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Open final round as it happened

Latest updates from the final day of the Open Championship at Royal St George's.


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By Ben Dirs leaderboard (official site)

1834: Clarkey wipes away a tear as he mentions his wife, who sadly passed away in 2006. Old Chubby's having a blub and no wonder, Darren "cannot thank him enough for everything you've done for me through thick and thin". They've been together since 1990. Good speech that from an impressive Open champion - right, that's me about done, I might see you next year at Royal Lytham. Or I might not, we shall see what befalls us - thank you and good night!

1827: Nice moment between Mickelson and Clarke there, an arm round the champion from the runner-up. Here's Welwyn's Tom Lewis collecting his Silver Medal - only 20 and he looks even younger. Dustin and Phil come forward to collect their runners-up prizes - look like jigsaw puzzles. And here's the big man...

1821: Time for the presentation ceremony as the rain sweeps into Sandwich again... Seve gets a big mention followed by a burst of applause...

Iain Carter
BBC golf correspondent Iain Carter: "It shows the craftsmanship of his golf and that was what was required to conquer Royal St George's. That was one almighty performance and his final round 70 was truly remarkable golf."

Ian Poulter on Twitter: "The respect for DC is shown by everybody congratulating him as he finished. Darren enjoy this 1 mate. This will be a very popular win."

Godfrey Clarke (Darren's dad): "He's been playing well the last few months but not getting scores and a bit of patience and practice around Portrush, where the weather is like it has been here, has paid off. I'm delighted for Northern Ireland and can't wait for this evening. With the crowds around we didn't see an awful lot but they have been great. It does get emotional at the end but we've got through it. It's 20 years he has been trying to win it - he deserves it."

1813:-5 Clarke -2 Mickelson, Johnson -1 Bjorn
Clarke is the third Northern Irishman to win a major in the space of 13 months and the first to win the Open since Fred Daly in 1947. Tiger Woods tweets to say "I'm very happy for Darren Clarke, a well-deserved win", which is nice. Here's the man himself: "I played OK today and did what I had to do. I was just trying not to make any stupid mistakes and be really careful and it turned out to be enough to win. I've been unbelievably comfortable and confident in my own ability this week. It's for the kids - they'll be very proud. I think the celebrations could be long... and very enjoyable..."

1807:-5 Clarke -2 Mickelson, Johnson -1 Bjorn
Big hug from Chubby, big hugs from everyone, strikes me he's a popular guy - likes a booze, likes a fag, that's how a lot of us Brits like our sportsmen. He disappears into the scorer's hut, he'll be out again in a minute.

1805:-5 Clarke -2 Mickelson, Johnson -1 Bjorn
Clarke's par putt comes up a few inches short - he checks his step and plays with the crowd, before striding forth and tapping it in. Darren Clarke - Open champion 2011.

1804:-6 Clarke -2 Mickelson, Johnson -1 Bjorn
Johnson for par from eight feet and he's mussed it up - that'll cost him a few quid, he's now tied for second with Mickelson...

1803:-6 Clarke -3 Johnson -2 Mickelson -1 Bjorn
Clarke gives it a rap from miles out and races it 10 feet by - bit of adrenalin in that one. Darren's family and friends gather behind the green and wait for the defining image...

1801:-6 Clarke -3 Johnson -2 Mickelson -1 Bjorn
Clarke's approach comes up left but I think we can safely say he'll get down in six from there. Dustin finds sand. The crowd rise as one as Clarke strides towards the green, and there's Chubby Chandler, his manager, with a smile as broad as this green - he's now had four of the last five major winners. Dustin splashes out...

1758:-6 Clarke -3 Johnson -2 Mickelson -1 Bjorn
So, here they come, Clarke and Johnson ambling towards the green and they don't know what's about to hit them, a massive wall of sound. Bjorn's birdie effort comes up short on 18 but he taps in for par for a round of 71 and -1 overall - one of only four men under par. Great saver from Fowler, in with a round of 70 for level overall.

1755:-6 Clarke -3 Johnson -2 Mickelson -1 Bjorn
Clarke and Johnson on tee at 18, having a natter - and it's a natter that tells you the race is already run. Bjorn chops into the 18th green and Fowler follows him on... Johnson takes aim and fires, straight into the gallery. He wants to be careful, he's getting a reputation for firing indiscriminately down the stretch...

1751:-6 Clarke -3 Johnson -2 Mickelson -1 Bjorn
Fowler on tee at 18 and he's ripped one down there - he's really shown some mettle this week, he likes a bit of links golf. Clarke actually off the front but he's using the flat stick anyway... four feet from the cup, he should rattle that in. One of those days for Jimenez, he's six over now and playing the 18th. Johnson makes his par at 17 to stay three under... shot gone for Clarke! HE'S IMPLODING! Nah, unless he tops his tee shot on 18, I think the Claret Jug is his.

1745:-7 Clarke -3 Johnson -2 Mickelson -1 Bjorn
Here's a stat for you - Clarke hasn't had a top-10 finish in a major for 10 years. Remarkable. Mickelson with a cute recovery on 18, shot gone for Bjorn on 17, he's rather run out of steam down the stretch... Mickelson in with a 68, and at one point, when he was tearing new holes in the course, it looked like it would be four or five shots better. Clarke safely on at 17...

1740:-7 Clarke -3 Johnson -2 Mickelson, Bjorn -1 Kim
The call comes up of "FORE RIGHT!" - but I don't think anyone thought it would be that right, it's gone about 30 feet high into the seating. Fowler comes up short with his second at 17 and here's Darren on 17... it's long and golden, it's been a peerless round of golf so far...

1736:-7 Clarke -3 Bjorn, Johnson -2 Mickelson -1 Kim
Mickelson lets rip down 18 as the rain sweeps in again. It's all hail the conquering hero stuff as Clarke makes his way to the 16th green... cosies it up, another par on the card, steady as she goes... Johnson's birdie putt ducks right, he stays three under...

1732:-7 Clarke -3 Bjorn, Johnson -2 Mickelson -1 Kim
Mickelson's birdie effort stays up at 17, he remains two under. Fowler's let another one go on 16 - Clarke Sphynx-like down the stretch, his rivals like startled cats... easy does it off tee at 16, straight into the heart of the green, Johnson is even closer...

1728:-7 Clarke -3 Bjorn, Johnson -2 Mickelson -1 Fowler, Kim
I'm not sure whether Darren Clarke is a God man or not, but he's being sprinkled with luck today - his second at 15 scoots and scuttles between some bunkers and comes to rest just off the short stuff. Fowler finds sand off the tee at 16, Bjorn into the guts of the green. Mickelson pin high at 17, birdie chance to get back to three under. Doozy of a putt from off the green for Clarke, he's left himself a four-footer for par and we have the first mention of "the Black Stuff" on the telly... Johnson saves par, Clarke follows him in - three holes to go, four shots clear...

