through 13 and +13 overall. News of glove-related golfers - Tommy 'Two Gloves' Gainey (he wears two gloves) is out in 10 minutes, he carded 81 yesterday. Conversely, Lucas 'No Glove' Glover (he doesn't wear one), a former US Open champion, is three over for his round and +13 overall.

1727: Westwood leaks a shot at the long par-four second to drop back to level. Simon Dyson - son of Yorkshire and a gritty competitor - has two doubles on his card today, but two birdies, too and is level par overall. Good news on the Garcia front - three birdies today and a double, that makes him one over. Another one gone for Rory at the par-four third, he's now three over and 10 off the pace.

1712: Hansen lets a shot go at the long par-three 16th and drops back to -1 for the tournament. Jhonattan 'Jonny' Vegas of Venezuela is two under for his round after 14 and five off the lead. The ever-dapper Johan Edfors of Sweden is making a move, he's two under after 15 and one under overall.

1700: Three withdrawals today - two-time US Open champion Retief Goosen and American duo JB Holmes and Rocco Mediate. Ryo Ishikawa's not for quitting, however, despite that wrecking ball of an 85 on day one: the Japanese youngster was suffering from dodgy guts on day one, but he's teeing it up today. Leader Steve Stricker is off today at 1915 BST, Tiger Woods, who had a shocking 77 yesterday, is off at 1845 BST. Northern Ireland's Graeme McDowell is in freefall - he's three over through 10 and seven over overall.

1652: The day's early movers are Denmark's Anders Hansen and American DA Points - Hansen is two under through 14, four under overall and three off the lead; Points is three under through nine and also four under. And good news for England's world number two Lee Westwood - the Worksop man is two under after birdies on 12, 13 and one and six off the lead with eight holes to play. McIlroy has steadied the ship after that triple on 17 with three straight pars - in case anyone's confused, there are two starting tees today.

1642: Good day. Day two of the final major of the year, the US PGA at the Atlanta Athletic Club - McIlroy's out there after rubbering his wrist on a tree yesterday, but it's not exactly going to plan. With his arm still bandaged and anti-inflammatory pills inside him, the US Open champion found drink with his tee shot at the 207-yard 17th and he then three-putted for a triple-bogey six. From one under par, six behind overnight leader Steve Stricker, he went to two over and joint 55th place.

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