1724:-7 Clarke -3 Bjorn, Johnson -2 Mickelson -1 Fowler, Kim
Gargantuan drive from Johnson down 15, plenty of frustration poured into that one. Fowler's birdie effort skips over the old cellophane bridge at 16 and he's got work to do coming back. Shot gone for Bjorn, he drops back to two under, Fowler back to one under... US Ryder Cup skipper Davis Love in with a round of 72 and a top 10 finish, he'll be back next year.

1719:-7 Clarke -3 Bjorn, Johnson -2 Fowler, Mickelson -1 Kim
Bjorn on -3 and he taps one down the middle, Fowler follows him down there... Clarke squeezes his birdie effort just left at 14 but that's a par and that's all he needs from here. Mickelson still swinging haymakers but this lad's race is run, he's raced that birdie attempt miles by at 16... another one gone, back to -2... double for Johnson... I'm not saying anything...

1712:-7 Clarke -5 Johnson -3 Mickelson, Bjorn -2 Fowler -1 Kim
Oh my giddy Aunt, what has Dustin done there? I'll tell you what he's done, he's sprayed his approach right and out of bounds. "Platter, Claret Jug, might as well have it now..." Clarke straight in the middle of the dancefloor and he should be waltzing all the way home from here...

1709:-7 Clarke -5 Johnson -3 Mickelson, Bjorn -2 Fowler -1 Kim
Fowler was not out of bounds but he overcooks his third and it could be another shot gone from there - missed it, his run of pars is snapped. Johnson marmalises his drive down the 14th and Clarkey follows him down there. Thomas Bjorn's still in the mix but his birdie effort stays right at 14, and here's Mickelson... slips back to three under, surely his ship has sailed... Kim might as well climb aboard that ship, he's leaked one, too...

1704:-7 Clarke -5 Johnson -4 Mickelson -3 Bjorn -2 Fowler, Kim
A shot of the engraver setting to work - probably just digging out a 'D'... Mickelson blasts out at 15 and he's got a lot of work to do to make par. Clarke sets himself up for a par, as we cut to Fowler carving his approach at 14 right and out of bounds... or so we think... Campbell birdies the last for a 69 and level par overall. Johnson's birdie putt at 13 lips out, the big moments coming thick and fast...

1700:-7 Clarke -5 Johnson -4 Mickelson -3 Bjorn -2 Fowler, Kim
Clarke has got a free drop because he's ended up behind some scaffolding. He puts his foot through that one and skips right through the green. Johnson is much closer, chance of a two-shot swing...

1657:-7 Clarke -5 Johnson -4 Mickelson -3 Bjorn -2 Fowler, Kim
Fowler's birdie effort at 13 horseshoes out, that's yet another par, and Mickelson's birdie effort at the dreaded 14th shaves the hole left - 'Leftie' running out of holes. Clarke misses the fairway at 13 but it's nestled up nicely - the big man's getting some breaks. As with his comments about the Ryder Cup being an "exhibition" a few years back, I'm guessing he'll have some more back-tracking to do over his latest Open comments... Mickelson finds sand off the tee at 15, one of the chasing pack possibly falling by the wayside...

Rory McIlroy: "I'm not a fan of tournaments where the outcome is predicted so much by the weather - it's not my sort of golf."

1652:-7 Clarke -5 Johnson -4 Mickelson -3 Bjorn -2 Fowler, Kim
Johnson with a 20-footer for birdie... BOOM! Right down the pipe, he's now two off the lead and outright second... Clarke squeezes his in, but we've still got six holes left... Kim for birdie at 14, skims it by...

1650:-7 Clarke -4 Mickelson, Johnson -3 Bjorn -2 Fowler, Kim
Clarke on 12, he's got 159 yards, wind hard off the left, ball below his feet... local knowledge, bumps off a green-side hump and into the heart of the green. Johnson's even better, he hasn't given up quite. It's a mystery how this boy hits it so far - built by Lowry, swing like a ruddy traction engine. Fowler's into the heart of darkness off tee at 13 but that's a good strike to within eight feet of the pin. Kim safely on at 14, makeable birdie putt coming up. Even better from Mickelson, long way to go yet... Clarke now at 12, and he nudges his long-ranger to within four feet...

1643:-7 Clarke -4 Mickelson, Johnson -3 Bjorn -2 Fowler, Kim
Mickelson drives into some nonsense off the tee at 14 - this hole is a card-wrecker, this is where Stenson made 11 earlier today. Simon Dyson is top of the English pile, and there some illustrious English names beneath him. A round of 70 for +2 overall, he's top 10. That text below is real - he's not Darren Gough and it's certainly not dry... 12 straight pars for Fowler...

Anon via text 81111: "Does Darren Gough have to be shown smoking, and why does he feel it acceptable to toss his cigarette butt into the long grass? A drier day would have resulted in a grassland fire."

1638:-7 Clarke -4 Mickelson, Johnson -3 Bjorn -2 Fowler, Kim
Bjorn on 12 - safely on in two. Johnson's birdie attempt curls right and Mickelson's missed that saver and now trails by three, because Clarkey's made his... Darren looking cool, but he must be burning up inside. Johnson makes par to stay three off the lead and in a tie for second with fellow American Mickelson.

1636:-7 Clarke -5 Mickelson -4 Johnson -3 Bjorn -2 Fowler, Kim
Mickelson bobbles his third onto the dancefloor at 13, he's got a horror for par. Clarke safely out and to within 10 feet at 11 - they both want to get these putts out of the way, there is some serious weather gusting in...

1633:-7 Clarke -5 Mickelson -4 Johnson -3 Bjorn -2 Fowler, Kim
Johnson comes up short with a five iron at the 253-yard 11th. Clarke with four iron... his ball skirts onto the front... before being sucked back into a bunker. Here's Kim at 13, in some deep stuff but he makes it on, before Mickelson tugs his long and right.

1630:-7 Clarke -5 Mickelson -4 Johnson -3 Bjorn -2 Fowler, Kim
Fowler flips onto the 11th, still got work to do... Thomas Bjorn with a long-ranger for birdie at 11, bit weak, he too has work to do... Jacquelin of France misses his par putt at 17 and drops back to one over. Eleven straight pars from Fowler, positively Faldo-esque. Knee-knocker for Bjorn but he makes it disappear...

1626:-7 Clarke -5 Mickelson -4 Johnson -3 Bjorn -2 Fowler, Kim
Clarke's birdie putt lips out at 10 - that's a nail popping out of the coffin - and he stays seven under. Dustin with a six-footer for birdie and he drains in - he's now four under, three off the lead...

1624:-7 Clarke -5 Mickelson -3 Johnson, Bjorn -2 Fowler, Kim
It's all on - Mickelson with a sweet chip on at 12 and he pops in for par. I have to say this is magnificent. Johnson takes advantage of his beast of a tee shot and flops his second close to the pin. Must say I'm slightly perplexed by Rory's statement that he's not going to change his game for one week every year - if that's the case, surely he's not going to win an Open? Kim back to two under with a lengthy birdie putt at 12...

1622:-7 Clarke -5 Mickelson -3 Johnson, Bjorn -2 Fowler -1 Kim
Clarke's got a gasper on the go as he strolls down the 10 - when was the last major winner who smoked? Probably Old Tom Morris. Ten straight pars for Rickie Fowler, he stays five off the lead. Mickelson's come up well short at 12, do well to get up and down from there. Clarke has 125 yards remaining at 10 - what a shot that is to set up another birdie chance. Plumbs straight back into a fag before setting off towards the green...

1617:-7 Clarke -5 Mickelson -3 Johnson, Bjorn -2 Fowler -1 Kim
Fowler into the 10th and he's got a slippery one coming back down the hill. Bjorn skims his second up to the front and watches it drop back off. Jimenez is six over through 11 and four over for the tournament - if you like heartbreaking tales, the final day of the Open is always a winner. Mickelson finds a pot bunker off the tee at 12, Johnson and Clarke safely away at 10. Massive from Johnson, it doesn't get much bigger. Bjorn cosies up to the hole at 10 and taps in to stay three under and in a tie for third. Jacquelin back to level par with birdie at 16.

1610:-7 Clarke -5 Mickelson -3 Johnson, Bjorn -2 Fowler -1 Kim
Johnson in for par at nine and Clarkey's got his... crash, bang, wallop what a shower - up go the brollies like mushrooms in a dewy field...

1609:-7 Clarke -5 Mickelson -3 Johnson, Bjorn -2 Fowler -1 Kim
Mickelson now for birdie at 11 - left and short but he's got a lollipop for par. That said, the problem with lollipops is they tend to be sticky - missed it, shot gone, Clarke leads by two...

1607:-7 Clarke -6 Mickelson -3 Johnson, Bjorn -2 Fowler -1 Kim
Unbelievable! Is Clarke's name on the Jug? He looks to have thinned his second at nine into a bunker but it skims and scuttles over the lip and into the heart of the green. The fans love that, Darren loves that - I love that. Who doesn't? Fowler at 10 and he slaps one down there - nine pars for him today, and he might have had an inkling they would be enough. Alas...

1603:-7 Clarke -6 Mickelson -3 Johnson, Bjorn -2 Fowler -1 Kim
Fowler now at nine - didn't hit it, the youngster from the US treading water as others surge ahead. Another squally shower on its way, I'm told... Mickelson safely on at the par-three 11th but he's left himself a monster for birdie. Kim sprays his tee shot right...

1600:-7 Clarke -6 Mickelson -3 Johnson, Bjorn -2 Fowler -1 Kim
Many thanks Phil. You join me - Ben Dirs - as Clarke and Johnson makes pars at eight. Clarke gave his birdie putt a very good chance but it didn't quite make it. What's that cheer from far yonder? BIG MICK IN FROM 20 FEET AT 10! He's six under for the day and six under for the tournament - and one behind Clarke. We've got ourselves a bona fide punch-up.

By Phil Dawkes

1558:-7 Clarke -5 Mickelson -3 Johnson, Bjorn -2 Fowler -1 Kim
Clarke strokes a approach from 180 yards at the eighth and gets a fortuitous little kick, which propels it onto the putting surface. Johnson is closer to begin with, but he leaves his approach a little short, just on the fringe at the front. The Americans birdie effort misses narrowly right. Clarke's birdie effort has a chance... but pulls up just short. Mickelson hits close at the 10th for another birdie chance. Tom Watson makes his way down the 18th fairway lapping up the affection of the crowd. He deserves it. He's been great these four days. And with that it's back over to Ben, who'll take you through to the, hopefully, dramatic death.

1550:-7 Clarke -5 Mickelson -3 Johnson, Bjorn -2 Fowler -1 Kim
The rain is absolutely lashing down on the course now leaving the players scambling for cover. Clarke edges into the open and smashes his drive down the fairway of the eighth before returning to the sanctuary of his umbrella. Johnson hammers a typicaly huge effort that pulls up just before the right-hand fairway bunker. A superb iron shot gives him a birdie chance at the eighth, which he sinks to move to -3 just as the sun peeks out for a quick flash.

BBC Sport
Rory McIlroy: "It was a tough week, I shot myself in the foot yesterday and could never really get it back today. I'm not going to change my game for one week in the year. I know I'm capable of winning but I don't enjoy these conditions as much as some of the other guys."

1544:-7 Clarke -5 Mickelson -3 Johnson -2 Bjorn, Fowler -1 Kim
Clarke's second shot at the seventh finds the green. He's got himself an eagle chance. Johnson though gets a bad bounce and falls short of the short stuff. It's a good putt from the fringe though from the American, who makes his birdie. No such worries for Clarke though, who swings in a belting 20 foot putt which glides towards the hole and drops for an eagle! Mickelson is about 10 feet short of a birdie at nine after a gorgeous approach but fails to make it. We've got a two-shot gap again.

1537:-5 Clarke, Mickelson -2 Johnson, Bjorn, Fowler -1 Kim,
McIlroy's young rival Fowler pars the seventh after three putting. On the same hole, Bjorn misses a straightforward birdie putt to stay -2. It's looking increasingly like a two-horse race. But the way these two horse are galloping at present it isn't going to be any less entertaining as a result. You might want o think about pickign a side folks. Who are you backing?

1533:-5 Clarke, Mickelson -2 Johnson, Fowler, Bjorn -1 Kim
Sergio at the 18th and he birdies to finish in style and claim the clubhouse lead at +2 with a 68. Rory two putts though and he finishes with a bogey, a final round 73 and settles for +7 for the tournament. Couldn't quite live up to the expectation, but the young Northern Irishman certainly hasn't embarrassed himself. He'll have plenty more chances to claim the Claret Jug.

1527:-5 Clarke, Mickelson -2 Johnson, Fowler, Bjorn -1 Kim
Clarke finds the green with his tee shot at the sixth. Anything you can do Darren... Mickelson does likewise with an approach at the eighth. These two are primed for a titanic tussle. The Northern Irishman lines uphis putt and strikes it well but it lips around the cup and stays agonisingly out. He has to settle for a par. Johnson on the same hole drops a shot with a poor miss from close range. He's now back to -2. Mickelson has a chance for outright lead, but he lips his 10 footer as Clarke had done minutes earlier. They remain tied at the top.

1522:-5 Clarke, Mickelson -3 D Johnson -2 Fowler, Bjorn -1 Kim
Mickelson has hit eight putts in seven holes that have seen him claim three birdies and an eagle. Amazing. Bjorn clocks a superb 18-foot birdie at the sixth to go -2. Fowler for a three on the par-three sixth, and he makes it to stay three behind.

1516:-5 Clarke, Mickelson -3 D Johnson -2 Fowler -1 Bjorn, Kim
Lucas Glover at the sixth putts wide of the hole from 15 feet and slips to +2. Clarke's lie not as nice as first thought, but he chops out of the long grass and nestles nicely on the green. Still plenty in it though for the Northern Irishman. Anthony Kim a foot away from an eagle at the seventh. He is trundling along in Mickelson's slipstream and faring well on par. And what a trail Mickelson is blazing right now. He lines up a putt at the seventh from over 20 feet and... SINKS IT FOR EAGLE! He's now tied with Clarke. The cheers reverberate around Sandwich.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Mark Roe on Radio 5 live: "If Darren Clarke can get to the clubhouse and only drop one shot he has a very good chance of being the champion."

1511:-5 Clarke -3 D Johnson, Mickelson -2 Fowler -1 Bjorn
Johnson hits an absolute belter from the fifth tee, which crosses the green at pace and fires off the back. Clarke finds the rough on the left, but isn't too badly placed. On the seventh, Mickelson hits his second shot onto the green to give him a long-range putt for eagle. The American is motoring now. Fowler and Bjorn both snatch par at the fifth.

1508:-5 Clarke -3 D Johnson, Mickelson -2 Fowler -1 Bjorn
Garcia plants a superb tee-shot on the par-three 16th right next to the pin. And he makes it with a sound putt to go +1. Masters champion Schwartzel birdies the 13th to go +2, but he's not going to threaten, just jostling for position. Bjorn's third at the fifth is a lovely chip to within a couple of feet and he's got a certain par to keep him -1.

1503:-5 Clarke -3 D Johnson, Mickelson -2 Fowler -1 Bjorn
Clarke lines up his putt to save par at the fourth. It's about 12 feet out. And he swings it past on the right. That's a dropped shot for the leader. Johnson sinks his putt to claim a solid four. On the 18th and Lewis almost ends with a birdie, but his 15 feet putt just pull sup short. he taps in though to finish +9. Superb effort from the youngster. Watch this space for more from him.

1459:-6 Clarke -3 D Johnson, Mickelson -2 Fowler -1 Bjorn
This is Phil back in the hotseat again while Ben takes some time out. I have to say, it is shaping up to be a cracking finish. Clarke from over 250 yards out on the fourth. He punches it low and just into the rough on the right of the fairway. About 70-80 yards still to go for the tournament leader. He lifts a superb pitch to about 12 feet from the hole. Lovely stuff. Mickelson for birdie on the sixth from 20 feet... and he sinks it! A belter that takes him to -3.

By Ben Dirs

1453:-6 Clarke -3 D Johnson -2 Mickelson, Bjorn, Fowler -1 Campbell
Mickelson's par putt at five pops in the tradesman's and he stays two under. Clarke's made a ricket of his tee shot at the beastly fourth but Dustin whip-cracks his away down the middle. Dustin, lest we forget, would not be a surprise winner - he's 12th in the world and has been in the major mix-up on the final day several times before. Mickelson safely on at six...

1447:-6 Clarke -3 D Johnson -2 Mickelson, Bjorn, Fowler -1 Campbell
Yorkshireman Simon Dyson scuttles one through the green at nine, Clarke leaves himself a brute for par at the third, as does Johnson. Jimenez on the fourth and he's got a tester for double-bogey - another Spaniard bites the dust. Clarke making everything at the moment, he rolls in that saver to stay -6, Johnson misses his - the lead now three.

1444:-6 Clarke -4 D Johnson -2 Mickelson, Bjorn, Fowler -1 Campbell
Can Clarke do what hardly anyone before him has managed to do, make the dancefloor at three - four iron into the teeth... he's on, but probably a club short. Bogey at 13 for Garcia, it's good night Charlie for the Spaniard, although it's great to see him back in some kind of form - and smiling. Davis Love for birdie at six but he shaves it right to stay +1. Defending champion Oosthuizen is in with a 77 for +6 overall, which is a pretty decent fist given the conditions.

1439:-6 Clarke -4 D Johnson -2 Mickelson, Bjorn, Fowler -1 Campbell
Eagle on seven and birdie on eight for Dyson of England and he's back to one over. Clarke for birdie at two - up goes the roar, back of the net, he moves two clear. Johnson makes his three-footer for par. Shot gone for Kim at four, he's back level...

1434:-5 Clarke -4 D Johnson -2 Mickelson, Bjorn, Fowler -1 Campbell, Kim
Bjorn hoicks his tee shot left at three, Fowler comes up short. That hole is playing horrible today - left, short, long, not many on the dancefloor. Mickelson's on the charge, and as we saw two years ago at the Masters, once he gets on a charge, he's difficult to stop - birdie at four, he's now three of the lead. Chad Campbell has picked up a birdie at two to get back into the red. Bjorn rattles in his saver at three, as does Fowler.

1427:-5 Clarke -4 D Johnson -2 Bjorn, Fowler -1 Mickelson, Kim
Bjorn for birdie at two - shaves the left side, the Dane stays two under. Mickelson on four, a hole that's been absolute murder this week - fine approach and he's got a chance to get to two under. Glover and Jimenez let shots go at three, which leaves only six players under par. Dustin with three wood off the tee at the second and he's tugged it left onto a hillock. Clarke's taking the big dog and he screams one down the middle - that's what you call a settler...

1424:-5 Clarke -4 D Johnson -2 Bjorn, Fowler -1 Mickelson, Kim, Jimenez, Glover
Johnson for birdie from 15 feet - the wind playing havoc, even on the greens, and he comes up short. Clarke for par from 20 feet... he steps away, not once, but twice... AND BENDS IT IN! Tremendous - that was rocking and rolling and had it missed would have been 15 feet past. Johnson with a regulation par, it's as you were at the top...

1421:-5 Clarke -4 D Johnson -2 Bjorn, Fowler -1 Mickelson, Kim, Jimenez, Glover
Jimenez on tee at three and that's all over the shop. Dustin with 140 left at the first and it's a screamer, very makeable birdie chance. Here's your man Thomas Bjorn into the second and that's decent - and getting better, creeping towards the cup. Glover miles short at the par-three third - everyone seems to be under-clubbing that one. That's not great from Clarke, he's come up well short and left himself a monster for par. Johnson with a chance for birdie, we could have a two-shot swing...

1417:-5 Clarke -4 D Johnson -2 Bjorn, Fowler -1 Mickelson, Kim, Jimenez, Glover
Good three from Jimenez at the second, the Spaniard back to one under. Three shots gone for Lewis at 14, but he's still three ahead of amateur rival Uihlein. Here's Clarke out of some ankle-length nonsense at one but he's safely on - his iron play was second to none yesterday.

1413:-5 Clarke -4 D Johnson -2 Bjorn, Fowler -1 Mickelson, Kim, Glover
Johnson in the thin stuff off the first tee, Clarke fancies it thicker... tremendous reception for the Northern Irishman though... Bjorn makes that tester on one to stay two under, Jimenez nudges a pitch to the hole-side at two.

The sun is out
1409:-5 Clarke -4 D Johnson -2 Bjorn, Fowler -1 Mickelson, Kim, Glover
Fowler with his second at the first - seven iron down the shaft, not bad, into the left-hand side. Bit of sun in Kent, but the wind is scuttling through at a fair old lick. Mickelson's tee shot is short and left at three, Kim's is onto the apron back left. Bjorn leaves himself a treacherous saver at the first...

1405:-5 Clarke -4 D Johnson -2 Bjorn, Fowler -1 Mickelson, Kim, Glover
Jimenez lets one go at the first and drops back to level, Glover makes his par. Clarke and Johnson in conversation with their psychologists on the range, like two boxers being given their final instructions in their respective corners. Then again, 'Leftie' might have something to say about that - Mickelson has bent one in at two to get to one under, as has playing partner Kim.

1402:-5 Clarke -4 D Johnson -2 Bjorn, Fowler -1 Glover, Jimenez
The Silver Medal looks to be Tom Lewis' - the Englishman is five over through 13, US amateur champion Peter Uihlein just doubled 15 to drop back to +11. Very dramatic music on the telly, anyone would think Clarkey and Dustin were about to stride to the tee shorn to the waist wearing grenade necklaces. Bjorn and Fowler peg it up and hammer-dammer-ding-dong their drives down the middle. "Why Fowler and the orange?" says the man to my right. Oklahoma State, baby...

1357:-5 Clarke -4 D Johnson -2 Bjorn, Fowler -1 Glover, Jimenez
Garcia at the 253-yard 11th, he steadied the ship after that double at eight with two straight pars. Not sure what happened with his tee shot, we've cut to Bjorn and Fowler back on the first. Jimenez a bit heavy-handed with his second at the first, he'll be chipping back from the scrub. Glover tugs his approach left, both with work to do...

1352: As Jimenez strides onto the tee box at one, have a look at this massive putt from fellow Spaniard Garcia back on the fourth . Robert Rock makes birdie at 11 to get back to +7 and here's Love at the second for birdie - makes it, back to level. Lucas Glover is the only man in the field not to wear a glove. HAHAHAHAHAHA! How we all laughed in the office when we discovered that. Bosh! The former US Open champion gets his drive away at the first and Jimenez follows him down there. Kim with a monster for birdie at one... just left, he should make that coming back.

1344: Mickelson playing with fellow Ryder Cupper Anthony Kim - Mickelson sweeps one away, Kim cocks the hammer and BOOM! Away it goes, that's a doozy of a tee shot. Ryan Palmer with a veeeery cute second into the second, nailed on birdie from there. Anders Hansen pours in a par at the first to stay level. Clarke makes time to scribble a few autographs on his way to the putting green, where Fowler, looking like a giant parrot, goes through his routine.

1338: Davis Love slides that lollipop of a par putt by at the first, he drops back to +2. Clarke out and about on the range, the galleries will be all over him today like a tramp on chips. Garcia doesn't hit his birdie putt on nine - out in 33, but could have been so much. Here's Big Mick making his way to the first tee with that stay-press grin of his. If he can get something going, he could set a few grenades off atop the leaderboard.

1329: Kaymer's birdie putt at the first curls left too soon but he should make par to stay level and five off the lead. Anders Hansen erases the memory of that double-bogey at the last yesterday with a searing drive down the first today. Davis Love misreads his birdie putt at the first but he, too, should make par. Garcia with a wedge into nine and that's pretty much bang on, another chance of a birdie. Campbell squeezes in his birdie effort at three, the burly American back to level par.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Caddie Billy Foster talking about Thomas Bjorn's collapse in 2003 on Radio 5 live: "I thought about it every day for six months but Thomas took it in his stride, although it hit him a few months down the line and it affected his confidence. I'd love to see him win and I'd also love Darren to win for obvious reasons"

1329: Clarke would be the oldest Open winner since Roberto De Vicenzo in 1967 - he was 44. Garcia's bogey putt lips out at eight - if the Spaniard was hot as hell, he's just been dunked in an ice bath. If Miguel Angel Jimenez were to win this week, he'd be older than Old Tom Morris in about 1346...

1325: Sergio found his ball and he's got a horror show of a shot halfway up a mound - flies one out and his ball goes skipping through the green. Campbell birdies two and is back to +1. Damage limitation now for Garcia... bit too bold with his fourth, could be a double coming up... McIlroy down the slope at eight, misreads it, should make a par. You know I said McIlroy made six at seven? And then I said he made seven? Well, he made six...

1321: Tom Lewis made a doube at nine but gets one back at 10. Australia's Richard Green for eagle at seven and he climbs to +3. Campbell bogeyed the first but that's a crackerjack second into the second, getting one to grip and reverse towards the cup. Germany's USPGA champion Martin Kaymer on tee at the first and he shellacks one down there. He's playing with Davis Love III and the 47-year-old gives it some humpty, but finds some wispy stuff.

1318:-5 Clarke -4 D Johnson -2 Bjorn, Fowler -1 Glover, Jimenez
Defending champion Louis Oosthuizen is five over today through 10 and 11 over for the week. McIlroy rattles one down there are eight, as it turns out McIlroy made seven at the previous hole, including that penalty shot. Tom Watson for par at six after a sweet bunker escape but he tugs it left from six feet. Sergio with his second at the par-four eighth... didn't like that, not sure where it went. McIlroy safely on...

1311: Tom Watson for par from 12 feet at five - shot gone, he drops to +5. Garcia very nearly makes that eagle putt at seven but leaves himself a tap-in birdie - the Spaniard up to level, but the grimace says it all, he thinks he needed more. McIlroy's had a shocker - his ball moved after after he'd addressed his ball, and that will be a one-shot penalty. He misses his par putt and the wry grin says it all. Charles Howell splashes in at six to get back to four over for the week.

Frank Nobilo on Twitter: "Bleak rain squals at the moment. Drove in around the Deal coast today to be greeted by a beautiful view of the White Cliffs of Dover."

1305: The American duo of Tom Lehman and Chad Campbell are safely away at one, they're both one over for the week. No golfer has won the Open after more than 15 attempts, apparently - the Dazzler is having his 20th tilt this week. You know what? I would love it if he pulled it off. Henrik Stenson has had an 11 at 14 - shame, he'd had a welcome return to form this week. McIlroy with his second at seven and he makes the right-hand side of the green. Garcia only six off the lead now and here he is with seven iron at seven... right into the heart, what a popular winner he would be. Schwartzel with a screamer from long range at four but it curls left of the cup.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Padraig Harrington on Radio 5 live: "My heart says Darren, followed very closely by Thomas Bjorn, and my head says…well why can't Darren win?"

Anon via text 81111: "My other half Lindsay just overheard Jim Nantz commentating and said 'I know that voice'. She said, 'what's his surname'. When I told her she laughed and said 'I massaged him with President Bush and Barbara on a private yacht some years ago'. She said Jim was the nicest American she ever met. A true Gent."

1255: Garcia skims one under the wind at six and he rather duffs it, finding sand short and right. McIlroy safely on... Here's Jimenez chatting on the telly - he's been for a run this morning, he confirms, whether he had a lah-di-dah on the go he did not say. Garcia splashing out at six - gets it to grip, but he's got an eight-foot tester coming back. McIlroy cosies his birdie putt up to the hole at six, he should make par. Tom Watson rolls in an eight-footer at four to stay four over. I've just had a bet that the winning score will be two under - who wants some? Garcia makes his par, he has the eye of the tiger today. Whatever that is.

1249: McIlroy makes par at five - slanted shoulders, the jaunt gone from his walk, he knows he's out of bullets. Jacquelin of France gets chocs away on one, he's two over for the week. Schwartzel with his second into the third, looks like a shot gone. "Not sure whether they've got heir umbrellas up just to keep the wind off," says Wayne Grady on the telly. He's an Australian. Lewis has got something going - big clutch putt for par at eight.

1242: Yuta Ikeda of Japan is -1 through seven, but four over for the week - you have to think the winner of the Claret Jug is not on the course yet. Jimenez and Glover out at 1350, Bjorn and Fowler at 1400, Dustin and Clarke out at 1410. Dustin has been in the mixer a lot in recent years - Clarke has not. Tom Watson for birdie at three... doesn't hit it, but he's in for par. Everything coming up short for McIlroy, it's like someone's stolen his muscles in the night, he's left himself a biggun for birdie at five. Garcia's got the waterproofs on and he very nearly holed a chip on five - tap in for birdie to get to +1, the Spaniard's spurs jingle-jangling.

1233: There is a man dressed as a tiger strolling the links. Nope, no idea either... Tom Watson rolls in for par at the second and stays +4. Casey of England for birdie at 18 - stays right, but he'll tap in for 72 and 13 over overall. Eagle putt for Tom 'Kid' Lewis at seven and he's back to three over par, what a week it's been for him. We have some dark cloud scudding in from the south, hold onto your hats...

1228: Garcia with a monster at four, big old bender in a bun from 80 feet... BOOM! In it goes, he's the first man to birdie that hole in two days and he climbs to +2. A few of them disappearing now - Schwartzel curls one in at one to move to +2. Tom at two, bit short, but he should make his par...

1224: Garcia on the dastardly fourth - no-one's birdied this for the last two days - and he muscles on down the middle. Tom Lewis cosies his birdie attempt up to the hole at six to stay five over. Bubba chopping out of some cabbage at five, the big-whacking American is +5. McIlroy on four, bang centre of the fairway, and he's pushed it right and short - not happening for the wee man. Here's Rickie Fowler, always in orange on the final day, he'll be off soon. Birdie for England's Richard McEvoy at seven, but it could have been even better.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Mark Roe on Radio 5 live: "I can't think of an Open Championship in recent years where the wind has blown so strongly on the final day."

1216: Tom Lewis, battling for the Silver Medal with US amateur champion Peter Uihlein, makes par at five. Justin Rose of England in with a 70, but he's miles out of the reckoning. Former Masters champion Trevor Immelman at one - great effort, and he'll tap in for par. Did I say Garcia was three under? He ain't, he's three over. Masters champion Schwartzel bombs one down the first, as Watson very nearly holes his long-range birdie effort - Old Tom remains four over.

1212: Many thanks Dawksy, Ben Dirs here now - manually refresh to see my name, if that's what you fancy. Here's McIlroy at the third, playing his third - safely on, but he's struggling to avoid double-bogey, this could be where his challenge ends. Bogey putt from 25 feet... stays up, he drops back to +5, 10 off the lead. Tom Watson with his second into the first and he skips it on. Garcia squeezes his par putt in at three , he's one under for the day and three over overall.

By Phil Dawkes

1207: Watson's playing partner Trevor Immelman is out right in the rough, but could well have got lucky with his lie. Watson is right-centre of the fairway. Easing away into yet another round for the 61-year-old. Oosthuizen on the sixth tee... and he dribbles into the right-hand green-side bunker. Going to be tricky to dig that out from there. And with that I shall sign off and leave you ion the extremely capable hands of Mr Ben Dirs.

1203:Rory in salvage mode at the second and his follow up from his wayward drive sees him greenbound and down. Sergio has a more straightforward approach and also finds the green, the same distance left as McIlroy is right - about eight feet. And Rory claims hi first victory of the day with a solid putt for birdie and Sergio matches him. They're both now +3. Tom Watson is cheered to the first tee and tips his cap in typically dignified fashion. Top man.

1158: At the next Rory drives left and rough, while Sergio pings it right and light tough stuff. Robert Rock places a valiant curling putt to within a couple of feet from an initial putt of 18 feet at the second. It's a par for the Englishman and he stays +4. Long ranger from Lewis at the fourth sees him skip past and present him with a five foot second nudge for par. His playing partner Ikeda putts from a couple of feet into the fringe and it comes to rest within a feet or two, prompting a thumbs up from Lewis.

1153: Turns out Sergio wasn't in the sand and he is able to chip to within a few feet. Ensures him a par after a brief panic. I said Rory's was a tough putt and he is unable to sink it, but a par is his consolation to keep him at +4.

MrMichaelBacon on Twitter: "Why is nobody mentioning Phil Mickleson on a day like today???"

1147:Bubba leaves his birdie put at the second an inch shost and stays +5 courtesy of the par. Happy chat from Sergio and Rory down the first fairway. The former in typical bouyant mood. The Spaniard's second shot from the rough comes with some encouragement from the man himself but it's all in vain as he may well be clutching a sand wedge in a sec. Rory though zones in onj the green and lands 15 feet left to give him an, albeit tough, birdie putt.

Michael Vaughan on Twitter: "Fairytales very rarely happen in sport but I hope today is an exception .. #comeonclarkey."

1142:Rory and Sergio are up on the first and ready to rock. Should be some fireworks from these two today. McIlory hammers a decent effort that nestles to the left of the fairway, while Garcia swings and holds, watching his drive scoot off to the rough on the left but well down the track. Lewis plants his ball just off the back of the third green with his tee shot. Gary Woodland birdies the fifth with a neat eight-footer to go +5.

1135:Oosthuizen at the third... his putt from six feet goes wide and that takes him back to +7. A monster drive from Bubba at the second leaves him just short of the green. Bit of wind assistance on that. Clear sign of how key the Kent gusts are gonna be here. Gutted. Hwang watch comes to a sad end as the South Korean double bogeys the last to leave him +24 for the tournament. Farewell fair sir, yours was a noble effort and you leave with at least one new fan. Me.

1128:Oosthuizen's birdie putt from 15 feet at the second goes wide but he sinks for a par and remains +6. After a decent tee shot at the first Bubba Watson finds the green with his second. Still a tricky putt to come though from distance. Simon Khan taps a 6 footer wide to drop a shot at the 11th to go back to +8.

1122: A noble effort with his first putt by Lewis, but he goes wide right and has another tricky effort to ensure a par at the first. It proves too much for him and he misses wide left. A bad start for the amateur but there is a long way to go. Ikeda fails to make birdie and settles for a par. Oosthuizen hits a superb second shot at the second to find the green from the rough on the right.

1118: Nice approach from Yuta Ikeda at the first leaves him just off the green to the left. The man from Japan is +5. Lewis' approach finds the green but he has a tough putt coming back up the green from over 20 feet. Hwang watch. It's bad news I'm afraid. He's gone to +22 with a bogey at the 17th.

1113: Game number 19 and it's England's very own amateur Tom Lewis on the first tee. It's a well-struck tee shot that just bounces left into the rough on the edge of the fairway. His challenge for the silver medal is under way. In short sleeves as well. Very different from yesterday. Louis Oosthuizen has chance for a birdie at the first but his putt from teh fringe lips round the hole and stays out. So close. The reigning Open champion is +6.

1108: And more from Rob: "For the early players, waterproof trousers and jumpers are the order of the day. It's still a battle in the wind but so much more comfortable in the dry. The tees are still up on holes such as the third and fourth, pointing into the teeth of the gale. The ground is dries fast and balls are still running through greens if the wrong slope is caught. Expectation fills the air. The next few hours are about soaking it all up before the real party starts. Who will win? They've all got their favourites. But no-one knows. And that's the fun of it."

1107: We're up and running on BBC Two and via a lovely little video link at the top of this page. Give it a refresh to see it. In honour of the way things are starting to crank up at Sandwich on this cracking final day, here is our man at the course Rob Hodgetts with his take: "Sunday morning at Royal St George's and the Open is easing into the final day. Large packs of spectators linger around the coffee stands, munching bacon rolls. The eager ones scurry out onto the course, to bag an early seat or watch some golf in relative peace before the hordes arrive. It's bright and breezy but they've come prepared after savage Saturday. A flash shower explodes overhead to make the point, catching out anyone not prepared. The fresh wind clears the sky but we have been warned. Clouds scud quickly to the north east. Helicopters bringing in players buzz against the backdrop of the triple towers of the disused Richborough power station to the left of the course as you look out to sea."

1102: Disaster for Hwang fans. The South Korean is back to +21 after a second post-turn bogey at the 15th.

1058: American Ricky Barnes has played a belter just prior to the turn. Three successive birdies at sevenm eight and nine see him go to +9. Furyk drops his first shot of his final round at the fourth and goes to +9 himself. A birdie at 11 sees Paul casey go -1 for his round and +10 for the tournament. Dare I risk saying that there is definitely scope for a decent score out there today. If one or two of the chasing pack make some early moves it will make for an engrossing final day. Make sure you tune in to BBC Two in a couple of minutes to keep abreast of matters. Not that I think you should stop reading this mind. In fact, I insist you don't. Amateur Peter Ulhein and American Gary Woodland have just begun their round.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
MJ via text 81111: "The zip wire was in place the day I got married at salford quays. Very distracting with people going past the window mid-vows. Also my bride passed up the chance to make her entrance using it." Now that would have been glorious. Would they have needed to set up a second wire next to the first though so the father of the bride could "zip" her down the aisle?

1045: A couple of birdies - at the seventh and ninth - restores Casey to par. Rose goes -2 with a birdie at 11. Stenson is +1 following a bogey four at the par-three third. Hwang watch: he's still +19 and propping up the rest.

1041: The second is proving a happy hunting ground for players today as Overton nabs himself a cheeky birdie to go to +6. American Ryan Moore, who also birdied the second but this after bogeying the first, restores himself to -1 for the day and +8 overall by picking up a shot at the sixth. I've been told the zip wire at Salford Quays is for charity, nay various charities. I doff my cap to them for braving the elements for what is no doubt a very worthy cause.

YGTTommy on Twitter: "Darren Clarke, the secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. Carpe Diem!"

1035:Khan improves his score by a further shot at the seventh. KJ Choi has picked up a shot at the second to go to +7. A bogey at the ninth sends Rose back to +10 and Stenson is a shot worse off than he was overnight thanks to a bogey at the third. He is +9 overall.

1030: Englishman Simon Khan has picked up two shots - one apiece at the third and fifth - to go to +8. Stewart Cink has birdied the third and is +7. Levin picks up another shot at the tenth to improve his score to +9 and Jeff Overton goes to +6 with a birdie at the second. But American Harrison Frazar is having a bit of a stinker following double bogeys on the front nine's two par threes, the third and the sixth. He is +13 for the tournament. All in all though, the course is cutting the players a little more slack so far today. Bless it.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Tim HJ in Marlow via text 81111: "There's been much chat about Lucas Glover potentially being the first bearded Open Champion since the 1890s. How has Miguel-Angel Jimenez been overlooked in this? The Mechanic does, after all, sport a fine goatee. Or doesn't that count? Apparently the study of beards is known as pogonology by the way. Learn something new every day."

1018: Anyway, back to the golf. The brilliantly named Joost Luiten has just had a pre-turn shocker, double bogeying the eighth and ninth to fall back to +14. Rose has followed his eagle on the seventh with a birdie on the next hole and finds himself +9. One half of the Ryder Cup playing Molinari brothers, Edoardo is par after five and also +9 overall. America's Jim Furyk and Sweden's Henrik Stenson have just teed off at the first. We're edging towards the big hitters now folks.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Dan via text 81111: "I was sitting in the Trafford Centre having a coffee and reading a book. Now you tell me there's a zip wire just a few minutes away? Thank you sir!!"
As I type this another fool has just glided over the Quays via the medium of wire. And another. The first one seemed to really embrace the rush, but the second seemed a touch blase about it all if I'm honest.

1005: A two at the par-three sixth and a four at the par-five seventh takes American Bill Haas to -2 for his final round and +9 overall. His fellow countryman Ricky Barnes has moved back to +12 after a bogey at the fifth. Stewart Cink - the 2009 Open Champion - and England's Kenneth Ferrie have just started their round. Not a massive amount of movement in the field so far. Hwangwatch: he's still bringing up the rear on +19, five shots behind Scotland's Paul Lawrie, who is par for his final round after the front nine.

0955: Well what do you know, we have ourselves an eagle folks. Take a bow Justin Rose, who has just taken himself from the wrong to the right side of par by taking on the seventh and winning. The Englishman is still +10 though. We're looking at just over two hours now until the real business end of this tournament kicks in. The likes of Watson, Lewis and McIlroy will be psyching themselves up for a final charge.

0950: While undoubtedly fascinating viewing, Saturday's play was short of true glamour shots. However, Anders Hansen managed one at the ninth for an eagle, chipping on to the green and spinning his ball back into the hole. Having yourselves a watch.

0945: The course is starting to fill up nicely now. And a few of the fellas are picking up shots as well. Levin has gone to -3 for his round with a birdie at the seventh. He's now +9 for the tournament. Paul Lawrie, Bill Haas, Joost Luiten and Simon Khan are all -1 for the day, steadily hoping to bring some respectability to rounds that fell foul of the cruel Sandwich course yesterday. Paul Casey though has dropped his second shot of the day following a bogey at the fifth and is now +13.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Anon via text 81111: "Now starting to rain further west up the coast in Shoreham-by-sea. Brace yourselves..."
It's now also raining on BBC HQ in Salford. Not enough to prevent some hardy souls from flying over the Quays on a zipwire attached to the Imperial War Museum. At this time on a Sunday as well. Madness.

0932: It really is Hwang time at the moment. After his double bogey blitz, the South Korean has just birdied his second successive hole courtesy of a three at the eighth. Ricky Barnes bogeys the third and is now +11. Casey and Havret both +1 for the day through four, moving both to +12.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Some more from Gary Player on Sportsweek: "I would love Darren Clarke to win. He is a really nice man and it would be great for the game of golf - and for Northern Ireland - if he did it. Elsewhere Dustin Johnson has a great chance and don't rule out Rickie Fowler. He is a tough competitor and you need to be to win. It's not about talent, just look at Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, they miss so many fairways yet look at how many majors they have won."

0922: Today's TV coverage will start on BBC Two at 1100 BST and will run to 1245 before we switch to BBC One through to the death. We'll be here throughout though, giving you the web-based chat. Get in! Hwang has just pulled a shot back on seventh. He's back to +20. But Justin Rose has dropped a shot at the fourth - which yesterday proved a ruddy swine of a hole - to go to +12. Levin remains the only man to improve his overnight score so far. He's still -2 after five.

0915: Poor Jung-Gon Hwang. He must be tempted to just forget this golf lark and get himself a nice cup of tea next to fire. He's just double bogeyed his third successive hole and now finds himself +21. Stay strong fella, only 12 more holes to go. Your my boy Hwang, you're my boy. American Ricky Barnes and Sweden's Fredrik Andersson Hed are off. Hwang aside there's far fewer shots being relinquished to the course today. If the conditions hold up there's scope for some big moves from the challenging pack today, all of whom will be eyeing a big round. As for Rickie's outfit, I fear I may be clutching at sartorial straws. In pretty much every other department he's winning. Although, I am quite good at stare-outs.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK)
Anon via text 81111: "Why do people insist on criticising Ricky's clothes? He looked better than anyone else by miles. Grey and black... pretty exciting! Bunch of dullards."

BBC Radio 5 Live
Gary Player, who won nine majors, gave advice on Sportsweek to those heading out for the final round. "Golf is a very complicated game. You've got to be patient and realise everyone is hitting bad shots at some point. There wasn't one major I won when I didn't struggle at some stage. You have to stay focused and not let your mind wander."

0903: It goes from bad to worse for Hwang. He's followed his double bogey at the fourth with a another at fifth. He is +19 for the tournament now. Levin remains -2 for his round (+10 overall) after his two early birdies, while Haas is -1 for the day, taking him to +10. England's Paul Casey and Frenchman Gregory Havret are currently attacking the first.

peterhutcheon on Twitter: "Darren Clarke is going to secure Northern Ireland's place as the centre of the golfing universe"

0858: A weather update from our man at Sandwich, Rob Hodgetts: It's bright & breezy now but set to get heavy rain late in the morning and through afternoon, with a risk of thunder. Winds gusting 30-35 mph, especially near theclouds. But it's due to clear in the evening. Just in time to crown ourselves an Open champion.

0852: Some other tee times to tell you about, so you can time your viewing if you can't make it for the long haul: amateur Tom Lewis - the first round leader - gets underway at 1110, Rory McIlroy and Sergio Garcia get off at 1140, Tom Watson and Trevor Immelman take to the first at 1205, with leaders Clarke and Johnson hitting the course at 1410. Here is a full rundown of tee times.

0846: Speaking of Hwang; his reward for that round of +13 is to head out onto the daunting course first this morning. Alone. That'll learn him. He's not started too well today either. He's just double bogeyed the fourth to go +17. He's not the only one out there at the moment though. Also out early are Australian Matthew Millar, Scot Paul Lawrie, Americans Bill Haas and Spencer Levin, Dutchman Joost Luiten and England's Justin Rose. They're all par for their round barring Levin, who has birdied the first two holes to go +10.

BBC Sport
BBC Sport's Rob Hodgetts on Twitter: "Bright & breezy. And that's just me. Dark clouds to the west. That's not. Pumped for the final round. Who's with me?"

0840: Alongside Fowler on -2 is Thomas Bjorn, who continues to exorcise the spirits of his blow-up at the 2003 Open. American Lucas Glover and Spaniard Miguel Angel Jiminiez - both -1 - are the only other golfers under par at the start of play on Sunday. In truth though, the field is wide open thanks to a course and conditions that are more than capable of ruining a round in an instant. If you need to see it for yourself, have a look at yesterday's highlights for the full lowdown. These are the best bits mind, you won't see the full horror of Paul Lawrie's and Spencer Levin's 81 or Jung-Gon Hwang's monster 83.

0837: Johnson was one of the other golfers to stay the right side of par yesterday, shooting a joint field best of 68, along with youthful fellow countryman Rickie Fowler, whose superb round just about made amends for his sporting of some truly awful white and pink patterned waterproofs. You can check those out, as well as some pretty impressive play from the 22-year-old, as he struck successive birdies at the 15th and 16th.

0833: Those of you keeping abreast of matters will be well aware that we've got ourselves a Northern Irish leader heading into Sunday's fourth round. But it's not US Open winners Rory McIlroy or Graeme McDowell, but the extremely popular Darren Clarke. The 42-year-old shot a third-round 69 - one of only three golfers to register an under-par round on Saturday in truly awful weather conditions - to go -5 and lead by a shot from American Dustin Johnson.

0830: Now then. Welcome to what promises to be a truly engrossing final day's Open golf at Royal St George's.

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